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The Things She Carried

Part 8. In His Reality

Dean x Reader

Masterpost with all the parts

Summary: Dean meets a huntress. Well, he would define her a robot. At least until he gets to know her…

Word Count: 2100+

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Damn (Kwon Ji-Yong)

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milaalpa said:Hello.. Can I request a soul mate AU with ji yong bigbang please.. I never heard of this before, I mean the soul mate au.. And thank you 😊

Sorry for the wait. Hope you’ll like it!

G-Dragon (BigBang) x Reader

Genre: soulmate AU, fluff

Words: 550

Summary: It’s exhausting being a famous idol, but you get some benefits. Like meeting your soulmate in the most interesting way.

‘Your soulmate’s first words to you are tattooed on your wrist.’

“Stop laughing!”

Jiyong yelled out in annoyance. They have been laughing at him the whole morning and it’s only 10 am.

“C’mon, Ji, how can’t you find it funny?”, Taeyang laughed, no matter how hard he tried not to.

The others laughed in agreement. Except for Jiyong.

You see, something out of the ordinary happened yesterday. Let’s see what.


While he was resting in his dorm, his wrist suddenly started to glow. Of course, Jiyong reacted calmly.

“WHAT IS THIS?!”, he screamed, oh so manly, and fell off the couch, oh so gracefully.

After a few more minutes of panicked screaming (and running around), Jiyong finally somewhat calmed down. He took a big breath, exhaled and looked at his wrist, finding something new.


‘That’s a stupid thing to ask.’

Written across his left wrist was neatly imprinted this one sentence. What it was, Jiyong didn’t know.

It wasn’t a tattoo because he would remember it. And also, it appeared few moments ago (duh).

“….Imma sleep this off.”


“So, what you’re telling me, I have a soulmate and these are their first words to me?”, Jiyong questioned, not really buying it.

“Have you never heard of soulmates?”, Seungri said, smiling cockily to Jiyong, “Although these kind of things are mostly written about in fanfiction, it happens here too. Where do you think they got the idea?”

Jiyong sighed: “Okay, let’s say I believe you. Why do I have it and you guys don’t?”

This is where Taeyang cut in again: “Because, we either already met them or we don’t really need them at the moment. Getting that ‘tattoo’ basically means you’ll meet your soulmate soon.”

Daesung pouted: “But I want to meet my soulmate. Why is the universe like that?”

“Yeah, I thought you have those wor–”

“Guys, stop it.”, Jiyong ran his hand through his hair in frustration, “I think I’m gonna take a walk.”

He stood up and walked over to the door, pulling it open.

Seungri laughed: “Okay. Just have your eyes open!”

Unlike the doors that Jiyong closed.

Why would my soulmate say that to me?!

How am I supposed to like, no, love them if they’re practically saying I’m stupid?

Those were the current thoughts going through his head. He was slowly walking down the street, wearing his mask and sunglasses, aiming for the ice-cream shop down the road. He really needed something sweet right now.

The sun was blazing, even though it was winter, and the people seemed as lively as ever. Kids were running around, couples were walking hand in hand and this sentimental scenery wasn’t helping his mood.

Entering the ice-cream shop, he quietly greeted the workers and went straight to the counter. In front of him was only a mother with her child and child was really hyperactive for ice-cream it seemed, while the mother tried to calm them down.

What if they don’t like me?

“NEXT!”, a rather annoyed girl yelled, standing in front of the ice-cream maker, shaking Jiyong out of his thoughts.

He moved forward, still in a daze, not even noticing the barista looking at him curiously.

Should I ask my soulmate when I meet them? Something like…

“Is it okay to love you?”

“That’s a stupid thing to ask.”

Jiyong froze, his mind turning blank. He slowly raised his head and saw the warmest eyes he ever saw, almost melting into a puddle right there and then.

They smiled, laughing softly, their eyes becoming crescents: “What flavour would you like, soulmate?”

G-Eazy Imagine Part Two

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Part One 

Synopsis: G makes assumptions that lead to problematic fights and you deciding if it’s all worth it

Warnings: Language

Your POV

I walked for about a mile until I got service again. I called an Uber for the hundreth time in the past couple of hours to my location and waited. I wiped away residue of streaked mascara as I had stopped crying half a mile ago. There was a part of me that wished he would just text me or call me, hell, even come after me but there was nothing. I suppose I told him to never come near me again. 

I wasn’t sure where to go from here. Do I catch a flight back to LA? Do I get a car? If I went back to G and I’s apartment there was still a chance, even if it was small, that he would show up. I needed some space, as much as I did want him to come after me I don’t think it’s for the best. I want and need time alone, did he trust me? I trusted him and he was the one on the road all the time with girls throwing themselves at him!

A car pulls up in front of me and I see the Uber sticker on it and get in. 

“Where to?” The guy asks and I hesitate for a moment. 

“Uh, can you take me to the nearest car rental place?” I ask and he nods and puts it into his phone and we were off. The drive back to LA really wasn’t that bad, it just sucked it was almost 1 am. We pull up to the only car rental place that was open and I go in quickly to the front desk trailing my suitcase behind me. 

“I’d like a rental car please.” I ask and the front lady glares at me and sighs. 

“Fill out this, I’ll need to see ID.” Her tone was anything but friendly but it wasn’t my biggest problem. I take the keys to a nice Subaru and get in, admiring the interior. I toss my suitcase into the trunk and plug my phone into the car so it would charge. I find the nearest store to use the restroom and get something to eat as well as drink. I needed the caffeine for the road ahead, I tried to not keep replaying the events from earlier. I grab a few snacks and coffee before getting back onto the road. 

I couldn’t help but feel the ache in my chest, how could he have said those things. Questioning my loyalty? I would never cheat on Gerald, had he cheated on me though? He said in such a manor that it was almost like he was confessing? Questions ran through my head for the duration of the drive but I tried quieting them with music. When I would get home, I would sleep and pack my things and go. I did have the week off which was nice but I did have to write a piece and send it in. I just knew that I had to get out of that apartment, I didn’t know if Gerald would come back or if he’d get one of the guys in LA to go in and see if I was there. 

