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Space Cat? ✨

So I had this thought that Keith turns purple slowly? Like different situations bring on different degrees of purple? It kinda looks like bruising and is heaviest around the eyes. I like to the think the paladins freak out thinking he’s injured but then discover it’s just his Galra side showing ahah. And then over time he can control it kind of? I dunno I’m tired and he has galaxy hair why am I like this. I hope this is good Space Trash. 😩👌🏽 @lancemyboi2k17

@thepastisallbehindme so this one turned out a little angstier than I intended 😅 (plus I think I messed up Shiro a bit) but anyways this is set after a particularly bad battle and a round in the healing pods. They’re just so happy to see each other alright 😭💗💗

(This drawing is from my shidge request post. I am drawing and posting them in the order I received them. I almost have them all finished)

@morte-mistrata I based this one off of a haunted house picture I found where the girl is freaking out and the guy is just like wide-eyed-bout-to-punch-someone staring and it just kind of fit? I can just imagine them going to a haunted house and it just not.. ending well. Like someone tries to grab Pidge from behind and welp…. Let’s just say they were forever banned from all haunted houses in the area from then on. (Plus haunted houses can’t be good for Shiro’s PTSD) This was a great prompt and I would totally read a fic about this!!

(This drawing was made for my shidge request post. I am drawing and posting then in the order that I receive them and I am almost done with all of the requests)

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So I started reading animorphs when I was 8, which was about the time I was figuring out maybe I didn't like girls. I only ever got to book 15 and I was like "You know what, I think Tobias and Ax would be good for each other. I want to see them Together." Fastforward 15 years and I'm rereading the series. 15 years I've been holding onto this ship and you want to know what book I got to today? You want to take A Wild Guess buggaboo?

Oh you poor unfortunate soul! I can imagine it was pretty upsetting, when you found out Tobias/Ax wasn’t a possibility.

So what book could I be, huh? My wild guess would be #23 The Pretender? Although if you’re reading the extra books along with the regular series, then The Andalite Chronicles is also a possibility.

PS: Apologies for the late reply. I only check tumblr every couple of days and then I queue everything up and that’s it. The app on my phone is annoying and won’t let me add tags to replies, so I had to wait till I had time to reply properly.

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I was wondering, where does your url come from? Like what's the meaning of it?

It comes from an old episode of Game Theory! I’m not sure which episode in particular, but back when Matt used to do credits at the end of each episode there was one where he referred to himself as ‘The six and a half dollar man’ and, as a perpetually broke individual, it resonated with me. but to be more specific here’s a link to the post I got the name from!

okok theres one part of elements i really liked but keep forgetting to talk about so ill post it b4 i forget again

but HEYO finn and pb’s platonic relationship is. really very important to me holy shit, AT’s been pushing the ‘moving on’ from his crush thing for a couple of seasons now and i still go hell yeah every time its reinforced

LSP tries to break the fire elemental curse on finn by telling him to go to his happy place but his brain automatically goes to all this past romantic stuff with PB at first, its real bad because its still wrapped in flames but Then

finn crushes it, puts out the fire (or rage and anger/pain as the element represents here)

and he goes back to his real happy place, back to pajama wars (still a super fav ep!!) where all they did was hang out like best friends w no hint of romance whatsoever

it felt like a real throwback to Dont Look where finn’s “true perception” of PB wasn’t an infatuated crush but just one of his bros

my boy’s moved on and is learning and enjoying his friendships and im proud of him

so like… can we please stop acting like mentally ill people are always the abusive one in the relationship, or thst mentally ill people are inherently abusive, or that their illness is negatively affecting/hurting the abled person theyre with more than them.

like when did good ideas like “mental illness isnt an excuse to be abusive” quickly become “mentally ill people are all abusive,” and “i couldnt be with a mentally ill person, theyd abuse me”

when did “abuse is never okay” become “ableism is okay”