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I find it funny people (me) have to put disclaimers when making jokes about Luke bc some people can’t take a joke or can’t sense sarcasm so they have to be blatantly told it’s a joke so they don’t start sending hate and or indirecting and making it into a bigger deal than the entire joke

An Autograph From Coupons

Max enjoyed the time she spent with Victoria, today was no different. Victoria sat across from her as they waited for Rachel to arrive so they could start on their assignment.

While waiting Max started to examine the room, it was massive.

I wonder why we need such a big room to ourselves… it’s not like we’re gonna take pictures of Rachel in every corner.

She began to hum along to the song Victoria was listening to. It was The Pantaloon.

Wowsers, that brings back memories… I like how I’ve progressed throughout the years… even if I’m the biggest self critique.

The opening door broke Max from her thoughts.

“Hey Rach, jeez you took forever.”

“Sorry but a model’s gotta arrive fashionably late and lookin’ sexy as hell.” Max stifled a giggle.

“Alright let’s get this going.” Victoria seemed to agree as she picked up her camera and told Rachel to stand in the far corner of the room. Max took this moment to take a picture of Rachel. After the picture was taken she immediately sent it to Chloe.

Chloe look it’s coupons!

Fuck you! I hope your camera breaks.

As if! Do you want me to get you an autograph from coupons?


Lol, ok talk to you later!

“Max are you even paying attention?!” Victoria hissed.

“W-What?” She looked at a very pissed Victoria and an amused Rachel.

“What’s the matter Maxi-pad? Texting your gf?”

Victoria’s nose cringed. There’s no way Max has a girlfriend… does she? Why do I care?!

“Whoa, Victoria are you alright? Your face is all red!” Victoria turned to see that Rachel and Max were staring at her.

Shit… I was inner monologuing my stupid feelings for this stupid doe eyed… beautiful hipster…fuck! “Uh… just thinking about something.” Rachel seemed to acknowledge why Victoria was acting the way she was which caused a wide grin to appear on her face.

“You jelly that Max is in a relationship?”

“N-No I’m not!”

“Whoa whoa time out, I-I never said I was in a relationship! I was just texting a friend!” Rachel eyed her suspiciously.

“Alriiiiighty, I’ll take your word for it.”

Victoria let out a breath she wasn’t even aware that she holding. Rachel smirked.

“Is somebody relieved that Max is still available?”

Of course, Victoria blew up and started antagonizing Rachel for the remark, Max had a laughing fit, and Chloe got her autograph from coupons a few days later.

(heeeello everyone, another small prompt for @skiretehfox ‘s 21 pirates au. I really like how this came out ‘u’) 

I was thinking about the anon I got earlier, and I have noticed a few people leaving / going on hiatuses. It is normal, but I’m hoping with the upcoming FE Echoes and FE Warriors, that more people will join the community. Not to mention the FE for the Switch that’ll be coming out next year, which will no doubt bring new people too.

now im rly sad bc im thinking about how dennis’ golden god complex really just stems from dennis knowing that nobody at school ever liked him and that he didn’t have a lot of friends and so he says everyone loves and worships him but he really doesn’t feel like anyone cares about him even the gang aka the only group of people he could ever be close to. so when they were all giving each other valentines and he never got anything obviously he was making a big deal about how he doesnt give a fuck about valentines day and how he doesnt need their valentines to know he’s worshipped or what the fuck ever but really he just felt like not even the gang cared about him as much as they cared for each other and that hurt him. and nOW mac is giving him a valentines day gift and not just anY gift but the one thing dennis really wanted and im crying because dennis just wants to be loved and mac loVES HIM AND DENNIS KNOWS IT

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Tv anon. To the people saying that 5h and Camila don't have the same opportunities, time will tell , why? Because right now is camila's time cause she's realising music first so I expect the same amount of publicity For 5h when the time comes, besides a promo for camila it's a promo for 5h and vice versa right now. And just let me add that I think 5h team is working with an underdog image for the girls. It worked back in the day, it's the perfect way to start their new era... Just saying.

Exactly. I have a few asks saying ‘but why are they only promoting C then’. It’s pretty obvious that this is C’s time to shine, and then it’ll be 5H. It’s all timing. And I think C needed the big push first because they need to establish her as a solo artist. And yeh the underdog image is a very interesting point. Also adds to the ‘powerful women marching forward’ type of thing

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could you ever date a girl who didn't like guns/was anti-gun?

I have before, and it’s not necessarily off the table- not liking guns and being “anti gun” are different things. Guns are going to be anywhere I live, point blank. As long as that’s not an issue then I don’t think her personal feelings on my firearms need to be that big of a deal if she isn’t a dick about it. I can tolerate pretty major points of political disagreement with most people, within certain bounds (I don’t date women who aren’t at least vaguely socialist, socdem, something significantly left of mainstream center left politics), as long as nobody is a dick.

My girl is also into shooting though, which makes me super happy!

hello, all.
so I need a big favor…

my sister in law just had a bad miscarriage recently, and is struggling with her grief…
&since I live far away, I can’t do much to comfort her and my brother.

I was hoping for any spell suggestions that could possibly help ease the pain and give them a bit of light during their dark time.

thank you so much for reading.
much love,

one of the reasons mental illness sucks so fucking much is because people around you can literally tell you again and again that they love you, that they think you’re cool and funny, that they support you in every way, that you’re talented or intelligent, and no matter how many times they say it you’ll always cringe and shake your head and say “no, no i’m not, really” but the SECOND someone says one bad thing about you, even just once. You believe it completely.