needed a new lock screen background


harry styles rolling stone photoshoot lockscreens

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It’s so easy to forget about a form of cleansing that is so relieving and fulfilling. Phone cleansing!

🌟-Clean off the screen, pop off the case and clean it out. Before you do this, trace a cleansing sigil on the screen with your finger then wipe it off.
🌟-Charge any sigils you keep in the case.
🌟-Pop it on the charger, let it charge to 100%. Additionally, making a cleansing sigil your lock screen for this.
🌟-Upload your photos and delete them. Or go through and delete the ones you don’t like.
🌟-Clean out your contacts. You don’t need that random person’s number anymore.
🌟-Get rid of ALL of those bubble notifications. All of them.
🌟-Rearrange your apps.
🌟-Unfollow/unfriend people on social media who you dislike, their content isn’t your thing anymore, or are downright toxic.
🌟-Change your wallpaper! It’s time for a new background.
🌟-Delete those apps you never use, they’re just wasting space.
🌟-Go through your notes, only keep the things you need.
🌟-Get a new phone case!
🌟-Narrow down your music selection to the things you actually listen to, add a couple new songs.

Here’s a normal looking guy.  Seems a little dazed by the first part of his ride on the Intake conveyor belt.  Hot little hoodies don’t look like much when they’re surrounded by police uniforms.  Hoodies are soft; badges are hard.  If the new dude has time to look around, he’ll see that every door is numbered or lettered, and locked, and every movement he makes is tracked by cameras and viewed on screens behind the doors.  The goal is to fit his weak, soft, dazed, white little body into its new concrete home.

The guy is still cuffed, and of course he needs a lot of guidance.  Nobody wants to touch a thing like him, so the Officers wear plastic. The one in the background—can you guess what he’s about to do?


tagged by @chanyeolingss for the lock/home screens + last song listened to tag ♡

ok but i was supposed to post this 7 hours ago but it sat in my drafts instead adhwoxn

background pictures aren’t mine, just edited and sized to fit my lockscreen! 바다 I had imported from the CD and downloaded into my phone and Spotify, but when I added the album art I didn’t realise it was LQ but avxjwj oh well

tagging anyone who wants to do this! inspire me with your lockscreens please, I changed my case so I need to find a new lock 😂


Hoy! I’ve been in need of some new backgrounds for my phone, so I finally got off my ass and made my own; Wind Waker ones, nonetheless! I’ve been impatiently waiting for Summer to arrive, and WW always reminds me of summertime. <3

Thought I would post ‘em here so you guys can use them if you would like c: (These wallpapers are made specifically for the iPhone 5; the picture on the left is for the home screen and the picture on the right is for the lock screen)