needed to clean up some screenshots

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Could you pls recommend some DBZ/S blogs you follow? Im captivated by DBS and I want it on my dash as much as possible. I already have you of course and maybe 2 or 3 other blogs but thats not enough for my needs, the other stuff still outweighs it. I want my dash to explode with DBS goodness until I drown in it. If you can recommend some ppl you like (bc I like your blog very much and conclude blogs you like will have the same quality as yours), I would be very grateful.

I really need to clean up my dash (it’s a madhouse), but here are some heavy DBZ-themed blogs I follow that I can think of off the top of my head:

neogohann - Probably one of THE coolest and most well-known blogs that posts DBZ on this site.  This guy makes tons of high-quality gifs.

dragonballzforlife - Lots of random DBZ and DBS!

mysticaladventurer - I started following this blog about a month or two ago.  It’s been slowly going through DBZ and posting lots of high-quality screenshot sets!

57fandom59 - I’ve been following a lot of her other blogs for a year or two.  She posts and reblogs a lot of Son family!

stupidoomdoodles - Lots of Vegebul art!

uglydbzmerch - One of the first DBZ-themed blogs I ever followed.  It makes me laugh a LOT.  I remember laughing so hard there were tears when I first found it!  Maji, the owner of the blog, makes some great commentary jokes as well.

^ These two are my favs… I just had to share. ^

awkwardvegetaphotos - A blog dedicated to making fun of Vegeta.  Lots of fun and the owner, Mad Dog, is one of my favorite Tumblr bros!

goldhund - She draws lots of DBZ (especially the Son family… ESPECIALLYY Gohan/Videl) and is a total sweetie!  I like the blog and the owner of the blog very much!

lemoro - *does nothing but cry all over Lemoro’s art because it’s SO PRETTY and her Fem!Vegeta is SO PRETTY and EVERYONE’S SO CUTE*

If you have any DBZ blog recommendations for me to follow, send them my way!  I need more DBZ on my dash as well!

Just to say sorry if I am a bit slow/absent on tumblr the next couple of days, just with the holidays coming up and needing to get things done I am working my butt off so I don’t have much time for social media-ing and extra fanart :’D

anyway here’s a bonus Reigen to tide you over, he’s proud of you.

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which of the rfa members' profile pics are your favourite?

Ahh I delayed answering this for a while until I gathered up some of my favourites, but I still don’t have photos of all of them. For the sake of narrowing these down, I’m NOT including profile pictures that come from CGs. These are just the ones that only show up in profile pictures. Some of my top picks (that I have screenshots of lol):

First Jumin pic I saw and was like ‘…damn.’

Similarly, this was when I realized Jaehee was really pretty ^^

Idk it just makes me laugh lol.

He looks so clean and crisp here~


He just looks so sweet…

I need more happy Seven in my life I swear.

Not seen ‘cause I don’t have screenshots of it:

- Seven as a doctor (omg)
- Jaehee looking hella cute on her route except those are CGs so I excluded them
- Probably a lot more I’m forgetting T_T

To be honest, I’d love to do some sort of ‘collect all the profile pictures’ project, but I’ll leave that for when I have a bit more time to organize it. In the meantime, I’ve been screenshotting all the profile pictures I come across in Zen’s route. I’ll be able to do the same for Yoosung’s when I go back for his last BRE.

If you have a favourite profile picture, feel free to send me a screenshot! :D