needed to be done etc

tips & tricks & i’ve learned in 21 years as a human girl who has adhd

some of these i’ve learned on my own, or from family/friends, or reddit/tumblr/pintrest/facebook. but i’ve compiled a list that has helped me remain focused, organized, and not having my mind go all over the place. some of them are just good to know.

1. don’t put it down, put it away (helps immensely with clutter)

2. use a planner for everything, not just school (i use an actual planner because writing it down actually helps me remember it better, but an app can work too)

3. color code class materials, use a different color for each subject (i’m a nursing student and i’m always running around like crazy, my binders, folders, and notebooks for each class each have their own color. ex: bio=green, chem=blue, psych=pink. that way if i’m in a rush, i never grab the wrong stuff.)

4. rewriting class notes, memos, important dates, & anything else worth remembering helps to engrain it in your mind 

5. meal prepping twice every week helps to save time & money & also helps to keep your meals nice and healthy (it also helps me remember to eat because sometimes i have a hard time doing so since my vyvanse suppresses my appetite. it also helps to eat before i take my meds because then i have a more normal appetite and i’m not cranky. i’m also someone who would rather just not eat because i get stressed if i have to cook something, so having something all set and ready to go for each meal is such a huge stress relief)

6. do some sort of exercise for 30 minutes at least 4 times a week because it gets rid of excess energy, helps you to focus, & look & feel great (i do 45 minutes of cardio every other day on the stair-stepper & i’ve just gotten really into weight lifting. cardio definitely helps me A LOT to not be so cranky or all over the place)

7. pick out and get your outfit for the next day, every single night (i pick out EVERYTHING from the actual clothes, to the underwear, socks, bra, shoes, & accessories. this helps because i also have a weird thing about how clothes fit over undergarments & i also have a weird thing about matching clothes with undergarments, socks, & shoes)

8. pack your backpack and whatever else you need the night before (i put all my class materials, snacks & drinks, chargers, gym clothes, etc in my bag every night before i go to bed so i don’t rush or forget anything in the morning)

9. have a bag full of essentials that you take everywhere (i have a purse that i keep my wallet, keys, a protein bar, a water, my iPad, a back up charger, pen, small notebook, planner, gum, & hand sanitizer that i take with me everywhere. everything has it’s own special pocket & i never lose track of the things i need)

10. make lists of “to’s” (to do, to remember, to buy)

11. go from room to room whenever you leave someplace to make sure you haven’t left anything behind 

12. use post-it notes in visible places as reminders

13. set aside one day per week to do stuff you need to get done (cleaning, schoolwork, chores, grocery shopping, etc)

14. have a “time out” for yourself every other day to relax and recharge (i set aside an hour or two every single day to read or watch a tv show or do something that doesn’t require too much thought or energy. i don’t answer calls or texts, and i try not to browse social media. this helps me relax and not feel overwhelmed throughout the day or the week)

15. set alarms for waking up, tasks, & cooking fro better time management (i use a great app called 30/30 thats a great task manager. it lets you set up a list with a set time for each task. the timer starts and you go about your task, once the time is up, it lets you know you should move onto your next task)

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heeeelp i'm being unproductive and lazy again. any tips?



Time Out

for the times you’ve blinked and fuck where did the past 5 hours go. 

Hands down my favourite program. Basically, it sets a timer on your computer, forcing you to take breaks at regular intervals. It’ll force you to do so by blacking out your screen and disabling any running programs. You can set alerts and the automated voice can yell the fucking time at you. 

The most useful feature of this program is the use of mini-breaks, which dims your screen at regular intervals. What I find useful is that it helps me assess how effectively i’m using my time. If all I’ve done is dick around on tumblr since the last time my screen blacked out, then fuck, I need to move on to another task because clearly I am procrastinating (albeit like a boss). 


If you’ve got to PLAN YOUR FREAKIN’ LIFE this is the one for you

If you use the Pomodoro technique, there’s a set timer on this chrome extension. There’s also handy to do lists and a weekly planner. Its basically an all in one planner. 