Finally get to our- the apartment, I left my suitcase in the car as I didn’t have the energy to take it up or the reason to. I had more bags upstairs that I would fill later, all I had on my mind was to sleep and forget about what happened. I shut the front door locking it and throwing myself in the cold sheets. I hadn’t realized I was on his side until his cologne filled my nose. Tears slipped from my eyes at the thought of him not being here and not just because of tour. I took off my clothes and slipped on one of his t shirts. Laying back down it only took minutes until I was fast asleep. 

Gerald’s POV

“Fuucckk…” I groan trying to lift my head to move from the sun beaming in. I felt the bed shift and suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I looked over to see a girl in the bed next to me but she was dressed. Did I sleep with her? I lightly shove at her and she wakes up. 

“Oh shit, I didn’t know you crashed in here.” She laughed and got up.

“We didn’t sleep together did we?” I ask and she turns around to me. 

“No, you barely could walk. Don’t think you could perform even if you wanted too. You were a real dick last night though, I mean the bottle? Really?” She crosses her arms and confusion fills my mind. 

“What did I do now?” Where was Y/N? Oh no, is that what she meant? 

“Where’s my girl? Fuck, what did I do?” I run my hands over my face and she laughs. 

“You accused her of cheating, then practically threw a bottle at her head. I wouldn’t recommend the drug combination you did last night ever again.” My heart sinks and I look for my phone and feel it in my pocket. I take it out and quickly dial her phone number and the random girl leaves. 

“Shit, please. C’mon Y/N, answer.” I plead rubbing my aching head. 

“Hi you’ve reached Y/N, can’t get to the ph-” I hang up and call her again. I call for another 5 minutes but she doesn’t answer. She wasn’t even ignoring the calls, was she hurt? Did she fly home? I had no idea. It was about 12 pm and I quickly booked a flight back to LA. I grabbed the bag I had and shoved all of my clothes into it. 

“G-Eazy, my main man!” A guy laughs and tries to high five me but I shove past him. I put my sunglasses over my eyes and kept walking out until I got into the car quickly driving to the airport. How could I do that to her? I wasn’t even sure what I said but I fucked up and I could feel that deep down. I hurt her badly. 

Your POV

I woke up and saw it was nearly 2 pm, I rub my eyes as the events of last night flood my mind. 

“Fuck…” I groan and roll over. I needed to pack things, take a shower and go. I grabbed the huge duffle bag from the top shelf in our closet and started pulling things off of the hanger. Maybe I’d go stay with a friend? Go see my mom? I’d figure it out while in the car. I jumped into the shower and put on a pair of leggings, a t shit and a denim jacket as well as a pair of booties. I let my hair air dry as I put the last things I needed in my bag.

“What am I forgetting?” I look around and land on my bed side table. A picture of G and I from a couple of months ago sat there. Our happy faces looking at one another, I go towards the table and pick up the sunglasses in front of the picture and grab my bag. I get out into the living room when I see Gerald standing there. I couldn’t believe it, how had he come back so quickly? If I had just left a litle bit earlier…

“W-What are you doing here?” I ask confused and he quickly takes off his glasses and looks at my bag behind me. 

“I came here looking for you, I don’t remember what I did but I knew it wasn’t good. I hurt you, I know that. I can feel that.” Gerald holds onto his chest and he steps closer making myself shift. 

“I don’t know who you were last night, you weren’t Gerald. You weren’t my boyfriend.” I state and his expression is full of regret and I can see that. 

“I did a lot of stuff, stuff I’m not proud of. It wasn’t me you’re right, it’s an image. You know how it is.” He shrugs and I scoff. 

“Are you kidding? Throwing a bottle at me was just your image? Just trying to impress the guys? You sat there with a girl on your lap and then accused me of cheating!” I yell as he sighs. 

“Fuck, I know. I get, I mean I got jealous. You mean so fucking much to me Y/N and I’m not the worlds best boyfriend. Clearly. I know you deserve better and I’m just waiting for the day you realize it and leave me.” Gerald admits and I turn away so he can’t see the tears. 

“I love you, whether you believe it or not. I do, and I truly know that. Please, don’t leave me.” Gerald reaches your hand and you let him take it. 

“I need you.” He continues and pulls you closer and closer. 

“You broke my heart.” I say and he holds the back of my neck so I was tightly against his chest before lifting my chin up to him. 

“And I’ll never forgive myself for it. Please, forgive me.” Gerald starts to lean in and a debate errupts through my head. 

“Okay. I forgive you.” Gerald’s lips crash onto mine, the feeling so foreign. I hadn’t seen or kissed him in months but this was worth the wait. 

“Should we fly back to Palm Springs?” G asks as he pulls away.

“No, I just want you here.” I smile and kiss his lips once more.

 We loved each other, through thick and thin.

Authors Note: Well hope you enjoyed! If you have any requests please feel free to shoot me a message! Or any feedback would be rad! Thanks so much for reading and liking Part One as well! Means so much! 

Everyone’s got lovely stories about their first night at Starfleet Academy. One evening on the Enterprise, they all share.

Uhura found her room after getting slightly lost and met Gaila for the first time. Gaila greeted her with a smile, a hug, and a bottle of wine. They spent the evening setting up their beds and discussing cohabitation rules until they were tipsy, then they just chatted.

Chekov had been given a solitary room for his first year cos he was so much younger than anyone else in Starfleet that year. When he got in after his last orientation class he spent twenty minutes setting up a 3D skype call with his family, then spent three hours telling them everything that had happened.

At the end of Scotty’s first day he took all his books to a nearby pub to read through them. However, the pub turned into a karaoke bar at 8pm, so he didn’t get as much work as he wanted done, but he grooved hard.

Spock went straight to his room and checked for any correspondence from Vulcan. His mother had emailed insisting that he go for a walk down the main road and buy something he didn’t need instead of staying in his room doing homework. Spock found a lovely tea shop and purchased a cup that did nothing more than the cup he had brought with him, but he liked the design. His mother was overjoyed.

