Mary = not-safe

In this day and age I’m sure this is been said but, I gotta say,

Sherlock wants John to be safe.  He came back to life to keep him safe because he was not-safe.  Not-safe because of Mary,  

On the tarmac Sherlock and Mary say the equivalent of, ‘take care of him’, and, ‘no’, respectively.  Sherlock says, ‘keep him safe’, and she says, ‘you know he’s not safe with me’.  She’s wearing red: a colour signifying distress and danger (‘red alert’).  

If Sherlock leaves John with Mary, John is not safe.  Mary confirms this.  Her coat confirms this.  Sherlock immediately comes back because, ‘England’, needs him: John needs him.  He’s still in danger.

I realise that this is obvious to a lot of people.  It’s just that this exchange between Sherlock and Mary is often used to show that they’re now, ‘buddy-buddy’, when truly, nothing could be further from the truth,

Of course, this is cleverly hidden in this friendly banter: Mary knows that John likes to have adventures and she’ll keep him, ‘in trouble’, AKA entertained.  And yet, when someone says, ‘will you look after him?’, the expected answer is, ‘I’ll keep him safe’, not, ‘I’ll keep him in trouble’.  Now, this is why it’s, on the surface, a cute, witty thing for her to say: she’s intimating that they both know how John is, he likes danger, he likes adventures, etc.  She’ll take care of John in the custom way that they both know John requires.  

Except, there’s a very real thing going on here where he’s saying, ‘will you keep him safe’, and she’s saying, ‘no’.  As long as he is with Mary, John is not safe, he’s in trouble.  

Hey guys, I know that I took a bit of a sudden hiatus but I really needed to reflect on some things and I didn’t want to come back until I was fully ready. I meant to release this post before I went on my break but I forgot. Some of you may have already unfollowed me but that’s ok and I completely understand. I really missed this fandom especially all of my mutuals. All of you have made my experience in this website amazing and you guys are the best!

Bolded = Mutuals

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Having been thinking about Mindful Education, there’s a few things that I really appreciate about it.

No-one’s fear or pain is belittled in the face of someone having ‘bigger problems’ or more. Suffering is relative and while Connie did something so small in comparison to what Steven has gone through, it’s understood that it has affected her. Even one small problem can spiral into a monster, especially when you’re that age, left obsessing and panicking over an issue and being scared of what’ll happen.
Ruby is shown to be very connected with her feelings and so responds to the issue, accepts it, moves past it and so isn’t plagued by many butterflies. In comparison, Sapphire is known to wait for an issue to pass and be naturally resolved, leading to them swarming her in a moment, rather than looking at the issue critically and following the same steps as Ruby.

It’s okay to be afraid and upset. You just need to step back, take a breath, accept the situation and come to a resolution. 

the **** i just sucked and the *** i just ate out and the *** i took all down my throat just now after a long hard day at work? *gaga voice* rejuvenating, revitalizing, refreshing, reawakening, therapeutic, 

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how do you think tailgate, rodimus, and swerve would react if when they tried to prank/scare their s/o their s/o pretended to faint/die to get them back??

Lmao oh boy

Tailgate MTMTE

‘Haha got you…y/n? Y/N?! OH MY PRIMUS I KILLED THEM-’ 

Rodimus Prime MTMTE

He would catch you before you fell and jokingly go along with it with really over the top bad acting

‘How could this be? They’re gone, gone forever! Nothing could bring them back, not even tickling them in that one spot that I know gets them!’
When you started laughing and squirming he would just laugh and blow a raspberry on your neck. ‘Nope shush you’re dead no going back’ 

Swerve MTMTE

He would freak out like Tailgate, you would need to ‘come back’ and comfort him, poor baby thought he lost you 

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When you're reading up on presidents and American history do you take notes or highlight? I guess my question is, what's your strategy when reading/studying to best retain the information?

Highlight?! What kind of monster do you think I am? I don’t write in my books!

I have a pretty good memory when it comes to this stuff (and terrible memory when it comes to everything else), so I retain a lot of what I read. But if I want to make a note of something, find a specific quote, or need to come back to something later, I use these:

A lot of my books look like that. And, when I’m doing an especially good job of organizing myself, each color Post-It means something different and makes my work easier.

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If it's true that the Dream arc was supposed to be the manga finale... The Stars arc in the manga actually feels less like a normal story arc and more like a franchise retool - you know, greater scope, cast replacement. A.k.a. *the exact stuff that the anime version really needed at that point* since it utterly exhausted its usual episode formula. Now look at how Sailor Stars really turned out... Besides Mamoru being replaced by Starlights, NOTHING CHANGED. *facepalm*

I really do feel like Dream was supposed to be the true end for various reasons. Usagi turning into eternal which supposed to be her final form before talking the throne, Mamo realizing he’s equal and important to her,Chibiusa coming to her own which she will be a greater leader one day, the girls getting power ups and much needed development, the outer senshi coming back to help out. Everything felt so full circle at the end of Dream.Stars to be felt like Naoko was saying to execs” Ok You want another arc? I gave you one but on my terms and how I want it to go. I’m going to show you that this is really the end.” I say that because Stars was really epic intergalactic horror movie to me.  I mean she takes out Mamoru first while he’s purposing to Usagi with Usagi blocking it out, and then have the senshi get wracked off two by two as the arc progresses. She’s sent a huge message that she was done.  Also the fact she finally gets to do what she was dying to do since the first arc which was kill off the senshi. Boy She did it in Style. When you take out the main love interest in the first blow, you mean business. Naoko was gangster in Stars arc and they still did what they wanted to in the anime… 

Sorry for going MIA for a while. I think after assuming the show was dead and then finding out it was coming back, I mentally needed to give myself a vacation from the blog anyway.

