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guys please just….for the love of daddy oak…..just google your questions before asking me….just take a minute and think “could i probably find this out via google? or do i need to wait a week for climb to respond and give me an answer that she found out from taking 0.2 seconds to google it???”

do you ever feel so tired that when you finally lay down in your bed you legs relax and your back doesn’t hurt anymore and you reach heaven with an hand and you’re saved

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hi i just want to say that i genuinely, from the bottom of my heart care about u, love u, and think about how you're doing from time to time in my day :3c how r u friend. r u good. I hope u r well. I hope youre not getting swamped with anons and outside pressure from Real Adult Life either. 🙃❤️ annie the astronaut is a shooting star skyrocketing to even more simblr fame nowadays and i am the happy stargazer looking thru a telescope at her. look at her go :') there she go!

Oh my goodness ;__; this is so sweet of you, I care about you and love you too!!! You’re a gem and I wouldn’t trade you for the world. You must be my fairy godmother or smthin, always makin’ me feel loved n cared for wAAH. I’m doin’ a-okay, I hope you’re doing superb and pfBBTtt I can say the same about you!! I love watchin’ you grow ;___; <33

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ana i'm leaving the bellarke fam because i don't feel included even tho i tried. thanks for being the one who made me laugh and smile during these months! keep doing that, you're amazing

I mean ultimately its up to you but I don’t think you should leave. Look I have been fandom blogging for a long long time, seriously this is getting fucking old and someone needs to delete my blog. I’ve been in a lot of fandoms, THG, TMI and TID, John Green back when he was a thing, TW, OUAT.. And I don’t think I made a single friend during all those years, so I completely understand how it feels being on the outside looking in. But I’m telling you this because of all the many fandoms I tried very hard to be a part of, the bellarke fam is by far full of the most inclusive people I’ve ever met and it really is not hard to be a part of it. There are people I follow and consider friends now literally just because they started tagging me in their selfies every week so I follow them back and now I have a name and face to the url. Those are the kind of people I follow.  But you have to actually get in there, actually message people, find your thing whether it be fics or fanart or shitposting, be original and be yourself and then people will start to see your posts and be like “oh yeah there’s tht one girl, I know her, do ur thang lucy”

Listen okay, I’d been in the bellarke fam for a few months already. I’d been making lots and lots of textposts that would get lots of notes and ultimately I still couldn’t actually make friends. Because how many times can one of us write a meta about bellarke dynamic and how le/xa sux and blah blah blah. Like no offence but I see metas these days and I’m like OKAY YES I KNOW I GET IT OKAY


wish i was joking.

anyway you can go, this ass does not beg anyone to stay, but you will not find a more inclusive and funny and friendly and kind group of people (i mean there are some shitheads but u can soft block they asses) anywhere on tumblr. being a part of this fam has saved my life n i’m forever grateful 


@harpearl said: I need some more mae and bea hanging out in my life
@an-awesome-blog-because-why-not said: Can u first draw Bea?
@benijar said: If you do ships, can I ask for MaeBea?
@fuzzinator23 said: Does Mae see Bea more than a friend and does Bea know or is it a secret to Mae?

mae: we’re totally dating
bea: we are definitely not dating
mae: we’re dating in my head

If you think it's okay to send hate messages, anon or not, unfollow me now. I don't need you gross​, trashy ass on my blog.

To anyone.
I don’t care what they’ve done.
I don’t care how much they “deserve” it.
If you have to attack other people to feel better or more secure you need to reexamine some things.
Feel free to come back when you’re ready to start your redemption arc.


So I dont have enough Hannibal and Hannigram things on my dash!!
If you know of a good blog to follow or you want me to follow yours just re-blog with the link OR tell me to check you out! I NEED MORE HANNIBAL THINHS ON MY DASH! PLEASE!!! 😂🍷🦌
(Mads and Hugh themed blogs are good aswell🖤)