needed to be stopped

  • Darry: alright, alright cut the music
  • Darry: somebody left an icecube on the ground and it melted and now my SOCK is wet *holds up toy gun* who the fuck wants to die today

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yo nikki hit me up w some parental royed fic recs pls!!! i think i've read just about everything i could find and i need. more. also brotherly fluff recs???? pls i'm desparate ;-;

I GOTCHU PAL. A lot of these I’ve recommended before so you might’ve read them but i tRIED MY BEST

Papa Roy:

Stairway to Paradise (my fav but I think everyone knows that by now lol) | Mistakes (AU, pretty dark but hella good) | A Boy Named Ed (another AU, not dark, really fluffy actually) | The Winds of Change (Another AU, I cried, brotherly fluff too) | Number Twenty Eight (Chimera AU, also dark but that’s sevlow for ya) | Shadow of a Doubt (I’d give my life for bookwrm389) | Till I’m a Hundred You Idiot (p good mix of one-shots) | Peanut Butter and Bubblegum  | Likeness  | Heart (UM CAMPING TROPE, also some brotherly feels) | Stroke | Luck (idk why this one is so funny to me) | Your Son (you know you like military ball fics, we all do) | The Flame (sad but cute AU omg) | Whiteout Gold from Lead | Crash |Transient | Toy Soldier | Tempest | Starlight, Star Bright | Talking in CodeDead on Arrival (AU!) | Fullmetal and Flame (not really parental, but a really interesting take on their relationship and the story in general, also some sad bro moments) | Forgiveness (AU, when u want something really dark)

Fluffy Elrics:

What Healing Is | The Best Medicine | After All | Quarantine | Heartbeat | Just to Hold You| Nights Whole (all 7 of these are brotherly Al-just-got-his-body-back fics lmao ok now on to a different trope) What Lies Behind Us (FMAB/COS crossover)A Hundred Ways to Say You’re My Brother (oneshot collection) |  The Very Best Christmas (PURE) | Comfort | A Necessary Skill (goofy brothers tbh) | Just Like Mom | Phantom Limb | Gone Fishing | Birthnight | Temporary Measures | Shield Brothers

And of course, I’ve got my fanfic list which you can apply filters to in case I’ve forgotten any lol


Jekyll and Hyde where everything is the same but after Jekyll drinks the HJ7, it’s a Sailor Moon transformation sequence into Hyde.

honestly tho, when Suga dropped that mic, the sound it made as it hit the stage is also the sound of my knees and panties hitting the floor

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Can fhpoc finally be cancelled? I've been legit dumbstruck by the utter incompetence of both the blog staff and its followers/ submitters for a while, but this one definitely takes the cake. First of all, anon sounds like every other idiotic white liberal who claims to be part of the so-called "Resistance" , then wishes death on anyone they think wasnt enthusiastic enough about their girl HRC losing the election *sigh* TFW for when people support fictional "representation" more than actual poc..

I’m honestly not a huge fan of “canceling” people.

FHPOC’s Mod M fucked up with that anon on the hurricanes and I know that others on the blog have messed up before on different topics (and have had to be called out by followers or even by other mods), but I’m just not comfortable announcing that “x is canceled” on my blog. 

I know I could’ve been “canceled” for comments/posts I’ve made in my past and I’m thankful that people have been able to be like “yeah, you need to check yourself because that’s wrong” to me over the years. I had people who refused to cut me off because they thought I should get a chance to do better and so “canceling” people/blogs (especially FHPOC as a whole) is not really my thing, sorry.

(You can cancel them for yourself, of course. I’m not trying to tell you what to do, but I’ve been in the position of running a discourse blog and being wrong so I can’t bring myself to cancel people because I could’ve been canceled a thousand times over. This is a Stitch thing. It doesn’t have to be your thing.)

Now I don’t think FHPOC as a blog is a bad idea. I like it and the other blogs in the similar vein focusing on racism in the Star Wars and MCU fandoms. Heck, I still follow FHPOC despite being so upset with that one mod for even entertaining that nonsense anon. But the hurt is real and I don’t blame any other person of color for being angry or annoyed with how some of the mods do mishandle topics (or approach them without any research into the topic). For many people (like you!) that anon was the last straw and I don’t blame them. It almost was my last straw.

