First year Scorpius and Albus having a midnight sweets party in Scorpius’ bed! (I blame @torestoreamends for planting the acorn that grew into this eventual painting :p)

WHOOOOOOOO TaG COMES BACK TOMORROW AND I MANAGED TO GET ALL FIVE SKETCHES DONE IN TIIIME!! I would have had this done MUCH sooner but it’s been kind of a rough day, and just getting this finished feels AMAZING.

I knew from basically the minute that I decided to do ALL five bros that this was going to be Scott’s, because what else does he like about his job as much as just being able to fly? And it’s obvious in the show that he has a bit of a reckless streak (which he may be getting over some, we’ll see once season 2 rolls around I’m sure.) So standing on the nose of Thunderbird One with his magnetic boots for just a little bit really just feels like a Scott moment.

And with that, the countdown is finished! Hope you all enjoyed it!

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Lydia had spent most of the day with Derek, all he told her was he needed her help with something. So she agreed to help him. Coming back at nine at night, she walks in and wraps her arms around Scott. "How was your day?"

“It was good. How are you?” He asks. “How was your day with Derek?” He snips.

Imagine Harrison Wells punching Barry for altering the timeline

Requested by Anonymous: Can you do a Harrison wells x reader where the reader is a meta human and his wife.

Words: 812

Note: Spoiler-alert…? The below isn’t my gif, credit goes to its owner.

“Allen.” Harrison gasped after jumping through the breach.

“Wells.” Barry said with wide eyes. He didn’t expect Harrison would come back to Earth 1 this soon.

“I need your help.” Harrison stated, still panting because of the exhausting journey.

“With what?” Joe asked with furrowed brow.

But before Harrison could say anything, gust of strong wind and streaks of yellow lightning ripped through the room. A beautiful young lady stood right in front of the Team Flash in a blink of an eye.

“With that.” Harrison sighed, taking a glimpse at his daughter.

“Hey guys.” Jesse greeted everyone with a wide grin.

“Jesse,” Wally asked with amazement, being stunned by the fact that Jesse had super power, “you’re a speedster?”

“Yeah. It’s pretty cool, right?” Jesse lifted her head and gave Wally a big board smile, not noticing the disappointment behind Wally’s eyes, “I mean, yeah, I would say so.”

“When did this happen?” Caitlin wondered.

“A few days ago.”

“So, when I got Allen his speed back, Wally and Jesse were hit with the dark matter.” Harrison rasped rapidly, but it was not hard to hear the helplessness behind his hoarse voice, “Turns out she was affected. She was totally affected…”

Harrison paused, something wasn’t right. He got this strange feeling since he arrived here. He took a quick look at the team. Allen, Snow, Ramon, and the West family. No, someone was missing.

“Where’s Y/N?” Harrison asked.

Then there was a terrible long silent.

Barry lowered his head with guilt while Caitlin was nervously biting her lips. Cisco avoid the Wells’ gaze while the West were helplessly looking at each other as if they had to answer an extremely tough question.

From everyone’s odd reaction, the insecure feeling inside Harrison’s chest started growing. No, no, something still wasn’t right.

Harrison looked around the room. He had never been to this part of the lab before. None of the surrounding seemed familiar. This place was totally new to him.

And all of a sudden, a displeasing thought struck Harrison. He fixed his gaze on Barry, “Allen. What have you done?”


The team brought Harrison and Jesse to the patient’s room where you were lying in.

Your body was wired with different monitor machines. The ups and downs from your chest between each breath were so little that could hardly been noticed. The slow raspy beep sound coming from the machine indicated that you were barely hanging in there.

“Um… Dr. Wells…” Caitlin took a careful glimpse at Harrison, “We know you have no memories of any of these, but um… apart from Jesse and Wally, Y/N was hit by the dark matter that night too… She never wake up since then…”

Despite all the pain and rage burning inside his chest, Harrison closed his eyes and managed to patiently listen to the whole story.

“Um… since we tried every possible treatment on Y/N but she still remained unconscious, we remember you and Jesse decided to go back to Earth 2 to find some clue that can fix Y/N…” Caitlin uttered quietly.

Harrison’s ire had reached to the peak and he abruptly lunged forward and punched Barry in the face with his clenched fist.

Joe immediately zoomed between Harrison and Barry in case the furious man hit his son again.

“We know you’re angry.” Joe said, placing his hand against Harrison’s chest to stop him from stepping forward, “Just calm down.”

“Calm down? You tell me to calm down?” Harrison ranted, pinning his glare at Barry, “If I recall correctly, Y/N is my fiancée who is happily waiting for me to marry her back then. Not a dying vulnerable woman lying here!”

