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Today is May 1. The first day of Mental Health Month. This entire month we want to nudge all of you to celebrate triumphs, acknowledge struggles, and just come together. Let other people know they’re not alone. Feel less alone yourself. It’s what Post it Forward is all about.

One of the incredible ways you—all of you—have helped shape Tumblr is with your ability to be open and honest.  It was you that turned this platform into a community, one based on genuine expression, creativity, and acceptance.

Neat. How can I participate?

Glad you asked! Each week, for all four weeks, we’ll be giving you ideas for ways to Post it Forward.

  • Week 1—Post it for you: How you practice self-care and personal well-being.
  • Week 2—Post it for each other: Ways you can be there for each other.
  • Week 3—Post it for reflection: Sharing stories of personal growth and development.
  • Week 4—Post it for the future: Committing to continuous reflection and improvement.

This week is all about posting for you. Acts of self-care. Here are some places to start:

  • Post an emoji spell for self-care and positivity. 🌈 🔮 💕 🌱
  • Share a photo or GIF of something that calms you down. Don’t have one? Here’s one.
  • What’s the one thing that always cheers you up? Post a photo of it, take a GIF, or illustrate it. Toss a sticker on it, if you’d like.
  • Never forget that you are valid! Post a selfie with “valid” sticker (see below).
  • Make a list of things you like about yourself.
  • Make a checklist of 5 acts of self-care you promise to do for yourself this week.
  • Make an audio post with a song that helps you zone out and re-energize.

Don’t forget to tag all your posts with #postitforward this month! It makes it easier for everyone to find each other’s contributions.

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imagine lucretia’s frequent checkups on the boys living their happy lives…was there a day when she suddenly lost track of them? when she went to visit raven’s roost and found out magnus’ new family had been killed and the perfect place she had brought him to was gone? when she went to the beach and found out merle’s family life had disintegrated and he had run away from the home she had brought him to? when she tried to find out where the next sizzle it up performance would be and learned taako had been framed for killing people because someone was jealous of him?

imagine lucretia finding out the Perfect Lives she had built for her family were too perfect to last. imagine her scrambling to track them down, thinking that they might be lost like lup and barry, thinking that she should’ve kept a better watch on them, she should’ve tried harder to keep them safe. just when she had a second voidfish, just when she had a way to bring them home, she lost them.

then imagine her finding them in the same town, in the same tavern. imagine her watching through the window as they spoke to each other for the first time. imagine her realizing that the second she had looked away, they had found each other again. she didn’t even need to try to bring them home. they were finding it themselves.

6 things i stopped buying: minimalism journey (+ reduce waste)

1. Makeup Remover Wipes: instead, use a washcloth (preferably black) and apply coconut oil or almond oil to the cloth (or face), then use the cloth to wipe your entire makeup off until satisfied. *(continue with face wash routine or face mask)

benefits: reusable // machine washable // save money // gentle on the skin // effectively removes makeup

2. Plastic Toothbrushes:  instead, buy a pack of bamboo toothbrushes on amazon or a general store. use these brushes as you would any other brush and thoroughly brush to improve oral health.

benefits: organic // reusable // decomposable // cleanses teeth effectively // eco-friendly // BPA free bristles

3. Multi-Step Facial Cleansers & Name Brand Body Washes: instead, use African Black soap for both your body and face with your preferred method of washing (electronic brush, hands, or wash cloth). for more simple face washes, consider using vegan and/or organic facial washes that work for your skin type.

benefits: multipurpose // improves overall skin health // all skin types (especially acne prone or oily) // single-step process // organic // save money

4. Plastic Water Bottles: instead, use a simple stainless steel bottle that you can refill throughout the day and keep up with.

benefits: reusable // washable // aesthetic // easy to monitor and handle // eco-friendly

5. Face Moisturizers: instead, use carrier oils (such as coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, castor oil) that work with your skin type/skin needs *(you can try combining them with essential oils such as tea tree oil, lavender oil, etc.)

benefits: organic // improves skin health // no harsh chemicals // save money // longer lasting // multipurpose

6. Animal Cruelty Makeup: instead, buy makeup products that you truly need (wear daily) from companies that are Animal-Cruelty FREE and/or vegan. do your research and spend your money wisely. some may seem expensive, but consider how much some high-end brands benefit from not being animal-cruelty free *(invest in vegan and/or organic products too).

benefits: eco-friendly // animal-cruelty free // healthier for skin // long-term benefits // *vegan and/or organic

tips on how to rehearse your instrument

okay, so, after ages of procrastination, here it is. My rehearsal tips for classical music. Mostly for piano, but also other instruments, especially woodwinds, since i’m also playing the flute! If you have anything to add to the list, just don’t hesitate :)

1. Prepare yourself. Yep. Even in music, this is an important step. Turn off your electronic devices, they’ll only distract you and you won’t need them - at least not for classical piano rehearsal. Get all of your sheet music together! You can also get yourself a glass or a bottle of water (Especially for wind instruments!), but make sure that the instrument won’t get any damage!

2. Warming up. This is so important and it’ll help you to improve your tone (winds) and your style. I recommend doing scales and arpeggios in different versions - you’ll always need them. Also, try out different breathing techniques if you’re playing a wind instrument, such as circular breathing. However, try to mix it up. Don’t do the same stuff every day because you’ll eventually loose interest in what you’re doing. Be creative! Don’t forget that music is art!

3. Don’t try to play all of your pieces in one day. What I wanna say is: If you have 3 pieces to practise - for example a Bach, a Beethoven sonata and another piece, don’t do all of them in the same day. Practice two of them the 1st day after your rehearsal, then two the next day and the day after that another two. This way, it’ll be a nice circle and you still practiced everything in the end. It’s the same with studying, really. Try to make a rehearsal plan. Also, if you only have to practise one piece, don’t just play it from the beginning ‘till the end. Do the same. Play 3 lines the first day, maybe 4 the next and maybe 2 the day after that. Divide the work in small chunks. It’ll be much easier to keep track of what you’re doing. 

4. Analysis. Most people don’t believe me this, but analysing your piece of music can be really helpful. Especially if your teacher just gave you a new piece to practise and you think it is way too difficult. It is not! Try to find out where the melody is. Is it in the left hand or the right hand? What is the form of the piece? Where would you play forte, where piano? Where do the notes come from, where do they go? Where are the important parts, the climax of the piece? All of these are important information that, if done right, transform the notes on the sheet into actual music. However, you may check the details of this with your teacher. They often know a lot more about music - and asking questions won’t be wrong. 

