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I have a bit of a dilemma I am a English traditional witch but I want to use flying ointment. The problem is that English witches (historically) didn't hedge ride or go to sabbath (that's more German,French and Italian) so my question is could I use flying ointment in my practice without cultural appropriation?

I think you need to read English folklore again.
Come back once you have (or you might not need to come back at all).

Can we just take a moment…

Keith was ready to sacrifice himself!!!

I feel like Keith himself thinks that he’s not good enough; he is constantly training to improve himself.Keith told us that he was never a good leader, and he wanted to leave to go with the Blade of Marmora. So not only did he believe that he was a horrible leader, but a horrible paladin, in a sense, as well. Shiro (possibly fake Shiro) always fought Keith on his decisions as leader, yet when Keith decided to leave, there was little to no fight, and I don’t think that sent the best message to him.

Hell, he got reprimanded on the first episode for saving a teammate, so he might believe he’s not a good Blades member either. Right now Keith might feel like he doesn’t know what his point in life really is, other than be with the Blade and see where it leads him.

So, does that mean that Keith’s possible sacrifice was because of some deeper emotions and conveying a message?? Or was it because in war the life of many outweighes the life of one soldier ??

I just want answers ✨


“It was the end of the day, they had wrapped me, and I went back to my trailer and ate two chicken burgers. And then they were like ‘Oh no there’s been a mistake, we need you to come back to set.’ I had to put on what we call a corset harness, which is a sort of Kevlar corset, and then you put the Spider-Man suit on over the top. I was basically sitting on my bum, holding on to a web which would then pull me 30ft headfirst down a lift shaft and the more I scrunched over, the more I could feel these chicken burgers coming up… and because you’re in the mask, if you throw up, you drown. It’s made the movie, so it was worthwhile. But every time I see it I get nauseous.” - Tom Holland

we always talk about keith missing shiro during that year when shiro was captured by the galra but imagine shiro fighting through every day, trying to survive, so then he could have the chance of returning home and reuniting with keith. sometimes shiro doubts he’ll even make it and it hurts thinking that he might never see keith again (and there is not a day that goes by where he is not thinking about him)


For SNS summer week: post 699 canon divergence

I don’t know, I just really like the idea of the boys in the anbu (under the hokage). So before Sasuke feels comfortable back in Konoha, whenever he finds himself alone and cornered, Naruto always swoops in! (He just knows, man, he just knows!) And every time, Sasuke berates him for it (as does Tsunade, hehe).

Then I like to imagine Sasuke misses Naruto too much and takes long visits in Konoha (after Naruto reforms it a bit). He usually doesn’t wear the anbu garb but he will sometimes. Basically, Sasuke is the Hokage’s main security like when they go to Kage gatherings and every Kage has two body guards, but Naruto only needs one (Sasuke wouldn’t trust a second anyways :P). And he likes to act super possessive of Naruto *u*.

Naruto: Erm… why is everyone being so awkward…?

Sasuke: …

Naruto: Sasuke… have you been scaring our allies? And our potential friends?!

Sasuke: What?… I’m not doing anything.