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You will take this ship and Kat Morris’ poster from my cold dead hands.

Inspired by Kat Morris’ poster THE SHOW and featuring a shitty scan.


Random PJO Ice Skating AU just because 

have a bonus Annabae


Ryuji: dude, was that supposed to be your confession?
Futaba: I should’ve known Inari wouldn’t be able to pull this off…..
Yusuke: look! He’s so touched he’s speechless!!!


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i’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
but i’ve come through [x]

a post-apocalyptic hug

Inktober Day 9: Screech

This is probably the only fandom that I’m doing during Inktober that isn’t a video game or an animation show or movie, but I don’t care ‘cause I’m Youtube trash and I needed another reason to draw Jack. Originally I wanted to add in more Youtubers but all the other good prompts were taken so Jack get’s to scream his heart out



Star Wars except if all Jedi and Sith wore school girl uniforms.

(…were you expecting an actual explanation? ‘Cause there is none)

full view for slightly better resolution on the wide ones.

I won’t curse without proper cause.

I won’t curse my ex partners just because we broke up.

But that ex who lied to me for years about who she was and when I called her out for cat-fishing me she called me homophobic? Your ass is cursed.

I won’t curse mean teachers who are mean on the surface but are cool people once you get to know them.

But that teacher who abused her students physically, sexually, mentally, verbally, and emotionally? Yeah get wrecked bitch.

I won’t curse that annoying girl who used to bully me behind my back because frankly her life is shit enough without me adding to it.

But those bullies who beat me down, physically assaulting me because of my hairstyle? Enjoy your illnesses, babes.

I won’t curse people I mildly dislike. I won’t curse people who simply annoy me. I won’t curse people “just because”. I need a reason. A proper cause. Differing opinions, stupidity and ignorance, and annoyance do not count as proper cause. Starting riots that destroy cities? Being bigoted and laughing away those that call you out? Harassing me/my family to no end? Those are proper causes. Those can warrant a curse.

anonymous asked:

Do you have penis, or a vagina? I don't seem to understand why many genderfluid people seem to get angered at the question, like are you that angered by people knowing what you pee with? Seriously, ask me if I have a vagina and my answer will be yes, there's no debate about it. Why is it such a big deal for you folks??

it’s an annoying question because you’re really just saying “haha ok so you’re nonbinary but like are you REALLY a boy or girl???” it’s annoying because me saying “im genderfluid” should be the end of it, it should be enough for you. you wouldn’t ask a stranger who introduces themselves as male or female “omg but WHAT DO YOU PEE WITH” -at least, you wouldn’t unless you had reason to suspect they were trans, or were 5 years old and had a childish urge to inappropriately talk loudly about peeing and genitalia. seriously, among people that are all assumed to be cis, this topic never comes up! know why? cause there’s absolutely no reason you would need to know what someone’s genitals look like unless you’re assuming it determines their gender, and you’re taking it upon yourself to do just that. you want me to either tell you i have a dick or tell you i have a vagina so that you can tell yourself “oh ok so they’re really male/female!” and completely ignore the fact that i already told you i’m genderfluid.

it’s invasive. it’s rude. it’s transphobic. we get angry when you ask because it’s a dumbass, disrespectful question. we don’t have to tell you shit about our bodies. mind your damn business

You know, there are times where I come across a shipper, who doesn’t ship Bakudeku or Katsudeku like I do, and after hearing a valid reason, I’m like

“Okay, cool. I mean, nobody really likes the same thing, so it’s cool, I’ll try not to crowd you with Bakudeku stuff cause I know you’re not into it.”

But if their reasoning for not liking it is by giving me their entire life story on how they’ve been bullied all their life and how they feel Izuku on such a deep level I’m just like

i hate that mon-el is the one to figure out something is wrong with jeremiah. it isn’t realistic that this guy who has just met jeremiah will figure it out. j’onn j’onzz can read minds people, are they fucking forgetting this? they mentioned it in 212 for crying out loud. he’d know if jeremiah was a fake or hiding something.

mon-el wouldn’t look at a man he has never met, doesn’t know in the slightest, doesn’t know how he was before he was taken, and go “hmm there is something odd about this”. like????? wtf. that man saved his life and he’s like “yeah but like… he’s bad?” ugh. not even that but jeremiah was taken by cadmus and held for TEN years. that is a long time and of course he isn’t going to be the same when he comes home. of course he’ll be different and suspicious and look like he’s hiding something.

i’m one of the first to jump on the fake jeremiah train because drama and it was my theory back before we really got anything for 214 but still. mon-el figuring it out before kara, j’onn, even fucking seasoned detective maggie sawyer? or you know, his other daughter. or his WIFE, the woman who lived and loved him for the last 30 years? it’s just not fucking realistic. it’s bad storytelling to make it out as if mon-el knows better than the danvers do. and ya know, mind reading shape shifting badass j’onn j’onzz does.

@ j’onn throw him into fuckin space along with the writers

With the suicides of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell I think it is important that we notice something. Depression is not based in how much we have or how little. Depression is not a reaction to our circumstances. Depression is a disease, and these two men lost their battle to it. I don’t want to hear shit like “They are cowards and took the cowards way out.” If you believe that you are part of the problem. Honestly if you do believe please look at why you think that, because it isn’t true and by saying that you have proven to those around who have anxiety or depression that you will not help them, cause you really don’t understand or want to.

Depression isn’t something that you can fix by going for a run or being told “Hey other people have gone through this so suck it up.” Depression is something people have to deal with for their life time. Some people will need to go on medication, others therapy and others suffer in silence.
If someone comes to talk to you about their struggle, please listen to them first before you start comparing it to your struggles or telling them to go for a run or that their heart isn’t in the right place. They may need to just be heard, ask them how you can help them.

Be there and watch your words. You may never know what people around you are dealing with. And with your words you may alienate those who need help, cause they will see your disrespect as a reason to never talk to you about their struggles. But if you are open and kind the opposite may happen, they may let you into their struggles and you can let them know you are there and maybe help them get help in fighting their disease, their depression.