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so… who’s gonna write the very necessary jikook fluff fic featuring miri

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would you like to share you excitement and thoughts regarding yuzu and his 4lz?!! (cause im having a positive heart attack and i know that youre one of the few that approve of him executing that jump)

In this house we appreciate 4lz. And beautiful deep outside edges. And a jump that is so freaking high…he is probably waving to us from planet Hanyu while he does it lol

I honestly don’t get all this negative feedback about lz? I don’t expect him to necessarily land a perfect one here, I expect him to need a while to make it more stable in competition, just like it happened for 4lo. It seems to me like whatever Yuzu does there’s always going to be people complaining. Before the season started he needed 4lz ‘cause he was old and not progressing anymore, now that he is trying it (and we all know he wouldn’t try it if he couldn’t do it, and with a short set up too) he suddenly doesn’t need it and it’s going to ruin him etc. Can this guy ever win? xD

From what I have seen so far, his lutz has so.much.height. It has all the potential in this world to be extremely beautiful. The point is, everybody said he didn’t need loop and he was right. He literally studies figure skating. So, maybe he does know what’s best doesn’t he?

I am having an emotional breakdown over a mediocrely nice apartment and two sweet people who live there, and it’s an hour before I have to leave for work, here we go. So that’s how we’re gonna play this game, huh? Nice.