Descendant/7th house

Aries in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that bring out the life in them. assertive partners, competitive partners. may have pushy and aggressive partners. relationships can consist of arguments and confrontations. a partner that is strong-willed, childlike, spontaneous, self-sufficient, protective, and highly sexual. an independent partner. 

Taurus in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that are stable, reliable, loyal and secure. a partner that will stick with you through everything. someone more down to earth, practical and perhaps good with money. someone that cares more about material things so it can compliment you well. a sensual, realistic, grounded partner that can bring more sensuality to the relationship. someone possessive. 

Gemini in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that stimulate your mind. someone that likes fresh starts, and can give you a strong mental connection. you fall in love with your mind. someone not very possessive and will not restrict your freedom or limit you at all. someone that can show you new things and can hold a solid conversation with you. a partner with similar interests, and can show you new interests as well. someone that brings variety into the relationship. 

Cancer in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that can bring a feeling of security into the relationship. perhaps someone conservative, sentimental, sensitive, and nurturing. someone that remembers the important things. a highly emotional relationship. the relationship can fluctuate over time but always needs to come back to its safety. a partner that feels like a safety net. a possessive, private relationship. 

Leo in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that make them feel like a star. someone that brings out the talent, creativity and fun in them. a strong partner that makes you feel proud and vice versa. a lively, social and friendly partner that worships you or vice versa. a relationship for you would consist of a little drama to keep the feelings aroused. romance, ideally, would never die for you. 

Virgo in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that they can “fix”. a practical, reliable and steady partner. someone able to handle many tasks at once. someone that values realistic communication and can help you get in touch with reality. understanding of your dreamy and sensitive ways. someone that will help you when needed. 

Libra in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that possess social grace, charm, politeness, and good at communicating. someone that can just know how to charm you and be romantic, keep the relationship positive and compromising. someone that avoids confrontation and keeps fighting and conflict at a minimum. someone that can help you relax and see the middle ground to two opposing sides. 

Scorpio in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that empower you and are possessive. brooding, dark and mysterious types that are powerful and strong. someone loyal. someone private and emotionally intelligent. intense and intuitive, can tell exactly how you’re feeling at all times. may have power struggles in relationships. sex will be important in the relationship. 

Sagittarius in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners fiery souls that have a need to learn, experience and be more than what they already are. those with philosophical sides to them, teachers, etc. there can be multiple marriages with this placement because sagittarius rules expansion and “more more more”. there’s an attraction to those that can teach you something or someone you can learn from. athletic, spontaneous and easy going partners. a foreign partner, one from a completely different background/ethnicity/nationality, or long distance relationships. a partner that is friendly and maybe a little go lucky too.

Capricorn in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that are stable, reliable and mature. there can and probably will be a large and significant age difference between you two in the relationship. you may attract strict and colder partners, ones that can provide you with security and guidance, and can teach you to control your emotions more. a partner that needs your suport and nurturing. a relationship where the two of you take care of each other. relationship/marriages may take a while to happen, you don’t settle down quickly or easily, and need commitment. 

Aquarius in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that will fuel you mentally and give you the space you need to be yourself. you want a partner that is individualistic, unique and can introduce you to new ideas. typically the relationship would start through friendship and continue the friendship bond throughout the relationship. a partner that isn’t so clingy and capable of doing their own thing when need be, and can let you be yourself when you want and need to be. 

Pisces in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that they can fix, similar to virgo in the 7th. a partner that is artistic, compasionate, sensitive of your feelings. someone that calms your nerves. someone you may need to clean up after. there can be delusion and dependency in these relationships, and you may attract addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill or unstable people, criminals, shady people, etc. 

Cat Whispering 101

People talk about “cat whispering” as though befriending cats is some mystical in-born talent, but really, the secret to cat whispering is to stop whispering and start listening to the cat.

If you want to expand a cat’s boundaries, you have to push them slowly and watch the cat for any sign of discomfort, e.g. wide eyes, unblinking eye contact, tense body. (That’s also a list of things you need to not do lest the cat think you are uncomfortable and therefore unpredictable.) If the cat starts looking uncomfy, stop what you’re doing. Don’t backpedal – this can be alarming if it’s sudden, and you still want to be making progress – just don’t push any further. So if you’re petting the cat and it tenses up when you get near its face, don’t retract your hand; keep petting the cat, but don’t try to pet its head again. 

Recognizing discomfort in cats takes some practice, so if you overstep your bounds and the cat lashes out, back off calmly and let it have whatever space it needs. Chances are it will come back after it’s had a few minutes to chill, or will settle at a distance that feels safer. Don’t push any more that day.

This approach teaches the cat that you’re going to respect its boundaries – that you’ll listen when it tells you “no” – and that you’re not going to react badly when it asserts those boundaries. That establishes trust. Once the cat knows it can trust you, it will be a lot more open to unfamiliar things because it knows you won’t abruptly push it way out of its comfort zone.

And then congrats, you have “whispered” a cat! You are now a cat whisperer. Please use these powers only for good and share pictures of all the cool cats you meet.

we always talk about keith missing shiro during that year when shiro was captured by the galra but imagine shiro fighting through every day, trying to survive, so then he could have the chance of returning home and reuniting with keith. sometimes shiro doubts he’ll even make it and it hurts thinking that he might never see keith again (and there is not a day that goes by where he is not thinking about him)

Long Hiatus

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to give you some news.

As you can see, I’ll be absent for a long time. Recently I haven’t feeling very well, both physically and mentally due…many things are happening in my life right now.

I don’t want to lie to you all and pretend I’m always smiling and being funny and silly. This time I really need a time to deal with all those stuff that requires time  that I’m spending in my blogs and chats with people. I need some time alone. 

