needed more screentime tbh

@dngrs-untld-hrshps-unnmbrd look! it took forever but i finally did it:

Being in cahoots with Variks:

  • Calling them “Eliksni”, no matter who you’re referring to. You stopped calling them “Fallen” a long time ago. 
  • Knowing the language. It took a long time and a lot of frustrated sighs from him but you actually managed. He still has to correct you from time to time, though.
  • Speaking to him only in his language. Firstly, because of practice and secondly, you sometimes don’t want others to understand.
  • He stopped referring to you as “Guardian” when you stopped saying “Fallen”. Your name sounds way too good out off his mouth with the purring accent.
  • He sometimes tells stories about how it was before the Whirlwind.
  • Hearing his purr all the time.
  • He gives the best hugs EVER. Full stop.
  • Cuddling. Eliksni are very fond of physical contact.
  • Sneaking into the reef so regularly that almost everyone knows your name by now.
  • Prison of Elders is always a bit easier for you.
  • You know a lot more about the Eliksni than the Vanguard does.
  • First call you get after the fall of the last city is from him, saying that the reef will always be your shelter.