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#17 Dating EXO would include: Kris’ Edition:

-Him being a couch potato and a lzay ass, he’d wake up and then lay on the couch because he “needs to rest”

-”Hey kris do i look hot in this dress?” “well you look hot but i am way hotter”

-He’d send you a picture of him every morning with a “now your morning is blessed” every damn day.

-He’d steal your phone and change your lockscreen and wall paper to a picture of him.

-He’d stare at you for like an hour, and if you catch him staring he’d turn away, and if you asked him if he was staring at you he’d reply with something like “no i wasn’t, get over yourself”

-You’d go to spa dates together.

-You can’t touch his face because you cannot touch “the art”

-He’d take like 30 minutes each night applying lotions and creams before bed, because he gotta stay fresh and handsome.

-If you went out to have dinner, he wouldn’t order chicken and you would, after a while you’d find him sneaking a piece of chicken from your plate.

-”I thought chicken isn’t you style” he’d reply with a giggle.

-He would try to prank you but his smile would give it away.

-He’d tease you about your height, but actually he’d love how you fit perfectly in his arms with your head against his chest, and how petite you look next to him.

-He’d call you “babe” a lot.

-He’d nag and complain a lot, especially when he is sick or when he is tired or when he wakes up in the morning.

-”babe can you make me pancakes?” “babe do you love me?” “Y/N it’s so hot in here”

-If a guy approached you in public, he’d stare at him until he scares him off, and then he’d look at you as if nothing happened, after all he gotta keep that cool guy image”

-He’d hug squeeze you so tightly, at random times becaus ehe just loves you too much and you are too cute for him to not to squeeze you.

-He’d buy you jewelry and clothes for gifts and he’d get you teddy bears and flowers and chocolate 

-He’d love to back hug you, and he’d love to put his haid on top of yours because you are so tiny and cute and he can’t resist it.

-You teasing him a lot, and him pouting.

-Him trying to use agyo at you, only ending up in you laughing for ages.

-He’d try to win you in a sass battle, but his comebacks keep on getting poorer by the second.

-Although he may not say it often but he loves you so much, and he would make sure you know that.

-Sex with him depends on the mood, if he is in the mood for teasing, he would tease you for as long as he can handle, if he is into rough play, he will give it to you rough and hard.

-He’d want you to play with his hair, his sculp,

-You two would fight over candy and chocolate like kids.

-He’d take you to meet his mom when he is sure that you are the one. And it’d be the first time you’d see him turn into a baby.

-He’d open up to you and expect you to understand.

-He wants you to trust him.

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J/H = ■ & ♦

■ - Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon 

Jackie likes filling their living room with pictures that she’s changing all the time. She says that they need to have pictures of their friends, family and friends on display. The pictures of them are always changing.

He knows the ones she takes away will end up in her albums and scrapbooks, so he has stopped asking where are they or what happened to the pictures.

The only picture he has told her not to move is their prom picture. 

He doesn’t like how he looks in it and Jackie is kind of embarrassed of her teenage self once they are older, but none of them want it anywhere else.

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

Before having kids, even before going to live together, they started doing short road trips to smalls town between cities. They would search a dinner that serves disgusting burgers and eat them.

Jackie marks on a map the places were the food isn’t as bad, and the ones were the food is the best. At some point, they have all Wisconsin marked with places to eat burgers she would never admit to put in her body to anyone else.

Once they had their first kid, they thought about stopping doing these trips but Hyde suggested they shouldn’t, just add a small person to it. They kept doing it, even when their kids were older and about to leave the house, and even before they did.

so theres these things called the scholastic art awards and my art teacher basically runs it for our state. at one point she asked me and my friend to go through a bunch of entries in ‘mixed media’ and change the category if they didnt fit the ‘mixed media’ category (people got confused a lot by mixed media so there were quite a few entries that needed to be put in painting or whatnot).

Anyways, during this time i witnessed possibly the best piece of art I have ever seen and that shit needs to be put in the MOMA. 

basically. This person had opened up photoshop and put in two pictures. One of pearl from steven universe and one of texas senator Ted Cruz. then they drew red triangles over both of these picture pointy-ass noses. And that was it.

I wish I had taken a picture of it because this was the best piece of art I have laid eyes on. Beautiful.

