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💖 Dear 24U 💖

I know that you may be disappointed and unhappy with the decisions Choeun made. You can be confused, mad, worried and so many more but we can’t change Choeuns decisions.
We have to keep in mind that we have to support 24K no matter what 💪

The boys really REALLY need us !!!
Our dear angels are the ones that have to live with the consequences in the end…

I know it is unfair but sadly it is that way.
We can’t turn our backs on the boys just because of this. They need us more than ever so PLEASE try to get your friends, classmates etc into the Fandom ♥️
I guess that the following Comeback will be a All In Comeback so they just HAVE to do well 💗

Can you imagine a world without 24K?
I can’t and don’t want to…
So I beg you: stay and do your best for the boys 💛

I know that 24U are the best Fandom and a big family and I love all of you. So lets keep fighting 💪💪💪

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Bev!!! I know you love them all, but being the only girl in poly relationship of 7 must be tiring! How do you do it? (And how does it work in cases like Eddie who I’m assuming is fully gay from what I’ve heard?? How does it work between you 2?)

Honestly, yeah, I do think about it sometimes, and it does bum me out a little. Mostly because it would be nice just to have another girl to talk to, sometimes, and also, since I’m pan, I sometimes kinda feel like I’m missing out on being with girls. I love all these guys so much, though, that I barely ever notice or think about it…they’re all so nice to me, and they’re sensitive about my feelings and about how my needs might be a bit different to theirs. We do have ‘girly’ days, though, and these guys get so excited about it and they’re so open-minded, we’ll like watch super girly movies, and paint our nails and put face masks on and stuff. It’s really fun. With Eddie, yeah, you’re right, he is gay, and so is Stan, but I think our relationship kinda transcends that stuff most of the time. It just depends on what each of us is comfortable with. Sometimes Stan and I mess around, because he’s more open to it, but Eddie isn’t, so we don’t do anything other than kiss, because he’s okay with that. It doesn’t make me feel any less close to either of them, though. I love all my boys so much, I can’t even tell you~ <3

- Bev xx

Do you think if we changed the name from “birth control” to idunno, something like “ovarian inhibitor” or like “ovulation and attachment prevention” people would be like “oh hey this doesnt say anything about babies so its probably not gonna be used by people having an open and natural sex life” so that we can have our fucking medicine in peace like good lord! Like, no, i dont wanna get pregnant, but i also dont want horrible cramps and a blood river flowing out of me for 14 days. Literally everyone has their own body and their own necessities. Their own reasons. None of which is your business but since youre so keen on what the fuck I NEED MEDICATION FOR its all of those things. And even if it was just for pregnancy prevention its STILL NOT YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!! I DONT ASK YOU WHAT YOUR DIALYSIS PILLS ARE FOR EVEN THOUGH I KNOW BECAUSE ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS!! MIND YOUR BUSINESS!! MY HEALTH IS MYYYY HEALTH!

When I was a teenager with migraines daily and throwing up regularly I was told it was stress from being bullied. Turns out I have a serious heart condition.

When I was in college and had the worst pain of my life in my abdomen I was told it was an ulcer from stress. Turns out my gallbladder was so full of stones they had blocked access to my intestines and I almost died.

When I was still in college and had severe cramping I was told that my periods were exasperated by stress and that I was paranoid. Turns out an ovarian cyst was so large on my ovary it destroyed the organ by literally flattening it like a pancake.

When I was in grad school and having tremors and passing out I was told I had anxiety from stress and referred to a psychologist. Turns out my brain was literally not getting enough oxygen to function from my heart condition.

When I was 25 and my bladder stopped working which did not allow me to pee for days I was told that it was stress and that it was mind over matter to urinate. Turns out the muscles in my pelvic floor are in constant agonizing spasm.

My physical symptoms have been dismissed as manifestations of stress most of my life by both doctors and loved ones causing permanent damage to my body, pain, and loss of quality of life. We need to stop dismissing teenager’s and women’s symptoms as stress and start taking them seriously. Stop dismissing illness as stress simply because of a person’s age, gender, sexuality, ability, race, or socioeconomic status.

