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Hierarchy of Ube

  • Peter: And, now, here's Wade with the cute ending.
  • Wade, covered in blood, holding a knife: I thought you said cult ending

here’s a short wip lapidot animatic ive been working on!! 
HD quality is your friend

Apparently my fave thing to do is calling men that are almost twice my age and can kill things ‘pretty boys’ 

“Actually, I came to see if you were okay about Jean. It’s hit us all pretty hard, but you and she had something special…”

Femslash February (1/?) - Jean Grey/Ororo Munroe

I am getting ready to take my bug out of town to see the ocean. He has been twice and has such fond memories. Me, now I think of Jaws. 🤔😉 How funny is that? 😂😂

I was wondering if songs about men needing women were all written by women? LOL…I see women easily telling men we need and want them…but I don’t recognize how men say it.

Unless in a relationship, I don’t know that the words, “I want to fuck you” qualify. 😉

After further pondering, I still wonder about the song lyrics, but I think the definition of “need” is different. In reality, I don’t need any man. I can take care of myself financially, physically, sexually, and meet emotionally. I just would not be as complete. Being a match to me, means something different is brought to the table. Yes, perhaps similar interests, but yet something to learn, laughing, disagreeing, compromising, sex is more fun, the world more interesting. A male has very different talents and strengths than myself. In that line of thought, it would be similar for a man I imagine. Instead of someone physically strong, perhaps someone soft and nurturing, generous and caring? Both parties would need to bend and flex to support one another which adds strength. Now if we could just read minds! 😉😂

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I'm not sure that the Undercover Lover Jon thing is true, even though I get why people believe it. If it isn't true tho, what is the third treason that Dany's going to suffer? I thought it was pretty much agreed that it was going to be Jon.

Hokay I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about this, but I am nothing if nothing contrary af. SO anon I am going to use your ask as a kind of like ~general layout~ of my thoughts on the potential of UCJ.  I’m going to maintain though that I would prefer not to discuss any potential consent issues for personal reasons. 

I am also gonna shout out to the other few anons as, well as @ladyanyawaynwood and @lyanna-mormont, who also sent me asks on this topic. 

SO all right folks *drum roll* It’s the new favorite fandom Disc Horse! Either you love it or you hate it! Either you want to have its babies or want to kill it with fire!… It’s THE UNDERCOVER JON THEORY!

Before I start rambling, you should all totally check out the bottom part of this really excellent post by @him-e about some of the details and possibilities of this theory, because Claudia is so much better at words and explanations and life than me. There’s also this post by @blindestspot, whose no nonsense approach I always really appreciate.

Ok, first of all: I would like to go on record once more in saying that God I really dislike the name Undercover Jon. I primarily hate it because I feel like it’s misleading, at least in terms of what I personally would consider this theory to be. I feel like “undercover” implies deliberateness and ill intent and malice aforethought that I generally don’t really think is involved here. Also, I guess I don’t really subscribe to the Undercover Lover theory at all, because I don’t think Jon’s feelings for/sexual relationship with Dany have anything to do with it (i.e. I do not think Jon purposefully and deliberately seduced Dany for the sole purpose of manipulating her, nor do I think he is merely pretending to have feelings for her for the sole purpose of personal/political gain). 

I truly don’t believe Jon is in any way maliciously gaslighting Dany as part of any Grand Scheme. Personally, I feel that would be too much at odds with the Honorable and Noble character and narrative established for Jon. But that’s not to say that I don’t think the general theory is totally with out merit. I actually think some elements of it could definitely make up a potential plot line. I have explained my take on it as more Flying By the Seat of His Pants Jon- I think “scheme” would be way too strong a word, I think “plan” would probably even be too generous. It’s probably more along the lines of “ok so this is what we are doing now.”

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probably because he looks so damn good in golf gear  

but seriously there is about an infinite number of reasons as to why golf harry is important

a magical moment between a camera lens and the man himself





golf harry gave us THIS 


Do you understand the meaning of respect golf harry

don’t freaking think so

thank you for edits like this

but golf harry gave us TINY harry do you realise the amount of importance. THE GOLF BAG IS NEARLY AS BIG AS HIM THANK 




harry sreriosjl? 

golf harry gave us golf NARRY (as a bromance thnx but no thnx narry shippers) 

dammit harry with men 

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Another Carter {Chapter 7}

Steves Rogers x reader , Bucky Barnes x reader 

 Warnings : Semi Smutty, language - the usual 

 Another Carter MasterList.          Marvel MasterList

“ y/n wait !” The desperation in Steves voice is clear , but you can’t bring yourself to stop moving , well running away from him . Why did he kiss me? Why didn’t I pull away ! Ugh! This isn’t - this is so not okay .
“ you’re not getting away from this conversation that quick doll.” His voice is right behind you, and you jump when you feel his hand firmly land on your waist . He turns you around to face him, the way he’s looking at your makes your heart nearly drop from your body . His eyes are filled with frustration, confusion and lust . Completely mirroring your own emotions honestly.

“ steve this can’t happen . I -”

“ you kissed me back.” A cocky smirk slowly forms on his lips . Son of a bitch.

“ yeah I’m fucking aware i kissed you back .” You snap . He chuckles ,moving closer until his lips are hovering over yours . Why haven’t I moved away ? WHAT IS HAPPENING .

“ and if I kiss you again, you’re going to kiss back, we both know it . ” Confidence is oozing from him, but this isn’t the steve rogers you’re used to . And it’s really throwing you off . Steve is usually quite shy, blushing at the smallest compliments or simplest flirtations from any female . So how the hell is he so cock sure all the sudden ? I mean it’s hot as hell, but it’s not the steve I know . This is so far out of his personality zone . As his lips are about to close the small distance you push yourself back , surprising Steve .