Sulu walked in the door of his apartment and was immediately hugged by Ben. Sulu told him that he’d had a good day, but he just wanted to hear Ben talk for a while. Ben discussed his day, then casually mentioned the cheesecake he’d bought to celebrate and further conversation was halted until they had cake.

Jim, however, still resents Bones for their first night together. Jim had been waiting excitedly for Bones to turn up, he’d spoken to reception and requested McCoy as his roommate because atleast this guy didn’t seem so starry eyed. He barely knew if he wanted to be in starfleet himself.
He had been sitting on his bed reading a physics book, looking up hopefully everytime there was a noise outside the door.
Finally, McCoy walked in. He looked at Jim, grunted a greeting, then dropped his gear on his bed.
“Why are you watching me?” Had been McCoy’s first words that evening.
“Don’t you remember me!?” Jim had faked being hurt, unable to believe the man didn’t recognise him.
“…should I?”
“You gave me whisky, told me you were divorced, then threw up on me this morning!”
McCoy studied him for a moment. “Oh, it’s you. I gotta go, I’ll see you later. Please wear pants.”
McCoy left. Jim aggressively didn’t wear pants.

Love songs - Jamie Benn

Requested by anon: Hi! I don’t know if you take this kind of requests but could you an imagine of Jamie Benn + ‘Shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran (whatever it inspires you). If you don’t feel comfortable it’s ok, keep up the good work

A/N: Hello! First of all, I’m sorry it took so long, I’ve been busy and I haven’t had time to write as many imagines as I’d like. I’m a huge Ed Sheeran fan and I was so excited about writing this imagine out… it didn’t turn out the way I expected it, but I hope you still like it. Thanks for requesting it!

Word count: 1217

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol. Fluff.

Master list

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Jamie pops open the bottle of red wine we have been saving for this occasion.

“Can’t believe we are opening it, to be honest.” He confesses and I look at him, almost offended.

“Why do you say that?” I wonder, sitting on the couch watching him.

We got the bottle in France during our trip around Europe last summer; Jamie had been crushed after Playoffs and we decided to fly away and get our heads off of it for a while. Our last stop was Paris and as a present I had bought him a bottle of wine for when he won his first Stanley Cup.

“I just never thought my name would be on the Stanley Cup.” He answers, looking at the big trophy sitting on our coffee table.

The Stars’ season has been rocky to say the least. Making it to Playoffs seemed like a wild dream at the beginning of March, but somehow they made it. Playoffs were a new start, and they went out there to win the Cup… and they did. Against all the odds and expectations, they won the Cup.

The last days have been absolutely insane, going from celebration to celebration, party after party, interview after interview. Tonight is the first night we have for ourselves… and the Cup, because the captain was the first one to get to hang up with the Cup.

“Well… I’ve always thought that your name will be there, among the best players on history.” He seems pleased with my words, because he leans in and kisses me.

“It’s a good thing that my girlfriend believes I could move the Moon if I wanted to.” He laughs and I slap his thigh.

Jamie turns around to grab the glasses for the wine, but his eyes get stuck on the Stanley Cup. I read up his mind before he can command his body to move.

“Don’t do it, Jamie. Do not do it.” I articulate and he grins, before pouring half of the bottle on the Stanley Cup.

“Champions drink from the Cup, baby.” He grabs it from the bottom and lifts it up, bringing it to his lips and drinking straight from it… and pouring half of the red liquid down his shirt.

“You are an idiot.” I mutter, getting on my feet and pouring myself a glass of wine.

He lays the trophy on the table and wraps his arms around my waist, his stained chest against my back. I roll my eyes and take a sip of wine.

“I hope you have time to take your shirt and my dress to the dry cleaner tomorrow.” I say when he rests his head on my shoulder.

“I have all the time of the world, my love.” He mutters, making me smile.

“This is nice, you know…” He gives me a confused look and I elaborate for him, “I’m just so proud of you.”

“Dance with me.” He whispers and I raise an eyebrow.

Jamie was known for being an incredible hockey player, but he couldn’t dance to save his life. Tyler is still teasing Jamie about the Stars Insider episode where they had a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contest. Jamie came up last.

“C’mon, don’t look at me like that.” He complains and I chuckle, turning around in his arms and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Alright, let’s dance.” I whisper and he smiles big before kissing me.

Jamie knows how much I love music, so he had installed a sound system around the house for my birthday. We controlled it with our phones and we could play music around the house, from the bathroom to the backyard.

“What should we dance to?” he wonders and I laugh.

“Surprise me, Champion.” I challenge him and he pulls out his phone from his back pocket.

“I think I got it.” He says, showing me the screen. It is a playlist named ‘(y/n)’.

“You have a playlist with my name on it?” I ask stupidly, “of course he does, he is showing it to you, dummy” I scowl myself, but I don’t mouth a word.

“I’ve spent so much time on the road, sometimes I need something that reminds me of what I have at home.” He explains and I nod.

He hits play and ‘T-shirt’ by Thomas Rhett comes up. I laugh about it, letting him spin me around and pretty much being fools and having fun. Jamie grabs the bottle of wine from the table, taking a sip from it and handed it to me to do the same.

“Alright, alright…” I say, still laughing about Jamie’s moves, “what’s next?”

He pulls out his phone and hitting next. ‘Shape of you’ by Ed Sheeran starts playing and I snort.

“Are all the songs on the playlist about my body and sex and having me naked?” I ask him and he gives me an offended look.

“That’s what you think about me, sweetheart?” He answers me with another question.

“Then explain it to me, because that’s what it seems.” I reply and he shakes his head, pulling me closer to him.

“Alright… well, ‘T-shirt’ reminds me of all those times when we were going out and you would stay over. I always thought that you wearing my clothes was the only way I had to ‘claim’ you as mine” he air quotes claim and I nod, encouraging him to continue, “so I’d let you take them home and never get them back.”

“Okay… Mr. I-am-deeper-than-I-let-everyone-see.” He chuckles at his new title, “what about ‘shape of you’?”