  • SHERLOCK: Romantic entanglement, while fulfilling for other people ...
  • JOHN (interrupting): ... would complete you as a human being.
  • SHERLOCK: That doesn’t even mean anything.
  • -
  • Well, that makes sense to me. John literally COMPLETES Sherlock's sentence and these are the exact words "Romantic entanglement would complete you as a human being."
  • They. Complete. Each. Other.
  • I hate this show so fucking much.

I had to get this out of my head.
Somehow my sister and I had that idea of Ignis’ glasses being projected to the sky, just like the Batman symbol. (Please don’t ask me why, it just happened. I don’t have any idea of the Batman franchise, just fyi)

Ignis to the rescue.

Me: Hmmmm what if Abel met Goopy?

Me: Hmmmmm what if Abel met Goopy when he was still Bendy but then hunted him down NOT KNOWING it was Bendy because Goopy’s been stealing food but then Goopy says something that Abel recognizes as that Bendy?

Me: ….

Me: Yeah that’ll be good

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The Princess & The Snake || S.P.


a/n: This was not requested, but I have been thinking a lot about Sweet Pea and how he needs a LOT more recognition. So, I wrote this. I absolutely adore him and I really hope you guys like this possible fic!?!?! I am really excited about this so, here is “The Princess & The Snake.”

P.O.V: first person

summary: Y/N grew up alongside Archie, Jughead, Betty, Cheryl, and Josie. Her mother was a hotshot realtor on the Northside of Riverdale and she was one of the girls lucky enough to call themselves a River Vixen. When a bunch of Serpents show up across the street to start trouble with Archie, she meets the one person who could flip her whole world upside down.

warnings: Cussing, violence

word count: 2,497 :)

(gif not mine)

KEY: Y/M/N= your middle name; y/h/c= your hair color; Y/L/N= your last name.

Part Two


❝A bad boy can be very good for a girl❞  

- Melissa de la Cruz

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BEST FICS OF 2017 picked by notchopsuey
manips | other recs | rec page

#1. Runaway Land. 103k.
Louis is sure he’s stumbled upon a secret, underground nightclub, though that is far from the truth. He’s also pretty sure he’s stumbled upon Apollo, which… isn’t very far from the truth, actually.
Modern Greek mythology AU.

#2. You Might Want to Marry My Husband. 24k.
When Harry’s husband dies, he asks one thing of him; to find love and happiness again without him. It’s a request that Harry is happy to disregard, until he meets the one person who is impossible to ignore.

#3. Love’s Truest Language. 48k.
The first part was meant as a joke. He didn’t really expect Harry to buy anything. It was just Louis’ way of softening the ‘get the fuck out’ blow.
“Where’s your order forms, then?”
“I don’t want your flowers.” Louis chided before directing all of his attention to the arrangement in front of him.
Harry laughed under his breath as he stood to his full height, “Who said anything about them being for you, love?”

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I WOULD PAY YOU IF I HAD MONEY BUT I DONT, IM SO SORRY ;-; But I'm obsessed with Bungou Stray Dogs lately XD and I just can't stop thinking about how Ryunosuke Akutagawa and Saeran have so any similarities (both angsty, emo kids with issues lolol), or how Atsushi Nakajima is such a big Cinnamonroll like Yoosung. So maybe Saeran as Ryunosuke OR Yoosung as Atsushi? ^-^ Or just anything with BSD is good for me, hehe ;p(SORRY FOR THE LONG MESSAGE AAAH >~<) ~🏵

OMGOSH TYSM that means the world to me T^T I’m watching BSD currently and I’m really enjoying it! Saeran as Akutagawa is so fitting XD Maybe his ability Rashoumon is a parallel to his Unknown persona! Thanks for the request :)

How the cursed child should've ended
  • Albus: I honestly thought I'd be the first of us to get a girlfriend
  • Scorpius: Oh, you will, undoubtedly, probably that new smoky-eyed potions professor - she's old enough for you, right?
  • Albus: I don't have a thing about older women!
  • Albus: ...
  • Albus: Actually - I don't have a thing about women at all
  • Scorpius: ...
  • Albus: I have a thing about you

my aesthetic now is limited hue soft serirei moments 

headcanon: reigen would regularly happy cry about how gentle his life is now when he’s with seri

( ♜ out of these, previous ones:  )

The fact that Keith actually hasn’t seen the REAL Shiro again makes me cry. I need a HUGE scene Dreamworks! I need Keith running to Shiro, tears in his eyes, voice cracking as he’s screaming his name.