Alternative: Momentum.  


Micromanage your life. With alarms. Lots and lots of alarms 

You know your long ass to do list? This app will let you make a long ass to do list - but you can have alarms at the end of each task. You can set the time for each task, queue them up, and you’re good to go! 

Self Control


Basically, Self Control works as a website blocker which stops you from accessing certain sites for a set period of time. You can create a list of your most visited websites (e.g. youtube, tumblr, facebook…all the usual procrastination staples) and block the for up to 24 hours. Uninstalling the program will not work - you still have to wait for the allocated time to pass! 

Alternative:  StayFocusd


  • 3-2-1 Method: If I’ve got a whole day (and night) of study I break it down into different sessions. My first study session will be for three hours (with 10 min breaks between each hour), then I’ll take a longer break for a meal or something. Then I’ll study for two hours. Break. Then one. Repeat. 
  • Lists: On my very very unproductive days, I list out all the things I need to do and break them down into small chunks. I try to complete as much as I can within the hour. After a small break, I start another hour study session. The goal? To complete more tasks than I did in the hour before. So even if I only get one thing done in the first hour, at the very least, by the end of the second hour, I’ll have completed two things. 
  • Do small things first: if you have a large list of items to do, do a succession of the less time consuming tasks first. It’s a real confidence booster to be able to cross off 3 things from your list within the first hour, and may give you the motivation to power through the rest of your day. And heck, even if the rest of the day ends in a netflix spiral, at least you’ve got those three things done! 
  • Find another way to study the same content: sometimes, lack of productivity may come down to an inability to engage with content (aka the shit you’re studying is boring). Mix things up - record your notes on a mic, draw mindmaps, colour code things! Keep yourself engaged - studying isnt all about wrote memorisation and copying notes. Same shit, different day? NOT TODAY.  
  • Do not disturb: Short of throwing your phone out of the window, put your phone on do not disturb mode. Heck, if you can bear it, put it in another room. 
  • Make sure you know wtf you need to get done: This may involve making a list etc. I find that where I don’t have set goals, im more likely to procrastinate (as the impending doom of the deadlines has not forced its way down my throat yet). 

In the wise words of Shia LaBeouf, JUST FUCKIN’ DO IT. 

All the best! 

I’m now an incoming freshman heading off to college this fall. I’m very happy to say that I survived the college application and acceptance process. Here are some tips/advice I have for high school seniors applying to college in the U.S. Best of luck to anyone applying this fall! Feel free to drop an ask if you need advice. 

