needful things tattoo

Unknown: (grab his nose or boop it?)

Yoosung: What are you d– oh!

definitely boop it

I got this nightmare about spiders (I’m aracnofobic. I’m more aracnofobic than lesbian, so, it’s a lot.) And listen; I was in the bathroom, so, when I look at the desk the biggest Goliat spidar was there. I was pale in like 0.5 seconds and have a panic attack, in my mind I only listen “OH MY GOD, I’M GOING TO DIE, I NEED HELP, IT’S THE WORST THING I EVER SEEN, I’M FUCKED, VERGA I NEED SOMEBODY. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK. FUUUUUUCK. MOM, PLEASE HELP ME. I’M GOING TO HAVE TO MOST STUPID DIE AND I NEVER MEET MY BABE.”
So, later that day I discover that my soulmate is the spider (She’s under a curse, of course) and the 1st thing you thought about her is what her tatto under her mark it’s going to say.
Mine says “She’s pretty, I don’t like to look like I’m flirting w/ her.”
And her’s… well…

Imagen your OTP.


Temperance is just clingy and wanted to sit with Nessy and Amelia on the couch.💜

shit that made me think Rax had something supernatural going on with him 
- the strange tattoo on his palm
- his peculiarly cold skin 

shit that didn’t get addressed about Rax in Empire’s End
- the strange tattoo on his palm
- his peculiarly cold skin

Frank + Puppies sketch for the anon that requested it way back, and also dedicated to @frankaliciousunicorn for all your positive vibes <3

transparent space anti possession tattoos for your blog

life dream figured out: build treehouse cabins somewhere in the woods next to our small farm and turn it into a fairytale b&b with themed rooms and serving our amazing vegan hashbrowns and muffins and pancakes every morning but also with a fairy door trail nearby in the forest for kids/cool adults and a bunch of handmade signs about the surrounding indigenous plants and animals that u can see :“”“”’)

Looking at reference pictures of people getting tattoo is pretty awesome to give you ideas for AUs.:)

Gilbert discoverd one day that his Matthew (that he just started dating) is the tattoo artist and owner of the parlor near his florist shop.:D 

Hope you like it! (adding to that that Matthew is a bit like me and doesnt need glasses when things are close..because I forgot to draw them.)

So how invested in Drake/Rihanna is Holster at this point tho?
  • Holster calling Ransom at 4am: Rans.
  • Ransom: Mhn-
  • Holster: Do you ever think about how Drake is from Toronto? And Rihanna can sing like an angel? And they're meant to be together?
  • Ransom: what
  • Holster: You're from Toronto. I can sing like an angel. Rans. We're meant to be together.
  • Ransom: what.