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I LOVE YOUR FUCKENING GEM AU... also ps your reasoning for pink pearl fidds could totally just be "cuz its fuckin cute" BC THATS ALL THE REASONING I NEED FOR THAT... its a good look for him! Also i really really love the little bit of info on fords regeneration/the finger thing! I can picture him having an amethyst-type episode and messing himself up a bit trying to change who he is :-( poor baby. BUT yeah i love!! Those space rock gays!!

my reasoning for pink pearl fiddleford is important 2 me cause since the original SU is getting cancelled i Have To Make Up My Own Lore Now and You Know What? Its Bomb As Fuck And Theres Nothing You Can Do About It.

in fact i made that post 8 months ago so like? now you can technically call me a more competent writer than the crewniverse combined…..also theres the fact that fiddleford is a really great character and putting him in aus where i can stretch out his personality more and more is really cathartic for me like………….this boy has so much potential


Y’all can stop crying now. That’s all I’m gonna say. 

Read on AO3: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Read on 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Read excerpt: 

Minutes later the girls emerged with their swimsuits. Marinette had her hair in a single bun and sported a black bikini with green dots, no wait, paws? They were tiny cat paws. Sweet Kwamis, someone help Adrien Agreste. She was wearing a Chat Noir themed bathing suit. 

FUCK. Oh my god. Oh my actual god. 

“You guys coming?” Alya asked.Adrien practically tripped over himself to grab his own bathing suit. In less than three minutes he had changed and was ready to go.

 "Hurry up Nino,“ he said. He was actually considering waiting for him down in the pool. He needed a splash of cold water to get over the picture of Marinette and her Chat Noir bikini, or else things would get… hard, to put it decently. 

When We Were Young

When we were young-

He still looked like a movie…

There he was. Across the room form me, sitting in his button up shirt that only had the need for the bottom 3 buttons, something I guess he hasn’t changed. I used to tease him, asking why he would even bother with a shirt when he barely was covered.

The boots remained the same as well. Dark brown with scuff marks but he still managed to make them look like the $5,000 he probably spent on them. He always got offended when I made fun of his boots, but he got the last laugh when I got myself my own pair.

It had been years. But it felt like just yesterday, we were making out in the back seat of his car, hot and bothered. I can still remember waking up on the uncomfortable leather seats, sticking to him and completely naked, the sun starting to rise. He looked just as beautiful that day, with his gleaming green eyes and 3 little beauty marks.

I watched him smile at his friend, and my chest hurt. It ached, felt like someone was tearing it out of my chest because I used to make him smile. I used to be one of the main causes and I hadn’t seen that smile in person for so long.

He still sounds like a song

His laughed rumbled out of his chest and resonated across the room, his head thrown back as the gleeful sound circled the air. I missed it. I missed it so fucking much. Sometimes I could still hear it if I was lost in thought.

My god this reminds me, of when we were young.

We used to stay up all night, just to see the sun rise. And during that time, we would laugh so hard our stomachs hurt, until we had tears in our eyes and red faces. Every single thing he did on those nights made me so happy.

And those days he would randomly show up with a sea shell, or a candy heart, a pen, a pair of socks, giving them to me excitedly because it reminded him of me.

The times we made love in every corner of his home, until his legs were weak and we collapsed on the carpet in giggles, falling asleep right in that position.

I missed the times we fought. When he got angry at me for not wearing a coat and getting sick, when he was 4 minutes late picking me up so we missed the movie, when he didn’t wake me up in time for my job… I missed them because the make up was so much sweeter.

But then things changed. He had to leave me, he had to go overseas and leave me. My heart was leaving and I didn’t know what to do. No matter how much he apologized for not telling me, no matter the phone calls or messages or even the flowers to my house, I couldn’t let it go. Though I wish I did, because this man in front of me… I still want him.

I wasn’t expecting his eyes to meet mine. I wasn’t expecting him to walk over, and I sure as well wasn’t expecting him to sit down next to me.

“You’re still just as beautiful as the day I left.” He said, looking intensely at me with a passion I realized so well.

The sting of his words, the ‘the day I left’ still hurt my heart. My smile was weak, with a quiet thank you being given.

“I came back for you.” He said, getting closer. “You blocked my number. No one would tell me anything, except that you would be here tonight. I miss you.” His voice was quiet, his face moving closer.