“Have you ever listened it?” He asks and I nod, “that song is the soundtrack of the beginning of our relationship.  The way we met at that bar, I was with the guys after than big win against the Blues and you were there with your friends. The moment I saw you I knew I wanted you. We danced and the guys were chirping so much about how bad I was, but you shushed them and encourage me to keep going.”

Now, take my hand stop

Put Van the Man on the jukebox

And then we start to dance.

I look down, biting my lower lip to stop myself from crying. I knew Jamie loved me, but I didn’t know how much he treasures our memories together.

“And then you agreed to go on a date with me and everything went so wrong and we ended up in that diner waiting for a cab because my car broke down, and you ordered the biggest burger they had and I just thought ‘wow, I was born to be with this girl’. We talked about everything and nothing and then you agreed to come home with me and I just couldn’t believe that a goddess like you wanted to spend time with me…”

We talk for hours and hours

About the sweet and the sour

And how your family’s doing ok

“I want to spend all my time with you, Jamie.” I cut him off and he smiles, running his finger down my cheek and catching the happy tears falling from my eyes.

“And I want to you feel like every love song talks about us.”

Every day discovering something brand new

I’m in love with the shape of you.

Volleyball- Connor McDavid

Originally posted by mcdraii

Ok so not going to lie… I’m ignoring the NHL. Ovi’s going to the Olympics, so everyone’s going! (Yes no I got the notification too, just ignoring it!) So this has a smut at the end, but I marked it so it gets a little hot, but you can read up until the divider or you can skip it! Whatever makes you comfortable! So if you don’t want to continue, up next: Sidney Crosby Mom and Dad part 4!

Warning: mentions of fights, smut under the second divider!

@astilinski24 Request: Could you do a Connor Mcdavid imagine where you secretly join a volleyball team again and you get asked to play for Canada and he gets mad you didn’t tell him and then you argue and things get heated . If you do smut maybe end with a smut


              You hadn’t expected to get this far to be honest.

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[Translation] 100% SKE48 vol.1 Saito Makiko x Makino Anna

This interview is interesting…no…it’s precious.

We all think that Makiko is the most appropriate to be captain of SKE but It’s actually not easy for Makiko herself. And Anna-sensei, the person who gave birth to SKE, kindly(?) advised Makiko for that. LOL

I love how Anna-sensei taught them. If it was someone else, not Anna-sensei in that day, SKE wouldn’t be like this today.

Their bond, their passion, their story…it’s so good to know and support this group.

On that day, Saito Makiko’s facial expression showed a bit of nervousness.

However, she still smiled.

That’s right, Makiko didn’t know the true meaning of this.

The confrontation with the creator who gave life to SKE48, Makino Anna, after this.

It’s the way Makiko can’t escape.

Captain Saito Makiko, the first time is the greatest challenge.

No escape match, winner determined in 90 minutes.

Beginning of fortune

- Today, we would like to invite Makiko-san who was appointed as captain in March to meet with Anna-sensei once, that’s why we arrange this interview.

CP: Thank you.

Anna-sensei: Please take care of me. Captain…you mean captain of the whole SKE48?

CP: Yes.

Anna-sensei: Oh!!

- But this new captain can’t even meet eyes with Anna-sensei *laugh*

Anna-sensei: Yeah, she doesn’t look at me at all.

CP: That’s not it. I am looking!

- Though you say that but you don’t look *laugh* So firstly, please introduce how come we have an interview this time. Captain, please.

CP: it started from 2 and a half minutes clip in Team E “Te wo tsunaginagara” stage. In DOCUMENTARY of SKE48 two years ago, there was also this scene; the scene that Anna-sensei was teaching us ‘Pinocchio Gun’

- The one that Anna-sensei yelled at (Matsui) Rena-san “your expression is too plain!” “don’t do things halfway!”, right? That scene is well-known to SKE fans.

CP: I was told that I have to say these famous lines in 2 and a half minutes clip.

- It was noon stage of May.9 last year. What you wanted to say is “you were asked to do”, right?

CP: That’s right. So, it’s not my fault.

Anna-sensei: Hahahaha

CP: I was just acting according to the script.

Anna-sensei: About this, I already knew it for long time from fans’ report in Twitter.

CP: *stunned*

Anna-sensei: I also watched the clip after that. You really did it halfway.

CP: Hahaha

- Though you were saying “Don’t do things halfway!” *laugh*

Anna-sensei: If you want to do it, you should do it exaggeratedly, make people laugh. For this, you made it looked kind of awkward.

CP: I’m sorry…

- Then, another mockery in 2 and a half minutes clip of Jun.12.

CP: it was not mockery! I just went with the flow!

Anna-sensei: Was it all staff’s thought?

CP: Yes!

Anna-sensei: For me, I thought that if it was Makiko, she would go against it for sure. “Anna-sensei said it honestly, let’s not play with it”

CP: …..*lower her head*

- Didn’t you argue?

CP: …No. I’m just realized now that I could argue…

Anna-sensei: Hahahaha

- Have you got in touch after that?

Anna-sensei: We met once in Rena’s graduation concert?

CP: Yes, we came across at backstage. I hadn’t started using Twitter at that time. I got a grasp of Anna-sensei’s reaction from internet. So, when I ran into her, I felt like “she found me…” *laugh*

 Anna-sensei: I was thinking that we might need to talk on the stage.

- The script that day was Rena-san fell during “Pinocchio Gun” and Anna-sensei came out to surprise.

Anna-sensei: That was when I saw Makiko but that was Rena’s graduation concert. If I had got even with Makiko, it would’ve looked inappropriate. Then, I came across Makiko backstage, I thought “I will settle it here”

- Wow! “settle it here” !?

Anna-sensei: I just wanted it to be a bit more interesting. *laugh*

CP: Fufufu

- You also wrote on Twitter “confront directly”

Anna-sensei: Because fans really enjoyed it.

- That’s why you wrote the solution on New Year stage “overthrow Anna!”, right?

CP: Yes. *smile*

Anna-sensei: Was there something like that?

CP: If I wrote something like “moving forward” it would be too boring. When I was thinking what I should write, I talked with Manager-san and finally decided to write that but…

Anna-sensei: But what?

CP: My hand was shaken that I almost couldn’t write it down *laugh*

- You must be afraid to really write it down.