 “ I didn’t come here to- ” you point between the two of you ,“ I needed to tell you something .” He motions for you to continue , he leans against the wall while crossing his arms , his eyes never leaving your lips. You take a deep breath to compose yourself before starting “ I’m telling you the same thing I told Bucky ; I have feelings for him steve. But I- you- ” you groan as you try to string a coherent sentence together .“ I have feelings for you too, despite how much I don’t agree with them .” 

 He laughs , leaving his spot against the wall to approach you.for every step he takes ,you take one step backwards until your back smacks into the walls . What the hell is he doing

 “ I can’t say I’m not thrilled doll. You were so set on not having any romantic feelings for me before , looks like luck is on my side . ” he gently cups your cheek, running his thumb over your bottom lip.

 “ I didn’t say I picked you Rogers .”

 “ oh I know, but I don’t plan on giving up without a fight y/n . Bucky better be ready . ” Who the hell replaced Steve Rogers with this cocky asshat? Bucky is his bestfriend , this is not - how is he reacting so differently than Bucky did ? Bucky cared about my happiness, and it seems like all steve is aiming for being able to out do Buck & claim me . I am not a fucking object You shove away from steve , anger and disbelief radiating from you.

 “ I don’t know who shot your water up with testosterone this morning, but this not what I wanted from telling you . I don’t want you to fight over me, I’m not a fucking trophy. Bucky is your bestfriend , and you seem ready to throw him to the fucking wolves if it meant I’d chose you . I don’t know what has gotten into you, but this isn’t my Steve Rogers . ” you bark . You push past him towards the elevators , quickly putting as much distance as you can between you and steve 

 My decision should be clear right? Bucky cares about my happiness, whether it’s with him or steve .steve made is clear as hell, he’d do anything to be my choice . As much as the macho alpha thing is hot, it’s also not . It’s not who steve is. You didn’t want them to fight , their friendship means too much to put Any sort of edge in it . They’ve dealt with enough obstacles to be in each other’s lives again, they don’t need another one. 

A Few days later 

  You haven’t treated either one of them any different , but they both seem to be strung out . You skip down the hall to the tv room, smiling when you see steve and Bucky already waiting for you on the couch , Netflix already on the screen . “ movies or tv series today boys?” You ask as you hop over the couch . You land between the two of them , sending them each a smile 

“ we were thinking the Harry Potter movies today doll.” Bucky says , and you can’t help the wide smile that spreads on your lips . 

 “ YES!” You shout , bouncing on the couch . They laugh , and Steve finds the first one and hits play. 

 You make it through 1,2&3 , but your eyes begin drifting shut at the beginning of the fourth . You don’t remember falling asleep , but when you wake up you figure out you slept through most of the movie , but the movie isn’t what woke you, Bucky and Steves not so hushed whispers did . 

 “ I’m not letting her go with out a fight Buck.” Macho fucking steve . You mentally roll your eyes Bucky lets out a long breathe . you have to hold yourself back from sighing when his fingers behind running through your hair .

“ If being with you makes her happy , I’m not going to fight you on it steve . But until those words leave her mouth , I’m not backing off . ” his voice was stern, you bite back a smile at what he said though. He really is such a softy . You quietly sigh, and shift so your face is in the crook of buckys neck . 

 “ you awake sweetheart ?” He asks, his fingers still threading through your hair “ how many movies did I miss?” You yawn , looking between the two men. Steves eyebrows are furrowed, and Bucky sweetly smiles at you.

 “ only the middle of the fourth . ” 

“ oh that’s not bad! Do you like it so far ?” They both nod ‘yes’ , and you all turn your attention back to the movie, but the tension between them was thick and obvious. Do they think I’m blind ? You guys don’t bother to start the fifth movie , they could see you were fighting sleep so when they offered to call it a day you happily obliged . Steve offered to clean up the tv room, so you and Bucky loaded into the elevator to head to your own floors.

 “ I don’t think Steves handling this as well as you are .” Bucky laugh, and rubs his hands though his messy brown locks .

“ it’s that obvious ,huh? ”

 “ I don’t want to create a rift between you two , after everything you’ve been through together I refuse to be the reason you have an argument. Maybe we should just forget -”

 “ is that what you want y/n? To put this behind us and ignore your feelings ?” You can’t read his emotion, you don’t know if he’s angry or understanding-and it sucks . I don’t want him to be angry Or hurt , ugh .

 “ if it means putting alll this weird tension behind us too, then maybe . Bucky I really care for you I just-” 

 His lips seal over yours , the elevator opening on your floor doesn’t even separate the two of you. His hands are holding your face , while yours are fisted in his shirt as you pull him flush against you. 

 Fuck this feels so right. Without disconnecting your lips , Bucky lifts you and carries you onto your floor . He brings you to your room, dropping you on the bed beneath him and pulling away from you . His lips are a beautiful shade of pink and very kiss swollen . Holy hell.

 “ bucky .” It comes out as a whimper , and you can see him fighting himself by the look on his face . 

 “ we shouldn’t - I’m sorry I didn’t mean to - you’re just so - you. I shouldn’t of kissed you like that.” He goes to move away , but with lightening speed you wrap your legs around jos waist and flip him underneath you. His eyes are wide with awe, you smirk down at him.

 “ if I wasn’t okay with it I would of made it obvious . Bucky I care for you , but you two have enough complications in your life , you don’t need me to add another one . As much as I know pulling myself away is the right thing to do, I can’t seem to do it . I can’t be near you without want to have some sort of skin contact with you, whether it’s my head on your shoulder you your lips on mine . ” you confess , a heavy blush blooming on your cheeks 

“ doll , I just want you to be-” You know he’s going to say"happy “ so before he can, you crash your lips down to his. He sits up, his arms wrapping around you to hold you against him. you nip at his bottom lip, slipping your tongue between his lips when he moans . Your tongue tangles with his , you give up dominance and let him guide the kiss . You rock yourself against his hardening bulge , your pace increasing as the kiss continues heating up. 