5. It is very important to practice the nuances and the intonation from the first moment on. In every instrument. Don’t try to make excuses as to why you would add that crescendo later. Do it now! To memorize the nuances easier, you can sit down for 5 to 10 minutes before your practice and just look at the notes, trying to memorize the small details that you added. 

6. Start slowly. You don’t need to be able to play a piece of music in the original tempo in one week. Getting to know your piece, feeling the music, takes time. It often takes a semester to remember 3 or 4 pieces by heart - depending on their seize as well - but that was at least the case for me. And most of the time, i was just too lazy and i could’ve needed two or three more additional weeks ‘till the actual exam. I had to memorize like 20-30 pages by heart for my last two or three exams and it really takes a good amount of work and practice!

7. So now to the actual rehearsing. Again, it is important to chunk down the piece into a lot of small pieces. Start with the right hand first, then do the left hand on its own. Or start with the melody first. Go slowly - it is better if you can play without any mistake, than playing 15 wrong notes in just one line. Also, especially for piano (and violin?) - write down the fingerings. This may take some time, but it’s so important to play everything the same way. Try to find a fingering that suits you, if they’re not included already!

8. If the piece has a lot of chords, you should play the chords first. (I’m talking about Rachmaninoff here, that little bitch!) Try to get the connection between two chords right, then add a third one, and so on. Before you notice it, you can play the whole passage already - congrats! Again, prefer going slowly and with the right notes to going fast with a lot of wrong notes. In classical music, precision is really important. And precision starts the second we start learning a new piece of music. 

9. Memorize the parts you played wrong, mark them, so you can go back later. For the very start, just try to get into the feeling of the piece. Then, take one section and play that 10-15 times. So slow, that you don’t play any wrong notes. Just 10-15 times, then go on to the next passage. At the beginning, you may repeat them more often, but as you’re already into the piece, don’t repeat the passage more than 15 times. Let it rest, go on to the next one - and only repeat it again the next day. This is also a great method for rehearsing if you don’t have a lot of time. It’s better to play just 10 minutes a day and just a passage than to not play at all! 

10. Get a metronome. Seriously. Metronomes are so important because it is literally so so so annoying when a musician can’t keep it’s tempo. And you need to be able to do so - even in difficult passages. Also, for pianists and basically every other instrumentalist (except for drummers maybe!) DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT TAP YOUR FEET TO THE BEAT OF THE PIECE. DON’T DO IT. IT’S THE WORST THING EVER TO DO ON STAGE. Also, in orchestra, it’ll most likely annoy a lot of musicians around you. Just get a metronome. 

11. Don’t skip difficult passages. Don’t do it. Practice them excessively - with the method that i described in step 9. 

12. Listen to yourself. Record yourself if you need to. Criticise yourself. Don’t say “Yeah, I know i played that wrong.” Stop playing. Repeat the passage 5-10 times until you won’t get it wrong anymore. Then move on.

13. Enjoy yourself. Music comes from the heart. Try to talk to your teacher if you don’t like your piece or if you find it too difficult to practice and concentrate. I’m sure they can give you different exercises that are perfect to help you improve as an individual. 

14. If you have an exam coming up, listen to different youtube versions of the song. Get inspired - but don’t freak out. It’s okay if you don’t play Chopin as fast as Yuja Wang or Lang Lang or whoever is THE GOD in your instrument. Judges know and mostly respect that you’re a student. You’re still learning, and you’re nervous. They’re humans too and they know this. I also recommend to play the songs in front of people, for example your friends or family - often, music schools offer mini concerts for students so that they can play in front of other students who’ll take the same exam - before your actual exam. It helps to get used to the situation and it’ll be really helpful because you know what passages you have to practice more so that they won’t go wrong in the exam. 

15. Try to find out which way to play your pieces. One may requires more strength than the other, or a lot more concentration. Do you play your best piece at the end or do you choose the order by music eras and music styles? If you are not sure which way to play your pieces, ask your teacher for advice! 

16. During the exam. Don’t stop if you played a wrong note there. Please don’t try to correct yourself, that only disturbs the music’s flow. And the judges will notice the wrong note more likely if you stop playing. Mostly, they won’t even hear a wrong note. Just continue playing as if nothing happened.

17. Last but not least, if you have to audition for an university, it is important to know why you choose that certain song. Be prepared to explain what the song means to you or why you thought it would be good to play it in this setting. Also, be prepared to do an improvisation. Don’t freak out if they ask you to do something differently - they often just want to check if you’re able to change things up immediately, if you’re open to new things. Also, it is often required to play songs from different eras. Do it! And be sure to be in the required time limit as well! Mostly, they send you a list of things you have to be aware of when you register for the audition. 

18. As for the practicing times, it’s up to you. However, I recommend not playing a full hour at once - especially for piano. It’s easier to squeeze in a quick 10-20 minute practice between your study sessions. If you do that 2-3 times a day and practice the right way, you’ll be surprised on how your productivity will evaluate! Also, this method will make it easier to concentrate on your studying afterwards again, because music frees the mind from stress, relaxes your body and is good for your soul! 

Things I wish I had realised sooner

1. Health is truly wealth.
You shouldn’t wait until you’re older. You need to take care of yourself. Now.
Mental health is important but do not leave out physical health. Please. Both are connected. One affects the other. You need to be healthy all over.

2. Friends won’t help you when you need help the most. It doesn’t matter if they are your ‘best friend forever’ or your ‘person’. It doesn’t matter if you have known them for 10 years or all your life. The promises, the tears, the secrets. None of it matters. Nothing binds them to you. They can leave. And they will leave when things get bad.

3. Learn to rely on yourself. You can only do this if you learn to invest in yourself. You need to be strong to help yourself. And you need to help yourself in order to be strong.

4. If you are really honest with yourself about what you want, it becomes easier to breathe. It may not make it easier to get what you want, but it definitely makes it easier to be happy.

5. Love is overrated. Love is messed up. Love is overused. The word. The emotion is as pure as ever. But don’t mistaken what’s not love to be love. Be patient. There’s no need to hurry. It is not a condition to be happy or live a better life.