Anna-sensei: About “overthrow Anna!”, can you explain the details how you plan to do it?

CP: *obviously inarticulate* th..this, “overthrow” is…

Anna-sensei: Um, what is it?

CP: it…is “victory”

Anna-sensei: How do you think you will gain it?

CP: er…about that…how will I gain it?

- It may not be good to know. *laugh*

CP: What I wrote was only for fun…

Anna-sensei: No, no, you must be clear. I accepted your challenge.

CP: It’s not like that. That time, I never thought that there would be an interview like this. I was just kidding, really.

Anna-sensei: I also want to try saying “I lost”

- Sensei, saying “I lost” would mean getting “overthrown”, right?

CP: Right.

- For example, if you could make Sensei feel “recently, SKE48 is superb” or “Makiko is doing a great job as captain”, would this mean “overthrow”?

Anna-sensei: That’s what I hope for.

- Moreover, if Makiko-san order “Sokutatsu Nama” (Beer brand that Makiko was chosen as presenter) and deliver to Anna-sensei’s home…

Anna-sensei: That’s how to completely “overthrow Anna” *laugh*

Why Saito Makiko?

- Next, let’s talk about Makiko’s goals and visions as captain.

CP: Of course, there are a lot.

Anna-sensei: Oh! I want to hear it.

CP: For SKE48, it’s got insecure since members graduated one after another. It’s quite complicated. Moreover, captain was changed and new system began for the first time in 2 years. I don’t know what it means that they chose me. Why not 1st gen like Jurina-san or Masana-san?

- Have you found the answer yet?

CP: I still haven’t got the clear answer but maybe, I just think too much to be in charge. Though I wanted to think “it’s just a title” but they announced in such a huge venue. It’s heavy to endure.

- seems like you are still confused. Then, what about visions?

CP: Surely, great performance is SKE48’s image. However, even though seniors have set the goal to catch up and surpass AKB48, but now it’s blurry either it’s good or bad.

- Just when did you feel it?

CP: These past 3-4 years. But, I don’t know what I should do with this blurriness. I don’t know what is the right answer. When I entered (in 2009), there was only Team S. The Team S at that time gave out professional image. It’s like “they are incredible, I wanna be great like them” I think THAT is the true SKE48.

- In other words, you want that image to be more distinctive, right?

CP: That’s right. There are tons of groups in and outside this country. Now, there are also 46 groups. Only this image that I don’t want it to fade away. Members have changed, surroundings have changed, so it’s very difficult to make it. Most members who were there at that time are left. If people say “all that has already passed” then, it can’t be helped.

- About the current SKE48, Anna-sensei, what do you think?

Anna-sensei: Not long ago, I still taught them dancing for the single. But, when lesson’s over, I didn’t talk with them much. For 1st gen, I taught them by myself since the beginning. So, they remember my words, for example, “You need to it through. If there were no other sister groups, how’d you want to compete with AKB48. The answer to this question will lead you the way” “To surpass AKB48, what do you need to do…isn’t it heading fully forward in this road?” something like that. I said these things and taught them for 2 weeks. If they wanted to be good enough to stand on stage within that short period, they needed to squeeze out their power. Anyways, that’s the only thing I could do for them. Would they still go all out? or would they still head towards the same goal after that? I couldn’t say.  

- There were only 1st gen when you teach them, right?

Anna-sensei: What I want to hear from Makiko is “How everybody wants SKE48 to be now”. To be honest, when I was watching them on TV, I couldn’t get the point at all. I’m afraid that, for people, they couldn’t tell now which is AKB48, which is SKE48. SKE48 is the group that every member built up. I really want to know how everyone thinks about it, how do you want to shape this group. The future of this group depends on this. But, I still can’t see it right now.

CP: …*listen quietly*

Anna-sensei: I wonder if you guys ever think about this.

- Makiko-san, how would you say?

CP: The ones on TV were only Senbatsu. I wasn’t there so I didn’t know how everybody thinks. Leaving TV program aside, our performance on stage is also different from the past. It may come from different motivation of each member. However, is SKE48 pride only at the theater? Everyone also thinks about it but um…

Anna-sensei: How is SKE48 at the theater?

CP: The current Team E stage is “Te wo tsunatsuginagara” I could only talk (to members) about performance, so I want to talk out all of it.

Anna-sensei: Then, everybody follows when Makiko says or everybody knows themselves well, which is it?

CP: Even when I’m not there, everybody does it well.

Anna-sensei: Then, what about in concert?

CP: In concert, there are a lot of positions and movements that we need to remember, how we should show to audience…just doing these things right is exhausting enough, especially for Kenkyusei.

Anna-sensei: That’s so? There are lots of details that need to be perfect, right? And what entity are you to SKE48?

CP: um…how should I put it?

Anna-sensei: No matter what, I think since you are chosen as captain, it must mean something to SKE48. For example, you can fulfill something that SKE48 lacks or you can lead everyone the way. If it’s like that, what do you have right now? What makes you confident that you would never lose to anyone?

CP: …*tears fall down*

Anna-sensei: For example, though you have never got into Senbatsu but you didn’t run away. You stay and continue to try your best. Or maybe, it’s your love for the group. I can’t always be watching you and can’t go to theater every day, but from what fans and you told me, I think that might be the reason you are chosen. Because no matter what position you are in, you do it without hesitation. This is the meaning of choosing you as captain.

CP: …*quiet*

- After hearing what Anna-sensei said, what do you think?

CP: …I’m not good enough to say I’m right. I’m not confident that I can be model for anyone. So, when I was chosen as captain, I was very worried. Now, I still can’t say that I understand SKE48 wholly. I also don’t know what is the right answer. But, since I got title “Captain”, I have been thinking if I was asked “What do you want to do from now on?”, I would just lightly answer something nice.