You finally break apart for air , and he takes the chance to flip you onto your back . His arms are caged on either side of your head , his eyes locked on yours as his hips rolling against yours.

 ” tell me to stop , because I’m not going to be able to if you don’t .“ He warns . You bite your lip, this isn’t right or fair to either of them . But fuck I don’t want to stop . I never want him to stop . 

“I can’t do that Bucky.”

He growls , his head dipping down so his lips can bite and suck at your neck . Your back arches up when he finds the sensitive spot under your ear . He doesn’t linger long enough to leave a mark , but you can’t help but moan and the addicting feeling of his lips on you. When his lips leave your neck you swiftly remove you shirt , leaving your chest bare. Thank god I didn’t bother with a bra for movie time . You lift his shirt off next , and as soon as it’s off his mouth is on your nipple. His tongue swirls around it, while his other hand rolls your nipple then tugs 

“Bucky !“ His lips move back to yours , while his hand trails from your boob down to you shorts and teases at the top of them. He dips his fingers under the band of the shorts and your panties .  

“what do you want me to do doll?” 

“stop teasing me .”You growl . He chuckles and winks at you , continuing playing with the band on your shorts 

“ bucky I swear to- oh!“ He thrusts two fingers into your dripping heat, slowly moving them along your walls . 

“what were you saying sweetheart? I didn’t quite catch that?” You send him a quick bitchface before it contorted into pure pleasure . His finger speed up, fucking into you relentlessly. The obscene wet noises from how wet you are and how hard his fingers are thrusting are embarrassingly loud , but you cant seem to care right now . 

“fuck doll, you feel so good. I can’t wait to have you wrapped around my dick.”        You whimper at his words , a loud moan ripping through you as his thumb plays with your clit . He growls again, then rips your shorts down your legs and dives his face between your legs . His tongue replaces his thumb , immediately sucking you clit into his warm mouth . You roll your hips against his face , the moan that falls from his vibrates through you making you cry out . You continue rocking your hips against his mouth while he sucks and licks at your clit . His fingers somehow pick up even more speed as they fuck into you , and with one final , hard suck at your pussy Your orgasm shoots through you, your back painfully arching into him as his finger continue pulling you through . 

“You taste so sweet , I didn’t think anything could ever taste like this .”

You slowly open your eyes , another whimper flying out when you see your cum glistening on buckys mouth. You pull him to you, lips smashing into his as your own taste flooding your tongue . You fumble as you begin pushing the rest of his clothes off

You’re both naked , your chests pressing together as you stare into each other’s eyes . You lean forward ,connecting your lips in a sweet , steady kiss .

 “ doll, i don’t think we should - it’s not fair to steve .” You sigh and drop back down onto the bed . Of course he’s being sensible right now , of all times he chooses now .

 “ you’re right , and I hate you for it .” You mumble , earning a chuckle in response .

 “ hey if you think that this is easy for me to pull away from, you’re nuts doll face. Every part of me is craving to be touching you .” He runs his nose from below your ear down your neck, gently kissing where your neck and shoulder meet . 

 “ if we are deciding against this, I advise you get dressed because you’re not making this any easier Barnes.” 

 He takes your warning , but the second his body leaves yours you miss his warmth and weight . This is fucking hell

 A week later

   Buckys been gone for a few days on a mission, and you can’t shake off how much you’re worrying about him , or how much you miss him . You constantly think about him , but the distance has made it a little easier to try and figure out what to do about him and steve . 

  Right now , you’re about to hit 5 miles on the elliptical in gym . Once I hit 5, I’m done, showers and then nap . Beautiful , warm nap . Yessss. The gym doors loudly burst open behind you and you nearly fall off the machine from how startled it made you. You turn to meet the gaze of Steve , his smirk widening once your eyes meet. His grey workout shirt is tight enough to be considered a second skin, and his sweats are hanging low on his hips. Does he own shirts that actually fit ? Jesus

 “ Jesus Steve, you almost gave me a heart attack! Are Subtle entrances not your thing?” He chuckles as he progresses closer to you, when he’s next to you, he hits the stop button on the elliptical . What the hell ? “ uh excuse you , what do you think-” His arm wraps around your waist and hauls you up and over his shoulder . You wiggle and try to push off him , but he only swats your ass as a response . When he sets you down, you realize he brought you to the sparring ring . 

 “ let’s see what you got Angel .” Steve takes his stance , and you cross your arms . 

 “Who says I want to spar today? Maybe I’m not feeling-” He darts forward , and you side step him . What is his issue today? You give in, deciding to try and knock his ego down a notch. 

 The fight seems to go on for a while , you got a few good hits in, but so did steve . You can feel your limbs starting to grow sore, and you know you gotta end this soon. When Steve moves forward , you predict his next move when you see his arm aim for you mid section . You side step , and grab onto his arm, using it as leverage to lift your leg off the ground at whip it up and around his neck. You successfully navigated Natasha’s signature move, and brought steve to the ground , getting him to tap out . 

Originally posted by squirrelstone

You roll away from him , laying face up so you can stare at the ceiling while trying to catch your breathe . My body shouldn’t be this sore , I need to spar more often . You close your eyes , only to flick them open a second later when you feel weight over you.

 “ how ya doin Doll?” Steve asks from above you with a wide smile . 

 “ what are you up to steve ?” You question , but he doesn’t answer , instead he chooses to lean down and glide his lips down the curve of your neck. Oh no no no . 