I’m also tired of “discourse” blogs that center the wellbeing of fictional characters over that of real people (I’m waist deep in Voltron fandom nonsense where that’s basically how people handle discourse), but I don’t think that FHPOC is that kind of blog. Not on the regular, at least. But while I follow them, I’m not all up in their tumblr on the regular so maybe I’ve missed some stuff to that effect.

My main thing with FHPOC is that some of the mods definitely need to take a step back to do research before responding to some of their asks. They also need to decide that some asks simply don’t need to be published/don’t deserve a response. It’s better than being wrong and hurting people in the process. There are some messages that you just don’t post unless you’re going to mock them or showcase how clear it is that they’re wrong for coming to you with nonsense.

The hurricane anon was one of those messages. I get that they’re totally concerned about climate change, but answering a message that shows a fundamental lack of understanding of who hurricanes affect around the world in general was bad enough. Telling the anon that their reasoning was solid was just… not cool.

Mod M said that they answered the hurricane anon while at work, and believe me, I get being busy and trying to multitask, but I think that sensitive messages (like one about hurricanes while one lays waste to the Caribbean) need more effort put into them than like five minutes during your break. Heck, before answering any questions, do a brief research check and if you can’t find any information on the subject, either pass it off to someone that knows more than you do or drop the subject and delete the ask.

(And for the future, dear anon: please try and tone down the ableist language you use when messaging me. I’m working on unlearning the casual ableism society has ingrained in me and I’d appreciate it if you’d refrain from intelligence based insults like “idiotic” when we’re communicating.)

World’s Best Date || Lee Daehwi

I turned to look around as I hear the screams of excitement all around. I look around one more time to spot my boyfriend, Daehwi, running towards me with a huge smile. He took me in his arms and started to spin me around. “Y/n!! I missed you so much!!!” He put me down, just to hold me tighter in a hug. “Daehwi we saw each other yesterday at school” I let out a sigh of relief once he stopped squishing me into his arms. “I know, but I still missed your cute face” I felt a blush on my cheeks as I look away. “Hey stop it, lets have our date before I die here” Daehwi starts to laugh and smile seeing my blushing face, he takes my hand and starts dragging me around. “Let’s go on the carrousel!” He grabbed my hand tighter then he already was and started running to the line. We waited a few minutes, which gave me time to catch my breath and make Daehwi hold my hand softly. Once it was our turn Daehwi sprinted down towards a white horse. He was jumping like a little kid, that’s getting what they want. I headed closer to him just to get picked up and put down on the white horse. “Yes!! You look like a princess while I’m your prince” Daehwi took the horse just beside mine and took my hand. “Let’s ride towards the sunset together!”.“… Daehwi we’re going in circles and it’s like 3pm” He pouted and looked at me “but I’m your prince and I’m taking you far away to live happily ever after together”

I looked away only to have him move my head back towards him. He gave me a huge smile before leaning in to kiss my already warm red cheeks. “Now you look like a tomato” i was just about to tell him something but the ride had ended and off we go to another. He pulled me towards a tall ride, I saw the people go up and instantly drop down. I looked at Daehwi and gripped his arm tightly, was he really making me go on that. He kept bouncing like a little kid, not once stopping until it was our turn. Once we got seated and buckled in, I took his hand, and held it tightly. As we went up I held his hand tighter. “Y/n I can’t feel my hand anymore” Daehwi whined trying to free his hand. I let go of his hand but grabbed onto the seat tightly and closed my eyes. “Y/n open your eyes there’s nothing to be scared of, I’m here to protect you.” I opened my eyes and I turn to see Daehwi’s eyes. We stared into each other’s eyes and before I realized it we started to drop. I screamed so loud that I couldn’t hear anyone, once the ride was over, I was rethinking life.

