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Lucy Molly MaryJane ,
If it’s not Tina it’s not my game
Xanie addy Vicky too
You using her or she using you?

Crystal,Tina, oh crystina you mean?
I blow clouds like a teapot blows steam
Ashamed nor proud,Even though it may seem

Before I lived in boredom, Now they say I’m brave
I don’t wanna be that person again—Quiet, well behaved
Don’t be sad, it’s not half bad— digging your own grave
Think of all the glass you’d get for all the money that you saved
So I packed the pooks—not very fat.. With every fuck I ever gave

Crank, speed, glass ,
scante, scooby, tweak,
The sun thinks he has paid time off ,
cuz it’s been lit like this for weeks

Damn, I need a fucking stoge, one after another
Add it to the list of things I’m hiding from my mother
Everything you say is wrong, cuz my worlds been rediscovered
Stop saying Tina’s abusing me
Can’t you see we love each other?

“Crackhead” you called me ? Tweakers the preferred term
Shaky eyes and hands stick out, twacked out its confirmed
First times always free,
It’s guaranteed you’ll return
Everything they taught you not to,
can so easily be unlearned

(I wrote this over the course of my second or third week of endless twack which is still going strong 😬 that’s horrifyingly awesome to me)



“We’re all assholes,“ Lo tells Garrison. "But one day, you’ll meet an asshole that pushes you to be a better person. Those are the ones that stick with you.”
― Krista Ritchie, Becca Ritchie, Fuel the Fire.

kibblesnbutts  asked:

Whouffaldi playlist, please? I need it in my life. Well. Another one. To add to my hoard. Yours will almost certainly be very different.

side note: i have two other whouffaldi mixes: folx ponx and poppunk nonsense

firstly i want to explain this was originally meant to end with “Blood Under the Bridge” by Frightened Rabbit, but it’s not on YT and i still haven’t found a mixtape site that lets you upload tracks. it’s on spotify, it’s a good song, check it out. So tie your ragged fuck-ups in a neat little knot and put it on the shelf behind the picture we bought. I found the way to make the best of a flaw and realize it’s not the end, it’s an uncomfortable pause. mm. mmhmm.

anyway. 12/Clara playlist, let’s call it Unhitched From Fixes. indie rock, singer/songwriter, etc

tracklist and quotes under the cut

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(One week till American Candy whoop whoop!)