6. Everyone has problems. Some have problems you can’t even imagine. When they share those, it’s easy to realize you are better off. Don’t rub that in their face. But there’s no need to try to show them you have a hard life too. Or to portray things in a manner worse than they actually are. You can console people without leading a life as hard or sad as theirs. And you don’t have to feel guilty.

7. Learn to apologise. You may be a nice person but you make mistakes too.

8. Quotes lie.
It gets better. You know it does. The pain, the missing, the tears. What seems unbearable becomes bearable in due time. It keeps diminishing. I don’t know if it ever fully disappears. But it stops hurting so bad. It becomes insignificant. All in good time.

9. It is your life. Not your parents or your friends or your partner should make you do things that make you unhappy. Sometimes all you have to do is speak up. Let them know what you truly want and how you feel. You will be surprised to know most times it works. And for when it doesn’t, you need to have the courage to do everything you can to live the life you want. It’s hard but it’s better than a life of regret and resentment.

10. Sharing is great. Sharing food makes it better. But sometimes having an entire meal all by yourself is so much better. You don’t always have to share. Sometimes you can be enjoy all by yourself.

11. Unhappy people are everywhere. You don’t have to become a host for their unhappiness. You aren’t a landfill where they can dump their sorrows. I’m not asking you to be bad friend or a mean stranger. Help those who you can help. But not at the cost of your own well being.

Day with the Dragon Witch

Virgil didn’t know what possessed him to do this, but despite the millions of voices telling him what could go wrong here he was: standing in the lair of the Dragon Witch, alone.
The Dragon Witch hissed down at him from her magnificent throne, masking her confusion with a sneering display of power. “What brings you here, tiny anxious cat? To fight me? To distract me while that oaf clambers through to defeat me again?” Her voice echoed in the cavern, only adding to the amount of anxiety Virgil was currently feeling. ‘Too late to back out now, moron… Out with it!’ 

He cleared his throat, drawing up as much courage as he could. “Actually, Roman doesn’t really… know I’m here.. Or any of the others for that matter.” The Dragon Witch narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously. He gulped; he couldn’t blame her, most the time Roman was around waving that blasted sword around trying to be the hero. “I actually, ah, came to… Came to…” The Dragon Witch rolled her eyes in irritation. “OUT WITH IT BOY!” Virgil tensed up and shrunk as much as he could before finally spewing, “Icametoaskyououtonadate.”

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Theo x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: hints of smut at the end, description of Theo’s injury

You found Theo slumped on the kitchen floor, wheezing as he tried to catch his breath, slowly healing. It wasn’t the first time you’d found him like that, in fact it wasn’t even the first time that week, sick of your words falling on deaf ears you stepped over him, fetching a glass of water before heading back to bed.

“(Y/N)?” Theo called but you just ignored him.

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So I got a HEAP of promarkers and needed to try them out. I also got a scanner for christmas so now I can scan in what I do finally!

This is basically batch 1, I am already working on batch 2 and I am almost done with the linearts for them. All in all it looks like there will be a total of 5 batches of these portraits ^^ I really like thinking up every different flower for them that *I* think fits. I’ve tried to keep pretty much to how the creator of each of them has shown them in the past (appologizes to @7goodangel since I used the old design instead of the new) But I hope you all enjoy ^^

Undertale!Sans – © Toby Fox // Sunflowers

Outertale!Sans – © @outertale // Star Flowers

Underswap!Sans – © @popcornpr1nce // Bluebells

Underfell!Sans – © Unknown // Roses

Ink!Sans – © @comyet // Pansies

Error!Sans – © @loverofpiggies // Black Tulips

Fresh!Sans - © @loverofpiggies // Dandelions

Dancetale!Sans – © @dancetale // Cornflowers

PaperJam – © @7goodangel // Fuchsias

Mafiatale!Sans – © @undermafiaz // Lilies

anonymous asked:

Hi! First of all, thank you so much for running this wonderful blog. Do you have any tips, examples or suggestions for character descriptions? I have no idea what features to focus on and what to leave out and let readers decide for themselves (especially when describing someone my main character meets for the first time). Also, a lot of times I can't find words or expressions to portrait a character without the description sounding somehow awkward, or corny, or just not right in a stylistic way

Hi, and you’re so welcome! I’m always happy to help.

Don’t describe things that everyone has – for example, don’t name a hair color or an eye color – because usually the audience sees those things however they want, and their imaginings being corrected by “his blond hair glinted in the sunlight” jars your reader out of the spell your story weaves. However, if they have a unique or jarring physical attribute – a big nose, being extremely overweight, being bowlegged, having bushy eyebrows – I usually describe that. Basically, just pick a couple of points that stick out about your character’s appearance, and use those as your physical description – then, if you still feel you need to describe them more, try to use their facial expressions or body language to clue your audience in to his personality.

As an example, say this is my character (source is pinterest, but the artist is definitely @burdge).

What striking features do we see?

- He has a straight nose

- He has wide eyes

- He has shaggy hair

- As Burdge herself wrote, he has bad posture

What can we infer about his personality/character from his body language and facial expressions?

- His posture infers that he’s either humble, has low self-esteem, or is naturally very relaxed

- His facial expressions indicate that he’s shy or introverted, or that he thinks a lot

That said, I might write my description of him like this:

He had a straight nose and slouched often. His eyes didn’t meet mine often, but when they did I noticed they were wide, housed under bushy eyebrows. Shaggy hair fell across his brow in messy tumbles, and he often ducked his head down so he could hide behind it.

Admittedly not the best description I’ve ever written, but it will hold its own in this example, I hope. Notice how I used those points about his sketch to describe him in short but effective terms.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

at the end of universe, when the stars fight for light
we won’t need them trying to overthrow us 
trying to become the only source of myths in the world

darling, as long as our hearts beat, we'll survive
we’ll force the constellations to rechart themselves 
as the ancient pantheons envies us from above

because I am marked as yours and you are declared as mine
and the echoes of each other that cling to our souls
announce to the world that we are not finished yet

we have fought for our lives for what seems like centuries
but until I come home to you, the world cannot explode
because we will restart it with our oath

—  Love Ignites by Abby S

If I can impart some wisdom upon those who are going off to college just based on my own experiences.

