needed to clean up some screenshots


Couple of neon WIPs. I need to clean some of them up, but I’m mostly happy with them. I also have about 500 more that I want to make, sooo I have a busy weekend ahead of myself. 

(Also, it’s been a very long time since I’ve seen the red pause lines in my screenshots. So weird.)

anonymous asked:

which of the rfa members' profile pics are your favourite?

Ahh I delayed answering this for a while until I gathered up some of my favourites, but I still don’t have photos of all of them. For the sake of narrowing these down, I’m NOT including profile pictures that come from CGs. These are just the ones that only show up in profile pictures. Some of my top picks (that I have screenshots of lol):

First Jumin pic I saw and was like ‘…damn.’

Similarly, this was when I realized Jaehee was really pretty ^^

Idk it just makes me laugh lol.

He looks so clean and crisp here~


He just looks so sweet…

I need more happy Seven in my life I swear.

Not seen ‘cause I don’t have screenshots of it:

- Seven as a doctor (omg)
- Jaehee looking hella cute on her route except those are CGs so I excluded them
- Probably a lot more I’m forgetting T_T

To be honest, I’d love to do some sort of ‘collect all the profile pictures’ project, but I’ll leave that for when I have a bit more time to organize it. In the meantime, I’ve been screenshotting all the profile pictures I come across in Zen’s route. I’ll be able to do the same for Yoosung’s when I go back for his last BRE.

If you have a favourite profile picture, feel free to send me a screenshot! :D

Just to say sorry if I am a bit slow/absent on tumblr the next couple of days, just with the holidays coming up and needing to get things done I am working my butt off so I don’t have much time for social media-ing and extra fanart :’D

anyway here’s a bonus Reigen to tide you over, he’s proud of you.