needed more of her tbh


history meme (french edition)  →  5 women (2/5) Antoinette de Bourbon, duchess of Guise.

“Now aged 68, Antoinette presided over a sort of blue-bloodied crèche at Joinville with her daughters-in-law, where her young grandchildren were raised alongside other aristocratic children who had been placed there by parents eager to hitch their fortunes to the Guise star.” Stuart Carroll, Martyrs and Murderers, the Guise Family and the making of Europe

@thehedgewitches I think we can all agree that an all female welters team with marina, kady, julia, margo, and alice would be the most badass thing ever,, now all I need to do is draw julia in a welters uniform

reasons berúthiel doesn’t like elves: they’re immortal, they’re considered the pinnacle of beauty, they were given all the gifts that her people were denied, they were loved and protected by the valar when her people were left to suffer, they’re insufferably arrogant and patronizing as a general rule

reasons berúthiel likes elves: their little pointy ears remind her of cat ears


The Blacklist Rewatch: The Alchemist