 “ watching you fight is incredible, and such a turn on .” He whispers into your ear , before tugging in between his teeth . You involuntarily moan at the feeling . His weight disappears for a moment , you feel him nudge your knees apart before settling himself to sit on his knees between them. You push yourself up to lean back on your elbows . You can feel Steves bulge against your center and your body feels like it’s about to go up in flames from the spark of him against you. 

 “ Steve -”

 “ I’ve been thinking about having you like this for so long , and somehow you feel even better than I dreamed . ” his hands slip under your ass, lifting you and coaxing your legs to wrap around his waist . The soreness of your body is long forgotten , your body pressing against Steves sends your mind spiraling . Holy shit, I can’t-bucky.BUCKY.

 Steve pulls the rest of you body up to his, settling you on his lap, he lips finally close in on yours in a dirty kiss. Your hands run from his shoulders , up his neck and then cars your fingers in his hair . You let his tongue slip past your lips, and claim dominance as it dances with yours. Your hips are moving with his as the kiss continues , his hands gripping tight enough into your hips that you know there will be bruises . 

 That’s what snaps you out of your blur of arousal and reminds you of that day with Bucky. He refused to leave bruises when you two were in a moment , not wanting to  show any claim of you while you were still unsure . You push off of steve , both of your chests rising quickly as you part . 

 “ c'mon doll- ”

 “ Steve this isn’t right . It’s not fair to Bucky-”

 “ so what ?! ” his tone is harsh and your eyes widen at his sudden change. 

 “ what is with you ! Bucky had the decency to keep this fair , he had the chance to fuck me and he didn’t take it because it wouldn’t of been fair to YOU . So if you think that-”

 His lips crash to yours , his hands tangling in your hair , holding your face to his while he passionately melts his lips to yours . when he finally pulls away your speechless, and very disoriented. He smiles, moving his lips to hover over yours as he speaks, 

 “ difference is, I don’t care about what’s fair anymore.”

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Company Head! Bae Jinyoung

main line: “ i’m jinyoung the head of audience but to be honest, i don’t know how to do this.”

A/N: Because i haven’t written a full on AU or rlly anything for the cutest Jinyoung DHJFKLDSH (also this is going to be long because I wanna start a Company Head series HAHAH) i was gonna name it CEO but then like i realized that I started writing wasn’t CEO material HJKLFAHSD

also pls imagine jinyoung in the outfit he was wearing for wanna one city :)


  • “congratulations Y/N you are not officially interning for our company head”
  • your heart started beating fast 
  • “NO WAY!” 
  • you stood up from your chair quickly, causing it to fall back and make a loud sound. 
  • your parents entered, clearly concerned 
  • ‘What’s wrong Y/N?”
  • “I got accepted to intern at Vocal Industries! The company that is in charge of the largest chain of music schools! ii’m gonna be working for the new head!” 

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With your RFA in glasses train I just imagined Saeyoung stacking another pair of glasses over his own

I think he had enough glasses on his face we dont need to add another one make it eights eyes… jesus thats too much. Oh but perhaps one pair for this butt?

Ego Vesco, Ergo Sum - a KHR/TG au

(i consume*, therefore i am)

* eat. feed. devour. enjoy. live.

canon-typical warnings apply below. implied cannibalism, mild gore, off-handed violence, etc etc it’s Tokyo Ghoul that should be it’s own warning. not a full write up, just some Stuff.

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Dersha Fiction: skylines: the prequel (ch.10)

Thank you for your patience! I apologize for the delay. It takes a lot longer to write a chapter than a drabble. Ha! Enjoy and thanks for all the love on the previous chapter. If you missed it, you can find it here. 

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. They belong to James LaRosa and Viacom/ @betnetworks.

Three Years Later

Pete and Derek were enjoying cold beers and the warm California sun, when Derek suddenly blurted out, “I want to marry your daughter.” He wasn’t even ready to ask for Ahsha’s hand on that particular day. It was an important question and he wanted to take Sloane and Pete out to dinner, enjoy good conversation, then ask the golden question.

Instead, he got too comfortable and the beer was getting him a bit too relaxed. Now, here he was looking shocked at his own confession. Pete was caught off guard, but he knew this day would come soon. He could tell that the young couple was madly in love. Ahsha was like a kid on Christmas when anyone even mentioned Derek’s name. Sloane had even called a possible proposal because her motherly instinct said so.

“You do,” Pete questioned, putting his beer on the deck table and giving all his attention to a nervous Derek.

“Yes…yes, I do,” Derek admitted. “I’m ready to take that next step and she’s the one.”

The father was impressed with Derek’s honesty. “Marriage is a big step. You can’t just run when things get rough.”

“I know, sir. We’ve been together for quite some time. I can’t imagine myself wanting this with anyone else,” Derek explained seriously, looking Pete right in the eye.

“Well, you know what you want,” Pete replied, seeing that Derek wasn’t kidding. “I’m assuming you’re asking for her hand?”

“Yes, if you’d give me that permission.”

“First of all, I respect you for coming to me and asking for permission. I’ve seen how happy you make her. So, yes, you can marry my daughter. As long as you take care of her, I’m fine with it,” Pete approved, extending his hand to his future son-in-law.

Derek sighed in relief with the cheesiest grin on his face. “Thank you, Mr. Davenport. I promise to take care of her.”  

“I know you will or you’ll have the crazy woman I call wife after you. Welcome to the family, son. You have a ring to show me,” the father asked, leaning forward, looking for a ring that wasn’t there. “My jeweler is working on it. Should be ready in the next few weeks. But I wanted your okay first,” the baller explained.

“What are you two doing out here,” Sloane asked as she joined the two men on the back deck. “Where’s Ahsha?”

“Oh, it’s a guys’ day today, honey,” Pete said, standing to greet his wife.

