yondadudonta  asked:

Yooooooo so can we talk about Tony introducing Peter Quill to all the awesome stuff he's missed on Earth?

Tony would introduce Peter to all good stuff and here’s a list of what Tony would introduce him too!

  • All the new ice cream flavors that Peter has missed. Space ice cream is great, it’s fantastic, it’s out of this world but when Tony introduces Peter to cookie dough ice cream, Peter cries with joy and eats two whole tubs of it in an evening. 
  • All the Disney movies, all of them. Tony is a Disney fan (he is, fight me) and he knows Peter hasn’t caught up on all the rest since he been gone for so long. Disney movie marathon!!! Treasure Planet has a special place in Peter’s heart and they both jam out to the Tarzan soundtrack. Peter falls in love with Phil Collins. 
  • The music! Tony has already shown Peter his music interests and his favorite songs. they do fight about music from time to time but it always ends with Peter serenading tony to prove a point. there’re a few new artists that Peter likes  but he’ll always stick to the oldies. Peter’s terrified when he finds himself humming along to Taylor Swift. 
  • technology isn’t really something Tony bothers to show peter because he’s half alien and he’s from space! Earth technology still has a long way to go. tony laughs when Peter complains about the bad quality of the camera on the newest iPhone. 
  • Tony definitely takes Peter to space museums and the national history museums. Yes, once again, he’s from space but Peter’s in absolutely awe. he never had a chance to learn about his mother’s planet in so much detail. Museums become one of his favorite places to go.

I can’t really think of anything else because the dude’s from space and I’d think that there would be cooler things out there. But since he hasn’t been to earth in such a long time, all of these things would be new and exciting for him. A device that can hold all of his music without him needing a cassette tape, skinny jeans and flavored lube. There’s so much that Tony could show the smallest thing and Peter would be like ‘whoa that’s awesome!’ and he’d truly be an alien in his own world because he hasn’t been around to witness the development. 

There’d be so much!

I also have this idea where Tony shows Peter dubstep and Peter leaves the room because he’s livid