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Fai's really just a young 20-something sheltered rich kid on a search to find himself, and he put a sleep spell on his father while his father was already asleep so that Ashura wouldn't know he went dimension hopping without Ashura's permission. Chi? His little sister who'd do anything for him, including transforming into a pool blanket. No biggie. Trust me, I'm a professional. Don't bother reading his backstory chapters, this definitely is it, and all that happened. Definitely.


I see no flaws in this whatsoever.

@dinglebrose OMG CAIN TELLING ROBERT HE IS FAMILY OMG I WOULD D I E. why would you put this in my brain???? The need is intense! Also I wouldn’t be mad about a Chas/Robert hug. Just sayin’ ed!!!!

To Baekhyun, Chanyeol is forever yoda

I think when Baekhyun calls Chanyeol Yoda, it’s the cutest thing ever. It’s like his personal pet name for Channie.

During Exo showtime, poor Chanyeol XD

Chanyeol’s reaction is just so cute, and Baekhyun. Baekhyun just immediately started running away, and how the maknaes just backed up like they knew what was going o happen. See they know, :P

Chanyeol needs to teach Baekhyun a lesson, and Baekhyun once again running away like a little puppy. I love how Luhan and Kai just turn their heads like, “ohhh~ What’s Chanyeol gunna do to his boyfriend Baekhyun?”

But all this lead up to one moment that only the Chanbaek shippers understood (or just assumed)

Remember this selfie, like few months ago? When Baekhyun said his favorite Star wars character was yoda? All those time he called Chanyeol yoda, it was a sign.

Baekhyun has too much fun annoying Chanyeol doesn’t he. But I bet you that Chanyeol likes being called yoda by Baekkie. Like that little smile he always has, trying to mask it with feign shock and stuff.

Chanbaek is all about signs! Don’t you see? I remember when I saw this selfie…the first thought in my mind, other than my squealing was, 

Yoda yoda yoda yoda yoda yoda~

And then this beautiful illustration of Chanyeol by none other than Baekhyun

(da ears! It’s Chanyoda!)

Baekhyun, you are a true artist

Chanbaek is love, Chanbaek is life, am I right?

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Adam slept soundly for quite a while, far longer than he had expected, though this was likely due to having an actual bed to sleep in. Unfortunately, like always, he began to have a nightmare, rolling around and thrashing in bed. Eventually he snapped awake, he got maybe 5 hours of sleep, which for him was actually a lot. On the verge of tears he tried to calm himself and go back to sleep, but it wasn’t happening, laying there was only making this worse. He got up and strapped on his sword again, unsure where he would go exactly, all he knew was he needed to move.

As he climbed down the stairs he considered running away again, but quickly chose against it as the image of Silver and Alexandra flashed in his mind. Assuming it was open, now was as good a time as ever to check out the library. He walked out the door to the inn and turned toward the library.


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  • dre: i've held off not going to the dentist for a check up. i've been waiting for 45 minutes, i'm pretty sure i heard someone scream and it's taking everything i have not to get up and run away again. i need a distraction, let's talk about something. anything you want! or we can play a game?