Anna-sensei: That depends on how you express yourself. The most important is that you need to show your true self. You are captain, not superman. No one chose you to be captain just because they expect that you can do everything. “Though I want to improve the group, but I don’t know what to do” just you said that is good. I’m a teacher so I could speak rulingly, but Makiko is one of the members, you couldn’t speak like that. I think everyone pays more attention to your actions than words. No matter how nice you talk, no matter members listen to you or not, if only Makiko can show them your true self, do it with all your might, show them that you do your best for the sake of this group, it will work out well. If you say “I can do it” just to be cool, it won’t reach people regardless of your facial expression. Strengths or weaknesses, just show them. The thing is will you be able to dedicate your heart and soul to it. It’s okay if you don’t feel confident. Anyone would feel worry being like you. Makiko who is always worried is gorgeous.

CP: …yes. (soft voice)  

Anna-sensei: Anyway! Don’t run away! Never do nothing just because you have no confidence. It’s because you have no confidence, you have to do something.

CP: …yes. (soft voice)

Dare to show yourself

- Many days have passed since you became captain. Have you talked with members yet?

CP: I realized that I’ve been forced myself to smile, to be friendly with everyone all along.

- Why is that?

CP: The first job since I became captain was Great East Japan earthquake memorial stage on Mar.11. We hold this stage every year. It’s quite important for us but I still felt that some members didn’t take it seriously. For example, we normally do manicure and hairdressing before stage. That’s not a problem, but on Mar.11, there were a lot more important things to do, weren’t it? Some of them didn’t realize about this. If this happened in the past, I would warn them. But I’m captain now. If I am too fussy with them, they may think “are you trying to be captain”. I was afraid that they would look at me like that. I also have script to remember that day, so I just let go. At that moment, I realized that it must be difficult for me to take care all members.

- In the end, you didn’t say what you wanted to say. You may feel useless, right?

CP: It’s a huge problem to me. I couldn’t figure out. After stage ended, I cried out at the side of the stage. My tears fell nonstop…I heard someone said “eh? Where’s Makiko?” that’s when I knew they were searching for me. But my body wouldn’t move, I sat there at the no.1 side of stage for an hour. *laugh*

- You sat there at the no.1 all along? *laugh*

CP: That time, I can profoundly feel my weakness. I was so worried that I didn’t know if works will go smoothly after that.

- Did any member know about you crying?

CP: No. If they didn’t ask staff-san, I don’t think they would know. Actually, I don’t want juniors to see me like that.

Anna-sensei: You are also a member yet you have to be responsible to lead others. It’s quite tough and lonely. I was also like that. When I was a member of SUPER MONKEY’S yet I had to teach others. To teach them, I had to perfect myself first. There were a lot of pressure. And I’m also afraid whether they will hate me. However, we have to be brave to be hated, otherwise, you can’t change anything. Nowadays, I’m also like that. Scolding others is like hurting myself at the same time. But, for having said these harsh words, isn’t it because of love?

CP: …(listen quietly)

Anna-sensei: Up until now, before entering practice room, I still have to tell myself “If these kids can grow, it’s okay if they hate me” besides, if only you show your exertion, they will understand someday. If you do it halfway, you’d better not start. Since you already decided to do, you have to do it completely. Although I’m 44 years old now, but I’m still shaken when I scold someone. But Makiko, you are only at this age, you became captain. It must be painful to scold others. Even Takamina, she also feels painful. Everybody is the same. But! No matter what, you have to do it. Even me, sometimes when I thought of something before bed, I also regret “I shouldn’t have said that”

CP: …(listen quietly)

Anna-sensei: From now, Makiko will grow little by little to be the true captain, right? You need to learn these things by yourself. You might fall, you might cry, you might be discouraged, 1 step forward 3 steps backward, but doing it again and again will help Makiko learns to be captain. It’s normal to fail at first, but you have to concentrate.

CP: …Yes.

Anna-sensei: The more you overcome difficulties, the more you grow. When Makiko dare to take captain position, your performance, your expression, the meaning of your existence in this group have all changed. Not many people got this opportunity. Even if you fail, just doing your best is enough! Even if you fall, just getting up on your feet is enough! If you already went all out but still can’t get it, that’s not your fault, it’s the people who chose you.

- That’s right because you are chosen.

Anna-sensei: Besides, if they see Makiko’s effort, there will surely be comrades who are willing to walk with you.

- There already are, right? You also went for dinner with members. Did you guys talk about the group?

CP: Um…come to think of it, maybe not. I don’t know how to talk with them about this. I’m afraid our opinions are much different…  

Anna-sensei: That’s because Makiko still haven’t show your true self. Just speak up your mind straightforward, that kid will understand. When it becomes like this, everyone would think “Makiko puts this much effort, I have to support her” Only this way that can draw more and more people to come together with you. The real fight hasn’t started yet. Everyone only communicates in general, not to get hated.

The important thing in this world

- Let’s get back to previous topic, how did you feel when they announce you as captain?

CP: …

- Looked like you were so happy that you cried.

CP: No…it’s not like that. Since Sae-san announced graduation in last December, there were expectation from every direction. Yet, I felt very deeply that I can’t take it. The moment I heard announcement, I thought “ahh it became true” my legs got weak.

- I’m sorry, seems like I misunderstood. *laugh*

Anna-sensei: However, you still don’t feel that you are captain, right? I can tell just by looking at your face today.

CP: …I’m sorry *smile*

Anna-sensei: You still haven’t reach the point that “I will do it!” Makiko, I’m telling you something, don’t think about “can or cannot”, think “will or will not” Right now, you don’t feel “I will do it!” at all. Throw the fear away, it’s okay even if you fail. You have to decide whether you will or will not do it. From my experience, if only we think “I will do it no matter what!”, you can do it. If you keep “I will do it no matter what!” in mind, but still do nothing. That’s failure. If only you overcome your mind, you can do it. When I look you in the eye, I still can’t find that determination. You haven’t looked me in the eye and said “I will change SKE48!” yet, right?

CP: …*keep her head down*

Anna-sensei: If you don’t have that kind of determination, you will be troubled. You will be in anxiety all the time.

- Then, let’s take this chance to turn on the switch. I think members and fans are by your side.

CP: Um…

Anna-sensei: Makiko, why do you keep being reluctant like that?

- There’s still something you keep inside and you haven’t spoken up yet, right? This is the chance.

Anna-sensei: you are thinking of graduation? Is that it?

CP: I “thought” about it. I wonder how long can I be SKE48. It’s always in my head.

Anna-sensei: Is that so? Yet, you become captain at this time, you may not be able to go all out. On the contrary, if you graduate, what do you want to do?

CP: I absolutely love singing and dancing. Though I hope to get into Senbatsu, but it doesn’t matter that much anymore. Even though I’m not sure that I can make a living after leaving SKE48, I still want to give it a shot. So, I thought that I may graduate by this year…

Anna-sensei: From what I feel when I look at you now, you are still too young to struggle outside SKE48.

CP: …

Anna-sensei: If you want to be on your own, you have to grab every opportunity. You must have motivation and courage, or else, you will fail. In this industry, although capability is important, in the very end, it’s faith. No matter what happens, you need to be optimistic. That’s what we call strength. With this thought, the current Makiko is still weak, but you’ve already got the chance to be stronger, haven’t you? Being a captain, getting to do more things, these experiences will be your asset for the next step. You may feel tired with works nowadays, it’s natural. But, there are precious things that will help you grow hiding in these works. Just like Akimoto Sayaka and Sae-chan, “even if it’s complicated, even if surroundings don’t give me favor, I still try my best” so, let’s take it as practice. No matter when Makiko decide to leave, the thing you must have from now on is not dancing skill but living a life.

CP: …*listen quietly*

Anna-sensei: The battle in entertainment world is completely different from ordinary world. So, if you think about your life after graduation, now is a good opportunity. It can’t be that you don’t go through it. In other words, if you graduate without achieving anything as captain, that’s “running away”

CP: …*cry* Yes.

Anna-sensei: It’s okay. Though you fail, it will make you stronger. Just think of it as doing for your own future! Understood?

CP: Yes.

- Experience you gain today is the way to success in the future.

Anna-sensei: Do your best!!

CP: Hahaha *smile comes back*

- Let’s proceed with what you wrote in New year’s stage “overthrow Anna!”

CP: Er…maybe, I can’t *laugh*

- Then, let me conclude Anna-sensei’s words here “Makiko, don’t do things halfway”

Anna-sensei: Hahahaha

CP: Fufufu I’m sorry.

- Makiko-san mocked the word “Don’t do things halfway” and now you got paid back like 10 times.

CP: Hahahaha

- Today is such a meaningful day *laugh* next, let me take a photo of you two…

CP: Let me fix my make-up first! *laugh* Sensei, Thank you so much for today.

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With regards to feeding cats and other carnivorous pets, when/if the world goes vegan, we are going to have to confront the ethical implications of "pets" in general. It's a thorny issue but I think the concept of pet ownership is problematic in and of itself (I don't think we have the true right to own or completely control other sentient beings even if we do try to put their best interests first) But that is something further down the road, we need to fix the state we're in first.

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For the ship thing: Saphael

*heart eyes* THANK YOU
(I don’t know if it’s my headcanons for AU or canon, but it doesn’t matter really)

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses: Raphael gives Simon forehead kisses, Simon gives Raphael nose kisses. Raphael does this almost every time he passes busy with anything Simon. Simon does this every time he sees Raphael smiles. Amen for that. 
  • Gets jealous the most: Raphael is the queen of being jealous. And he gets jealous about EVERYONE. Clary. Izzy. Jace. Some guy asking Simon what time is it. Postman. It doesn’t matter. He is very insecure in “I know that Simon is the cutest person ever and everyone wants be near him but he’s mine” way. Simon always laughs at that and knows things because of which Raphael forgets why was he mad.
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: I love the idea of Magnus dragging Raphael out sometimes and two of them getting smashed, arguing which boyfriend is better. Alec with Simon need to take care of them afterwards and sending funny pictures of their loved ones to each other.
  • Takes care of on sick days: Simon. Because he always think that, even if Raphael has normal flu, he’s going to die. And he takes it too seriously, not allowing the man to even get up without help. That’s why Raphael hates being sick. Of course, he loves when Simon takes care of him, but not in that panicked way.
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: My headcanon is that in every AU Raphael LOVES sun. And loves hot weather and beaches and everything he can’t have in canon. And I believe Simon doesn’t like swimming (maybe because he can’t) and Raphael always drags him knowing too well they’ll have a lot of fun anyway. And they have, every time.
  • Gives unprompted massages: Raphael. He knows he’s good with his hands and Simon knows it even more, and every time Raphael gives him massages he forgets about entire world and can’t control himself and his voice, so Raphael likes to use this fact to shut Simon up.
  • Drives/rides shotgun: Simon. Raphael loves driving and Simon loves playing with music and air conditioning. He also can’t concentrate too much in one thing, so he needs to be occupied by something more than looking at road before him.
  • Brings the other lunch at work: They are both the same bad at remember about eating, but more Raphael remind Simon about it, like in series. Simon has sometimes worse days, when he don’t want to eat, so then Raphael needs to persuade him he needs to. And he know how to do this.
  • Has the better parental relationship: None of them. It’s only my headcanon, but I always imagine Simon’s mother being, at the same times, too controlling and not taking enough interest in Simon’s life, and his father isn’t even in his life. As we all know, even when Raphael loves his mother, she’s not the best person in the entire universe. So I don’t think any of them has healthy relationship with parents.
  • Tries to start role-playing in bed: Hm… tough one. Even if I don’t think it’s their thing, I guess Simon would want to try. And Raphael, of course, agrees with his favourite person in the entire universe. And it doesn’t end well. But they tried, right?
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer: HAHAHA, that’s Simon one. For sure. I know Raphael knows how to dance, and drunk Raphael does this even better, but lemme tell you about Simon trying to do pirouettes while drunk. Or moonwalk. Alec and Clary has entire videos collection about SImon dancing.
  • Still cries watching Titanic: They both do, but I guess Raphael would be the one who tries to hide it, and Simon just cries in Raphael’s sleeve for entire ending. They both hate this movie. But watches it every time they can.
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes: Of course it’s Simon. And I stand by my headcanon that they’re both comic nerds, so it’s always some pairing from new superheroes movie or comic. Every time before costume party they have the same row about Raphael being like “NO I WON’T WEAR THIS” and Simon pleading (or laughing). Then Raphael always ends with “that stupid costume” and states he would never do this again. And he does, of course.
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: Simon is offended first time Raphael buys him something expensive on their first christmas. Simon is creative person, who loves DOING presents and loving receiving ones. Raphael never does the same misteake twice.
  • Makes the other eat breakfast: If it goes about breakfast, it’s Simon who makes Raphael eat at the morning. Raphael is always busy at the morning and sometimes just forgets about something so mundane like eating. But Simon reminds him. Every day. 
  • Remembers anniversaries: They both do. Their relationship is so important for both of them that they always remember. And, because most of the times, they comes up to the ideas on celebrating that anniversaties at the same time, they decides it’s better when they’ll choose which one will do stuff at this particular day (if you know what that means)
  • Brings up having kids: Okay. So I think Simon wants to have kids from the beginning, but he knows it’s not so simple with Raphael, so he gives this time, a lot of time, but sometime just reminds Raphael there is something like kids in the world. And one day they’re doing something together and Raphael sees one big, happy family and feels warm inside, just thinking about him and Simon being able to show some smol bby the world. So he just says “I want us to be a family with kids”. And Simon just cries from happiness. And they have kids. And they are happy. Everyone is happy. Yes.


