Opening up tarot readings!

Hello everyone! I’m a witch who needs more practice with her divination skills. I’m opening up tarot readings (for a bit at least) if anyone is interested and would like to help me out!

I’ve done readings for myself and a few close friends for a few years now, and I know my deck pretty well. Any sort of question is ok, and feedback is encouraged so I can try to improve!

if you want me to keep your ask private let me know in the ask itself, but otherwise I will post it on my blog and tag you.

Thank you all very much!

Art requests

Does anyone want to see me draw a particular Sonic character? (only bust drawings for now) I need to get in more practice with this app so go ahead and ask and I’ll try to draw that character for you! :3

I’m so tired. So so tired. I slept from 1-4. Then two more ~20 min chunks until 7 when Scout came in.

We’re still socializing. I thought I’d be home and the capt would be nearing. Instead he called me saying he needed to stay late bc his student today needed a lot more practice.

I just want to go to my bed with my book and not hear or speak another word.

Haikyuu!! Week Day 6 - Combo

So you think that it’s a DaiSuga picture? Think twice (¬‿¬)

I’ve put here (at least) 10 combos/ships that I enjoy the most in the show and manga. You have one minute to find them all. Good luck! ( ^▽^)

Did you find them all? ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

I just plugged in my tablet and drew for the first time in months

this is as far as i got before my arm got tired. i feel super rusty. :\

it’s supposed to be damon and bonnie waking up after the 5x22 cliffhanger on a mysterious train that’s taking them to wherever they’re meant to be.