Daehwi screamed at the top of his lungs if we can do it again, I just shook my head. He then saw the Ferris wheel and started pointing at it. “Y/N LET’S GO THERE!!” I saw what he was pointing at “…Daehwi isn’t that the last ride we should go on??” He shook his head so fast. “We could but I have the best ride for last, this isn’t any usual date!” He sent me a wink, and with that he took my hand, ran towards the ferris wheel and got in line. Once our turn came up we got in, I sat in front of Daehwi. As we went up Daehwi couldn’t help but point at all the rides we’re going to right after. “Y/n we’re going on that one that goes super fast, and that one over there that does a full spin, and of course that roller coaster!!” I looked at all the rides and started to mentally prepare myself for all of this. Once we got down from the ferris wheel we went straight to the fast ride he pointed at.

It was a ride that went in circles, Daehwi and I got in a cart seat with seatbelts and a huge handle for protection. Once the ride started, it was all slow at first but as we kept doing full circles we kept going faster and faster. Daehwi and I couldn’t stop screaming as it got faster, at one point I was holding onto him for dear life. Then the ride stopped…“is it over??” Daehwi questioned he looked back to see the other riders, but just then the ride started up again. this time we were going backwards at the highest speed we were just at. Daehwi screamed and held my hand so tight, but slowly let go as the ride slowed down. “I’m kind of dizzy now, should we get something to eat before we get on another ride?” Daehwi asked as he took my hand and walked out of the ride together. I nodded when he looked at me, with that we headed towards the food.

There was so many different options from pizza to chicken, also fried food and nachos. Daehwi excitedly took my hand and dragged me towards the chicken stand, he started to jump in excitement. “y/n WHAT CHICKEN DO YOU WANT?!” I covered my ears at his screaming, he was just in front of me. “Daehwi!! my ears!” he started to chuckle and pout “sorry y/n I just really want chicken” I shook my head smiling at him and started heading towards the chicken booth. Once we got there we ordered enough chicken for the both of us and headed straight to an empty table. “Y/n open your mouth!” I looked at Daehwi to see chicken in front of my face, he kept waving the chicken as he waits for me to open my mouth. “Open wide, lets be like those cute couples!!” I opened my mouth and Daehwi cheered as he fed me chicken. After eating and making jokes here and there we went on more rides.

It was getting darker and the lights turned on, this could’ve been time for a cute ending, Daehwi wining me a bear, taking me home and a kiss, but this wasn’t a normal cute date. Daehwi dragged me towards the biggest roller coaster at the park. We were waiting in line, he kept jumping and screaming over how excited he is. We got seated down and all my nervousness hit me as we went higher and higher. Daehwi held my hand and gave me a huge smile before looking forward. “WE’RE ABOUT TO GO DOWN!! Y/N THIS WILL BE THE BEST RIDE EVER” Everyone started screaming as the ride went on.

“THAT WAS SO FUN, THE WAY YOU SCREAMED, THAT WAS SO FUNNY, THIS WAS THE BEST DATE EVER!!” Daehwi was walking me home after our date. “Y/n it wasn’t my fault I chose that one to be last, IT WAS SCARY AT THE END” I started laughing at what he said. After he said that the ride would be fun, the ride ended up stopping in the middle of the drop. We stayed there for a few seconds, but in that time Daehwi started to feel nervous and once the ride started up again, he started screaming at the sudden drop. I looked at him and started laughing, he kept making weird faces as the ride went on. “I WISH YOU COULD’VE SEEN YOUR FACE!!” I kept going on about the whole ride while Daehwi pouted. Once we reached my front door Daehwi pouted and took my hand. “Y/n you were meant to hold onto me and ask for my protection!” I giggled at Daehwi and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I still had fun with you, you might have not protected me, but I had fun, bye Daehwi!” Daehwi smiled widely and went home exited to ask y/n out on another date.

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  Unpopular opinion time :  it would be kinda nice if people started being considerate with each other’s time like… if you know you don’t have any time to take on more threads and already owe 700 drafts, or if you know exactly you will only have muse for that one blog you made in a fancy whim for two weeks at best or anything of the sort - writing takes time and energy, plotting something and being excited and then being let down takes energy, and it would be really nice if people were more considerate with the fact that everyone’s time, energy and muse levels are limited. There are always unforeseen things, yes, no arguing that, and no one ever owes anyone anything because we are all here for our own fun but … just a bit consideration towards how that affects other muns would be nice?