Lucy Rose bringing awareness to the stigma people have of those who genuinely love and care for something - in this case, for her music

things that would have been better than what we got

-“tord” being an escaped evil clone from spares
-tord is the tord from the edd never existed timeline who took over half of norway
-tord comes back because after his attempt at forming an army crashed and burned he made a deal with the devil for infinite power and smoking hot babes in return of him and his friends souls and he needs to complete his half of the agreement.
-tord comes back because he’s on the run for being an actual war criminal. wacky gags about the crew being totally oblivious.
-20 minutes of tori and ell gazing lovingly into each others eyes and having a blast while being bridesmaids at kim and katya’s wedding
-literally anything but the end

So I’m a cashier at a large hardware store. Some of out products are crazy expensive and have multiple barcodes. I rang up this man’s three items with totaled to $150. He paid and left. 20-30 minutes later he calls, asking for me personally. My head cashier hands me the phone thinking it’s family. This guy starts to chew me out saying that I stole money from him by overcharging him and that he expected me to do something about it. I told him I couldn’t do anything over the phone, and that he needed to come back to the store. He didn’t like that too much. Saying it was an inconvenience, which I understand. But then he started to say that he was coming for me and when he came in he was going to come find me. And that he wanted discounts. I agree only to get off the phone. I talk to my head cashier and she tells me to go to the customer service supervisor and tell her what happened. She pulls up the transaction and compares the prices online to the prices the customer was charged. They match. I start crying because I feel awful when I do something wrong. Plus I was scared of this guy. I get sent outside to garden and I see the customers wife come in. Figure I just missed him. The phone rings and it’s the customer service supervisor calling to tell me that I had accidentally charged him for a case instead of a single product. This all could have been avoided had I payed a bit more attention to my screen, and if this jerk had looked at the total or his receipt. So now there are two customers I will go out of my way to avoid.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all the times that i hurt you. I’m sorry that i always make you cry and i did not do anything to wipe them away. I’m sorry because i keep on hurting you. I know that sometimes i mean it but i can’t help myself, i am hurting you and i don’t know how to stop. I always treat you as my option, leave you whenever i want then comes back when i need you. I’m sorry for always making you feel that you are not worth it. I’m sorry for all the times that you are alone and you needed me but i was not there. I’m sorry if i keep on making you love me more when i can’t even give you even just a small amount of that love. I’m sorry for turning my back on you when all you did is to hold my hand so tight. I’m sorry, for not saying sorry before. I’m sorry if sometimes you think that you are not enough. I’m sorry for breaking your heart. I hope my sorry can make you feel better. I hope my sorry can put back the pieces of your broken heart. I’m sorry if this is too late. I’m sorry for not realizing everything and your love for me. I’m sorry for leaving you. I’m sorry for always putting you in so much pain and i was not even there by your side to lessen the pain. I’m sorry for taking away your happiness. I’m sorry if you’ve spent your time and love to someone like me and got nothing in return but a broken heart. I’m sorry because i now realize that i love you but i can’t have you back.
—  Sorry is sometimes painful

Sundays are always busy work days for me and 사탕 wanted to see me but also had to work so he just decided to camp out in my room all day and do what he needs to do and it’s been so nice having him to come back to after finishing my work. He also deep cleaned my room while I was away (organized things, vacuumed the floors, fixed my curtains because I’m too short to do it myself, tied all my charger cables in nice little knots so they won’t tangle etc.) and brought me a huge down comforter his mom told him to give me from his house and bought me toothpaste and a bunch of water bottles. I wish we could actually live together but this was a great preview for when we finally can ♥

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Uh uh. Nope. We got enough of the Lucy/Flynn betrayal heartache in the finale, I cannot handle it in the trash saga too. Fix it! Fix it now! ... please?

