Someone please help me with boyfriend advice...

Oh geez this is going to sound sooo pathetic.
So my boyfriend recently started college so I’m guess he’s just stressed.
Lately, i’d ask him what he’s doing and he always replies “nothing.”
This has been going on the entire relationship. He’d sometimes answer with “penis” or “jacking off” or “just doing something.” i know you’re trying to be funny, but Why can’t you just answer the fricken question..
And when I asked him about his first day and if, “he met anyone new” he replied with yeah. He didn’t tell me if it was a girl or boy. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

When he goes out with a friend he says, “went out with a friend” i always tell him who i’m going out with: name, gender, relationship.

I’m tired of having the same conversations. I told him exactly that. And he just replied “yeah.”
Okay. OKAY! It’s so frustrating.
A part of me say to wait for him to apologize or reply. But the other part is to just suck it up and apologize. But for what??!!
I know my boyfriend, he’s not the type to respond. So if i wait on him, it’ll probably be a week from now.

I know for a fact he isn’t cheating on me. I’m just seeing where our relationship stands because it’s the same damn thing everyday… He doesn’t spice it up or surprise me. Okay okay. I guess i’m asking for too much..
Help me calm down….

I do love him though…

My dog hates his collar so much that he doesn’t even act like he loves me anymore just because I’m the one that put it on him. We even took him to the vet because of how wierd he’s been acting. He just really hates his collar but we let him outside on his own a lot so he has to wear it. I’m wondering if maybe it isn’t his collar. I don’t know what it could be though.


Fuck. So I was gonna ask this super cute guy at my work out for drinks, but then I totally stock his facebook and his last few pictures are with some girl. No relationships status on either of them but now I’m soo nervous he has a girlfriend. I just don’t wanna look stupid. Should I still go for it?!

Make Each Day of Your Life Happier

Share a kind word with a friend.
Give away a smile.
Tell a secret.
Listen to what someone has to say.
Listen with your heart
to what someone cannot say.
Try one new thing.
Forgive yourself for past mistakes.
Realize your imperfections.
Discover your possobilities.
Make a new friend.
Accept responsibility for everything you do.
Refuse responsibility for anyone else’s actions.
Dream one dream.
Watch the sunset.
Cherish what you have.
Cherish who you are.
Love your life.

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Ugh IEPs.. Need advice!

So I started the IEP process for Susie and we were supposed to meet today to get a draft going, but I woke up this morning vomiting and dizzy with a strep-tastic throat, so I tried to cancel and they HAD THE MEETING WITHOUT ME! And then, to make matters worse, they sent me the first “draft” and it’s literally everything I told them I did not want and literally nothing that would be supportive and accommodating. They have a “goal” on there that Susie will socialize and use “appropriate” behaviors 80% of the time. Wtf?! She’s 3. No 3 year old uses “appropriate behaviors” 80% of the time, not to mention if she doesn’t want to socialize she doesn’t have to. Period. They also put some offensive goals about hygiene habits in there too. Excuse me, but why the hell does the school think they have ANY say in her hygiene habits and readiness?!? Do they try to legislate a neurotypical kids hygiene to 80% success?! No, they fucking don’t. They are doing exactly what I said I was not okay with.

I torched them in an email response, but frankly the fact that this is what I got when I was very clear about my goals and supports for my daughter makes me want to pull out of the whole thing completely.

For those of you who have autistic kids and support the neurodiversity and acceptance model, what sorts of things did you place in your small child’s IEP? I am so scared to make a mistake and my own executive functioning is threatening to get in my way.

Please help! I have a meeting on Friday with the school to discuss the problems and I need suggestions for goals that are supportive rather than trying to fix my beautiful perfect daughter who just wants to learn.


Ugh. Guys, I’m just going through a really exasperating moment in my life and I need a place to let it out….about two months ago something happened that helped me realize my so called friends were a group of selfish jerks who just looked after themselves and now, not only do I have to keep talking to them for work purposes but when I stand up for myself and not tolerate their selfishness they tell people I’m the bitch and that I’m the one who can’t stand anything, idk what to do anymore. I feel this horrible heartbreak and I can’t get over it….I feel like they left with the best of me and worst of all I feel used by the people I leas thought I would get used by.

The dawn of (another) new era?

Lord help, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing with my life (again). 

Just as some certainty starts to settle, I am confronted by myself (and God?).

Do I tolerate the evil in order to keep the good?

Or do I break free (again) and start over (again)?

Why is life such an unreliable little bitch? 

I need advice guys.

So there’s this guy who I met. We are friendly to say the least and I kinda sorta have a crush on him. We’ve only hung out once in person but we text a lot. We’ve tried to hang out before but he’s usually so busy with homework. Should I go out on a limb and ask him to hang out this weekend? I’d keep it casual obviously…I just hate putting myself out there. I don’t want to seem like an obsessive stalker or anything. But I’m actually probably just over reacting. Meeeeeeeep help what do I do? :/