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ok, these guys are forest spirits in Soot & Ash’s universe, and for lack of a better name, i’m calling them Grori.
These big, flamboyant flowerpots start off as softball sized sprouts and take a few years to grow in the root systems of whatever fauna they find themselves near. The location and the plant life around them during their little hibernation influences their shape, coloration and markings pretty heavily, so theres a wild amount of variation in appearance. And although their size is pretty intimidating, most are very shy spirits and tend to keep out of sight unless their territory’s being threatened, so its rare to see one unless you’ve royally screwed up.

And Soot certainly doesn’t seem to get along with them so well.. maybe they don’t like the smell of old cinders on him, who knows.

New cats experience a roller coaster of emotions during their transition. The best way to help is to understand what they are going through and create the best environment for them to thrive. Research, prepare, and make it the smoothest transition possible.

Summary for what we did, but please do your own research 😺Share to help kitties!

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Anonymous said to thatonedaydream:

Heyo I wanna contribute an idea to the Visionary series—Reads needs to release some of the stress of knowing the future and the fact they do not belong in Eos, so maybe sometimes they just let their tongue loose. They’ll talk to someone out of the blue, may it be a random stranger or one of the bros, staring listlessly somewhere, mostly at the sky. Or maybe they’ll just write it on a scrap piece of paper and leave it so curious eyes can read their words.

Their words would be cryptic, prophetic in a sense. “I wonder how the world would look like if light disappeared? Would the world be a desolate place? Withered, decaying?” “Darker the place will be, the longer we’ll have to keep one eye open while asleep.” “With the fall of insomnia, the world will enter a dark slumber.”

In the end of their small rant/note, Reads leaves the person to their thoughts, not answering any questions that they have in mind. Even if they were stopped, they’ll not look at the person and only say, “Just a thought, dark but still a thought.” Or that the person has to hunt down more of the notes to try to create an understanding of the messages.

A/N: This is an amazing idea! Yes, writing or just being vague helps, but there’s another kind of stress in trying not to say too much. 

Below doesn’t reply employ your idea because I can’t improve on it, it’s so good, but here is a little scenario in which the reader gets some help from an unlikely source which ends up helping the Chocobros in the end <3 Only very short because I’m super busy at work again. QQ.


It was hard to keep everything to yourself some days. Your internal struggle and stress leaked from your being, manifesting into an unseen dark aura and people just instinctively felt like they had to stay away. You sat alone at one of the tables in Lestallum one day close to the outlook, picking at your food in distaste. The food itself was wonderful, but the ashen taste was from your mood; it would have infected anything you put into your mouth.

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mermaidwarriorqueen  asked:

Hey! 💕 Sails, mermaid, seafoam, sea glass, boardwalk, and cerulean for the ocean asks? 😁

sails: describe your perfect partner.

Someone I’m compatible with in terms of humor, values, life goals, and some interests.

Haha, this sounds so generic.

What I mean is that we don’t need to share the exact same interests and tastes in everything, but what’s most important (to me) is that we can laugh (at the same things) together, share the same values (for example, I’m very family-oriented, so the perfect partner has to be family-oriented too), life goals (a perfect partner is a lifetime partner, so since we’re spending our life together, we need to have the same goals, ex. where we want to live, how we want to spend retirement - haha so far away but hey, you’re gonna grow old together, right?, and some interests (not all interests… for example, I super LOVE writing, but he doesn’t have to be into writing… for as long as he supports my passion for it, that’s the best. Or if he’s super into car maintenance (haha, just thought of a topic I’m not interested in at all), I can totally support him on that.

mermaid: most embarrassing moment?

Walking into a glass door of a conference room. Where a meeting was going on. Where all my officemates saw me. Where they all laughed at me. I die. My ego hurt more than my forehead.

seafoam: describe your ideal summer vacation.

BEACH! Living by the beach. For at least 7 days. Chilling during the day. Going island-hopping. Snorkeling. Swimming. Getting a tan. Reading a book. Walking barefoot in the sand. Getting a massage. Drinking and dancing at night. Flip-flops all day, all night. I NEED TO GO TO THE BEACH. STAT.

sea glass: what do you consider to be your best physical feature?

I like my lips.

boardwalk: who is your favourite fictional couple?

Marshall and Lily from “How I Met Your Mother”.

cerulean: do you believe in true love?

I totally do!

Thanks for the asks, @mermaidwarriorqueen :)

How would you describe
The taste on his lips?

Do they taste like coffee?
Grounded, strong and sometimes sweet
Bursts of energy when you need them most?

Do they taste like smoke?
Cigarettes shared between you
During silent, peaceful moments
After evenings of endless pleasure?

Do they taste like alcohol?
Leaving you dizzy and lightheaded
And you can’t drink too much
For fear of losing control?

Do they taste like promises?
Unspoken words of tenderness
You wouldn’t ever say out loud
Traded between your tongues?

How would you describe
The taste on his lips?
Do they taste like coming home?

// @justapipe-dream  ao3

anonymous asked:

Remember when Louis said Harry tested like salt and vinegar? I have nightmares about that

I really didn’t need to know how Harry tasted why is Larry always over sharing their sexual life

One-pot low spoon chili

This recipe is easy to do variations on depending on your food needs, spoons, and tastes. I’ll share my favorite way to do it =)

  • 1lb ground meat (I always use turkey, vegetarians could sub extra beans or another favorite protein)
  • 2 cans of your favorite beans (I use garbanzo and pinto)
  • 1 can of diced tomatos (I like the kind with celery and onion mixed in for flavor - if you like spicy chili maybe try the kind with peppers?)
  • 3-4 portions of your favorite rice (Minute brand makes a multi-grain medley that is delicious in this!)
  • *** optional veggies if you would like and have the energy to chop them: a bell pepper or two? A few stalks of celery? Some fresh diced onion?
  • 4 cups of your favorite stock/broth (any flavor)
  • Seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic/onion powder, etc) to taste
  • BBQ sauce to taste (about ½ to 1 cup - try Archer Farms Sweet Hickory from Target)
  • Your favorite shredded cheese to garnish

Get out a big stock pot. Cook the meat in the bottom, breaking it up into small pieces (season it while cooking if you like). Don’t bother draining it. Dump everything else in on top, stir it up, and cook 20-30 minutes at a low simmer, covered and stirring occasionally.

Leftovers reheat just as good if not better than the fresh chili - portion it out into tupperwares and stash in your fridge or freezer for an easy meal. Depending on your sauce and season choices, this is easy to make gluten free. Other allergens can be substituted out pretty easily as well. Could be easily doubled if you’ve got a pot big enough and want to stash a bunch in your freezer, or feed a group without exhausting yourself (or making a mess of your kitchen!)

anonymous asked:

Aww yeah. I'm excited for their vacation together. First of all, they deserved some rest, and second of all, I hope that vacation will help them gay up for each other, and maybe (problem) the season after that is gonna get EVEN MORE gay ;)

I hope they will have a great vacation together in Hawaii too! And I hope they will have some alone time, just the two of them so they can explore the island like they would have when they were kids. Swimming in a secret spot, laying on the rocks naked like two lizzards. Talking about the future, making promises. Holding hands and when the sun starts to set and they need to head back to the hotel they would share a few, wet kisses, tasting the saltiness of the sea on their lips. Smiling coyly as shaky hands find the right spots to hold on and caress. They would kiss once more and then wait for an another opportunity to return to that spot and continue to explore…

Wait, what was this ask about? Oh, yeah, let’s hope the next season will be even gayer!