“Sorry for intruding,” the mother joked playfully, rolling her eyes. “Hi sweetie, good to see you,” she said to Derek.

“Hey, Mrs. Davenport,” Derek greeted his future mother-in-law with a hug. This one would be tough. Ahsha was very close to her mother and Sloane was protective of her daughter.

“I think Derek has something he wants to tell you,” Pete blurted out, pulling Sloane down to his lap. One thing Derek loved about Pete and Sloane was the fact that they were still very much in love. Prime example of what he wanted with Ahsha.

“I’m assuming from the smiles on your faces that this is a good thing,” Sloane added, glancing at her husband.

Derek took a deep breath, “I want to marry your daughter, Mrs. Davenport.” The excitement in Sloane’s face couldn’t even be hidden.

“I knew it! Didn’t we just talk about this, Pete? Mamas know. Of course, Derek, of course.”

Pete and Derek were both in shock. The usually serious judge had a big grin on her face.

“You do realize that he’s asking to be a part of our family, right. He will be our son-in-law,” the father joked, jabbing at his wife’s side.

“Hush, Pete. You always talk about how you have someone to blab about sports with,” Sloane replied, then turned her attention back to Derek. “I’m giving you permission as long as you’re nothing like this guy.”

Derek had to chuckle at the couple’s playful banter. “Can I see the ring,” the mother gleamed.

“It’s being finalized with the jeweler. As soon as I get it back, I’ll show you guys before the proposal.” Sloane’s eyes lit up as she hugged the man who would be her family very soon.


A Few Weeks Later

Ahsha had no idea about the proposal and usually she was good at figuring out surprises. With her birthday coming up soon, she thought about Derek possibly popping the question. The feeling slowly disappeared when they had argued about marriage nights ago. While Ahsha was ready to take that next step, Derek wasn’t quite there or so she thought. He hated lying to her because he saw the hurt in her eyes when he said he didn’t know if he was ready for marriage and didn’t feel like he would anytime soon. Since that night, Ahsha didn’t have much to say. In all honesty, she was trying to figure out where they were going in their relationship. If they weren’t headed towards marriage after all this time, then what were they doing? Especially since they had talked about marriage before and she didn’t understand his sudden change in mind. Little did Ahsha know, Derek had a plan and he didn’t want her catching on to it.

“What time you are coming home tonight,” Derek asked, watching Ahsha get dressed and gather her workout gear.

“I’m getting drinks with Kyle. Probably about 11 or something. Why,” Ahsha asked, not even looking in Derek’s direction. “Got something planned?” There was a slight glimmer in Ahsha’s eyes hoping Derek would give her a sign.

“Nah. Just wanted to know if I needed to wait up,” the baller explained, earning a frustrated sigh from his girlfriend.

“Nope, no need to. See you later,” the dancer grunted, leaving before Derek could even utter another word. When he heard the front door shut, he quickly dialed Kyle’s number.

“She’s pissed isn’t she,” the dancer answered, already knowing her best friend would be venting to her later that night.

“I better hurry up and propose before her ass leaves me,” Derek joked, though a part of him was serious. Ahsha was hurt after their latest conversation about their future and he needed to fix it fast.

“Derek, you’re definitely in the doghouse. But, after she sees that ring, you’re in the clear,” Kyle added. “Hang in there and I’ll try to keep her calm. You know she can be an emotional mess.”

Derek laughed, “Oh yeah. Thanks Kyle, I’ll update you on the plan when I talk to Pierre later.”

“Sounds good. I’ll make sure she gets home in one piece.”


Later that Evening

A few shots of tequila still didn’t calm the dancer. That conversation wouldn’t leave her mind and she needed someone to talk to about it. Kyle seemed to be the only one who listened to her without putting in her two cents.

Ahsha threw her head back and let the liquid run down her throat. “I’m thinking about breaking up with Derek,” she admitted out of nowhere, causing Kyle to choke. Maybe the liquor was speaking to her because she was sounding crazy.

“What?! You can’t do that,” Kyle blurted out, her mouth clearly moving faster than her brain. Ahsha cocked a brow but didn’t seem suspicious of her friend’s outburst. “Why would you want to do that?”

“I…I don’t know if he wants to marry me or not. We’ve talked about marriage and kids before and he was all for it. The other night was a different story. We’ve been together all this time, so I don’t get it.” Ahsha complained, waving the bartender over.

“Maybe you’re reading into it too much, Carebear. I’m sure after all this time he wants to marry you,” Kyle explained, before turning to the bartender. “One more order of your special.”

“No, he said he wasn’t ready. It’s not like we’ve only been together for a year. We have history, Kyle,” the dancer snapped back. “The dick is good, but I’m not about to stick around if this dude doesn’t even want to move to the next level. I don’t have time.”

Just then the bartender came back with their shots. “Need me to add another one, honey? Looks like you need it,” he asked.

“Please,” Ahsha begged. She would regret this later, but the alcohol was hitting the spot and numbing her emotions. “I’m not begging for a ring, right now. But I need to know where we stand. You know?”

It took everything out of Kyle to hold back her smile. “Yeah, I get it. Hang in there, Derek’s a great guy and you two are meant to be. Now, let’s drink up.” Keeping this secret from Ahsha was the hardest thing to keep quiet. Hopefully the alcohol would do more talking than Ahsha at this point.


Back at the Roman Mansion

A cab took Kyle and Ahsha home that night. Derek was up watching sports highlights when Ahsha walked in. By now, she had sobered up a little, though she was still quite tipsy. “Looks like someone had a great time,” Derek said, as Ahsha threw herself onto the bed.

“Never drinking tequila, again,” Ahsha gagged, just thinking about the drink made her nauseous. “What have you been up to all night?”