  • Some schools use Common App, others don’t. Visit the college’s official website. If you search them on the Common App and they’re not there, chances are you’ll have to go to another website to apply. 
  • Avoid asking friends to look over your essay. You might feel tempted to ask them for advice. You’re better off asking a teacher for critiques. They’re professionals, and they can help you get your essay in the right direction. I suggest asking English teachers because they’re great when it comes to grammatical errors and the like. 
  • For the Common App essay, keep brainstorming. Keep writing. Keep editing.  I cannot stress this enough. If you feel that your essay isn’t working, toss it out. Don’t waste your time writing something that doesn’t reflect who you are. 
  • Avoid reading other people’s essays. There’s a reason why their prose and topic works for them. Your essay is meant to reflect who you are as an individual. Reading their essays will not help you in writing yours. There’s no formula. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to write about an accomplishment or the time you won something. Don’t write it for them, write it for you. 
  • START EARLY ON ESSAYS. This is not an essay you can write the night before. A majority of colleges view your essay as one of the main factors in your acceptance. This is not something to blow off or take lightly. You need to spend at least a few weeks or more to craft your essay. 
  • Schools will require ADDITIONAL ESSAYS. Check the Common App or an alternative website for these additional essays. They’re often called “supplemental essays.” Make sure you get these extra essays looked over as well!
  • Recommendations. Some colleges require none. Others ask for as many as 3. Most applications ask for a rec from a counselor and teacher. The Common App gives you the option of getting a rec from a non-academic teacher like a coach. 
    • Some teachers get swamped with several requests for a recommendation. Start asking within the first few weeks of school. 
    • The teachers you’re getting recs from should know you very well, they should be familiar with your success as a student and as an overall person. 
    • If you’re planning on asking, the best way to go is by seeing the teacher in person. It’s more genuine and direct. Send an email as last resort. 
  • Own a planner or notebook to keep track of deadlines and tasks. I suggest getting a mini notebook just for college applications. In the notebook, I would write down: deadlines, essays that need to be edited/looked over, colleges you’re applying to, transcripts that need to be sent, etc. Check off tasks when you get them done. Use the calendar for deadlines. 
  • Work on applications during the weekday. It sounds hectic, believe me, but you’ll save yourself the stress. Work on application related tasks every night, whether it’s editing a paragraph of your essay or sending in those AP scores. That way, you can be efficient during the weekday and weekend.
    • Early decision: If you apply early and you get in, you’re automatically binded to that school. You must attend and decline all your other applications to other schools. 
    • Early action: If you apply early and you get in, you don’t have to worry about applying later on. You are not binded to that school. 
    • Regular decision: You apply at the normal deadline. They notify you later than the early applicants. You are not binded to any schools. 
  • Do your research about your colleges, their test score policies, which AP test scores they accept, etc. Your best bet is visiting the college’s official website and/or checking the requirements on Common App. Write these down because colleges ask for different requirements.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a teacher, counselor, Google, a college representative, family, and your friends. They are your greatest assets. I pretty much got the best help from asking my friends because they had older siblings who went through the college app process.
  • Avoid College Confidential. Enough said.
  • Don’t hold back, and don’t give up. I never would have imagined getting into my dream school but I did. You’d be surprised at what you’re capable of as long as you stay true to yourself and work hard.
  • Senior year will take a lot of your time away from friends and family. Make sure to keep in touch with them frequently! Take breaks. Please do not prioritize school before your mental health. Your health is more important.
  • Your test scores are just a number. It does not define your actual intelligence nor does it define your value as a human being. Your scores may not be within the range of the school but it doesn’t mean you won’t get in because of it. That being said, you should still try and study for them. You have the option of taking the ACT/SAT again in senior year. 
  • Your activities and extracurriculars are really important. Colleges want to see what you’re passionate about when you’re not a student in the classroom. They will ask you to list what clubs or activities you’ve been involved in since entering high school. Leadership positions and volunteer hours are wonderful additions.
  • It can get stressful and frustrating, so make sure you space out all the tasks you have to get done. Remember to take breaks, have fun, and relax once in a while. A clear, relaxed mind works better than a mind under severe stress and lack of sleep. 
  • Senioritis is real. You sometimes have to step back and punch senioritis in the face. Even the best students fall prey to this contagious disease. Colleges DO look at your second semester grades, don’t let them slip. Start strong, finish strong. 
    • Senior year is said to be one of the best years of your life. Sure it’s gonna get tough in the beginning but once you’re done, you’re ready to go off to college before you know it. 

Good luck and have a wonderful year! 

YoI x Fashion fanbook?

Sssssso, my dream for years now has been to be a part of a fanbook but I always seem to miss sign-up dates, or get to know about their existence when everyone’s already posting their previews lol

Lately I’ve been thinking “Well, this is obviously a case of Do-It-Yourself-If-You-Want-It-So-Much”, and I ended up waking up today with this YoI x Fashion book idea!

I have a vague idea of what I’d like this to be: mainly a collection of different artist’s illustrations focusing on different kind of fashions, involving our dear Yuri on Ice characters! Open to a certain amount of artists who want to take part of this!

BUT. I’d seriously need someone else’s help, prefereably someone who knows about or has experience with printing a zine or book; and perhaps someone who could deal with the printing+shipping (because it’s the only thing that’s inhibiting me of starting a project like this. I’ll explain in more detail if you’re interested in helping!)