yadda yadda the trash saga of flynn and lucy methinks you know the drill

The door shuts with a thump, Wyatt mutters something about could that proprietor have been giving them any more side-eye (to be fair, turning up with an injured, clearly dangerous, armed lunatic in tow does tend to have that effect) and he and Lucy heave Flynn onto the bed as he continues to glare red murder at both of them. His bullet wounds aren’t life-threatening, but they still need attention, and to judge from the amount of blood already spattered on his jacket, that should be sooner rather than later. Wyatt desperately needs to go back out and find the Lifeboat before John Rittenhouse comes looking for it (let him be good and distracted at this meeting of his, Lucy prays) and to try to find a way to contact Rufus. And as germ theory, Louis Pasteur, and Robert Koch are still another forty years away, any surgeon they can find here will be only marginally better than useless. Lucy knows more about it than they will, and she’s a doctor of history, not medicine. They had enough trouble finding a boarding house as it is, with the city packed for the inauguration, and Lucy isn’t sure she wants to draw attention to herself or their hiding place by going out and looking. “Wyatt,” she says. “You go. I’ll… take care of things on this end.”

He cocks a skeptical eyebrow at her. “Really? With him sitting there looking like he wants to bite your head – or other parts of you – off?”

“I can hear both of you, you know,” Flynn growls. “In case you were wondering.”

Wyatt shoots a black look at him, then turns back to Lucy, putting a protective hand on her arm. “Look,” he says, still more quietly. “I don’t know everything that happened while we were apart, and this is bad enough. But if Flynn has it in his head to hurt you for something – ”

“He’s not going to hurt me.” Let Flynn overhear that, if he’s so inclined. “You know we need the Lifeboat back online yesterday. I’ll figure something out. Rittenhouse could be sending out a squad to get it right now, and if we lose it too, we’re done for. Take care of yourself, okay?”

Wyatt pauses for a long and loathing moment, then nods tersely. His hand lingers on her arm (something that Lucy most assuredly sees Flynn’s eyes flicker to, for all his affection of viciously ignoring them) and then he lets go, turns away, and checks that he has his gun and it’s loaded. He takes Flynn’s too, with a very pointed look. Then he lets himself out, footsteps thumping away down the hall, and Lucy and Flynn are left alone in the small room, staring each other down, the tension thick enough to not only cut with a knife but serve for dessert lightly chilled. For the longest moment, neither of them says anything. Then Lucy goes to the wardrobe, opens one of the drawers, and starts rummaging around. Flynn watches her until curiosity finally gets the better of anger. “What on earth are you doing?”

“Trying to figure out how to stop you from being a dead body sewn into a mattress,” Lucy says shortly. “You could be the origin of the urban legend, you know.”

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“Dude I can’t believe its summer. Where did the time go? Where have you been I feel like I haven’t seen you at all these semester.” 

“Finishing up my last year of med school before residence and possibly getting a permanent research job with Dr. Andrews, I’ve just been busy. I promise though we will need to hang out after the summer is over and I come back.” 

“Yeah I’m going to stay in the city see where my art can take me.” 

“I’m sure it will be far, you know how talented you are.” 

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Wow um okay so I'm such a hobi hoe and I just read Luckiest Man and it was so good and seemed so much like hobi that I stopped in the middle and cried for like 7 minutes like honestly I could totally see him that way as a husband and I really loved that piece and thank you for writing it i will be coming back to it whenever I need a pick me up

ahhhhhhhhhhh thank you so, so much anon! I’m glad you enjoyed it, truly! I can be so soft, especially for Hoseok. I hope you come back often, thank you so much - both for the wonderful compliment and for telling me! 

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Hey guys, I’m really sorry to do this again and so soon, but I have a lot of bad things happening irl right now and I don’t think I’ll be able to work on this blog for a couple months until everything gets sorted out. Please, please send in submissions to help out Mod Yoshiki and Mod Sayaka.

And Mod Yoshiki and Mod Sayaka, I’m really sorry I won’t be able to keep up the queue. I’m just really not in a place right now where I can be on Tumblr very often. If/when things get better, I will come back, but for now I need to do what I can to get everything back in order in the various parts of my life. I’m really sorry.