needing cash


Commissions are open, my dudes!!

I am like…financially fucked right now, guys. My car broke down, then I got a ticket for making a completely legal U-turn *shrug??*, and then I got a straight-up flat tire and ended up having to replace ALL my tires. I gotta amend my tax return so hopefully that’ll come in soon, but until then, I need uh…I need food.

So commissions are open! I’ll open up five slots, then when those are done, I’ll open em up again if I’m still hurting for cash! But I mostly need some cash to keep my head above water for a bit.






Pricing information? You got it.

Sketches: $10 a character.
Lineart: $15 a character
Flat color: $25 a character
Full/shaded color: $35 a character

Prices are negotiable, depending on the complexity of your requested piece! 

Send me a message and I’ll talk about it with you!

If you can’t commission or don’t want to, I’m also on Patreon :) And of course, reblogs and likes always help!!

Thank you all!


Idris Elba Wants You to Be His Valentine (X)

“Looking for a Valentine’s Day date? Idris Elba is here for you.The actor is giving a lucky winner the chance to be his valentine — and it’s all for a good cause.”

what even is this

"What do you want for Christmas?"

Me: “Money.”

“Nooooo that’s not a thoughtful gift! Choose an actual THING 😊”

Me: “M-O-N-E-Y”

Money for a new tattoo.
Money for new clothes.
Money for some new weave.
Money for a new PS4 game.
Money for some Converses.
Money for some gas and an oil change.
Money for that one pop-up bill every month.
Money for some jewelry.
Money for some Chinese food.

because modern day dregs is my favorite au and i’m not sorry?


  • she works at a clothing boutique. she only applied for the job in order to get the employee’s discount
  • she’s the girl to call if you’re going to be sick and can’t come into work because she’s always looking for more shifts. turns out she needs the extra cash since all of her paychecks go to new shoes
  • she has expensive tastes for someone with a minimum wage job
  • she owns every shade of red lipstick on the planet. if you ask her what the difference is between ablaze and bright red she will proceed to point out colors throughout the day and ask you what color you see because clearly your eyes are impaired and she’s quite worried
  • she signs up for all the improv classes
  • she’s watched every single rom com netflix offers. even foreign ones. sometimes she watches without subtitles and everyone is like when did you learn THIS language, too???
  • she’s an avid user of emojis. sometimes she uses them as responses and you have to spend five minutes trying to decipher what the heck they all mean as a sentence. you might randomly receive a scene created with emojis in the middle of the day because she’s bored
  • she knows every pop song. every single mainstream song on the radio. if you get into her car you’ll be attending a concert. she screams the lyrics, even when she doesn’t know them, she’ll make them up. she’ll also substitute any of her passengers into the song.
  • also that car? it’s a piece of junk. you have to use your elbows to open the doors. literally. there’s a technique, thump with your fist, a swift kick, a wriggle of the handle, a tap with your elbow. tada. yes it’s dramatic, yes it’s mostly for show, but she definitely enjoys doing it. she wouldn’t be nina if she didn’t like a scene?? also it’s fun to watch the other dregs do it
    • though matthias somehow just yanks the door open with no problem and kaz never goes anywhere near her car (he’s a car snob)

honestly, this is a post for me to collect all the ideas i’ve generated over time concerning how i plan to save at least some money ($$). anyways, as young adults or teenagers, SAVING MONEY IS HARD !! especially if you no source of income, aren’t in a position where you can make money, or just need some cash for outings with friends.

⇢ budget!
use an app (there are many!) or just writing all your purchases down in a notebook, record all the money going in and going out. it’ll put into perspective how much you’re actually spending and how much you’re actually saving

⇢ save a percentage of your allowance or income
for those with a job, save a percentage of your wage (around 40%?) and put that into a ‘savings’ account w/ interest on it. the longer you don’t withdraw money from that account, the more interest you accumulate.

⇢ save your spare change
after going out with friends or after a long day of work or school, put all of your loose change or coins into a piggybank. at the end of the month, crack it open, exchange the coins into the notes and voila! savings (:

⇢ be frugal
not saying that you have to starve yourself and not eat ANYTHING, but think twice before you buy something! do you reALLY need it?? really ?? ? ?
i’ve recently discovering this rule when it comes to buying items: if you can’t buy two of it, don’t buy one of it. if you don’t have enough money to buy two of that $99.95 jacket, DON’T BUY IT.

⇢ coupons!
search your local newspapers + any business ads for useful coupons to snatch up! domino’s always has coupons for their pizzas, and for all those australians out there, the back of your ‘woolworths’ receipts has a huge list of coupons that can be redeemed. 

⇢ make your own food
don’t spend money on food at the canteen or store, when you can make it at home for half the price!!! and amping up those cooking skills is good (:

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! 

I’m a qualified English and History teacher with a Bachelor of Education who can help you fulfil your academic dreams! Or at least your dreams of not having to read over the start of your essay ten times in a row because you have no idea where it’s going. 

For $20 USD, you have the benefit of my experience,  not only at university and in professional environments, but also at teaching classrooms full of unruly children! 

The services I can provide are as follows:

  • Essay proofreading for grammar and sentence structure issues.
  • Understanding university readings/help with important phrases and how to take comprehensive and cohesive notes.
  • A crash course in writing a coherent essay from start to finish, including planning! 
  • Proofreading a short creative writing story and providing narrative insight or help fill in a plot hole that just won’t leave. (fandom or original, it doesn’t matter}
  • Assessment structure help, including but not limited to: informal and formal essays, lab reports, opinion pieces and other assessment structures not listed here. 
  • Resume and cover letter help. I swear it’s not as hard as it sounds. 
  • Paragraph structure and essay question comprehension assistance. 
  • A lot of other shit!

You can choose to have one of the following, with prices negotiable: 

  • One hour of skype time (or messenger of your choice) with me, either written or video, with notes I will give to you at the end so we’re both on the same page, literally and figuratively.. (email me your documents beforehand at so we both have access to them)
  • email exchanges! (up to five from you, and five from me. That’s ten entire emails!) If you send me paragraphs you’re having issues with/are worried about sentence structure and grammar, I can go over that with you. 
  • A complete essay/assessment plan, including dot point notes that we can do together! You won’t get lost writing your assignment again..

Either email me at or contact my ask box, and we can set something up. 

Reblogs/signal boosts appreciated. 

Open for commissions

I need some extra cash for Christmas presents! Email me at if you’re interested!

I’m working on an official price sheet but as a general rule, a single head-to-toe fully colored and shaded character will run about $50. This Flutterbat pic I did for Halloween is a good example of what you could expect for that price:

Obviously, sketches, flat colors, or less of the body being shown, or especially simply outfits will reduce the price. Quadrupedal ponies will generally be half the price of anthros, since they’re so simple.

Elaborate outfits/gear, and backgrounds will increase the price, as you would expect.

I’ll do pony, furry, humans, etc. NSFW is perfectly okay as well.

Email me at if you’re interested!


ok so my direct deposit got fucked up today (2/10) I was supposed to get paid for a sick day & it’s not reflected in my check so tbh right now I’m MAJORLY fucked up, I literally at this point have enough for my weekly metrocard that I need since I have to go to work, and my therapy co pay that I also can’t pass up, I really wouldn’t be asking unless I really needed it, if anybody could square cash me the money (it’s preferred b/c I definetly need cash ASAP) that would be greatly appreciated honestly