Cooking- While it’s not hard to pick up the basics of cooking from cook books (or simple online recipes), learning how to safely use knives is a must, whether that means watching videos of safe knife handling or having someone show you. Don’t use metal utensils in pans, you’ll scrape off the nonstick coating. Safe food handling and storage is also essential to learn. You never know if the particular piece of chicken you’re making is going to give you food poisoning if you mishandle. If you live off of dining hall food, that’s all well and good, but the cooks are human. Learning to recognize when food is undercooked or spoiled can be essential to you avoiding getting sick.

Laundry- Your clothes will last a lot longer if you follow the instructions on the tags. In a pinch, if you want to wash certain things together but be careful because on the wrong cycle things will shrink, colors will run, and things will stretch. Always remember to empty the lint trap before you dry your clothes to avoid dryer fires (your clothes will also dry better). Many washers and dryers will lock until the cycle is over in public laundry spaces, but you need to make sure to come get your clothes when they cycle ends. People will move them to use the machine and nobody wants stranger hands on their clothes. Washing your sheets, pillow cases, and towels weekly is a good way to avoid breaking out.

Bills- Set reminders in your phone, calendar, whatever will help you remember to pay them on time. Missing payments can result in not only being fined, but they can even impact your credit. If you can, pay them ahead of time. Keep your bill and pay statements in case there’s an issue and so you have them in your records.

Finals- For the love of God start these are early as possible, even if it just means doing a little bit whenever you have time so that you aren’t having to write a whole essay or cram overnight.  It will help you get a better grade and avoid burnout. Read through your final draft at least twice and if you can, have someone look over your work. Listen to the professor what they tell you what will be on the test. Highlight those portions in your notes and study them.

Cleaning- Everybody has different preferences for cleanliness, but if your mess will attract bugs and other pests (like food left out) or post a safety hazard (like large piles of stuff on the floor) it needs to be addressed asap. Most dorms will also require you to clean to some extent before you move out and if you leave a mess you’ll be charged. Taking the time to sweep, dust, and clean the bathroom now and then could save you a lot of time when you need to move out.

Homework- Check the syllabus whenever class ends. Your homework will be there the vast majority of the time. Just because your professor doesn’t mention homework doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Set your student email to send alerts to your phone so you know immediately when a professor emails you about extra work, cancelled classes, extra credit opportunities, etc. On the subject of extra credit, it isn’t always necessary to do, but if you’re trying to keep your gpa up or you didn’t do so well on a big assignment, it can really help your grade to make yourself do an extra credit assignment or two, especially because most professors won’t offer you many of them. 

Friends- I’m probably one of the least social people that I know, but being in a new place away from everyone that I knew caused a pretty lengthy depression spell for me. Being willing to talk to people in your classes, sign up for a club, and/or attend campus events is a great way to meet new people.

Roommates- Some people become good friends with their roommates. Others hate their roommates. As someone who has dealt with both of these scenarios, let me tell you that the best goal you can set is to simply be able to live with your roommate. That is not to say that if you have a serious issue with your roommate that you shouldn’t talk with student housing asap. What I’m talking about is the roommate who has some rude habits. You have to compromise when possible and learn to change your own behavior elsewhere in order to make your life as easy as possible. One of my roommates was messy while I’m a neat freak. The compromise was that his mess never crossed onto my side of the room or into shared spaces and that nothing that could rot was ever left out. My roommate had the table manners of a wild animal while I have SPD. Since I can’t exactly tell him not to eat, I would put on my headphone and find something to keep my attention while he was eating. I thought he had a shit personality and he thought I was a sap. We didn’t really talk with one another unless it was important. On a brighter note, my other roommate and I regularly supported one another, joked around, and watched tv together. I consider him to be a good friend of mine and I’m excited to get to know him as a person rather than as a roommate this year. Roommates are a grab bag. Learning communication skills and being willing to set boundaries and respect the boundaries of others is an absolute must.

Homework- My recommendation is to figure out how many days you have until the assignment is due and then work on it in portions. If you have to read 100 pages in three days, reading 33 pages a day is a great way to get it done. If an assignment is small, getting it done the day you get it is advisable. Larger assignments need to be started as soon as possible. Taking the time to read through your assignments before turning them in can be the different between whole letter grades. Professors love seeing revision. If you’re struggling with an assignment, you’re probably not the only one. Trading numbers or emails with people in your classes can help when your having troubles or don’t understand something.

Burnout- It happens, especially around finals. Take naps when you need them. Try to aim for at least seven hours of sleep. Sometimes setting your homework aside for the day is necessary if you want to be productive the rest of the week. It’s very rare for someone in college to do 100% of the work assigned to them. Figuring out what the important assignments/readings are and focusing on those is a lot more realistic than doing everything on the syllabus. Having a relaxing hobby like watching tv, playing video games, or something else that completely takes your mind off of school work is essential just as knowing when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play is. Finding balance is difficult, but possible.

Health- Whenever you return to campus after a break, people tend to get sick. Starting vitamin boosts before hand can help in the long run, as does getting a flu shot if you can. If you have a mild cold, taking dayquil and going to class can help you keep up, but if you’re hacking or have a hard time getting out of bed, stay home! You’re professors expect students to have a certain amount of sick days. However, if you think you’re going to miss class, you’ll need to get in contact with your professor. Make sure to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your eyes, mouth, nose, and face. Colleges are also notorious for offering free condoms and packets of lube. Personally, there was no freshman fifteen, but the dining hall food did spike my cholesterol. Little things like only eating bacon a few times a week can go a long way, but at the same time, making sure to eat enough is essential.

Anyone is free to add to this or correct me.

1. Health is truly wealth.
You shouldn’t wait until you’re older. You need to take care of yourself. Now.
Mental health is important but do not leave out physical health. Please. Both are connected. One affects the other. You need to be healthy all over.

2. Friends won’t help you when you need help the most. It doesn’t matter if they are your ‘best friend forever’ or your ‘person’. It doesn’t matter if you have known them for 10 years or all your life. The promises, the tears, the secrets. None of it matters. Nothing binds them to you. They can leave. And they will leave when things get bad.

3. Learn to rely on yourself. You can only do this if you learn to invest in yourself. You need to be strong to help yourself. And you need to help yourself in order to be strong.

4. If you are really honest with yourself about what you want, it becomes easier to breathe. It may not make it easier to get what you want, but it definitely makes it easier to be happy.