Also, if you’re an artist who already took part on some book or zine in the past, I’d love to hear your experience, how were you remunerated (Were you paid? Were you sent a copy?), what do you think organizers could have done better, etc! (no need to mention names, I just wanna make sure this would be the smoothest experience possible for everyone ♥)

Please, I’d love to hear your opinions on this matter! Are you interested on participating? Would you buy it? Would you be willing to help? Any kind of input in welcome to try and make this project a reality! ^q^

Thanks for reading!

“Take your broken heart and make it into art.” — Carrie Fisher
^ this really inspired me to put everything I felt about R/verdale and their erasure of aroace Jughead by literally making a piece of art.

yesterday, another shift leader and i were talking about what breaks needed to be done etc because i was leaving and he was replacing me. suddenly he shoots up and says “is someone stealing a rugdoctor?!?” because some guy was walking out with one, and we would’ve known if he paid as we have a key to retrieve them. so we both run into the office to retrieve our store manager. he goes outside and comes back in and tells us it’s someone from rugdoctor doing maintenance on the machines. come on people!!!! you can’t just take stuff!!!! RUGDOCTORS ARE BEHIND A LOCKED DOOR, OF COURSE IM GOING TO THINK YOU BROKE IT OPEN AND STOLE IT

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I was wondering if you had a good spell/ritual that could be done with relative no needed extras (crystals, candles, etc.). I'm a pagan in hiding that has been dealing with a some-what bad breakup for several months. We didn't end it badly (in fact, me and my ex are still very good friends), but I am still in love with her, but she does not feel the same way. Are there any spells you can think of for moving past this? Blessed Be! -Mare


There are definitely options for limited supplies! 

  • One of the most classic, simple spells out there is to focus your energy, write down the thing you want to stop doing on a piece of paper, then quickly tear it up or burn it and throw it away. 
  • Something I have found that really helps me overcome spiritual and emotional blocks in life is to just sit outside with my back to a tree and feel the energy move through it and really think about my situation. Being out in nature really shows you how precious your life is. Nature always seems to go on regardless, and it can show you that you can as well :’)
  • Meditation is really great for this kind of stuff. If you can, get into a meditative space in your head and try to go deep into the parts of yourself that still hold these feelings. Closer contact with them will help you evaluate them and start to move forward.
  • Cleansing rituals are bomb. If you lack incense or any method of smoke cleansing, you can just do this in your bathroom. On a full moon, feel the energy of the lunar night come down and fill your body. Then take a bath or shower and visualise the water and the moonlight still inside you washing the hurt away, leaving you with a clearer head. Using ya favourite shampoos and bathstuff is nice for this also.

A non witchy thing I can suggest as a fellow human who has been in a similar situation to you in the past is to try to talk to ya buddies more often and to pick up a new hobby. Distraction can be the best medicine. 

You are enough

jemmy just breaking down bc of all the college shit he needs to get done (thesis papers, term papers, video presentations, etc) and thom basically just comforting his smol bf and even offering some good advice :’))   @hxxtile

James  couldn’t breathe. Now that would sound dramatic to anyone who never had a panic attack, who never had the breath stolen from their lungs as tears burned at their eyes. For James this was an often occurrence, it used to rarely happen, but with all the stress, all the pressure, he was shutting down. He was trying to keep down the sound of his sobs down, but it was hard when his roommate was also his boyfriend. Thomas apparently heard the noises, and walked out of his part of the dorm, eyes wide. “Jemmy?” He asked in a hesitant voice, James looking up at him with bloodshot eyes, tears still streaming down his face, his lip wobbling. “I’m not cut out for college.” He said in a shaky voice and Thomas shook his head, hurrying over to James, wrapping an arm around him and pulling him close, using his spare hand to grab a blanket, pulling it over James, snuggling closer to him. “Shh, it’ll be okay. What’s bothering you?” He asked and after about five minutes James finally calmed down, playing with his fidget cube, and  scoffed. “I have to write an essay on Shakespeare, write an original story, and write an essay on depression. I thought creative writing and psychology were easy.” He groaned and Thomas chuckled. “We both know that’s not why you picked it.” He said softly, nuzzling James’ neck, his hands moving down to rub at his sides gently. “Okay, well let’s make a schedule for you.” Thomas decided, going to grab his laptop, returning and sitting next to him. “What days do you want to work on what?” 

