Anon asked : “I want to request a V Drabble where he protects his gf from her stalking ex boyfriend? Make V a bit of a badass please???? Keep up the awesome work, your writing is amazing and thank you″



Genre: Romance, fluff

Words: 1.2k


Taehyung becomes your saviour one night when you get followed by your abusive ex boyfriend.


“If you so much as look at her I am going to break your face” pausing to demonstrate how and landed a punch on the guy’s nose, hard enough to make his own knuckles bleed slightly.”

A/N: I had tons of fun writing this because I absolutely live for cliches and this one is inspired by the immense amounts of Kdrama’s I have watched! Thank you so much for requesting this anon! I hope you guys have tons of fun reading this :)


Cold wind hit your face like a ton of ice bricks rendering you with a blurred sight of the Starbucks sign in some distance. Your legs were burning with pain, but you knew you couldn’t stop running since he would eventually catch up to you. With no other means in sight you ran as fast as you could and hoped to reach the the crowded cafe before slowing down your steps and assuming a fast walking pace. Huffing and puffing you entered the Starbucks as eyes fell on your disheveled figure.You occupied an empty seat near the corner closest to the door in case you needed to run away again.

‘Dont walk alone y/n’ Taehyung’s words rang in your ear. You wanted to slap yourself for not adhering to his advice. You sighed heavily and craned your neck to look out of the window to ensure that he hadn’t followed you. You let your head fall against the sofa with a light thud, and closed your eyes as no sign of him provided you with a sliver of hope and relief.. A shiver ran down your body as a gust of cold air made contact with your bare skin. Your eyes widened as they were met with the tall figure of your ex entering the cafe, a dirty smirk apparent on his features. He walked past you with any verbal acknowledgement and took a seat at the opposite end of the small cafe.

You rummaged though your bag for your phone and shakily dialled your boyfriend Taehyung.The line rang and you clenched the phone tight in your hands till your knuckles turned white. “Y/n where have you been??” Taehyung’s voice came through the phone. “Taehyung” your voice trembled but you swallowed hard to gain control. Taehyung’s grip on the phone tightened as he sensed something was wrong. “Babygirl whats wrong?” His voice was laced with concern.

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’hope is a distance unreached’ ~ chapter 14 preview: 

the tiniest little section of angst for you to cry over (especially @robertjacobsuggers who basically cries all the time)

It’s all a bit of daze as he walks back into the flat and sees Aaron on the sofa, sitting there with a vacant expression on his face and darkness in his eyes.

He looks haunted as Robert slowly sits on the coffee table and looks at him. “I told the police all I knew, which wasn’t a lot.” He breathes out, waits for Aaron to reply to him but he doesn’t say anything for so long.

He’s just sitting there, head in his hands until he raises it and frowns. “Let them talk to Annie, she seemed to know a bit.” He says, leg rocking ridiculously fast now and making Robert frown, ask what he’s on about. “Annie, she was so upset. So I asked her why and you know what she said?”

Robert frowns, finds his head slowly shaking.

“She said that the bad guys are chasing you again. She asked me to protect her so you don’t need to leave me and run away again.” There’s anger on his face and Robert feels like everything is running away from him, it’s too hard to think about anything other than the sadness and the confusion on Aaron’s face and the way he looks petrified. “Say something.” He’s shouting and Robert just stands up.

“Aaron, forget it.” He’s an idiot, can’t help but say that as Aaron stands too and tries to turn him around. “I mean it, she’s just confused.” Yeah, lie, that always makes things better.

Aaron goes to speak and then there’s a knock at the door, Adam’s coming through the door and he’s going off on one about the car. He’s full of apologies and asking what he can do to help and -

“Can Annie stay at yours?” Robert twists his body around, knows that he’s going to have to break Aaron’s heart tonight and doesn’t want Annie around to see it.

Adam looks a little startled but then nods his head slowly. “Yeah, of course.” He says, and then he’s walking towards Annie’s room and holding her close to him. “We’re having a sleepover okay?” He whispers but Annie’s already reaching out for Robert and refusing.

“It’s okay.” Robert tells her, fights back his tears and kisses her head. “You be a good girl for me tonight. There’s nothing to be scared about it.” He whispers before watching her launch herself into Aaron’s arms.

