needed to cheer self up :c


F-I-G-H-T! Come on, let’s see you try and FIGHT ME!!!

introooooducing, *drumroll* rainbow obsidian! the equally destructive and motivational cheer-leading fusion of bismuth and serendibite, my two gemsonas :3c 

their color scheme might change in the future b/c i’m not super happy about it, but otherwise they’re pretty complete! also two mouths, yee B)

if you want to read more about them, there’s info down below!

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If you're having trouble giving yourself permission for self care today, and could use some back up, please consider this your permission slip.

I hereby declare that you have permission to:

  • Put yourself first
  • Stim as much as you want in ways that make you happy
  • Avoid sensory-unfriendly situations
  • Cancel that thing with your friend/family
  • Use alternative forms of communication if you’re not feeling verbal
  • Spend your time interacting with your special interest instead of being social

And/or anything else you might have needed to give yourself permission for today.

Please take care of yourself – you’re very precious. c: