needed some faberry in my blog

Need more Blogs to Follow

So I recently started a new multi-fandom blog and need some more people to follow. So please, if your blog revolves around the shows/otp’s, like or reblog, and I’ll check out your blog:

- The 100 (Clexa, my new OTP)
- Faberry (always my first OTP)
- Orphan Black
- OITNB (Love Pipex)
- Carmilla
- Game of Thrones
- Pretty Little Liars (love Emison)
- Faking it (more Karmy than Reamy, but don’t mind either)
- Legend of Korra (Korrasami)
- Once Upon a Time (Rumbelle specifically, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE CAPTAIN SWAN it is my NOTP of all time, but I don’t mind Swan Queen)
- NCIS (just Tiva though, do Tiva blogs still exists?)
- And lastly, anything Disney!