“Watching tv and thinking,” the baller responded, muting the television. “Can we talk when you sober up?”

The entire marriage conversation wasn’t sitting well with him. Sure, the proposal was coming very soon, but they had been on odd terms. He didn’t want to go another day without fixing this the best way he could.

“I’m sober enough,” Ahsha said, sitting up and giving Derek her full attention.

“I’m sorry about what I said the other night. That’s not how I wanted that to come off. Obviously, I wouldn’t be in this relationship if I didn’t see a future with you,” he explained. “I apologize for hurting your feelings.”

Admitting your wrongs was never easy and Ahsha could respect the fact that Derek offered an apology. For days, she felt some type of way about that conversation. “So, what did you mean then?”

“That I wasn’t ready at this moment,” he replied. It was getting hard to not spoil the surprise, but Ahsha never left a situation alone until she got the answer she was looking for. Ahsha’s gaze bore into his as she tried to search for the truth.

So many thoughts were going through her head and she had a lot to say. “I’m not trying to pressure you, Derek. But when we were talking the other night, that’s not what I was hearing. I don’t want to waste our time if this isn’t going further. You understand what I mean? We don’t have to get married tomorrow, but I want to make sure we’re on the same page.”  

“And we are,” Derek reiterated. “Trust me, I want you to be Mrs. Roman, one day. There’s no doubting that.”

The pair stared at each other a few seconds longer before a smile crept across Ahsha’s face. It was hard to stay mad when Derek was giving her full, “please, forgive me” eyes. “Am I out of the doghouse, now,” he questioned, laying a hand on his girlfriend’s thigh.

Ahsha acted as though she was in deep thought, “Hmm, I don’t know if I should forgive you that fast. You sure you’re sorry?”

“You want me to prove it,” Derek teased moving in towards his girlfriend’s lips. “Because you know I have many ways of doing that.”

“Like what,” the dancer played along.

“Depends,” he said, licking his lips, before capturing hers. The dancer responded by parting her lips, allowing Derek’s tongue entrance. She fell back against the sheets as the baller rested his weight between her thighs. She moaned when his warm fingers began pulling down her panties, from under her skirt. “Convincing enough yet,” Derek mumbled, his tongue leaving Ahsha’s mouth and tracing her collarbone, then the tops of her breasts.

“Nope,” Ahsha said, hiding her smile that only spread when Derek spread her thighs. Throwing her leg over his shoulder, his head disappeared between her legs. A gasp escaped Ahsha’s lips when Derek’s tongue caressed the sensitive bud. All she could do was close her eyes and enjoy. When Derek’s tongue sunk into her deep folds, the dancer sighed in content.

“Oh, you’re forgiven,” she smiled.


Derek’s heart thumbed against his chest. Today was the big day. Kyle, Terrence and Ahsha’s parents were playing a major role in the events. Ahsha’s birthday was in two days and Derek wanted to propose on a day she couldn’t predict. With the help of her family and friends, Derek had planned a birthday party/engagement party and a helicopter ride.

“Can I see the ring one more time,” Sloane asked, peeking over Derek’s shoulder. “She’s going to love it.”

“I hope so,” Derek added, turning the ring in the sunlight.

“With the way that rock is gleaming, I’m surprised she can’t see it from here,” Pete added, clasping Derek’s shoulder. Sloane was too busy gushing over the ring and proposal to be bothered with the rest of their conversation.

“Good luck, we will see you back here in a few…unless she says no,” the father insisted earning a glare from his wife.

“Pete,” she warned, cutting back to Derek. “See you in a few.”

Taking a deep breath, Derek walked out of the event space. Ahsha was waiting for him to arrive at the house, where he told her to wait before “their dinner”. Time seemed to drag as Derek drove down the highway towards the mansion.

Things were heavy on his mind and he was nervous as hell. He was about to ask the love of his life to take that next big step with him. Even though, he knew Ahsha wasn’t against marriage, this was still scary.

Finally, Derek arrived at the house to find Ahsha waiting for him in the foyer. “Ready birthday girl?”

“Yes, if you tell me where we’re going,” she cheesed, looking beautiful as ever in a long sheer dress, with a deep split.

Derek could only laugh to himself. This woman hadn’t changed. Whenever he wanted to surprise her, she did everything in her power to solve the mystery. “You already know the answer to that,” he simply replied, holding the door open for her. “After you.”

The car ride was silent. One, because Derek didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Two, he knew this would be the turning point in their relationship. If she said yes, there would be no more girlfriend and boyfriend. He would be calling her his wife. Some of the moments they had shared began to flood his memory. The first time they met, their first time and I love yous.

Now here he was, about to ask her to be his forever. Crazy how life worked because he never thought this day would come. They pulled into a building garage in downtown Los Angeles. The dancer still didn’t catch on and assumed they were eating at one of the skyline restaurants. When they were escorted to the roof, she began getting suspicious.

“Dinner on the roof,” Ahsha questioned, thinking she was about to get an answer out of her boyfriend. Derek didn’t respond but instead grabbed Ahsha’s hand and led her through the rooftop doors where a helicopter was waiting for them.

“Surprise,” he grinned, proud of his first gift. The helicopter was white with big red letters that spelled out “The Romans” on one side.

It took a second for the dancer to even catch on and she only stood there looking back and forth. “The Romans,” she stuttered, trying to grasp what was happening.

“I know how much you love skylines. Well…” Derek began, nodding towards the helicopter.

“But…it says the Romans,” Ahsha repeated, still in shock. “Derek?”

“Exactly. Which brings me to something else,” Derek pulled the black box from his pocket. Getting down on one knee, he revealed the customized ring. “Ahsha…”

“Oh my God,” the dancer gasped, covering her mouth.