The anger bubbled in me, looking at him with fire in my eyes.
“You missed me? You came back for me? What about those years? When I’ve been sitting here missing you, and you’ve been off across the sea, without me. I loved you so much, you tore my heart out when you left me. Why now? When I was finally trying… Trying to forget you.” The loud statement was ended quiet, voice cracked at the end.

His face was full of pain, stepping closer and grasping my cheek. His hands felt the same, god, they felt warm and comforting and I wanted to cry.

“I wanted you to have better. I wanted your life to be fun and stress free and I wanted you to find someone who could love you better than me. Someone who could be around all the time but…” He stepped closer, pressing my body against the bar, his own breath shaky.

“I can’t. I can’t let you go. I’ve tried for these years to let you go, thinking it would make you better. I thought maybe, that you’d be happy and move on but I was wrong. They said you aren’t yourself. You’re sad and quiet and you’re not the same, and I’ve been in the same situation. No one else feels right, nothing feels right without /you./” he whispered fiercely.

“You still look like a movie. And you sound like a song. And how we’re standing right now, god, this reminds me of when we were young.” He studied my face, before leaning in and giving me the smallest, lightest kiss. My heart was pounding but I couldn’t bring myself to pull away.

“I’ve been sad, trying to grow old. Without you, my love, I just feel… Cold. I don’t know what else I can do but ask you… Would you let me make you feel, like when we were young?”

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Amazing blog you have! I was wondering, I always see that the usual rules at Photo OPS are just hugs, no kisses, be respectful. But then I see pictures of guests holding fans, fans holding guests, kisses everywhere, some weird and intimate leg-hugs (?), hell I've even seen photo ops of fans kissing Misha's hipbones! How does that even happen? Do Photo Ops rules change from one Con to other? Are those special Photo Ops where you have to pay more? Are those fans just really lucky? I need answers

Hi there

I just came back from Vegascon, and the Creation volunteers where specifically saying, no face holding and no kissing. The rules are also no picking up the guest or asking the guest to pick you up - for safety reasons. These are the rules - and for the most part are enforced.

Otherwise, yes, being respectful is the key when asking for poses.

Remember though that some of the guests have got to know some fana from multiple conventions and therefore may be more playful/intimate with them through familiarity. Maybe that’s what you’ve seen. But the rules are as I have said above.



Some more pre-obsession Teridax because he is gorgeous and I gotta draw my favorite dad.

First picture features his emergence from the antidermis pool and transformation from energy to metal and muscle. He’s proud to be created by Mata Nui.

Second picture is him creating some sort of rahi. I wanted to draw him in a lab coat, but then I decided since I imagine Makuta having all kinds of bio-tech, this is amazing adaptive labcoat-symbiont that changes depending on the needs of a wearer. If experiments blow up in your face, this amazing thing will cover you up in nice protective plates of impervious chitin.

And third is Teridax arguing with Miserix over something during the Convocation. Krika makes a cameo.

P.S.: Gotta ask RP blogs not to reblog my art and start RPing under it. I don’t really want to see a stream of messages popping on my dash about constant back and forth RP I don’t want to be a part of. If you do that, I unfortunately will have to block you because my art has nothing to do with you, your muse and your RPing. Thanks.

picture this: weremethyst asking vampearl to watch her during the change on the full moon so that she doesn’t hurt anybody.
weremethyst clambering up onto vampearl’s lap, sprawling across her then gently gnawing on her arm or nibbling her fingers because she’s antsy and needs an outlet but doesn’t want to hurt her.
vampearl sneaking into a butchers when weremethyst’s stomach starts growling and fetching her the best steaks she can find.
vampearl massaging weremethyst’s ears and scratching her chin then kissing the top of her head gently, forgetting for a while that she’s meant to be mourning Rose.
vampearl looking after weremethyst on that one night like weremethyst does for her every other night.

you know what i really need

an episode like Le Gamer where Mari and Adrien get closer and really start seeing each other as people (maybe she goes to his house!!!) and an akuma shows up who’s related to actually knowing people for who they are and not what they just seem like on the outside

and at the end of the episode Mari’s back in her bedroom and she changes her desktop wallpaper and starts taking down all of the magazine pictures of Adrien and it’s when she’s unhooking the giant calendar of Adrien’s schedule from the ceiling that Tikki finally asks her what she’s doing

and Mari just smiles and says, “i don’t need these when i know the real person, Tikki.”