Send me a ship :3

I got tagged by @speedymomentum and @itsdanystormborn for this meme. Thank you!! 

Relationship status: Single–largest romantic experience of my life was writing a 51 chapter Nalu fanfiction and tbh this will probably be true for my entire existence.

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick

Last song I listened to: Hmm… I think “Your Smiling Face” by James Taylor. Needed something happy and cute. Or maybe “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart?

Last movie I saw: The Road to El Dorado!! In my friend’s dorm room with buddies drinking iced coffee. Pretty solid pastime. 

Favorite color: Electric blue!

Top 3 shows: Yikes. Um. Okay, I’ll separate shows and anime. Top three shows are probably Avatar: The Last Airbender, Stranger Things, and Merlin. Top three anime… damn. Um. Might have to do top four–can’t leave out any of these. Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Inuyasha, and Magi.

Top 3 characters: Sinbad from Magi, who wins most interesting and attractive character award. Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail, who wins most adorable and inspiring character award. Aaaand… Probably have to go with Percy Jackson, who wins most relatable and smartass character award.

Top 3 ships: Nalu, Inukag, and Percabeth! I have so many others that I adore (Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza, Mirsan, Sinseren, Alimor, Alakou, Edwin, Bellarke, etc) but those take the cake. 

I tag @rivendell101, @wordsofawitheringwriter, and @mslead (she just crawled back to tumblr after God knows how long where the hell have you been mother hi)

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Wait, my mistake. I meant #10 or #11 with Roman.

Haha, no worries, I got you! I gave you #11. I hope you like it!!!

#11 “I didn’t know your voice went that high! I should scare you more often!”

You picked up Roman from the airport, what felt like, not too long ago. He was coming home early from the Australia tour because he got hurt. Luckily, it wasn’t anything too serious, but he was gonna be out for the next month. He hurt his shoulder first by hitting the ring post and then the spear afterwards made it worse. Like a good girlfriend, you did what you could to help him get through this past month and in return, you got to spend a lot more time with him.

Roman seemed to enjoy the extra time you spent together too…like a lot more than he should have. On top of the extra sex you had, he suddenly caught the prank bug and he was pranking you left and right. You couldn’t help but be on your guard at all times because you always felt that there was something waiting for you.

The worst of it came a few days ago. In the garage, you had this clear mat that you used when moving in to keep extra dirt from tracking in the house and onto the carpet. You guys didn’t want to have to shampoo the carpet near the front door literally right after you move in. But anyway, this clear mat had little spikes in the bottom to keep it secure to the carpet. The little spikes weren’t sharp in the slightest, but if you were to step on it barefoot, it would hurt or at the very least startle you. So Roman had the great idea to pull this specific prank while you were in the shower.

Unknown to you, Roman had placed the mat upside down outside the bathroom door. He then proceeded to turn off the water heater so the water went cold and then used the breaker box to switch the power off to the bathroom and the hallway lights. And you did exactly what he wanted. You got out of the shower, grabbed your towel and went to leave the bathroom only to step on the mat, startling you (and hurting a bit) when you stepped on it, earning a scream. You heard Roman laughing from the other room.

You don’t know where this prank bug came from (normally, you two joined forces against Dean or Jimmy and/or Jey), but it had been irritating the crap out of you. Maybe he needed something to do while off the road and it was driving him crazy.

Considering that it’s October, the stores were already selling Halloween masks and such. If Roman wanted to prank you, you could prank him too.

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Mad Max won so many Oscars by being inclusive

Within Fury Road’s six categorical wins last night, five women received Oscars (though more than one person accepted an Oscar in four of the six Oscar wins). Costume designer Jenny Beavan and editor Margaret Sixel each received individual recognition. George Miller knew he needed their voices to make something revolutionary.

I wanted to publicly apologise to my new neighbours today, just in case I went a little too harsh on them when all they probably tried to do was to warmly welcome me to a new place. It was a horrible, horrible drive from the airport to here; Cutz tends to come out when I’m road raging, and I kind of lose control over her for a second or two…

Anyway, if I didn’t scare you off completely – hello and nice to meet ya! My name’s Gina and I’m, apparently, a road-rager. Feels good to say it out loud, actually. Maybe I do need some kind of anonymous road-raging group or something.

if theres one thing i dont understand about rping these days, its rps advertising themselves for months?? like i get the need to build hype and i know releasing bios takes time but im talking about rps releasing teasers but taking over a month to do that, then trying to get a certain amount of followers on the teaser blog / certain amount of notes on one of the teasers before they release the main, and not even having all of their bios written already on top of it so they have to take a couple of months or so to finish all of those. it seems v counterproductive to me bc the longer you take to do all of those things, the more people begin to lose interest in it bc youre literally taking months to release everything