“These past few years, I’ve learned that loving someone can bring a joy that’s unmatched. You have given me some of my best memories. You have loved me for who I am and that’s more than what I can ask for. We’ve grown together. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, growing, having a family. The other night you asked me if I was ready to take the next step and I couldn’t answer you. Well, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise. I’m more than ready to take the next step and only with you. Baby, will you marry me?”

Derek’s beautiful words, the gorgeous setting and seeing the ring had Ahsha in tears. She could barely catch her breath to say anything. Rehearsing her reaction for this moment did her no good. Once she saw him sink down on one knee, the water works began.

She nodded as she wiped at her eyes, “Ye…y…yes….YES!”

A weight lifted from the baller’s shoulders as he slid the ring on Ahsha’s finger. The diamond glistened under the city lights. Derek rose to his feet, tightly embracing his future wife. Finally, they had gotten over the hump that had Ahsha so worried days ago. Both of them were on cloud 1000. The happy couple shared a kiss before walking towards their helicopter, where their pilot was waiting.”

“Congratulations,” the pilot spoke as they approached.

“Thank you,” she beamed still in disbelief.

“Thanks man,” Derek added, shaking the pilot’s hand, while helping his fiancée into the helicopter.
Once they were inside, they were given headphones.

“Ready to take off,” the pilot asked, glancing back at his guests.

“We’re set,” the baller replied. He glanced over at Ahsha who had the brightest smile on her face while she stared out the window. Derek leaned over and kissed her cheek, earning an even bigger grin in response.

The view of the city at night was breathtaking. “Wow, LA is gorgeous at night,” Ahsha gasped.

“Ever seen the city from up above,” their pilot asked.

“In a plane,” she laughed, in awe of the city lights and skyline.

“Yeah, not the same effect,” Derek claimed. “You like?”

“Yes, thank you, babe. This is the best birthday ever, “she admitted proudly.

“Nothing but the best for my lady, always,” Derek resounded, bringing her hand to his lips.

A little later that evening, Derek and Ahsha returned to downtown Los Angeles to head off to Ahsha’s next surprise. “I’m assuming we are going to eat for real this time,” she begged. “Now I’m hungry.”

“When are you not? Yes, we are going to eat this time,” Derek mocked, getting off at the nearest exit. Ahsha had no idea they were headed to their engagement party…where luckily there was food.


Everyone was set in their places when Kyle got Derek’s text saying they were around the corner. “She’s coming,” Kyle yelled, as all the guests quieted down. When the doors opened and a light switched on, they all yelled, “Happy birthday!”

“And congratulations,” Kyle threw her in, running over to hug her surprised best friend.

“Awww, congrats sweetie,” Sloane gushed, gathering her daughter in her arms.

“Congrats baby girl,” Pete added.

“You all knew this the whole time,” the dancer cried, staring back at her family.

“Yes, the entire time! Do you know how hard it was to keep this secret from you? I almost gave it up,” the blonde dancer exclaimed.

Unlike everyone else, Sloane bragged, “My lips were sealed. Now your father almost ruined it a couple of times.”

“Don’t listen to your mother,” Pete spat playfully.

“Well I’m glad everyone pulled through,” Derek added his two cents. The smile on Ahsha’s face on this day would forever be engrained in his mind.

Ahsha’s party was full of family and friends. That smile hadn’t left her face the entire night. Deep into the party, Terrence and Kyle decided to do a toast for their close friends. This night was a special one and they were happy to be a part of it.

Kyle hit her wine glass with a fork, getting the room’s attention. “Excuse me! I would like to make a toast to these two beautiful souls. First, congrats and I’m beyond happy for ya’ll. Derek told me about this proposal months ago and I want you to know I was in on the ring design. So technically, I should have a piece of that rock. I’m joking,” Kyle teased, as a few others laughed. “But, you were the first person I met at tryout and I knew then that you’d be like a sister to me. I can remember when Derek was trying everything to get your attention-sorry for putting you out there D-Ro- and you wouldn’t budge. I watched you two fall in love and you are an amazing couple and I’m happy to call you family. I love you and now that’s enough of the mushy stuff,” she finished, before handing the mic to Terrence.

“You all don’t have to worry about me being mushy. D-Ro, I’ve known you for a while. You’ve become a brother to me. Never thought you’d beat me to the altar with me being such a ladies’ man and all,” the crowd chuckled at Terrence’s humorous remark. “Ya’ll are laughing but I’m serious. On the real, I’m proud of you, man. Ahsha, you’re an amazing woman and I’m glad I get to call you my sister. Much love to the both of you,” Terrence stated, tipping his glass to Kyle’s as everyone toasted.

As the party continued, Derek took Ahsha off to herself. They hadn’t been alone for most of the evening.
“I can’t believe you did all this without me knowing,” Ahsha blushed as they stepped out onto a balcony.

“Because your man got it like that,” Derek bragged, wrapping his arm around Ahsha’s waist. “I knew doing it a few days before your birthday would throw you off.”

“I didn’t think you’d do it anytime soon. After all that, ‘I’m not ready’ business,” the dancer replied.

“If we could get married right here, right now, I would,” Derek admitted confidently, his gaze holding hers.

“Really,” she blushed again.

“Yeah, really. Putting a ring on your finger has been on my mind for a while, Ahsha. Now that I finally did it, I can’t wait to officially make you Mrs. Roman,” Derek explained.

Unable to say another word, Ahsha reached up and wrapped her arms around Derek’s neck. Bringing her lips to his, the couple shared a soft kiss before returning to the party.

The next chapter of their lives would be full of family, happiness, and growth…but with all that also came turmoil.

Thanks for reading! We skip ahead again next chapter. I hope you all enjoyed!