and then she goes downstairs and outside and dumps all of these things that symbolized her idolization of Adrien into the trash, and the episode ends with a close-up of her new desktop wallpaper, which is a selfie that Adrien took with Mari at the beginning of this hypothetical episode and texted her right before she started taking down all of the model pictures.

i really need an episode like this ok


So I am meeting Tyler Oakley next week and I’m gonna fill up this jar with URLs/messages so if you want your URL put in all you need to do is like/reblog this post. I want to get as many as possible so you don’t need to be following me or anything just reblog and I will post a picture once it’s done!

{agentaislinnoconnor|A question of fire|closed rp}

“So, according to the research I’ve now managed to go through, since you’ve so kindly told us about SHIELD, O’Connor, We have discovered in 2022 there was almost a cure for the Virus, but…the building it was housed in was burnt to the ground,”  Jones stated picking up a file and holding it out to Cole and Aislinn.  “The Fire was started by this man, and You two will go put him down, before he can burn one hope down,”  She concluded.

Cole took the folder frowning as he studied the big man in the picture, frowning.  “Looks dangerous,”  He nodded. “I think we can handle him though, a bullet can stop anyone, if it needs to,”  He said calmly.   “Heatwave…what kind of name is that?  Did I miss out us all changing are names to weird…nicknames?”  He asked holding the folder out to Aislinn. 

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for tutorial on my mangacaps so here you go. I suck at explaining sorry

1. Open a picture you want to edit. Make sure that the image is in RGB mode, not in grayscale or index colors… (to change this go to image-mode-RGB color)

2. Crop things you don´t need anymore

3 Clean it up. I use simple brush tool, but you can use whatever you like, pen tool, lasso tool, magic wand (tho this one is not so good for mangacaps like this)

4. Go to image - adjustments - hue/saturation (or simply press ctrl+U) and write exactly these numbers that you see on the image below

5. Once again go to image - adjustments - curves (ctrl+M) and try to do something similar to this image (you can play with curves as much as you want, almost everything looks good on mangacaps). Exact numbers are point1: 56,44, point2: 111,137 and point3: 217,250

That´s it *_*

Today, I fucked up by editing my GF's to-do list.

I’m at my girlfriend’s house for Halloween and she needed to get a bunch of stuff done before we started to party. On her list were things like “Wash dishes, set up decorations, cook brownies” etc. I thought I would be funny and wrote “Blow Jake” (my name is changed) on the bottom of her to-do list.

Apparently she didn’t see my little addition to the list and sent a picture of the list to her parents when they asked what she was doing for Halloween. Still don’t know what they said to her.

Too Long; Didnt Read > Added “blow me” on my girlfriend’s to-do list without her knowing, she sent the list to her parents without seeing my addition.

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Becky with the good hair | Shiloh and Gabe

The haircut was honestly a surprise to himself, Shiloh hadn’t really planned to cut his hair but he’d had it so long for a while now and it was beginning to be a hassle, so he found the closest hair salon and went in. He knew he needed a change and he was going to do it before he talked himself out of it, he went in and asked the hairdresser what he thought would suit him because he wanted something pretty drastic than the old shaggy mop he had on his head now and the man basically span him around and didn’t let Shiloh see the final product until it was done and it was exactly what he asked for, something drastic. Shaved on the sides, short and choppy up top. He didn’t want to post pictures just yet because Shiloh wanted to see the reactions of his friends faces when they saw his new look. He was happy that Gabriel asked him about his Instagram post first because truthfully he wanted to show him first, so when he got the text Shiloh got himself up, straightening his clothes out before he walked down the hall to Gabe’s dorm. Once he got there he grinned a bit as he opened the door and made his way inside, standing in the middle of the room, a hand in one of his pockets as he leaned to the side a bit and did a head nod. “Hey.” 

When a demon met an angel…

Colours are a little bit messy because I used to work with 50% colour on white backgrounds but now that I want colourful backgrounds, I need to change it to 100% colour transparency, which has messed up my mental colour scheme…. Excuse the messiness.

I just wanted to see more high!Zouis pictures (inspired by karukara’s high!Zouis pics/comics… God bless all things unholy! XD )


1D Art