“Maybe Monday, I focus on my creative writing assignments, then on Tuesday psychology, and so on? Switch it it off?” He offered and Thomas nodded, typing that into the computer. “I’ll print it out and we’ll highlight the free time, don’t you dare protest, everyone needs a break.” Thomas said firmly and James looked at him with teary eyes, his vision slightly blurred. “I love you.” He mumbled, surging forward and wrapping his arms around his boyfriend, Thomas kissing the top of his head. “You are enough, Jemmy. You always will be.” 

Okie dokie, I feel really weird asking this but I still have such a large backlog of retextures to post.

Would anyone be willing to take some preview pictures for me? It would be a huge favour and I would be so grateful. Even if you can just do a few hairs, it would be amazing and would help me so much! 

If you would be able to help me out, just send me a message or ask with how many hairs you’d be willing to do (and any other preferences you have, like for gender or creator or whatever) and I’ll send you a link to the hairs.

alright, since my other masterpost seems to be doing pretty well with OVER 300 NOTES OMG THANK YOU, i decided that i would create another one about staying organized, per request. (shoutout again to @studyblrsab for the icon) alright so lets get started. Here is how I stay organized!!

1. Archive any papers from your teachers into a folder!!

  • okay so, idk about you guys but I get a lot of handouts from my teachers, especially in AP Literature and AP Psychology that contain terms, reading questions, references, etc and these can be great study materials later down the road so I put all of them into a specific folder!! This is also helpful when you’re doing homework and can’t remember a certain thing, but you know you have the handout so you can reference it! 

2. To-do lists are your friend.

  • Whenever i have a bunch of things to do, I create a to-do list to ensure that I don’t leave any important task out, plus you’re more likely to get things done when you right them down. For me, seeing me check off an accomplishment makes me feel happy because I can visually see my progress. But sometimes the basic to-do list gets boring so….

3. Use printables to spice it up a bit! Esp the calendars to keep track of long term assignments

  • The studyblr community has soooo many printables out there and they’re all so useful! In addition to being useful, they can make your study session look cool and motivate you to study since you don’t want to put such a pretty printable to waste! haha. If you don’t know where to start looking for printables, try my printables tag.
  • The calendar printables by @theorganisedstudent or @thearialligraphyproject are great to keep track of long term assignments. Personally, I write down any projects I know I will have in that coming month down. Then, I post the calendar above my desk so whenever I’m doing homework, I can look at it to ensure that I am on track. 

4. Purchase a planner or create a bullet journal system!

  • So this is kind of related to-do lists, but investing in a planner or creating a bullet journal can also keep track of tasks, events, homework, projects, and the like. As you guys know, your planner can be from anywhere and your bullet journal doesn’t have to be extravagant! Remember: don’t compare and do what works for you. For the year of 2017, I’m creating a bullet journal to see if its something I like! I think they look cool and its a great idea, but if its not something you’re into, SCRATCH IT. Don’t continue to do things that don’t interest or help you with your organization.
  • If you need some bullet journal inspiration (remember your bullet journal doesn’t have to be perfect or exactly like the ones you see), here’s my bullet journal tag. 

5. Try to keep a clean study area.

  • I shouldn’t be saying this because my desk looks like a tsunami hit it but you should try to keep your study place clean so you don’t misplace papers that are important. Here’s a tip in a tip:
    • Try the method of tacking important papers (assignment rubrics, scholarship stuff, etc) on the wall in front of or near your desk so they don’t go anywhere! As  I previously mentioned, having those things in front of me give me a visual to look at while I’m working to see where I’m currently at and what still needs to be done.