He won’t see her again, Robert tells himself as he waits for Aaron to let her go. “You go have fun alright?” He says, tears in his eyes as he watches Annie go.

The door clicks and Robert turns around to look at Aaron, the younger man is puffing out his chest and nodding slowly.

“You have to let me in. You have to tell me.” He’s saying, coming slowly towards Robert and trying to hold his hand but Robert’s batting him away.

“It’s none - none of your business Aaron okay?” He snaps, like that’s even remotely true anymore.

“I just watched you nearly get blown up along with your car whilst I held your daughter in my arms!” Aaron’s shaking, feeling sick. “I’m meant to be your boyfriend.”

Robert winces, “You need to go. You need to -” Robert crashes down on the sofa and shivers. He can’t do it, can’t be this cruel to Aaron now but he just needs Aaron to leave.

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Single - Dick Grayson x Reader

Anon asks: “Could you do an officer Grayson x reader where the reader is a forensic scientist and like has a huge crush on him but is super shy and nerdy and just lots of fluff please”

Warnings: I think some swearing

a/n: I had so much fun with this, and my love for Dickiebird has grown exponentially. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did, anon :)

The Blüdhaven Police Department was currently running at a very, very slow pace. You hadn’t had to do lab work all day, you hadn’t even gotten any paperwork! And, I mean Blüdhaven isn’t Gotham in terms of crime, but it comes somewhat close. You guys wouldn’t exactly have Nightwing hanging around if Blüdhaven didn’t have its fair share of crime. Boredom was consuming you, as you tapped a navy-blue ink pencil against the desk you sat at in the forensics lab. Navy-blue, god you loved that color, for so many reasons. Mainly your love of the color developed when you met Officer Grayson, who’s eyes happened to be the exact shade of navy-blue you had always somewhat liked. You still remember the day you met him, Dick Grayson. You had made a damn idiot of yourself, really.


You were new to Blüdhaven, you were 21, had just gotten out of college and already landed a job working at Blüdhaven’s police department. You’d been working for about a week at this point, and it was all going well, you really loved your job.

“Hey Y/N, you haven’t met the whole team yet, kid. You missed one of our guys, he left the day you got here. Come on up and say hello.” The commissioner speaks through the speaker system down in the lab. You turned about 500 different shades of red, because now everyone knew that you were the new kid, those speaker systems travel throughout the entire police department. You were also extremely shy, so meeting new people wasn’t exactly your specialty. The first day you got here was terrible, being introduced to everyone one by one. ‘Maybe this’ll be better’ you think to yourself, as you head upstairs to meet whoever decided to go missing for a week.

“Um, I, ah, you said you wanted me to meet…” You begin to speak to the commissioner, but fall short of words as your eyes land on a man you had definitely not seen before. Beautiful was an understatement, handsome didn’t even come close, and gorgeous was just too far away from what this man was to even use. Ethereal maybe? Absolute perfection? A literal god? All of those crossed your mind, before you realized you had been staring.

“Don’t mind the kid, Grayson. They’re a little shy, but they’ll warm up to you.” The commissioner tells the man. The actual god just nods and smiles, before walking over to you, shaking your hand and introducing himself.

“I’m Dick Grayson, well, Officer Dick Grayson if you want specifics.” He tells you, gorgeous navy-blue eyes staring into your e/c ones. “I, um, yeah specifics are good. I like specifics.” You mumble out, shifting your weight in-between your feet. “In your field, yes specifics are fantastic.” Dick says, voice bubbly and joyous. Was he always like this? Cause if he was then you were screwed, may as well just quit now, folks. You wouldn’t be able to survive more than three seconds around this man without melting and just generally making a fool of yourself, you already knew it.

Proof of this theory developed seconds after, when as you headed back to your lab, you managed to trip over your own feet. Luckily, or unluckily, you didn’t fall and break your face, because your friendly neighborhood Officer Dick Grayson just so happened to be there to catch you. Yeah this was the exact moment you contemplated quitting, because holy hell his arms felt nice wrapped around you. You just really wanted to hug him. And kiss him. And do many other unspeakable things to him. God, you hoped he was single.

