1. I wonder how many girls you kissed and told ‘I love you’ to. I wonder how many people fell for your stupid charm and your stupid attitude. I wish I hadn’t been one of them.
2. You’re not allowed to say sorry and pretend like you didn’t ruin me. You’re not allowed to burn another hole into my skin with your fingertips that felt like the lit end of a cigarette; I don’t need another scar to remind myself that my body was the goal and that my mind was simply an obstacle you needed to overcome.
3. Stop coming back every time you’re drunk and you’ve forgotten how to speak. I will not fall for the way my name sounds in your voice, even when the alcohol has put it through a blender and all that comes out is a mangled mess of syllables.
4. I am trying to learn how to breathe without you so please stop wrapping your arms around my rib cage that is already cracked. I fear it might break if you hold me tightly ever again and I don’t know if I’ll survive with broken ribs and punctured lungs. Please let me go; your arms are not home anymore, you are a tornado and I am hardly four walls that could withstand a summer breeze.
—  You used up every last ounce of love I had in my veins

@all time low please come back to the uk because i miss you and i need you in my life again i love you so much please come back soon


High4 is coming back in a few days so anyone *coughs*everyone*coughs* whose been sleeping on them needs to start getting woke!!! There’s a solid 15 of us rn and lets try to get to at least 20 before they come back!!!! If u have any questions or need any assistance with letting these boys into your life pls contact me or atoms-abooty since we’re experts on this!!! Thank u for your time

GH who should be with who

Look Luke needs to be with Laura, Robert needs to be with Holly, They should have never killed Duke cause Anna needs to be with him, Scott needs to be with Bobbie, Lucy needs to be with Kevin, They need to get the actor who played Joe Jr back as a new character who a corporate raider who Tracy, Sonny and Carly need to be with each other cause there terrible people, Brenda and Jax’s need to be with each the, Robin and Patrick, Sam and Jason, Lucky needs to come back and be with Liz, Emily needs to be alive and be with Nik, Maxie and Spinelli, Nathan and Ellie, Johnny and Lulu, Ethan and Kristina, Ned and Olivia all the others characters I don’t care who they end up with.

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I hope you know how many people you are helping. Your advice is amazing and honest and I can tell you are very smart. You are such an inspiration to me and I'm sure many other people! I will definitely come back to your blog when I need a kick start to get myself in a better place and get what I need done and stop procrastinating :) <3

WAAAA this is SO SWEET omg i cant even!! Thank you! 
Do you even have a clue how nervous i am every time i click ‘publish’ ??? Like i honestly pee myself just a little bit haha i’m so scared i trigger something or that person takes it the wrong way, bc i  kinda suck at verbalising my thoughts.
Thaaank you so much for this! Come here whenever you want dear, i’ll be waiting :) Love yaaa xxxx 

ahhh this time in two weeks i’ll be performing in my acting exhibition, crazy to think it’s so soon!

is it kinda cheesy to say that joseph morgan is the reason why i decided to get into acting? ahhh hopefully i’ll be able to make him proud that night (in my dreams :P)! so excited! can’t believed it’s coming around so fast… i really need to get back to remembering lines even though i know i remember them hahaha

what even is this post


But I am trying.
I wake up in the morning to birds chirping outside and sun shining through my window.
I wipe the sleep out of my eyes and reach over for the glass of water I poured for myself the night before.
I am trying to take care of myself 
But there’s that moment where I remember him
And it hurts. But I am trying.
I sit at the edge of my bed and practice concentrating on my breathing very carefully as a way to cope with the pain that comes with knowing that he is gone.
I sit at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee warming my hands and I think of the green shade of his eyes.
I get upset.
I try to do something productive, try to wash my hair or take a walk But I get so frustrated with myself for feeling so defeated that I forget to begin.
I watch my mother and father kiss
And I feel like throwing up.
But I am trying.

It is the middle of the day and my mind is wandering.
I wonder what the next girl you love will look like
Wonder if her eyes will be prettier than mine
Wonder if you’ll tell her about the way we used to love
Sloppy kisses and hearty laughs and heavy breathing
Wonder if she’ll know how lucky she is
Wonder if she’ll cherish it.

As the sun sets behind me
I sit on my porch and write you a letter about how much I miss your hands
With no intention of sending it.
I throw it out before the sky gets dark.

I think that what I’m trying to say is
There’s a part of my heart that is only going to know how to love you.
There’s a part of me that’s always going to be weak for you.
But I am trying.
I am doing my best to handle your absence as best as I can.