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Needy Little

Me: Mooooooommmmmy!!!!!

Mommy: *Focusing on her game* Yes Babygirl?

Me: but mommy me need all of them attentions!!!!

Mommy: can I finish this round first my little one?

Me: Fine mommy *pouts while mumbling* princess need attentions more then anysing

Mommy: *quits her game and jumps on her princess and begins tickling her* that’s my little girl, there’s her beautiful little smile & the adorable little giggles… No game is more important than my babygirl.

(The original is daddy and there’s not a lot of stuff for mommy so I made one c:)

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Hi! Hope you're having a nice day, I wanted to thank you dearly for making this blog. Like, sometimes when I need a break from Stressful Life Things™, I just look it up and it always makes me smile, without fail. I can totally see this bunch of beautiful idiots being, well, idiots, and it's the best. So, yeah. Thank you!! (u don't really need to answer this, I just thought of sending a message since it's been so great and everything, so, yeah)

hi :) this message made my grinch heart grow three sizes. thank you for your lovely words, i’m really glad that this blog has that effect! and i hope everybody gets at least a little dose of laughter out of it too, that was mainly the idea behind this blog, because there’s so much going on nowadays that i feel we all deserve to have a break at some point and just have fun for a while :)

Stupid, Beautiful Smile

A Bucky x Reader / fluff

A/N: I hope you guys like this. It’s really fluffy and cute and ugh. That stupid, dumb, beautiful smile that Bucky has inspired this. Let me know what you think. I LOVE hearing from you! xo

Based on request by @kazumilein: Can I request here? ^^’ If so I would like to request an Imagine with Bucky x Reader~ They’re having a pillow fight and end up in joking/teasing each other and kissing. Is this possible to request? I love your writings ♡ (sorry your tag wouldn’t work, honey. hope you like it!)

Word Count: 1,161

- language.
- mention of smut.
- pillow violence.

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine

You looked up from your laptop, as a sudden knock on your bedroom door commanded your attention. Snapping it shut, you pushed your reading glasses up the bridge of your nose and wrapped your robe around you.

“Come in!” you yelled, starting to straighten up the clutter on your desk. Looking up, you found Bucky Barnes in your doorway; a mischievous, yet disgustingly handsome smile splayed across his cheeks. Ever since you’d came to live in Stark Tower, Bucky had been hanging around you a lot, making your life miserable. Although, that’s the front you put on. Every time he was even in your close vicinity, your heart felt like it was going to explode out of your chest. Being sarcastic was your defense mechanism.

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blog rec:

@crappy-camel - macy owns one half of my soul. her blog is really pretty, and filled with a lot of seb stan and also random shitposts, but really good, random shitposts. as well as a bunch of lovely text posts. macy is a precious and gorgeous human being who must be protected at all costs, and is one of the most friendly people on this earth. macy makes me laugh a lot but she needs to stop sending me pics of delicious baked goods before I drop a book on her head.

@tired-alpaca - hafsa owns the other half of my soul. her blog is wonderful, gorgeous and also filled with tons of seb stan. there’s always cute text posts and videos and inspirational messages. and some shitposting too. hafsa herself is beautiful and amazing, and will brighten up your day if you talk to her. she makes me smile all the time, though she will go out of her way to torture you with pictures of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, despite your protests.

follow these two beautiful people! 💕✨💕 I love them a lot

Did something different this this time. :3 You may need to go to the blog for full view. Please do not crop, take or edit! If you use, please link back or credit me!

Smile: A free-handed passage I wrote.

What keeps me going when I sometimes feel the weight of the world on my shoulders?
When our eyes first met, I saw no one else but you, your unconditional love and your most beautiful smile embracing me like a warm blanket on a cold night.
I will always hold onto your heart just like you have always held into mines.
That is what keeps me going…seeing your smile never fading away.

For our BANAs too, even if something difficult comes your way, think about it as a very small episode in your long lifetime. If you just take a deep breath, afterwards there will definitely be a reason for you to smile.
—  a letter from Jung Jinyoung to the fandom, because if things are not going well in your life just remember that grandpa always remind us to think positively.
Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens) ~New Years Eve.

New Years Eve. You had never been the kind of person to go out drinking. You had no intentions of going to a party tonight. Instead, you and your best friend Kellin had arranged to stay in. You were both laid on the couch. Your head resting on Kellin’s chest; his arms wrapped around your waist and his large hands sitting on your stomach. You were both observant of the movie playing on the TV. You looked up at Kellin who’s eyes were still fixed on the movie.

“So, what’s your new years resolution?” I asked him out of curiosity.

