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  • Cyborg: Now, are you familiar with the gear shift?
  • Beast Boy: You mean... the “prindl?”
  • Cyborg: The what?
  • Beast Boy: The “prindl!”
  • Cyborg: ...Are you referring to the shift lever that says P-R-N-D-L?
  • Beast Boy: I’m not a child, Cy, I know how to spell “prindl.”
  • Cyborg: It is not something you spell. It is a gear shift. The letters stand for park, reverse, neutral, drive, and low!
  • Beast Boy: You’re making me nervous with all this technical talk!
  • Cyborg: Oh, I’m sorry! Why don’t we just relax and turn on the radio? Would you like “AMMM” or “FMMMM!?”

@lauravian submitted: ok ok ok ok but how about Yuuri, Victor AND Makkachin in crop tops??

/C R I E S

Submitted by @ ronyyaya

Humans are absurdly overengineered generalists

Humans are proportionally weak compared to arthropods, they’re slow compared to horses/wolves, they’re dumb compared to Artificial Intelligence, they’re fragile compared to megafauna like elephants, their socialization is nonexistant compared to true eusocial/pack species, and they’re clumsy compared to octopodes.  They’re not bad at anything, however, and they can repurpose a skill for anything (e.g. they can socialize with strangers, they can reuse domain specific knowledge for other stuff, they can use one type of movement for a lot of tasks, etc) which is not super common.  Most importantly, though, humans can continue functioning after almost any injury.

leg bones? There are 2, so breaking one is no more than an inconvenience in the short term until the endorphins wear off.

lungs? Again, theyre redundant.  Function can be temporarily restored with TAPE!

Tendons/ligaments?  Those are redundant too!


IDK what aliens would think of us, between “what kind of idiot would design that?” and “thats so cool, what excuse/purpose can we find for one as a crewmember?”

Name: Bianca
Gender: Female
Occupation: Waitress
Crush: Boris

Personality: Acts like a kind, sweet and innocent cat during work hours but when off duty, she turns into a complaining drama queen. WARNING: Curses like a salior and she can be quite clumsy at times. When around Boris, she gets really flustered and jumpy.

Fur Color: Black & White?

Attire: Pink & White

Eyes: Pastel blue

☆ Author’s note: Sowwie, I would have colored her but my mom would get pissed at me for getting distracted from my here is a crappy sketch of my oc.

art by kawaiitalesans


Hey guys! @lauwurens​ and I wanted to post this while it was still 4/20 (ha). In honors of this day, we’re co-hosting a Hamilton MAP together.

We are looking for 11 enthusiastic, dependable artists to collaborate with us! Each artist is expected to do two parts (each part is roughly around 10-20 seconds long; about 30 - 40 seconds total). We will be accepting portfolio submissions until May 13, 2017. Anything afterwards will be deleted.

The parts don’t have to be fully animated, but we do want something in an animatic format (this means legible drawings, no stick figures). Let your illustrations shine out for this project! This also means no text in your shots (to maintain consistency throughout the video).

This does not need to be colored, and shading is definitely a bonus.

Portfolio Submission Guidelines:

  • Email with the subject “REEL SUBMISSION”
  • Tell us your name (and the name to use for the credits whether it be your real name or your username)
  • Include a link to your portfolio/showreel
    • Basically anywhere we can see your work without rummaging through a bunch of stuff
  • Rank of preferred shots you would like to do*

*Note: if you are interested in doing this project but have no idea what parts you want, still apply - we’ll assign you a part if you are chosen

Shot Submission Guidelines:

  • Final output must be 1920x1080, 24fps, .mov or .mp4 format
  • Name your shot Ham_part### (### as your part number)
  • Frame length must match song length
  • Email with your completed part 
    • Subject: [Your shot number]
  • Attach file or send us a link where it can be downloaded

Selected artists will be notified after the submission period closes (most likely a week after). Final shots are due August 12, 2017.

It must not include:

  • Sexually Explicit Content
  • Non-canon ships
  • Excessive gore
  • Gender bending
  • Whitewashing (keep the characters close to the Original Broadway Cast!)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me 8O! I look forward to working with you guys. Let’s have fun!