needing constant approval and guidance

I often think about if Garnet struggles to try and support Amethyst and Pearl in the way they need because she has a hard time understanding what they need or how to help. Like, she lacks the experience or the point of view that could help them and she tries but it doesn’t always work and she kicks herself for doing it wrong (like in “Reformed” or “Tiger Millionaire”). She tries to stay out of their arguments (especially when they’re both looking to her for validation) or leave them to their devices because she doesn’t know how to help and she doesn’t want to make it worse

Like, Garnet is a fusion of two Gems who love each other so much they don’t want to ever be apart. She’s literally made of love. She’s extremely confident and self-assured and probably has a lot of self-esteem and love for who she is, because she IS love. She doesn’t need outside validation for the most part, she’s self-validated and self-guided

but the other two are often wracked with self-doubt and self-loathing. They need “constant approval” and validation and guidance (both in different ways) and struggle with self-confidence. Garnet isn’t in that place, she likely never was because she’s a fusion of love (Ruby and Sapphire might’ve, though, but they got validation through each other). She doesn’t know how to help them with this because she can’t really understand being in that place and its distressing to her

So I think she tries to get them to support each other, because they are both in that place and can understand a help each other. But its difficult. But she sent them off with Steven to encourage them to fuse in “Giant Woman” and she sent Pearl to talk to Amethyst in “On the Run”, so I think she hopes they they’ll be able to be that support for each other. Either just in general or because she’s a fusion and knows the validation that comes from a positive relationship