At that moment he looked down at you and into your eyes. “I haven’t really thought about it, but I guess to keep touring with the band and continue to live life to the fullest,” A smile curled to his lips as he spoke. You were so proud of the person he had become, the things he had accomplished and the past he had worked through and overcome.

“So, what about you?” He paused. “What’s your resolution?”

“To try to be more confident in myself… hopefully,” You spoke ironically with not much confidence.

“I believe in you, you can do it,” Kellin encouraged passionately. You wholeheartedly smiled at him which he returned. You looked back at the TV to see that the movie had finished. You checked the time to see it was 11:45.

“We need to turn the TV to the fireworks!” Kellin screeched; reading your mind. He quickly turned the channel in time for the count down. You both counted down in unison.

Once again you looked into each other’s eyes.

“Happy New Years Beautiful,” He declared. You both smiled as his lips connected with your forehead.

Please if you are going to post this somewhere please link my tumblr blog and give me credit; Thank you. x

Dark & Dangerous || Mingyu || Oneshot

Originally posted by 7teans

GENRE: request, angst, oneshot 

WORDS: 1567

REQUEST: Hiiii, i love your blog so much!!! I was wondering if you could do an angsty Mingyu scenario? Where you both like eachother but he ends up with another girl? I was thinking you could inspire yourself with “Is there somewhere?” By Halsey :) Thanks!!

A/N: This was actually a request on my fan-blog @oh-hansol but since it turned out to be fanfic-like I moved it here. Enjoy :)

Everything about him screamed danger.

‘He’s no good for you,’ your head warned. But he was tall, dark and beautiful. So beautiful. There was a sadness in his eyes, but a soft smile on his lips. He said, “Would you be my friend, just for today?”

You replied, bold and daring, “I’ll be your friend for as long as you need me to be.”

He smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Y/N. And yours?”

“Mingyu. Kim Mingyu.” You could recognize him anywhere. His face was on the billboards and in television dramas, but you never thought you could love him until you met him that night.

“So what brings you here?” you asked.

“My girlfriend cheated on me.” He smiled wryly. “We’ve been together for six years.”


He touched his drink agitatedly. He’d poured two cups from a tall bottle but not taken a sip. He looked over at you. “Do you wanna go on a drive with me?”

“My mom told me not to take rides from strangers,” you joked.

“I’m no stranger. I’m Kim Mingyu.”

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Hi i just wanted to say that i really like your blog and that i have been following you for awhile now and your blog can always make cheer and smile when i need it! And you seem like a really Nice lovely beautiful and cute person 😊 💜 💙 💛 ❤

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//Dah! >///< I’m glad that my silly blog can make you smile, it’s always nice to hear it makes someone happy because I like to make people happy :3. 

*hugs!* // 

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🎊 🎊 🎊

🎊  - @julietmp3 - juliana my tiny lasagna ! the littlest pasta!! im lov her shes the sweetest angel :(💕 she lovs bbh n mark from nct n luna and her blog is Beautiful she always makes me laugh w her tags n i just want to wrap her in a soft blanket and Hug her !!! we’re always dragging eachother on tumblr.hell but in reality we’re the kermit holding flowers meme @ each other 😣 if u love angels (and lbr who Doesnt love angels) then u need to follow her asap !!!

🎊  - @ninetytwoline - arwa !! she loves exo n got7 n lots of other groups so shes always adding Variety to my dash ! shes sossososooso sweet and super easy to talk to she never fails to make me smile n laugh whenever we get to talk! shes a Gem in the pile of trash that is this website n im glad i kno her  ! i would rly give up bbh for her 😣 ❤️

🎊  - @joon420 - jess is rly The writer of tags … i rly aspire to be as funny as her bc if i had a dollar for every time i choked 2 death laughing bc of one of her tags i could pay someone to write funny tags for me 🚶🏻‍♀️  aside from being Disgustingly Funny shes also a soft angel whom i love and would give my life for, i wouldnt trade her and her extra ass for the world 😛💕

for every  🎊 i’ll rec u a blog

Have a Blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gooooooooooooooooooooood morning universe, or good afternoon, great evening,wonderful dusk,amazing dawn. I hope each of you have a beautiful time doing anything that makes you happy, more so today cause It’s my BIRTHDAY (25) if anyone has any questions comments concerns a problem that needs solving, something you wanna submit, a joke or story or just wish to talk, i welcome you with open ears and open blog arms (anything you tell me in secret will stay that way) so with that i want to wish you all a great day and a celebrate in your own way, make yourself and others happy, smile a contagious smile, have a fun time and remember to take care of yourselves and each other!