“Thanks for um, stopping me from falling on my face. You’re great, wait no I mean your face is great, wait fuck, no I mean your save was great. Saving me was great. Oh god, um, I’ll just be going back to my lab Officer.” You ramble, embarrassment taking over your entire body as you dart back to your lab before Dick could even say anything…

“Y/N, hey Y/N. Sweetie, are you listening to me? Y/N? Don’t make me arrest you for not obeying law enforcement.” Speak of the devil. Well, think of the devil in this case. If Dick Grayson happened to be the devil. You ponder that maybe that’s how he’s so gorgeous, he could’ve literally made a pact with Satan. Nah, that’d be kind of a strange thing for a cop to do.

“I, ah, what? What did you need, Officer?” You respond, your mind was a bit clustered from your previous thoughts. “First off, I need you to stop calling me Officer. It’s Dick, really I don’t mind, you don’t have to be so formal. And secondly, Nightwing brought down Cobblepot, and the guys and I went to analyze his hideout-”

“Cobblepot’s or Nightwing’s?” You question, wanting to die inside when you realize that you interrupted him. He didn’t seem to notice though.

“Cobblepot’s. If we found Nightwing’s hideout don’t you think this entire department would be celebrating?” Dick asks, sarcasm in his voice, but his face maintaining the sweet smile you adored so much. “I guess so, I don’t really get a lot of notice down here. It’s kinda lonely, really.” You confess without thinking.

“Lonely huh? I understand that.” Dick comments, as he pulls up a chair and sits down next to you. “You? Lonely? No, you’re one of the most well-liked guys here. You have tons of friends and I’m sure you have a lovely partner you go home to every night.” You blurt out, cursing yourself because you rambled and embarrassed yourself…again.

“I do have some friends, but most of these guys I just work with. We have…conflicting views on certain things. And no, I don’t have a ‘lovely partner’ to go home to every night. I’d like one, but I don’t have one. Never been real good at the whole relationship thing.” Dick tells you, spinning your pen around his fingers while he does.

Without even thinking twice about how bad it sounded, you blurted out “Not good at getting people, or not good at commitment?” When you realized what you said, something above and beyond embarrassment took over you. Was it guilt? Was it shame? Was it the chances of this man ever liking you going down the drain? Yeah, okay it was probably all of them.

“I am so, so sor-” You start to apologize, but get cut off by Mr. Supposedly Lonely. “Don’t…don’t apologize. You actually hit the nail on the head with that.” He chuckles, somehow maintaining that happy-go-lucky demeanor, even after being somewhat blatantly insulted. “So what about you? There’s no way you’re single, right?” Dick inquires, now drumming his fingers against the table. The man couldn’t seem to sit still.

“Who? Me? No, no I um, I’m very single. Also not good at the relationship thing. Good at commitment, not good at getting people. I’m kinda, um, shy.” You explain, cheeks turning red as you just stare down at the table, avoiding eye contact like it was poisonous.

“Really? I never noticed that you were shy! It’s not like you literally ran back here the first day we met.” He replies, voice sarcastic and joking. “Hey, I made a fool out of myself okay? I ran back here to cry into my DNA analyzer.” You chuckle, still avoiding his eyes. “Yeah, if I recall correctly, you said I was great, then you said I had a great face.” He laughs, while you feel the need to run away again. What he does next just nearly kills you.

Leaning in close to you, so close you can feel his breath on the side of your face, he mumbles out “Really good approach at flirting, if I say so myself.” You swear that the oxygen leaves the room entirely, and you heart shouldn’t be beating as fast as it is. That’s it. You have to quit. This man has become a full-blown health hazard. You could have a heart attack around him. In reality, you were probably going to get fired, whenever you were around him he got all your attention. There could be a tornado and you wouldn’t notice if he was in the room. Really, you shouldn’t be around him for multiple reasons, potential heart attack included.

“W-what was the second reason you came d-down here?” You stutter out, trying to get back to the task at hand. “Oh yeah,” he says, as it’s just magically occurred to him that he didn’t come down there to take your breath away, “we found evidence in Cobblepot’s hideout, DNA to be specific, and I know you love specifics. He was running an arms deal with someone when Nightwing stopped them, whoever it was got away before Nightwing or us could find him. I need you to analyze the DNA, find out who it belongs to.”

