needle & shred

Fox and the Lion

She stood as still AS POSSIBLE
upon light brown
pine needled forest floor.
As he circled her, head held
medium in a non verbal
explanation. Her ears pierced
back against the top of
her head (how dare he!)

So, in a disinterested response
she stretched her lean reddish
orange back and yawned
her white tipped tail high
She then laid down propping her
black masked face upon her paws
and slowly closed her eyes.

She scented his shocked amusement
As he continued to encircle…

He decided to play her game
and slowly walked up to press
his nose against hers. Her
golden green eyes flicked
open. She could not disguise
the shock of such a bright eyed
beast, so vulnerable to his
devour, she hid the tremble.

He back away slowly with
the most annoying and yet
seductive grin, slowly
laid his tan embodiment
upon bedded pine, his
massive blonde mane grazing
needles as he rolled unto
his back side and began to
scratch his back! In such
a silly manner… She could not
contain her amused laughter
at this playful encounter.

At once he stood before her
wearing needles and shredded
pieces of forest floor all over
his most gorgeously impressive
body. He winks, (winks!) at her
turns and gracefully, mightily
walks away into the forest.

In her mind she heard him speak
“Even the King of the jungle
could never eat such a fox as
lovely and brave as you my sweet.”

That was the first time, she wished
she was a poet, and could write such
a tale upon these redwood trees.