6. Set reminders in your phone/computer/etc, too!!

  • Technology is sooooo cool guys so utilize it! Set reminders in your phone about things you absolutely need to remember. For example, I set scholarship reminders into my calendar when their deadlines are so far down the road. 

well i hope this was helpful in some sort of way, although i doubt it was. Please let me know what you think of this master post and let me know if it help you in any way!! Send me requests and don’t forget to take care of yourself before you do anything. 

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ayyyy kiddos i try to not do this often but i am in a Not So Great place rn and have been that way for a while, soo its time to put on my big girl pants n just stop lyin to myself about it. SO. ima take a few days off from Stuff n get my head together and get work done etc etc. i felt the need to Warn bc my activity will be 0% and if u send an im or an ask and i don’t respond: u need to know it’s cos i’m not here, not that i’m ignoring u/that i don’t like u/whatever bs ur anxiety is telling u ✌️ have fun n be safe darlins

Spell Jar to Find A House

My lease is up soon, and the husband and I are looking for a new place to live. We’re doing a bunch of legwork, too, but a little extra oomph is always nice, and this spell jar worked well last time, so we figured we’d do it again. And this time, I’m sharing it with all of you!


  • a jar or bottle
  • a piece of paper
  • a writing utensil
  • a piece of ribbon or string
  • at least one jingle bell
  • a tea light or other candle


  • amber or other offering tidbit
  • alcohol or essential oil or something to anoint the paper with


1. Write your intentions on the piece of paper - type and print it, or hand write it in an appropriate color ink, or just use black, up to you.  But write exactly what you’re looking for!  What kind of house/apartment, what sort of neighborhood, what sort of roommate, and don’t forget to include your budget and timeline.

2. Roll up that lil piece of paper, and anoint it if you wish - we used a smidge of brandy, but you could use whatever type of liquid is most appropriate to your practice.  Please don’t use alcohol if you’re below the legal age for consumption.

2. Tie that paper roll up with the ribbon or string, and tie the jingle bell to it.  We used two jingle bells because… louder.  Mostly.

3. Plop that sucker in the jar. 

4. Add the little offering thing to the jar if you wish - skip this step if you don’t work with gods or spirits, because the idea is that I’ll be giving the three pieces of amber as an offering in a fire after we find the right house.  It’s a bribe.  Also, careful not to use anything that will shatter or break when you shake the jar…  Once it’s in, close the jar.

5. Charge the jar with your intent!  First, think about what you wrote down, what you want.  Then imagine what it will be like to find the perfect place - the excitement!  Third, imagine what it will feel like to live in this new place - the happy contentedness!  Light a tea light or some other kind of candle on the jar lid to seal the deal.  Or use an electric candle for like an hour, maybe.

6. Once that’s done, shake the jar and wish!  Keep shaking and wishing every day, like you’re spamming a message board.  And don’t forget to do the legwork: post ads, look at ads, call leasing offices, get a realtor, etc.  Do what needs to be done, and you’ll find what you seek.

[[Edit: whoops, I saved that to queue and not drafts, so it posted while I was still editing it…]]

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have you ever thought about getting a redbubble? i would love to buy your little coffee dragons or the bee response you just posted as stickers...

Hi there, sorry for taking so long to respond!

I haven’t looked into joining Redbubble before, but your message reminded me that I actually bought sticker paper quite a while ago for the very purpose of making some designs available in my store. I’ve definitely been meaning to do that for a long time now so thanks for bringing that up — I’ll certainly try to work on putting together a sticker pack for the coffee dragons within the next few weeks!

(I did encounter some issues with getting clear, non-blotchy print outs for drawings that have darker patches of colour (like the bee one you mention) so I’m in the process of trying to fix that too. But several other test stickers I made turned out fine.)

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Some more both teams bf headcanons if u already did them?