5. Love is overrated. Love is messed up. Love is overused. The word. The emotion is as pure as ever. But don’t mistaken what’s not love to be love. Be patient. There’s no need to hurry. It is not a condition to be happy or live a better life.

6. Everyone has problems. Some have problems you can’t even imagine. When they share those, it’s easy to realize you are better off. Don’t rub that in their face. But there’s no need to try to show them you have a hard life too. Or to portray things in a manner worse than they actually are. You can console people without leading a life as hard or sad as theirs. And you don’t have to feel guilty.

7. Learn to apologise. You may be a nice person but you make mistakes too.

8. Quotes lie.
It gets better. You know it does. The pain, the missing, the tears. What seems unbearable becomes bearable in due time. It keeps diminishing. I don’t know if it ever fully disappears. But it stops hurting so bad. It becomes insignificant. All in good time.

9. It is your life. Not your parents or your friends or your partner should make you do things that make you unhappy. Sometimes all you have to do is speak up. Let them know what you truly want and how you feel. You will be surprised to know most times it works. And for when it doesn’t, you need to have the courage to do everything you can to live the life you want. It’s hard but it’s better than a life of regret and resentment.

10. Sharing is great. Sharing food makes it better. But sometimes having an entire meal all by yourself is so much better. You don’t always have to share. Sometimes you can be enjoy all by yourself.

11. Unhappy people are everywhere. You don’t have to become a host for their unhappiness. You aren’t a landfill where they can dump their sorrows. I’m not asking you to be bad friend or a mean stranger. Help those who you can help. But not at the cost of your own well being.

—  Things I wish I had realised sooner
Remember: Josh Dun fanfic

A/N: Just a reminder that I’ve gotten all of your requests, it’s just a matter of finding the time to write and post them. But don’t worry, I promise I’ll get to them soon! Love you guys! xoxo

Anonymous said:
Hey! May I request a Josh Dun imagine? Maybe like where the reader gets drunk and they come home to Josh and the reader’s all like “kiss me” and Josh does but he stops her before they do anything else bc Josh wouldn’t take advantage of the reader and it’s all cute and shiz lol. Love your writing! :) <3

*gender neutral

Bright lights, fancy awards, elegant attire, loud applause, crisp champagne, a crowd full of people, and your two best friends, it was a night like no other. Ever since Tyler and Josh’s new album hit the top of the charts, they had been busy as hell. Whether award shows, parties, interviews, concerts, touring, music video filming, or just traveling on the road, they always seemed to be the center of attention. It didn’t surprise you that they had won another award, but you were surprised when they decided to go to the after party. Usually they would bow out, decide to go back to the tour bus, and instead, blast music, eat cereal, and do their own little thing. They were never usually ones for parties. But however, winning an award and just finishing tour, going to a grand scale celebrity party must’ve sounded like the perfect way to celebrate. “Come on, y/n,” Josh insisted. “It’ll be fun. We don’t even have to drink or anything, we can just go there, talk to some people, dance for a little bit, that’s all.”

“Just a couple hours,” Tyler agreed.

“I never said I wasn’t going,” you narrowed your eyes. “I’m just double checking that this is really what you guys want to do.”

“Why? You doubt me and my partying abilities?” Tyler playfully gasped, putting a hand to his chest and acting deeply offended. “Believe me, y/n, I can bust a move like nobody knows.”

“Whatever,” you rolled your eyes. “I’m just making sure none of you will chicken out on me halfway through the night.”

“Never,” Tyler shook his head. “I’m on top of the world right now, and I don’t think I want to come down anytime soon. How about you, Josh?”

“Huh?” Josh lifted his head from his phone. “I was just scrolling through the group chat. The party starts in a couple minutes. I’d start heading over now.”

“Teenagers and their phones,” Tyler clicked his tongue.

“I’m researching,” Josh laughed. “I have to find the address somehow.”

It wasn’t long before you guys had arrived, and sure enough, it was just as you had imagined it. There was a plethora of people crowding the dance floor where a professional DJ and live band were playing music, a kitchen equipped with a bar tender serving all sorts of drinks and foods ranging anywhere from a five-foot-tall chocolate fountain to gourmet French fries, a longue where people were smoking and snorting who knows what kind of drugs, and of course, the usual pool table in the corner. “They went all out,” you shouted to Josh over the music as Tyler led you both towards the kitchen.

“Typical party,” he shrugged, putting an arm around you as you approached the bar tender. You and Josh were just friends, but you had to admit, you had a tiny crush on him, and when he put his arm around your shoulder, you couldn’t help but feel a small tug on your heartstrings. You tried to ignore your stupid feelings and took a seat next to Josh before asking for a drink.

“I’ll have a tequila,” you ordered. Josh eyed you strangely. “What?”

“I don’t know,” he tried acting casual. “I think I’m just going to stick to Red Bull tonight.”

“You should have at least one drink,” you argued, thanking the bar tender with a nod as he handed you a glass and you downed a shot. “Loosen up, celebrate, have some fun.”

“I’m already having fun,” he chuckled, popping open the tab of his can before taking a sip. “As long as I’m with you, I’m enjoying myself.”

“Flirt,” you smirked, trying to ignore the blush in your cheeks and ordering another shot. “You sure you don’t want one?”

“Somebody’s going to have to drive us home, remember?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Tyler already agreed to do that on the ride here,” you pointed out. “Here, I’ll order a margarita and you just have a sip or two.”

“Y/n,” Josh began to protest, but you were already waving at the bar tender to hit you up. You started on your next drink and Josh took a deep breath. “Maybe you should pace yourself a little bit. There’s still a lot of the night to go.”

“I’ll be just fine,” you rolled your eyes. That’s when Josh looked down at his phone. “What’s the matter?”

“Mark Hoppus just got here,” Josh explained. “He wants to congratulate me on the award and some stuff, talk for a little bit, catch up. Is it okay if I leave you here?”

“Yup,” you nodded. “I’m not going anywhere!”

“No more drinks,” Josh narrowed his eyes. “Not until I get back anyways, got it? It will only take a couple minutes. Look, Tyler’s right over there talking to Pete Wentz if you need somebody.”

“Don’t worry about me,” you groaned. “Go talk to Mark. I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

“Okay,” Josh complied hesitantly before sliding off his seat, gulping down the rest of his Red Bull, and then heading off to find his friend.

