needle felted


Step-by-step process of how I needle felted Navi.

I used a few reference photos searched on Google, which helps know how her wings point out from her body.

The key is to be very gentle and take your time making the wings.

1. Start off with a white ball. With a deep blue and a light blue, slowly add a gradient of the blues fading out towards the centers of her front and back for Navi’s color.

2. Pinpoint exactly where you decide Navi’s front and her back are, and take white (mixed with a tiny bit of light gray) and create a ring around Navi. You want this to stick out just a bit but not too much. This represents her fairy glow.

3. Take a same white mixed with gray color and needle felt a long, and thin obtuse triangle just thick enough for it to hold it’s own shape, for Navi’s wing. Try to work to the proportions of her body. Then, attach the wing where her upper back is on either her left or right side, fanning slightly backwards. Do this for another wing on her other side.

4. With the same white and gray mix, take a smaller amount of the wool and needle felt a couple of Navi’s lower wings. They are a smaller scale obtuse triangle slightly thicker and wider than the back wings, which gives more stability. Attach them underneath Navi, like legs, with the long end of the triangle pointing out and downwards her front side. They serve as a base for Navi to stand upright.

5. Make necessary adjustments according to your references. You may use scissors to trim the wings little by little if you feel they need a bit more sharpness and to make a cleaner end-product.

Now you have a Navi you can annoy your family and friends with by screaming at them to listen!

An idea I had after making Navi, was to sew a clear string to the top of her body to hang her up in a room.

Another one is to put her inside of a mason jar (if she’s small enough), which would make a nice cosplay prop, especially if you make a pink fairy instead.

There’s lots of ways to be creative with it! This makes a great gift for any LoZ fanatic.