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I honestly find it ridiculous how conditioned general audiences are to Marvels way of making movies. I mean it’s not like ensemble movies have been being made for decades, but I guess they needed stand alone films for every character so the audience could care about what happens to them. Does every X-Men character need their own movies to make them good? The Oceans franchise? Fast and furious? Movies like The Hateful Eight and The Magnificent Seven? Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? What about Rogue One? Hell even Guardians of the Galaxy made a group film work without solos.

Justice League only has three of its main characters who haven’t had their own movie, half of the team will have already been in at least two movies before JL comes out. And you fucking know that if dc had done individual films first everyone would just be bitching about how they’re copying Marvel.

And honestly having the Justice League early on makes a shit ton more sense business wise because if you look at marvels box office, most of phase 1 and the latest origin films are the ones that make the least amount of money. But, if say Antman had come out after his appearance in Civil War, you can bet that it would have made a considerable amount more money. People would have already seen him in a huge movie that everyone was going to see no matter who was in it. Like it’s such an easy concept, you have a huge group movie, that people will see just because it’s an event film, give characters super cool moments and make them really likeable in the group film and then people are more likely to want to see the character in theatre when their own movie comes out.

Marvel is great at what it does, there is no denying that. But can we stop trying to make everything the same? That’s how superhero fatigue starts. If every single superhero movie that comes out is the exact same tone and format as the others people are going to get bored eventually. At the moment we have such a wide array of styles but people just can’t seem to accept any differences. Why do people constantly need to tear one universe down to prop another one up?

What I need in my life is a fic for soukoku where Chuuya is still a fucking badass who can rek anyone he chooses. Like, git gud scrub. But still is a secret cuddle bug, and I need Chuuya just, loving to cuddle Dazai. Like they still bicker, just not in the most poisonous way and more in a snarky, sassy way and just… I need that sorta fluff. 

one Sunday

*Bucky looks outside the window of their apartment and waves to Sam as he heads off to the VA. He had told Sam he would be by later but he wasn’t feeling a hundred percent. it wasn’t a total lie but he needed some time alone from Sam. He picks up the cellphone and waits five minutes after Sam is gone before phoning Steve.*

“Steve hey do you have time to talk? I have some big questions I need your advice on.”

“Yeah, I think I can squeeze you between watching TV and doing laundry. Your place or my place?”

“Some place Sam can’t get to would be great…and maybe Tony I don’t want him interrupting and make jokes like last time.”

“Sounds serious. Okay, maybe Central Park? Or we can go to my old place in Brooklyn, I decided to keep my apartment in case me and Tony wanted to hide from everyone.”

“I’ll start heading to your old place. See you there in about twenty.” *He hangs up the phone and locks up the apartment before heading to Steve’s and his old apartment. Once there he waits outside the door for Steve.*

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i just really want a cat because i can’t stand touching people but touching animals is fine. but most human minds are programmed to want to be touched? like i desire physical contact with people but physical contact is so wildly overstimulating that it makes me really really frightened

so a cat would be really nice. cats get overstimulated too so i’d have a companion who i can touch and who can touch me and we both get that the other sometimes gets too overwhelmed and needs to be left alone for a while.

also cats have soft paws instead of gross human hands so being patted by them is good

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How to stop pushing people from you when your depressed? I used to think that I just need some time alone, but that's not the case, I run away from them so how can I stop acting like a scared little child and go and meet the people I'm supposed to ?

You can do this by forcing yourself to do it. That is literally the only way.

You see, when it comes to the difficult things in life, it will always be easy to make excuses for not facing them. We INTPs have brains wired to take the easy route. We shy away from confrontation and doing anything that puts us too much out of ourselves. Other types can be more assertive, but this is a weakness that we have, and when it comes to weakness of character, you have to conquer that through strength of will.

You see, you can’t just sort of sit back and expect that one day you’ll suddenly have the courage to go and meet a person. Courage isn’t just some sort of amorphous feeling that floats around and sometimes lands on a person. Courage comes with the action, and sometimes it doesn’t even come with the first action. But it most certainly doesn’t come with inaction.

Basically, you have to be stronger than your brain and your emotions. Your brain can come up with a thousand reasons why you should be anxious, and your emotions can get you all tangled up in wretched feelings, but you have a will, and once you begin to use it, you might be surprised at how your brain and emotions fall into place behind it.

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.


Alright it’s had to happen sooner or later. I’m going on a full hiatus. It’s the last month of my Master’s degree and it’s been insane. I don’t have enough time to do everything I need to do, let alone what I want to. As in I’ve been trying to be responsible and planning out how to manage my time properly, and my conclusion for the last week had been if I did everything I needed done by this week, I had about 12 hours of total time to delegate to sleeping/anything that isn’t purely work, over 7 all days. It’s about similar for next week

I’m dying and I can’t afford to be here at all. I’m already making compromises in my work to make sure I don’t kill myself because don’t worry I’m doing my best to take care of myself too but basically, yeah, I’m going to be fully gone.

If you want to contact me, I’ll still be lurking around IM and you can always find me on Skype cheryl.neves

Wish me luck guys!

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I really wish the musical had been done differently. Originally i thought music meister would be toying with everyone, in the real world. Like team flash comes to national city for help because MM's been antagonizing them & he uses his powers to make everyone burst into song randomly. It would have allowed karamel more time to work through their problems, a chance for chris & chyler to sing, and would have worked better than a 40 minute build up resulting in an irrelevant 5 minute resolution

I don’t know. I liked it just the way it was. I think it was more creative and like nothing I’ve ever seen. And the music meister turning out to be sort of an anti-hero was awesome. I feel like the main objective of the episode was to really focus on Kara and Barry’s feelings, not Iris and Mon-El’s. They needed to work things out alone while distancing themselves from the people they love so they could see things more clearly. But I do hope that they explore Kara and Mon-El’s feelings a little more in the following episodes because I do think they really need to have a conversation and sort things out like mature adults.

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Im 17 and my bf is almost 22. His dad died a few days ago and he has been drinking a lot kinda ignoring me when we are out with people and kinda being mean and i understand he is angry but idk how to be there for him. Im not mad i just need to know what i should do ?? Thanks xox

Oh dear, I’ve lost a friend when I was a small bean, and I’m talking 13, and I fell down a really sad hole of being mean to others and I drank and smoked, yes at 13! And I kept pushing people away and that’s really not good and I really really needed somebody so I can try to help but I can’t promise anything, first, I would let him know that you are there for him and you do care tell him you want to help and nobody needs to be alone at times like this, then ask him if there’s anything you can do to help and if he says “leave me alone” or “id like to be alone for now” give him a few days but text and make sure he’s okay, then try again and if he pushes you away again message me so we can go into more detail okay honey? I’m really super sorry for his loss, I lost my best friend to suicide and it’s really not easy at all my deepest sympathies for him and you 💖

Shiro wanted something big and Keith did not disappoint. Keith gave him the biggest sunflower he could find and Shiro died laughing. How can he possibly love this guy even more? So pure, too good for this world. ಥ_ಥ Redbubble