Visit my blog for more and follow me.
Have a nice day. (:


“You’re the really hot teacher of my friend’s daughter daycare” AU. Because Jung Leo with children is one of my most absolute favorite things.

NahRi has one hell of a grip, you’ll give her that. The cute little four year old just wouldn’t let go of your leg, no matter how much you tried to convince her.

“But, Y/N, I don’t wanna go! I wanna spend the day with you!”

“I’m sorry, baby, but your mommy very specifically told me to drop you off at the daycare center. I promise I’ll see you over the weekend,” you coo, trying to persuade her, but to no avail. You sigh deeply, patting her head gently to try and get her to calm down.

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Brea, I want you to know that you and your blog really help me through dark times. I know you're on a semi-hiatus right now, but do you think you could write some really fluffy every day things with Bucky? Thank you so much

You are a beautiful person. Thank you for reading my stuff and loving my blog. I’m glad I could help you, love. If you need me, I’m here. 

Originally posted by sebastianstahn

The two of you were like a well-oiled machine. You had been together for so long that it was like you were vines, growing together and adjusting to the way the other moved. 

Mornings with him were organized. He woke up first, always did. He would bathe you in gentle kisses and whisper soothing things to pull you from your slumber. He never failed to make you smile. “C’mon, gorgeous, the day waits for no one.” You’d pout and ask him to stay in bed with you for a little longer, and he would give in, mumbling something about puppy dog eyes and five more minutes. But when those five minutes were up, he’d peel his arms off of you and dance his fingers along your sides. “Time’s up! Gotta get ready!” He’d laugh over your squeals and pleas. 

“Alright, alright!” You’d gasp, shoving at his shoulders to get him away from you. He would chuckle some more and kiss you sweetly before hopping in the shower. 

He always forgot to grab a towel for himself, so you would grab one from the closet beside the bathroom door and leave it on the toilet for him while you brushed your teeth. One of your favorite parts of the day was listening to him sing in the shower. The most popular song that he sang was “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Billie Holiday. You’d hum along with him most of the time. 

On some occasions, when you were tired and feeling affectionate, you would join him in the shower, allowing his arms to wrap around you tightly and rock you slowly from side to side as he sang. His lips would graze your skin lovingly, hands travelling to places that were well explored by him. In the morning hours as the two of you cleansed yourself of the night before, you felt most loved.  

But the times where you had received enough affection from the night before, he would leave the shower running for you to get in after him, smiling widely at you when he spotted the towel that awaited him. Cheekily, your fingers would pinch at the flesh of his ass, making him laugh and swat your hands away from him. While you showered, he would brush his teeth and shave (or trim depending on his mood).

 He’d leave you to get dressed and put your makeup on. Despite how much he loved to watch you wield your brushes, he loved coffee just a bit more. He knew the way you took your coffee, the way you liked your eggs cooked, and how long to toast your bread. And when you finished getting ready for the day, it was always so nice to come down the stairs and not have to make breakfast.  

“You’re the best.” You’d say, delivering a quick kiss to his warm lips before scampering off toward the table to indulge yourself on his delicious cooking.

“I know I am.” He would smirk. 

Then the two of you would proceed to eat breakfast, either in silence or with continuous banter back and forth. You two didn’t need to talk in order to enjoy yourselves. But every day felt like a new experience, despite the fact that you two started your day the same way. He made each day feel special and new.

hello my sweet friends! not so long ago i hit 2000 followers and it still feels unreal because i never imagined that i would reach this big goal of me! thank you again for making it happen i really appreciate it! this is the main reason i wanted to make another follow forever, to show my gratitude to you guys, on the other hand i’ve started to follow more beautiful people with amazing blogs and i felt they need to be on this list among the lovely people i already follow. thank you for making my dash better every single day! <3

the closest and most important people to my heart, thank you so much for being in my life, you are the most perfect friends i could ever dream about! ilysm

@feyreacheron @ismena @hacelgrace

beautiful people who i really adore and always put a huge smile on my face every time we talk seriously you are so precious ily

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you’ve helped me grow into someone wonderful,
and i’ll cherish that forever.
together, we are the wash of
a million stars across the darkest skies.
the sound of your voice early in the morning
(on those mornings i’m actually awake)
is the most perfect and adorable alarm clock.
the sound of your steady breathing as we fall 
asleep (underneath the mountain of blankets
i’ll probably end up stealing in the night)
is the most peaceful lullaby.
what i want (need) you to know is this:
my life has been better since i met you. 
your encouragement drove me to fall in love with myself
and not feel bad about the consequences.
your smile and the bubble of your laughter
are the most beautiful colors
on the most perfect canvas.
—  a.b.e.
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he has such a beautiful smile