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Lmao I'm pan myself. It sucks not to be represented, I agree. I'm angry too. But making angry, downright mean posts on tumblr isn't going to fix a lack of representation. If you want to change things, you can do stuff you're already doing like making your awesome list of pan books, and you can send these people who rec shitty books messages. If this is a vent blog, cool, fine, I'll just unfollow. But if this is more than that (and I thought it was), maybe consider how mean you're really being.

you’re pan, cool. I don’t know what that has to do with anything lmao. yes, this blog is also where I (and other pan people) vent and rant about pan issues. because if I don’t, all my frustration just bottles up and I don’t want that. pan people should know it’s okay to be angry and pissed off and call this shit out, that they don’t have to censor their feelings for the sake of being nice or polite. especially to those who consistently do not show up for them.

I really don’t understand this idea that I can’t be angry and express that. I didn’t even name anyone or send it to anyone I was referring to. and honestly, I don’t get what was so mean about it. I’ve been way harsher than that before and literally no one has had an issue. maybe I’m not too mean and need to lighten up. maybe you just need to get real. I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’ve been experiencing pan hate and erasure non-stop, so, I think my anger is warranted.

tone policing is trash. people who erase pansexuality and pan rep and spread pan hate and don’t include pan people in things don’t deserve me being nice to them, directly or indirectly.

also, I don’t believe and I have never once claimed any of my “angry, downright mean” rants are going to “fix a lack of representation”. messaging people about recommending pan rep is not going to do that. hell, my book list isn’t even doing that, it’s just highlighting the rep that already exists. unless I fucking create it myself, I can’t just make pan rep happen. what I can do, though, is call out the lack of rep and appreciation for the rep we do have, let other pans know they aren’t alone in feeling sad or mad about it, give them a place to rant and vent about it, celebrate the rep we do have, and put out posts encouraging creators to include pan rep in their content.

like, listen. I’m not some pillar of virtue and politeness. I don’t claim or try to be. I’m honest. I’m blunt. I’m real. I’m just some random girl with a blog. I’m not a brand, I’m not someone who has to maintain a certain image. I swear a lot, even when I’m not angry. I rant and ramble more often than not, sometimes about things I’ve already ranted and rambled about. I’m harsh and possibly even rude when I’m calling out things that hurt pan people and piss me off. I literally get anxiety whenever I post anything and when I see someone messaged me or replied to a post. I’m kind when I’m spreading love and positivity and helping people with whatever they come to me with and trying to make people feel good about their identities that get invalidated and erased.

trying to make me out to be some scary mean tumblr person or this blog out to be something hateful and negative is just flat out not true. I can be both kind and mean. I can uplift and call out. I can be positive and harsh. my blog can have light and heavy posts. it’s not one or the other. it’s never been that. my blog has been what it is now since day one. if you can’t handle that, then sorry but that’s your problem. some anonymous person doesn’t get to insult me because they didn’t like the tone of my rant and then try to act like it’s valid, thoughtful criticism that I should seriously consider.

I’ve finally finished something for the first time in aGES– haha… So, I felt like drawing Amathea as a dragon and this is how it turned out! I’m really proud of it -v- Although, I may consider transferring it to digital, but for now I’m keeping it traditional. I hope you like it~!

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imma have you draw this now you fool you rogue you bean how could you do this to me

(kidding of course i’m just really excited now good lord this is awesome thank you very much!!)

I honestly burst out laughing at taliesin’s extremely sarcastic smile

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OK, I officially feel like I've been hit by a truck. More embarrassing Steve stories, if you please? I need distractions.

steve has really, really good night vision. 

i do too–i drank the same superjuice, just a little more watered down–but back during the war i didn’t really tell anyone about that. so since steve’s vision was best, he was always the point man on nighttime operations with the Howlies. this worked out pretty well–he could spot terrain problems and walk us around them, and he could see a nazi scout coming well before he saw us. 

but every once in a while, some particularly sneaky bastard would get the drop on him.

on one particular occasion, we were on our way back from an op, and crossing through a disputed area in the evening. we’d been warned that the nazis were trying to send spies through, so we were on the lookout. steve was on point. 

somehow, despite having the eyes of a goddam bald eagle, steve did not see this guy coming. 

the guy–a nazi spy–was hardly invisible. he had a big, bulky backpack, civilian clothes, and a Walther PPK.  he popped out of a shrub with his pistol and steve never saw him coming–but luckily steve’s got the instincts of a tiny angry human target who used to get jumped in dark alleys on a regular basis, and he bopped him with the shield before the nazi could fire. well, i say bopped–it was the sort of wild swing you take with a frypan when someone startles you in the kitchen. 

the spy flew a good three feet through the air and landed on his side–

and exploded into a flock of pigeons. 

after the fact, we realized that the spy’s backpack was actually a wooden cage containing half a dozen homing pigeons, intended to carry back messages from allied territory. when he fell, it split apart, releasing a bunch of terrified birds to fly back, empty handed (empty winged?), to a nazi base. but at the time, it was like a magic trick–one moment there was a nazi spy, the next, a flock of birds! 

the look of shock and surprise on steve’s face was incredible. you could see on his face a split second where he asked himself can i punch people so hard they turn into birds now? did i grow a new superpower? what the hell was in that serum?

he realized the truth moments later, but i could see it–the brief seconds where flashes of a pigeon empire flew through his head.