Chapter inspiration song: I Love You- Dru Hill

Happily Pregnant  #22 - Happy Birthday Daddy

It was the morning of Harry’s birthday and you wanted to do something special. Now, that you two were parents, Harry was content on just spending the day with his family at home instead of going out. You had made his favorite breakfast and cut up some fruit in special little shapes. You even plated it all to look fancy and brought it over to the table. You had put the final touches on everything before grabbing just a few of his presents and setting them on the table near his seat. 

Before you started cooking breakfast, you had decorated the entire house with balloons and streamers and happy birthday banners. You had woken up about an hour earlier to get everything done. You then go up to get Maverick, who you dressed into an adorable Happy Birthday Daddy onesie and put on a little birthday hat on him. 

You carry Maverick into the bedroom and lay him on top of a sleeping Harry’s chest. Maverick lets out a little giggle and kicks his little feet around. Harry yawns and opens his eyes slowly when he feels something on him. 

“Happy Birthday!” you smile. 

Harry laughs wrapping his arms around Maverick and sitting him up a bit on his chest. 

“Well, aren’t you the best little present ever.” He smiles tickling his little tummy, causing the baby to squirm and giggle. 

Harry sits up with Maverick in his lap and kisses his head. He then looks over at you and lean down to kiss him. 

“I made breakfast, if you want to come down.” You smile. 

“Hm. I thought I smelled something delicious.” He laughs. 

“Well, come on.” You smile. 

Harry smiles getting up and carrying Maverick downstairs with him. Harry winces with a laugh when Maverick starts pulling on his hair. You laugh. 

“Does someone like playing with Daddy’s hair?” You giggle. 

Maverick babbles and drools with wide eyes as he nods. 

“Wow. You really outdid yourself with the decorations.” He jokes. 

“Hey! You know I always go all out for your birthday.” You smile. 

“Yeah, you do and I love it.” He smiles. “It makes me feel even more special and lucky to be your husband.” He whispers giving you a quick kiss before putting Maverick in the high chair. 

You all sit down and start eating breakfast. 

“This is amazing.” He groans with a mouthful. 

“Thank you.” You smile and feed a little bit of rice cereal to Maverick. He opens his mouth widely when you bring the spoon to him. 

You smile and wipe his mouth before taking a bite of your own food. 

After breakfast, you hold Maverick while Harry opens up his presents. The first couple of ones were new shirts that he had been wanting and the next one, was the one you were most excited for. Harry tore off the wrapping paper and opened up the box. He pushed aside the tissue paper and saw the brown leather bound journal with his name engraved on the front. He opened it up and saw a picture of you and Maverick printed on the inside cover and a handwritten note from you. 

You watch as Harry smiles and tears up while reading it. When he’s done, he looks up at you, he gets up from his chair and walks over to you. He kisses you deeply and then kisses little Maverick. 

“Do you like it? I figured you might need another one to add to the collection.” You smile. 

“I love it and this is my favorite one.” He smiles. “I can’t believe you did that. This means so much.” 

“You’re welcome. You’re quite hard to buy for sometimes and I didn’t just want to buy you a random journal, so I thought I would add a little bit of a personal touch to it.” you smile. 

“Well, I love it.” He smiles. “Thank you so much.” He says leaning down to kiss you again. 


A little bit later, all three of you were laying on the couch watching a movie, while eating some popcorn. 

“So, how has your birthday been so far?” You smile. 

“It’s been amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better one.” He smiles. 

“Really? You don’t miss hanging out with your friends and going out to a club to drink. Or any of that?” You ask. 

“Nope. Not at all.” He smiles. “i mean that stuff is fun to do every once in a while, but honestly I much rather spend time with my beautiful, caring, and amazing wife and our little guy.” He whispers. 

“Me too. I love just spending time with my favorite guys.” You smile to him. 

“I love you.” He smiles. 

“And I love you.” You smile leaning back to kiss him. 

The rest of the day you all just spend time together and once Maverick fall asleep for at least part of the night, and you and Harry celebrate his birthday in your own way under the sheets before falling asleep yourselves.  

Cinnamon-Sugar Lembas

I have stayed away from lembas recipes thus far. So many people have so many different recipes, and everyone just loves every single one. Why bother, ya know?

@theweirdsadhobbitofbagend sent me this recipe a while back and suggested I try it - and I am so glad I did! It’s flaky, it’s tender, and it’s soooo good. So if you need another lembas recipe to add to your collection, choose this one. Please.

Cinnamon Sugar Lembas (printable)
makes about 10 servings


2 ½ cups of flour
1 tablespoon of baking powder
¼ teaspoon of salt
8 tablespoons of cold butter 
1/3 cup of brown sugar
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
½ teaspoon maple syrup/honey
2/3 cup of milk/heavy cream (or more, if necessary)
½ teaspoon of vanilla 


Preheat oven to 425 F/ 220 C. Mix the flour, baking powder and salt into a large bowl. Add the butter and mix with a fork or a pastry cutter until the mixture resembles fine granules. Add the sugar and cinnamon, and mix them thoroughly into the mixture. Add the milk/cream, vanilla and maple syrup/honey and stir them in with a fork until a nice, thick dough forms.

Roll the dough out about ½ in thickness. Cut out 3-inch squares and transfer the dough to a cookie sheet. Criss-cross (DO NOT cut all the way) each square from corner-to-corner with a knife. Sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar before baking, if desired. Bake for ~12 minutes or more (depending on the thickness of the bread) until it is set and lightly golden. 

Recipe found on sparkpeople, via @theweirdsadhobbitofbagend


Neil wonders for a minute how this is his life, then decides what the hell,okay.

They name their first two cats King Fluffkins and Sir Fat Cat McCatterson. Andrew stares at Neil for a solid two minutes after Neil solemnly delivers the final verdict.

- Nora on Andrew & Neil’s domestic life