The rest of the night was basically a blur. You remember someone sitting down beside you, either Joe Trohman or Brendon Urie, and they had convinced you to have a couple more drinks. The bar tender had eventually cut you off because you had reached your limit for the night. One of your favorite songs came on and you stumbled onto the dance floor, slurring out the lyrics noisily, a random stranger picking you up off the floor, and then Tyler coming to save you. “Woah there,” Tyler steadied you. “You’re a mess.”

“Where’s Josh?” your incomprehensible attempt at speaking tumbled out of your mouth.

“Hmm?” Tyler cocked an eyebrow. “Oh, I think he went back. He couldn’t find you.”

“He left?” you slurred out.

“Yeah,” Tyler nodded. “To his hotel room. It’s getting late anyways. You should probably go back too. He’ll take care of you, I’ll leave you with him for the night. How about that?”

“I’d like that,” you responded happily.

“Goodness gracious, y/n, you’re reeking of alcohol,” Tyler frowned. “How much did you drink?”

“Just a little,” you replied.

“Uh huh…” he murmured. “Well how about we get you home?”

“Is Josh at home?” you sputtered out excitedly, your mind nothing but a jumbled mess of thoughts.

“He’s at the hotel, yeah,” Tyler answered. “But come on. We’ve got to get you in the car and then drive there too.” It took a while for him to drag you out to the driveway and help you into your seat, but eventually you were sitting shotgun, buckled in, and somewhat sane as Tyler drove down the road.

“Can I talk to Josh?” you wondered.

“Of course you can,” Tyler laughed. “We’ll see him in a little while.”

“No,” you whined impatiently. “Right now.”

“Right now?” he raised his eyebrows, gaze flickering from the road to you. “Uh, sure. You can call him if you want.”

“I can?” you asked eagerly.

“Sure you can,” he chuckled. “I mean, we’ll see him in just a couple minutes, but if you have to talk to him so bad, you can go right ahead.”

You fumbled for your phone in your pocket before pulling it out, somehow by miracle able to properly call Josh on the first try. The phone rang several times before he answered. “Hey y/n,” he greeted. “Sorry, I got kind of sleepy and I asked Tyler to take you home. How are you doing?”

“I’m so happy,” you sighed, slurring your words. “You should’ve been there.”

“Oh gosh,” Josh groaned. “Did you drink some more?”

“Just a little,” you insisted.

“A lot,” Tyler piped up.

“Don’t listen to him,” you argued. “I’m just a bit tipsy, that’s all.”

“You want to stay with me tonight?” Josh offered. “In case you get sick or something? I’m sure you won’t be so happy in a couple hours when all that junk starts to ruin your system.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Tyler explained loud enough for Josh to hear. “If that’s alright with you.”

“It’s cool,” Josh replied. “You’ll be sticking with me tonight, y/n.”

“Sounds like a plan,” you grinned.

“Don’t get too excited,” Tyler rolled his eyes. “You’re probably going to have a killer hangover tomorrow morning.”

When you rolled into the parking lot of the hotel, Tyler could barely get you standing on your two feet. “I’m kind of dizzy,” you admitted. “Maybe that’s why my feet don’t work.”

“I’m dizzy just looking at you,” Tyler laughed. “Come on, let’s get you upstairs and to Josh’s room.”

“How do I walk if my feet don’t work?” you pouted.

“Your feet work just fine,” Tyler sighed. “You just need to try to use them.”

“I want Josh,” you insisted, swaying a couple times before Tyler stood you upright.

“I’m about to give up on you,” Tyler glared playfully. “Don’t make me call him down here to carry you.”

“I’d like that,” you giggled cheerfully. “I’d like that a lot.”

“Y/n, you are so drunk,” Tyler rolled his eyes.

“I want to see Josh,” you complained as he tugged you towards the door of the hotel, shoving you towards the elevator. “I love Josh.”

“Oh, I’m sure you do,” Tyler smirked. “You don’t have to be drunk for me to figure that out.”

“I love him so much,” you repeated.

“Well you better behave yourself,” Tyler narrowed your eyes, helping you out of the elevator and supporting you as you ambled down the hallway to Josh’s hotel room. When Josh opened the door, he stared at you, widening his eyes.

“Oh geez,” he muttered. “I thought I told you not to drink anymore!”

“You got it from here?” Tyler asked, pained look on his face. “I’m dead tired. Y/n’s been quite the handful.”

“Hey!” you snapped. “I’ve been an angel!”

“Have you now?” Josh chuckled.

“I’m going to turn in for the night,” Tyler sighed. “You have fun with that one.”

“I’ll try,” Josh teased. He lugged you into the room and sat you on the couch. “Try to get some sleep, okay?”

“No!” you whined, tugging at his arm when he tried to walk away. “I want to stay with you.”

“You want me to stay out here for a little while until you fall asleep?” he wondered.

“I want to fall asleep with you,” you corrected. “Pretty please? With a cherry on top?”

“You’re cute when you’re drunk,” he rolled his eyes.

“You’re cute all the time,” you insisted.

“Sure,” Josh laughed. “Come on, how about you join me and we can go to my bed?”

“Bed?” you raised your eyebrows and grinned.

“Stop it,” he shook his head. “I mean so we can sleep.”

“You want to sleep with me?” you smiled slyly. “Joshua Dun.”

“You’re just being silly,” he argued. “Come on, we’re going to go sleep. In bed. Now.”

“Whatever you say,” you shrugged, goofy grin still plastered on your face as he just laughed and scooped you up in his arms, carrying you to the hotel bed and before tucking you in. “Bridal style.”

“That’s right,” he chuckled. “I don’t want you falling on your face, it’s best if I carry you.”

“You carry me like a bride,” you yawned happily. “Does that mean we’re going to get married?”

“Sure,” he joked. “If you want.”

“That would make me so happy,” you sighed, turning over to face him, scooching closer to him underneath the sheets. “You and me, together forever.”

“You’re so drunk,” he laughed. “I bet you won’t even remember any of this tomorrow morning.”

“Is that when our wedding is?” you tilted your head. “Tomorrow morning?”

“Sure, why not,” Josh decided.

“Can I ask you something?” you frowned. “It’s important.”

“Of course,” he smiled. “Anything you want.”

“Can you kiss me?” you inquired, hopeful eyes gazing up at his. “Please?”