I’ll come back when Underverse 0.3-2 is finished, maybe in the middle of July, I’ll try to update a few advances of the animation, nothing else. I won’t stream until that day comes, too. I prefer to not using the chat for a while. I need to focus and save a lot of time to finish this animation and then being able to take important choices that are about to change many things of my daily life.

I have a couple of things to do before leaving, so don’t worry to people I promised to do those things this week.

…So, see you soon and thanks for everything.
Have fun.

I swear if I see one more person compare that fyre festival to the hunger games I’m gonna re-enact that “ read the book ” gif like first of all, why the fuck do we have this constant need to compare shitty events to fandoms? not to be “ that asshole ” but in some situations yall need to come back to reality.

second of all its literally nothing like the hunger games. first of all the island they’re at isn’t some god damn uninhabited destitute island there’s a town like ten minutes away from the festival grounds. people tweeting they’re hiding in their tent and trying to figure out how to make weapons binch stfu you aren’t on naked and afraid, take your shit and go to the town and kindly offer compensation to anyone who can offer you shelter until you can leave.

these mf are acting like the festival grounds are the entire island and they’re required by law to stay there so they’ve gone all lord of the flies in the span of like a day.

the only people I have sympathy for are the Bahamian’s that are gonna probably somehow be blamed for all this and stuck cleaning the damages with nothing to show but a massive dent in their tourism cause you dumb mother fuckers decided to loose your fucking minds because you weren’t getting spa treatments and rentable yachts fuck off.

“Can I have this dance?” Harry said, and Louis thought of laughing, thought of telling him he didn’t need to cook for them, or buy him flowers and put on his favourite songs throughout the whole night just to impress him. He thought of shaking his head and telling him that he was being so ridicolous.
But he did none of those things.
Instead he let Harry take him in his arms, let him guide his body slowly around the dark room resting his head on the crook of Harry’s shoulder.
“I love you” he whispered, wishing it’d be loud enough.
For a moment the night seemed so real Louis thought he could not exist out of it, he was a part of that mantle of stars, shining so bright and quietly between Harry’s arms.
“I love you too. I love you more than anything”

Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 126 Spoilers

Chapter title: Ring

Takeomi and Yoriko have their wedding at a Church

Yoriko still has both her arms and is holding a bouquet

Special Class Kuroiwa cries 

Many investigators are present including Qs

The one who catches Yoriko’s bouquet is Gori Misato

Shinsanpei skipped the wedding to visit his aunt

Kiyoko has lost both her legs from the knee down

Kiyoko: …San-chan I’m cold can you cover me with the sheet

Shinsanpei: Sorry 

Kiyoko: Should I too get Dr. Chigyou’s ‘iron legs’ like Suzuya-kun?

Shinsanpei: I’ll go


For your welcome back present I’ll turn him into a quinque and bring it to you

Kiyoko watches as Shinsanpei leaves the hospital and sighs 

Ui meets with Okahira who was supposedly dead

Okahira: …Arima Kishou? Or is it for First Class Ihei?

She was a lovely young lady… even her showing off is a good memory

Hope is… definitely needed 

But, the dead cannot come back to life

Ui: …Thanks for the advice 

Okahira stands up from the bench  

Okahira: …I’ll be off, its time for medicine 

Once time (this) has passed, death will come again

Ui: (Okahira…a connected life…the one who holds medicine is the reaper…even so…)

Mutsuki and Urie are sitting on a bench

Mutsuki: I thought you weren’t going to come seeing as you’re so busy

Urie: (I wasn’t planning to come but…)

Mutsuki: You’re organising the documents on Matsuri’s professional duties, aren’t you?

Urie: (I heard you were going) 

Urie: Well yeah… 

Urie looks at Mutsuki and thinks of the large amount of photos that were stabbed with a knife in Mutsuki’s room 

Mutsuki stands up 

Mutsuki: I went there 

Mutsuki: I went to the cafe sensei usually went to… and then… he was there

Urie: Sasaki was? 

Mutsuki: Urie-kun I… want to stop sensei 

I love him 

It can’t be helped 

If there was something I could do… I don’t mind what happens to me 

Mutsuki’s eyes water and they leave 

Urie is frozen still with white eyes

Touka and Kaneki are watching the wedding from far away

Touka puts a string through her parent’s wedding ring which has ARATA HIKARI engraved on the inside and gives it to Kaneki

Kaneki: Arata…Hikari…?

Touka: It was my mother and father’s 

Whenever I hold onto this it reminds me of them

I always received strength from this …its a treasure so I’ll give it to you

Kaneki puts the string around his neck

Kaneki: …Ok then I’ll… look at this and think of you

Kaneki: Let’s go, everyone’s waiting

The chapter ends with a centipede on the ground


I don’t know about you but I love this so. damn. much. And this is gonna turn into a Demily worship post, you’ve been warned. 

First of all, the high-five, of course, it’s their thing. But more importantly, look at David, he’s having the audience cheer on Emily. He’s the one with three successful shows, yet it’s really like she said, “You always made me feel like I was as important as you, as accomplished as you and I really deserved to be here.

We the Bones fans love to say that no other co-stars will ever be better than David and Emily (and we all know why). But it’s not just that they are the best of all co-stars in the universe, lately I’ve been thinking, does any other duo really fit the definition of co-stars? I’m not sure there are two other actors that were/are 100% equals in the same way that David and Emily were from day one. 

I think about their working relationship and friendship pretty much every day, and they never stop blowing my mind. They don’t fake anything, they don’t try too hard to get attention, they just do what comes natural to them. It’s so unique and special and genuine. And my love for them truly knows no bounds.