He seemed slightly disgruntled at this fact, as if he was the one who couldn’t catch the bad guy on time. Simply nodding in confirmation, you take the source of the DNA, observing that it was a cup. “Should be easy, saliva’s always easy to track’ you think, as you dive head on into your work.

“Well, I guess I’ll leave you to it. Wait, there was one more thing…” Dick says, waiting for you to respond. “What else can I do for you?” You ask, turning away from your machine that was now analyzing the saliva from the cup. The smirk on his face shows no good, and his words reflect it.

“Last thing I needed from down here was your number. Maybe a time we could meet for dinner?” He bargains, charm radiating off him. And there goes the last of your composure. You feel like screaming, crying, dropping to your knees and screaming out to the heavens a thanks. But you don’t do that, not immediately anyways.

“I, yeah. Yes. Absolutely. Here.” You murmur more to yourself than him, as you write down your number and the date of tomorrow at 7pm on a piece of spare paper. Folding the paper and handing it to him, you finally make eye contact, getting a glance at those navy-blue eyes that you now had a date scheduled with.

“Alright, I’ll leave you to your work now.” He says, departing from the lab with a huge smile on his face. That same smile took over your face, as you waited until he was out of earshot to scream and jump around.

“YES!” Both of your screams can be heard through the Blüdhaven Police Department, as the rookie hands the $20 he had bet on whether Grayson would actually ask the forensic scientist out, to the commissioner.

Untitled: Riarkle Fic

Note: Okay I have a few prompts that I am still writing and totally blanking on but in the meantime I decided to post some Fics that I have in my Drafts/On my computer. You don’t have to like this, it’s more of a BroTP Riarkle so…Enjoy :)

[Sorry For The Mistakes]


Riley’s missing. That is what Farkle woke up to early one morning.

Topanga was on the phone with colleagues hoping there were some officers that would be able to help her. Cory was out looking, Lucas and Zay along with him. Auggie was searching her room look for any clue as to where she may have gone. Maya was scared. Of course, she hadn’t said so but to him, she was an easy read. Your best friend going missing is something you don’t take lightly,  

Farkle tried to help in any way he could. He helped Topanga make calls. He sat with Auggie while he cried. He got Maya moving and he made calls on his father’s behalf (His dad gladly offered up his helicopter to the Matthews).

Why would she do this? The question on everyone’s mind. No one knew. Not Lucas. Not Maya. Not Her Parents. Hell, he didn’t even know. That’s what worried him the most. Riley would never just run off without reason. Without telling or taking someone with her.


He gets the call a little after 3AM.

“Riley.” No response. Both Topanga and Auggie are looking over at him now. Their actions are long forgotten. “Riley. Are you okay?”

“Farkle.” She breathes out. “Farkle can you come pick me up.”

“Riley where are you?” He presses the speaker button so that they could hear her as well. Auggie is right beside him now and Topanga has her phone away from her ear. Even from where he’s standing Farkle could hear the sound of Mr.Matthews on the other line.

“Don’t tell anyone. You can’t tell anyone.  ”

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Cigarette Daydreams (Version 2)

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 827



A/N: Listen to Cigarette Daydreams here!

Y/E/C = Your Eye Color

Dean’s knuckles go white as his grip tightens around the leather of the steering wheel, the speed needle inching past the 85 mark as he races down the wet backroads, rain drops splattering on the windshield.
He was a fucking coward. He knew it, and now you would, too.

But when he pulled up to the restaurant–already ten minutes late because he practically dug a trench in the garage floor from pacing back and forth, his hand in his hair as he debated with himself if he should even go–he saw you sitting at a table next to the window, a yellow flower (your favorite color) stationed in the middle.

He just stood there, the sky misting around him as he watched as every time the door opened, you would turn in your seat, your eyes wide with hope that he had arrived before slumping back in defeat when he didn’t walk through the door.
He watched as you kept glancing at your watch, the minutes of loneliness ticking away.

Before he even knew what he was doing, his feet were carrying him back to the Impala, the keys in the ignition before he could turn back and see your disappointed face once more.

“Such a fucking coward!” He growls as he slams his hand against the steering wheel.

He faces monsters, ghouls and demons everyday, but he couldn’t face you.

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