  • Pool or beach dates are a given and mostly a default choice.
  • He doesn’t show much physical affection, but shows his love in ways like making them something to eat, asking them how their day was etc.
  • Haru is an amazing listener and will pick up on and remember even the smallest details. This is great when it comes to gifts, because he’ll get them something sentimental, or something they had absentmindedly mentioned even months prior.


  • Is genuinely the best to have cuddles with.
  • Will be there for his s/o no matter what. He could be in the middle of swim practice and would just drop everything to be with them when they need him.


  • He’s even more affectionate, if that’s even possible.
  • He buys his s/o a lot of ‘just because’ presents.
  • Nagisa loves to play the Pocky game with his s/o, but will often cheat so he gets to kiss them quicker.


  • You can trust him with absolutely anything.
  • Rei loves to bake for his s/o, often bringing little cakes and sweets to them on a weekly basis.
  • Study dates are a regular thing, especially if either one is struggling in something the other knows a lot about. Because of this, they have LOADS of songs they’ve made up to help remember things for tests and exams. Sometimes he’ll start to sing the sillier ones they made up to tease them.


  • We all know he’s a hopeless romantic, so he plans lots of romantic gestures. He’s a big fan of giving flowers.
  • He loves to gossip with his s/o, mainly getting together to share some once a week, so they have a big collection of gossip to tell. Gossip sessions aren’t complete without some tea and biscuits though!
  • Rin loves taking random selfies with his s/o, and will probably take snapchats of them when they aren’t looking to put on his story.


  • Tries hard to act cool but is just generally really awkward.
  • Sousuke is a master of Kabedon (slamming his hand against the wall to pin his s/o against it, in case you didn’t know).
  • He loves giving his s/o piggyback rides.
  • If they are significantly shorter than him, he’ll constantly tease them about it, especially when they still can’t reach to kiss him even when they’re on their tiptoes.


  • He’s really shy about giving affection, but the longer he’s in the relationship for, the more he opens up.
  • Aii loves to sing with his s/o and will often sing to them if they can’t get to sleep.
  • Constantly makes sure his s/o is taking care of themselves, whether it be that they’ve eaten properly, done what they needed to do etc. Their well-being is so important to him.


  • Him and his s/o can laugh about anything! They could just look at him and it will set him off laughing for fifteen minutes.
  • He’s really conscious about smelling nice for his s/o. It might seem weird, but he likes to hug them a lot, so he wants to smell nice
  • He’s definitely one of those to say, “Oh, you have a crush on me? That’s embarrassing,” even though they’ve been going out for months..


  • Whenever he’s happy or celebrating something, he likes to pick up his s/o and spin them around.
  • Will show his s/o off to all his friends - he’s so proud of them and unbelievably happy to be with them, so much so he’d tell the world if he could. Think of Will Smith showing off Jada Pinkett Smith on the red carpet.

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Could you post a list of your all WIP/to-do stuff?

Sure! Here’s a list of what’s done, but still needs to be renamed/previewed/etc:

1. Two dresses from TS3 Homecoming Set (Sheer Beauty and Bring on the Bling)

2. Wilderness Braid from TS3 Waning Moon Set

3. Two TSM hairs (Long Curly Ponytail and Big Circle Curls)

4. Two Leah hairs (Trendsetter and Witchcraft)

5. TS4 Low Twist Hair from Get To Work

6. A few TS3 underwear

On working with other people’s patterns.

I was just looking at a pattern on Etsy, and I saw that some of the reviews weren’t very nice. In fact some were rather rude about the pattern, and despite the listing saying that it was an advanced pattern, the negative reviews were people having what sounded like novice issues.

This is not a dig at novices or beginners, I’m just going to write a little bit about tips for working with patterns.

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Here’s a fairly up-to-date map of Blythe Harbor, my New England-y makeover of Willow Creek (pardon the goofy colors - I tried to do a layered shot like Jools, but my Paint.NET skills are not up to scratch). 

Also, this shot is a bit misleading, because while it looks like I’m practically done filling up the town, several of these lots are still works-in-progress. 

Links to pics and some babbling below!

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