“Uh…” Josh stared at you for a second, debating it. “I’d love to, really, but I think you’d rather have me kiss you when you’re sober. So you remember, you know?”

“So you want to?” your eyes lit up.

“Yeah,” he admitted. “I’d love to. But I’d also want you to remember.”

“Maybe I don’t need to remember,” you offered. “Maybe it can be our secret. Just tonight.”

“Just tonight?” Josh raised an eyebrow, still contemplating it in his head. You were being awfully tempting, and those lips looked so soft and sweet, but he knew it was wrong. He shouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with sober. Much less, he had just confessed that he wanted to kiss you! He was crazy! What if you remembered that tomorrow morning? What if it was just your drunk self-talking? Questions swirled around in his brain and doubt began to eat away at him, anxiety slowly seeping into his brain.

“Please,” you begged. “Come on, Josh. Just one kiss won’t hurt.”

“I guess it won’t,” he agreed shyly.

“Then come on,” you insisted, staring at him. You lowered your voice to barely a whisper. “Just kiss me.” He leaned in and rested a hand behind your head, pulling you close and kissing your lips gently, lingering a moment before pulling back, opening his eyes and staring at you.

“I love you,” he breathed, still lost in your eyes, trying to figure out what he had just done, much less, said.

“I love you too,” you grinned. “Come on, let’s not stop there.” You leaned in for another kiss but he shook his head, closing his eyes tight before opening them again.

“Not tonight,” he took a deep breath. “Maybe when you’re sober, but I um, I shouldn’t have done that y/n. You’re not thinking right.”

“I’m thinking perfectly fine!” you rolled your eyes. “Please Josh, I want more.”

“So do I,” he mumbled. “But I really don’t think we should do this now.”

“Josh,” you stated his name and reached forward to grab his shirt, snaking your hands down his chest and trying to tug it up. “We can’t stop there.”

“Yes,” he chuckled. “We can. We should.”

“I want this off,” you whined, tugging up his shirt again but he just laughed nervously, tugging the hem of his shirt back down to his waist.

“Let’s try to keep our clothes on, okay?” he raised his eyebrows. “I think it’s best you get some sleep, clear your head, and we’ll try this again some other time.”

“Not another time,” you complained. “Now.”

“I know, but we can’t,” he insisted. “It’s not right.”

“Didn’t it feel so good though?” you argued. “Your lips on mine? Being so close? Just the two of us, in this bed, together? Didn’t you feel something?”

“I did,” he nodded slowly. “However I think you just aren’t in the right circumstances to do any of that right now. You probably don’t even understand half of the things you’re saying. How about we cuddle and fall asleep, is that okay?”

“I want more than cuddles,” you persisted.

“Look, y/n, I’m sorry,” he sighed. “But please, I’m not going to argue with you anymore. Let’s just go to sleep. Please?”

“Okay,” you mumbled.

“Thank you,” he sighed. He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. “Goodnight sweetheart.”

A couple minutes passed before you fell asleep, eyes closed, wrapped in Josh’s arms. You both laid there in silence, a mixture of soft snores, quiet heartbeats, and shallow breathing. That was until the sun filtered through the blinds and there was a churning, horrible, miserable feeling in the pit of your stomach, and you stumbled out of bed, escaping his arms and staggering to the bathroom, flinging open the door and retching all the contents of your stomach into the toilet bowl. Vomiting wasn’t a pretty sight, especially during a horrific hangover, and you felt absolutely embarrassed you had caused the mess in Josh’s hotel bathroom. You heard him stirring in bed, calling your name, and your face instantly turned red. Your head was spinning, a terrible migraine overtaking you, and sure enough, you found yourself puking up even more. You felt Josh kneel beside you, rubbing small gentle circles on your back, brushing your hair out of your face. “I’m sorry,” you sputtered out. “Shit, I’m so sorry-”

“It’s okay,” he reassured. “Don’t apologize.”

“I feel miserable,” you mumbled and he frowned, handing you a towel to clean your mouth and flushing the toilet, helping you up and giving you a hug.

“I told you not to drink anymore last night,” he reminded.

“Did I?” you wondered, watching his eyes soften as he released the embrace.

“You don’t remember anything… do you?” he whispered.

“Why? Did uh, did something happen?” you looked around and started to realize how strange it was that you slept in Josh’s bed, he was cuddling you this morning, and you supposedly got absolutely wasted last night. “Fuck, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he shook his head. “Don’t worry about it, nothing happened. I just let you stay here for the night because I was afraid you might get sick. I’m glad I did, I mean, I wouldn’t want you all alone with a horrible hangover.”

“Thank you,” you stuttered out. “Goddammit I feel absolutely miserable.”

“I’ll get you a glass of water and some Advil,” he decided. “Just take it easy, okay? When you’re done you can just lay on the bed. Got it?”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly. “Thanks so much.”

“No problem,” he gave a small smile. “I just really hope you feel better soon.”

You took a wet washcloth and wiped your face, taking a deep breath, then heading to the bed, rolling underneath the sheets. Josh approached you, handing you a cup of water and a couple Advil, which you downed and thanked him before resting your head on the pillow. “Can you, uh, stay with me? Maybe?” you asked shyly. “I don’t really want to be alone.”

“Sure,” he replied, pulling up the covers and lying beside you. Without thinking, he put an arm around you, pulling you closer, and you smiled. “Uh, is this okay? If I do this?”

“It’s more than okay,” you laughed. “I just wish I didn’t feel so shitty so I could enjoy it more. It’s not often I get cuddles.”

“You got plenty last night,” he chuckled.

“About that…” your voice trailed off. “What um, what did I do exactly? Last night?”

“You were fine,” Josh reassured. “I kept you under control. Tyler made sure you behaved.”

“Behaved?” you took a shaky breath.

“Yeah,” he smirked.

“W-what did I do?” you stammered.

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “I mean, obviously you don’t really remember. And when you were drunk you promised it would be our little secret.”

“Josh-” a worried, embarrassed, scared look spread across your face.

“Don’t worry,” he insisted. “Much to your disliking, I made sure we kept all our clothes on.”

“What does that mean?” you grew quiet, twice as self-conscious now.

“You really want to know?” Josh raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I sort of do,” you admitted. “I mean, if I’m as rambunctious as you say I was.”

“Maybe I should tell you when you feel better,” he decided.

“I want to know,” you argued. “Now. Please?”