To answer many of your questions - yes, I do plan to do coverage of the upcoming VH1 cycle. I mean, I reserve the right to change that plan if the show sucks (nah, that’s not the right word, it’s sucked for a long time) isn’t fun, but I have high hopes that it’ll maintain its silliness.

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how would soldier 76, reinhardt, and/or mccree react to their pregnant S/O going into labor?

Soldier 76:

  • As much as he thinks he is, he isn’t ready in the slightest for the official announcement that their water had broken
  • He would try to be fast as he can, but he’d also be that partner that would rush around gathering as much as they think they need (which might end up being much more than necessary)
  • Of course, when his S/O mentions that they don’t need that much, he’ll just come back with “gotta be prepared for anything”, but there’d be a blush behind his mask
  • Protective is definitely one word that would best describe him once labor has started
  • Speedy-McSpeedster to the hospital


  • He’d be the most calm out of everyone once his S/O’s labor has started, but he would also get really excited because its time!
  • He would already have a small bag pre-prepared for when the time came (he wanted to make sure that this would be the least stressful part of the whole event for his S/O)
  • Still a safe driver, following the speed limit. He’d actually break a smile if his S/O started to scream at him to go faster, but he knows they have time since he got them out of the house so quickly
  • Once at the hospital, he’d do anything the doc and nurses need him to do, but this is also around the time he would start feeling the most protective of his S/O and their unborn child
  • Stays at his S/O’s side the entire time. (the one thing he can’t obey with the docs: having to wait in the waiting room)


  • Similarly to 76, he would think he’s all set and ready to go for when it happens…but not really
  • He’d panic and try to calm his S/O down before rushing around gathering what he thought they would need to go to the hospital
  • Would call one of the older team members to come help
  • He would try his best not to speed to the hospital, but there are moments that he does go over the speed limit a bit
  • He’d do anything and everything that the doctors tell him to do, but would also be protective and worryful of his S/O during moments he can’t be right at their side

**Sequel to “Imagine Jonathan asking you what your fear is.“ [x]**

Imagine your psychometry causing you to lose your mind.

You were screaming when Jonathan entered your little padded room, writhing on the ground crying out in despair against a sound no one but you could hear. Tears streaked your cheeks, mingling with the blood that leaked from the scratches you had inflicted to yourself before they had decided to put you in a straightjacket for your own protection. Somehow you always managed to reopen the cuts during your fits.

Your visions were getting worse. Much worse.

Whether it was the lack of sleep that spawned from the nightmares, the mind-numbing medications they pumped you full of, or simply the horror of being plagued by the deaths of others, you were losing your mind.

“[f/n], you need to calm down. Come back to reality,” Jonathan instructed, crouching a little ways away from you to stay safe from your thrashing limbs. Without his intervention, the staff would have to forcefully sedate you, which would only exacerbate your paranoia.

“Get out of my head!” you cried, your voice hoarse and desperate. “Make it stop!”

“[f/n], no one is going to hurt you.” Jonathan’s voice was level and filled with authority. “You need to control yourself.”

You continued to jerk on the floor, your teeth clenched and the veins in your neck standing out sharply. You were about as far away from reality as you could get. Jonathan set his jaw and moved towards you, grabbing your shoulders in an attempt to get you to hold still. You were going to hurt yourself.

His touch might as well have burned you. You screamed and jerked away from him, your eyes stretched wide yet completely unseeing. You were on the floor again, your entire body shaking and twitching as the vision overwhelmed your senses. Jonathan swore as he called in several attendants, snapping at them to put on gloves and not to touch your skin. He didn’t want to do it, but they had to restrain you to keep you from hurting yourself. You were babbling incoherently, your entire body trembling as they took you away to the medical facilities of Arkham.

There was only one word that you kept mumbling over and over between spurts of frantic gibberish, and it made Jonathan’s blood run cold.

“Scarecrow… Scarecrow… Scarecrow…”

Gif Credit: Jonathan

My son likes to hunt for things in the yard. He loves rocks and crystals and interesting sticks.

The other day, he came running up to the porch with one of those glass bubble like faux gemstones that are put in vases. 

Lex: Look what I found! It’s a magickal gemstone. It looks like a water diamond!

Friend: Wow, hon, that’s amazing. Are you going to put it in your collection?

Lex: Yeah. It’s amazing. And there wasn’t even a price for it!

Me: <thinking> I may need to back it down on the whole, “All magick comes with a price.” thing. Less fairy tales?

Then i spent the next few hours idly thinking about the price. Which I suppose, in this case, will be that someday he’ll realize that is not a magickal water diamond.

But for now, he is free to believe.