“What happened to Y/N is on you. Barry Allen.” Harrison snapped, pushing these words between his clenched teeth, “YOU. CHANGE. THE. TIMELINE.”

“Um… Dad?” Jesse interjected with a small voice, she had never seen her dad this angry before, “Can I take a look at the ring you prepared for Y/N?”


“I think Y/N is wearing the exact same ring right now.” Jesse claimed, pointing at your right hand.

Harrison shoved away others and rushed beside your bed. His eyes widened when he saw a diamond ring rested peacefully on your third finger. He hastily took out the ring in his pocket and did a quick comparison.

“In fact… Y/N is no longer your fiancée but your wife now, Dr. Wells.” Caitlin confirmed, “As what we remember, you married her before Barry lost his speed.”

“What?” Harrison and Jesse exclaimed at the same time.

“Well, if Y/N is my mother, that means there is one more reason we have to save her now.” Jesse blinked at her father, “Let’s try the old fashion way.”

Jesse’s hand slowly reached yours. A spark of lightning flared the moment she touched your palm. Streak of electricity gently spread through your body.

You were awake.

i think with all these new countries like US and canada being eligible for eurovision we should set up the Eurovision Independence Party™, all the non european countries coming to OUR contest and taking OUR twelve points needs to be stopped come on europe its time to Take Back Control!!!!

Reasons to Watch Young Justice So it Comes Back

In case you didn’t already have enough reasons to keep binging Young Justice so it gets renewed, here are some more:

-If you don’t, I will die of a broken heart and my blood will be on your hands

- Wally needs to come back from the speedforce

- Artemis deserves to be happy again

- Jason Todd as the Red Hood

- Bluepulse getting together

- Conner and Megan getting back together

- New characters being introduced

- Karen and Mal moving in together

- We need to find out who Raquel married

- Amistad hasn’t shown up yet, nor has whomever his father is

- It is crucial that we get to see Kaldur be happy for once

- Nightwing and Batgirl being a couple

- More teenage Billy Batson

- It’s impossible to watch Young Justice and not have a good time doing it

- More Dick-tionary words

- The Light still hasn’t yet been defeated

- Darkseid

- Apokalypse story arc

- More Garfield being adorable

- Barbara becoming Oracle

- Either Stephanie Brown or Cassandra Cain becoming the new Batgirl

- More of Wally and Artemis’ dog

- Wally and Artemis still haven’t said “I love you” face to face on screen yet

- Don and Dawn the Tornado Twins

- Red Tornado being the team’s den mother again

- Black Canary and Green Arrow on screen kiss

- Tim Drake having more screen time

- Original Roy and resurrected Jason becoming besties and forming the Outlaws

- Starfire

- Cyborg joining the Justice League

- If you don’t help the fandom out, we will suddenly grow sharp teeth and claws and go on a rampage, destroying everything in our paths

- Let them tear Wally’s hologram memorial down after he’s alive again

- Dick will never be happy ever again until his best friend comes back to life

- Dr. Fate still hasn’t released Zatara

- Seeing the team beat up Joker because he killed Jason that one time

- Bruce still has not hugged one of his children on screen yet

- We only got to see Alfred twice

- More Dick and Tim brotherly moments

- Tim and Kon aren’t Bffs yet

- Black Canary is the new chairman of the League

- Lex Luthor may become the new US Secretary General

- G. Gordon Godfrey still hasn’t gotten punched in the face yet

- More of Bart talking about his past/future

- Cissie King Jones

- More Lian Nguyen-Harper

- More Clone Roy being a good dad

- M'gann growing her hair back out

- If you don’t keep binging on Netflix, you will not be my friend

- Spitfire proposal or baby

- Raven joining the team and dating Garfield

- There has not yet been a canon team movie night

- More Spitfire domestic life

- Seeing Nightwing without his costume and mask



Lonely. (Spencer Reid)

Warnings: 0 

*You’re lonely*

Your pov:

The silence of the house was all I could hear. The darkness of my thoughts was all I could see. The feeling in the pit of my stomach was all I could feel for an emotion. I had no sadness or happiness. The only emotion I had was loneliness. I was so desperate to be back in the loving embrace of the team and more importantly the loving embrace of a certain genius. Since the accident, I wasn’t allowed to work until the doctor cleared me. Even though the doctor cleared me Spencer wouldn’t let me come back to work. He said I needed to rest and needed to get stronger. I’ve gotten stronger and I’ve rested but he’s just too protective. We were just friends but deep down I knew it was much more, at least I hoped it was much more. I was going to make my way into work today. I got up early and took a long hot shower. I did my hair and then my makeup making sure it looked good. I then went to my closet searching through the work attire. I grabbed a fitted nude pink button up and some black dress pants. I looked in the mirror to see if I had looked orderly. When I was satisfied with my look I turned on my heels grabbing my purse. I smiled softly when I got in my car thinking about how I’ll finally feel better once I start working on something again to occupy my thoughts. I pulled up to Quantico and the guard badged me through to the parking garage. I smiled and pulled into my parking spot sighing in contempt. I made my way over to the elevator pushing the floor I needed to be on. As the elevator approached my floor I stood up straight patting out my shirt. It dinged signaling the doors were opening. “You’re back! Why didn’t you tell us?! What have you been doing? Have you enjoyed your time off?” I was bombarded with questions from the spunky tech analyst. I smiled and hugged her. “I’ve just been getting stronger, and I didn’t even know I was coming until I decided this morning.” I told her smiling looking around for everybody else. “Were is everybody?” “They are around, I’ll gather everyone and tell them you’re back!” She said smiling bouncing off to find everyone. I went and I sat down at my desk sighing and smiling. “Y/N, what are you doing here? you should be at home resting.” I heard a certain genius say. I got butterflies in my stomach as I turned around and walked over to him with a big smile and hugged him. He hugged me back softly and sighed. “Y/N, you really should be home resting.” “Why can’t I come back to work? The doctors cleared me, I’ve gotten stronger.” He looked at me skeptically “How’s your mental state?” He asked me looking deep in my eyes to find any ounce of lies. “Um, I still have some nightmares, but who doesn’t?” I asked looking at him. “You need more rest.” he stated sternly trying to walk me back to the elevator. “What? No Spencer I don’t want to go back home. It’s boring there.” I told him trying not  to spill that I was actually lonely. “No Y/N, you need to get your mind better too.” He said to me now pushing the elevator button. “Stop Spencer! I get you’re trying to help but just stop! You don’t understand what I’m going through. You might be a genius and all but you don’t know what my mind is going through.” I said to him with a slightly raised voice. “Y/N I-” I pushed him off my arm getting my purse from my desk and leaving the building. I didn’t want to go but I couldn’t face Spencer.  His big puppy eyes would make me give in and tell him everything. I made it back to my car and got in resting my head against the steering wheel. I took in deep breaths to suppress the tears. I put on my seat belt and drove out. I ignored all the calls from my colleagues and drove home. 

      I walked in my house setting down my things slowly. I walked back up to my room and changed out of my work attire and put on a big comfy sweater and wiped all my makeup off. I crawled into bed and slowly the tears came. The loneliness was back in the pit of my stomach. The darkness of my thoughts covered my mind and the silence was all I heard. My pillow was drowned in sobs as I drifted off into a tired sleep.


I awoke to a dark room. Not even the light that shinned outside was illuminating my room. I felt a dip in my bed as my heart beat raced. I remembered a spare gun I had in the nightstand. I slowly moved my hand out and pulled out the drawer not making a sound. I felt around for the gun and picked it up. “You move, I’ll shoot.” I said whipping around to the other person pointing my gun at their dark figure. “Y/N, its just me. Don’t shoot!” I heard an all too familiar voice say. I let out a breath that I didn’t know I was holding and sat the gun down. “God Spencer what are you doing here. How the fuck did you get in too?” I asked annoyed. “I know where you keep your spare key..” he said quietly. I turned on the lamp. His eyes searched mine and looked at my appearance. “Have you been crying?” he asked in a sad voice. I shrugged and sat down on the edge of the bed. I felt the tears threaten to spill again and I tried to take deep breaths. “You just don’t know what it’s like to be all alone Spencer. I get so lonely.” I said sniffling a bit rubbing my nose. I felt him move beside me and hesitantly bring my body into his chest. He rubbed my back and rocked me a bit. “I understand it Y/N, I’m alone all the time in my mind. Nobody understands me.” “Yeah but you can at least go to work.” I said exhaling a bit. “I’m sorry.” He said in a whisper. “I just can’t lose you, and I’m afraid if you come back to work, somebody with hurt you more this time and you won’t make it.” he said with a crack on the end of his voice. I started to tear up more at his confession. I looked up at him and I hugged him tightly moving into his lap. He held me close to him making sure he wouldn’t ever let me out of his sight again so he knew I’d always be safe. 

Y’know what I miss? I miss the whole shoutout phase where there was so much positivity in the rp community. I miss the fact that the community was exactly that. Now it’s just so isolated and gross man. but THE WHOLE SHOUTOUT BLOGS. They were so amazing. I would just have too much fun spamming them with positivity to @ people and then seeing how happy it made people!

TBH that needs to come back. That or just general positivity because this place is so empty and cold now.