“You were getting sort of, um, suggestive last night,” he explained. “You wanted to do stuff, but I told you no cause you were absolutely wasted. You got all mopey and sad and kept persisting and we uh, we kissed, once. But then I made you go to bed.”

“We kissed?” your face turned bright red. “Oh gosh, I’m sorry, look I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s okay,” he laughed. “I’m fine. I just thought that um, you might want to know.”

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly. “So… was it a good kiss?”

“Maybe you would’ve remembered if you weren’t so drunk,” he rolled his eyes jokingly.

“No really,” you persisted. “Or was it awkward?”

“Maybe you should find out for yourself,” he suggested.

“What do you mean?” you narrowed your eyes.

“You know exactly what I mean,” he whispered. You stared at him for a second before capturing him in a kiss, pressing his lips on his and feeling him pull you closer, eyes closed, mouths opened, tongues moving in syncopation, his body so close to yours. When you pulled away you both opened your eyes, staring at each other, and you blinked twice.

“Did that really just happen?” you wondered, gasping for breath.

“Yeah,” Josh breathed, eyes staring into yours. “It did.”

“No, like last night,” you clarified, taking a deep breath and still unable to move your gaze away from his. “Did that happen?”

“Not as intimate, no,” he shook his head. “And uh, I don’t know about you, but I liked this one a lot better.”

“Me too,” you smiled. “Hopefully I’ll remember.”

“You think, uh, we should do it again?” he hinted. “Just in case?”

“Josh,” you laughed. “I don’t think I’ll be forgetting any of this anytime soon.”

“Do you still feel horrible?” he tilted his head to the side.

“I feel much better,” you replied. “But like you said, I think another kiss wouldn’t hurt.”

“You know you didn’t have to be drunk to kiss me, y/n,” Josh reminded. “I would’ve kissed you sober just fine. All you had to do is ask.”

“I was scared,” you admitted. “I mean, hell, what’s Tyler going to think?”

“I think he already knows,” Josh laughed. “You told him you were in love with me last night.”

“I did?” you widened your eyes. “What else happened that you never told me about?”

“You wanted my shirt off,” he added.

“I still do,” you teased.

“I’m pretty sure I can make that happen,” he gave a sly smile.

“Yeah?” you grinned.

“Yeah,” he murmured.

“I think I found the perfect cure to a killer hangover,” you chuckled.

“What? Kissing?” he raised his eyebrows.

“Nah,” you shook your head. “You.”

Typing: A checklist
  1. You are probably pretty average in terms of maturity, health, and general development. This means both that you are probably not a teenager with a fully developed inferior function; on the other hand you are probably not in the midst of a long-term loop either.
  2. Use examples (show don’t tell) in order to challenge and strengthen your understanding of yourself. Don’t say “I am great at reading people” or “I intuitively understand things”. Prove that you do these things.
  3. It’s about typical approach, not one-off behaviors. How do you usually do things and think about things? This goes both ways: A single time deviating from your normal doesn’t change your normal behavior; a single time deviating from your normal also doesn’t mean it is your normal behavior.
  4. It’s about the cognition behind behavior, not the end result. While I knock Keirsey a lot he actually wasn’t bad as a behaviorist, at least for the intuitives: there genuinely are a lot of similarities in how the NFs, for example, behave, despite an INFP and ENFJ sharing no functions. But the reasons for their actions fundamentally differ. When typing yourself you need to do an honest deep dive into your motivations. When typing other people you need to try and actually understand them in order to type them. Typing them is not a shortcut to understanding but rather an expansion of an initial understanding.
  5. Position matters. Use of and reliance on a function in the tertiary position will look different than that function in the dominant position and so on. For example, Fi is about our approach to morality. However, an ISFP and an ENTJ might look at the same situation and the ISFP may see it as an issue of morality whereas the ENTJ might see it as an issue of logistics, because they favor their dominant function’s approach.
  6. On that note, you have four functions and use all of them in various combinations. You are not “Fi” or “Fe”; you’re one of sixteen types who uses either Fi or Fe in combination with either Te or Ti and your perceiving functions. You cannot take a single behavior and attribute it definitively to any one function.
  7. The situations matter. People are often happy to explore their lower functions or functions not in their stack in low-pressure, safe situations (like hobbies), but will primarily approach real life situations with real consequences using the functions they’re most comfortable with.
  8. A lot of human traits are near-universal and have nothing to do with MBTI, not to be a total bitch (JK, yes to be a total bitch) but please go outside and experience the rich tapestry of humanity or at least read a lot of memoirs or something until you get this. A not at all comprehensive list: almost everyone dislikes public humiliation, needs a mix of alone time and time with people, dislikes non-constructive criticism, wants approval sometimes, requires a certain amount of trust before opening up, has emotions, has a sense of identity, uses logic, behaves differently around authority figures vs. peers.
  9. A lot of human traits aren’t universal but are also not tied to MBTI, such as intelligence, some talents (some are kind of correlated though not causative nor at all exclusive to a certain function, like athleticism and Se, but many creative talents have nothing to do with MBTI for example), and most personal preferences or quirks. Again ask yourself why you like something, not if you like it.
  10. Other personality systems (enneagram, socionics, etc) can provide nuance and insight into your MBTI type but they can also muddy the waters and lead to overthinking. Use your best judgment, and if you don’t trust your judgement I’d err on the side of not using them.
  11. Focus on functions over holistic descriptions. Always.

Overall: Be brutally honest with yourself, spend a lot of time researching and thinking critically about your research, always consider context, and do not try to take shortcuts either in determining type or in using MBTI to try and ‘hack’ human behavior. It primarily is a means of adding depth and further insight to existing observations about human behavior - your own and that of those around you.

And as always if you think your type inherently conveys superior intelligence or greater depth of feeling, you’re a shallow idiot, get fucked.

“Could you tell me which building is the tavern, please? They all kind of look alike.”
“The two-storey one thaaat way. You won’t miss it. Just look for the most drunken fellas.”
“That building?”
“Yes, yes, that one. Good luck.”

Seren’s first meeting with Edér happened before the visions, and he was very helpful.

I know Inktober is over, but I just got new dip pens, and I needed to try them all out (they are pretty cool). Also this is how I imagine Seren’s sketches in her journal look. She’s a scientist, she draws everything she sees. And from memory, because as a cipher she has an outstanding visual memory.