needed this shit

some people are so damn hateful idk how yall even live with yourselves damn, sayin such mean things without any care of how it’ll affect the person you’re speaking about even when you dont even know them. idk how yall can do it but damn yall mean

did some thinking
we know episode 1 is called “roger”
(still feels euphoric to actually know something that big for sure)
hinting that roger is going to be at the center of episode 1
what big event happens with roger at the beginning of the golden compass?
his disappearance
so i went back and did some math
roger disappears at the end of chapter 3 of book one
there are 8 episodes in series 1 of hdm
there are 23 chapters in the golden compass
3 times 8 is 24
so that means roughly 3 chapters per episode of the first series (with some room to breath which can only be good)
this math fits too well for the show to be the mini-series that includes the whole trilogy like some sites still claim so i’m still convinced that the 5 series, 40 episodes “rumor”/plan is true, if still not officially confirmed
counting on the same math - that also means that episode 1 will end with the cliffhanger of lyra meeting mrs coulter for the first time (which is how chapter 3 ends in the book) and if that’s true i will lose my shit



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