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We can still send fan mail? I just wanted to say thanks for being our internet mom !!

The ask box is staying open for anyone who wants to send comments & update me on their success stories. I won’t check in all the time, but I still love getting these.

I just won’t answer any questions.

Thanks for being such great kids.

When Lucas Sinclair turns sixteen, his parents give him their 1982 Ford Granada station wagon.  He’s the first of the squad to get his license, and the only one to actually have a car until Mike gets his dad’s old car a year later.  Lucas loves his car to death and has very strict rules about what goes on around it.  Max is the only other person allowed to drive it, and that took months of convincing and negotiating terms. Lucas insists on no eating or drinking inside, but after a while, they all forget the rules, and Lucas finally gives up on trying to enforce them.  Sometimes when the weather’s nice, they’ll open the back and pile in blankets and pillows and all hang out inside until they eventually fall asleep.

God today has been a good day but also really exhausting bc a lot of stuff and walking going on (or well, more walking than I usually do haha) but!!! I have great life news that you can find in the tags below haha

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Westallen headcanons: Do barry and iris want a big wedding or small intimate wedding? Iris' dress, strapless or lace sleeves? Her hair? Barry's suit, black or grey? White or red bouquet?


I actually want them to have two weddings. One that is small and intimate with only their family and close friends. The second one I want to include the entire superhero community. I want everyone from across the DCTV universe to come pay homage to Westallen <333333

As for Iris’s dress I’d like something white, lacey, sheer, and with a floral design. Tight at the bodice but then a flowy white skirt. Something classic and pretty but has a something extra special to it. Like these dresses:

I like the idea of Barry in a grey suit. Keeping it traditional but with a little extra flair. He’d look awesome in a suit like this:

As for the bouquet I’d like one that is a mixture of red, yellow and orange flowers. I love the idea of that representing the Flash colors. Plus Iris seems to really love bright and bold colors.

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it's a thank you. after this finale, you're kind of the only one on my dash that actually gives me hope for next season, cas and destiel. so, you know, thanks.

You need to follow some positive blogs!

@amwritingmeta is basically my brain twin most days.

@bluestar86 @mittensmorgul @godshipsit @magnificent-winged-beast @shixpe @elizabethrobertajones @flyingfish1 @obsessionisaperfume are also positive and lovely people… chuck I’m sure I forgot some awesome people and I will feel bad but these are just off the top of my head!

I think some fans are just still reeling from Eileen, which WAS a total mess of a cock up, and are a bit annoyed generally that Destiel isn’t overtly canon yet (this is not something that bothers me because I see it as an overall, overreaching story for the whole series and having it canon before NOW doesn’t fit at ALL with where they are as characters. HOWEVER with what Dean has just gone through now I expect such heavy subtext that even casual viewers now notice much more early next season, as a continuation of the theme from this season with the mixtape, the pining, the worry etc. It should be this but on ACID, until Cas comes back. Watch this space, and we should have Cas’s arc soon too, though his is more complex than Dean’s as it has a few more facades to it so it may be more subtle to start with).

I still don’t think we will get CANON COUPLE DESTIEL until seriously close to endgame or even endgame itself, because that’s how this kind of story is told, so Im just enjoying the ride and the ride is freaking magical right now :)

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I honestly can’t deal with this fandom… This season, the last season ever and ONLY season with a religious woman of colour as the main and yet the entire skam tag is filled with gifs of evak.. And that’s fine and dandy but fuck, some of us want to see content regarding the main character and literally scrolling through over 20 posts just to see 1 post about the main character is really freakin depressing especially because this was a 6 minute clip with the boys shown in it for maybe 10 seconds yet all y'all can do is post the same gifs over and over again in different variations. And if we complain about it we are called, and I quote “a bunch of racist fetishizers” (yeah, someone actually said that). Like.. I didn’t realize ppl of colour that ACTUALLY DEAL WITH RACISM bring about the topic for shits and giggles. Because it’s sooo much fun to discuss and ya know, not one of the biggest problems in the world today that the protagonist is dealing with and as the clip showed, dealt with more severe versions of it in the past.
I can go on about this forever.. But for those of you who think this is us ‘fetishizing’ over a certain aspect of the show, (you know, an aspect that has a lot of meaning and carries a lot of weight especially with brown women) I would take a look at your own blog and see who is fetishizing what..

Apologies to my new followers who caught me in the middle of angry political discoursing, I’d say I’m not always like this, but…

I hate myself apparently a lot because I read some of the notes on that “Gal Gadot is a Zionist” post aaaannnd MAN do some of y'all hate Jews

One went on a huge unrelated rant about how feminism needs to be intersectional while at the same time promoting this massive antisemitic conspiracy theory about her being a murderer, guess what, you’re crying about how it’s not intersectional because it excludes Palestinians (it doesn’t) while you are ACTIVELY HARMING Jews and saying they can’t be feminists if they support the security of their country, you ignorant asshole. And then they’re crying about how it’s awful to let a Zionist play Wonder Woman and she probably doesn’t even read comics like congrats on sounding like a red piller.

This just in, Jews in anything at all is racist against Arabs! No Jews allowed in public sight! Boycott them! Fuck off.

I believe it was @mootouman (correct me if i’m wrong!!) who requested Mista with long hair, and lemme tell you i am throwing all of my money at Araki right now and nothing is haPPENING

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I think you're a bit full of yourself and there's room for improvement in your writing. I'd also drop the "XD" faces. Just one person's opinion.