The New Year

As Trent walked into the new gym he wasn’t sure how much he believed the slogan. Every gym promised amazing results. It was just something that was meant to get new members. All he wanted was a nice clean place to be able to work out in.

Even if he wasn’t used to working out in public; it was nice to have a place to go. With it being a new gym he’d hoped he wouldn’t be in any of the other guy’s way. The scrawny frame his parents had blessed him with made it very difficult for him to feel confident in front of other guys.

Despite his fears he was going to go to work out. He marched himself in there trying to muster as much confidence as he could manage. Behind the counter he saw a monster of a man staring down at him. “Welcome!” his over joyous baritone voice almost made Trent run the other way. “You look like you’re here to work out.” Trent could only nod as the behemoth of a man stepped from behind the counter. “Good to hear. Follow me.” The man put his large arm behind Trent. It made him feel even smaller as he fit snugly beneath the man’s arm. The manager started showing him around the gym. Somehow Trent was starting to feel more comfortable around the big guy, even though his line of sight was the other man’s giant pecs. The way he talked about the equipment showed his dedication. Trent could only nod in agreement as the man talked about the gym he owned. Trent hadn’t seen half of it but somehow felt like he knew how much he liked working out. That is besides looking at his massive body.

“So I take it you want to be big like me?” The man flexed his arms in his compression shirt. Rarely had he seen someone so big in real life. Trent only blushed realizing that he had been staring at the gym owner. He didn’t even realize it. “Don’t worry boy,” the gym owner laughed, “You’ll be big soon enough. Maybe not as big as me but definitely bigger.”

The broad smile on his face made Trent feel at ease. Maybe this was a good idea. Trent needed something new in his life. It would give him a reason to get out of the house and maybe meet some new people. Well it would at least get him out of his rut.

“Oh man I completely forgot! We’ll start with this,” the gym owner turned around and handed him what looked like a protein shake. The thick brown liquid sloshed weirdly in the container. “You gotta drink it and then you can start working out. It’s a special formal for muscle growth.”

Trent didn’t see any reason to complain and drank it. Once the liquid hit his tongue; Trent was sold. It was absolutely delicious. He couldn’t believe how good it tasted. Despite being about 16 ounces he didn’t put it down until it was completely gone.  

“Now comes the fun part,” Trent went wide eyed as the gym owner said that. He could already feel something happening. His body was feeling warm as the liquid moved around in his system. Every part of his body was telling him to throw it up but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. His eyesight went blurry as he leaned against the wall. He wanted to know what was happening to him. Everything felt completely different. His shirt felt so tight against his chest and shoulders. He gripped the neck hole and pulled. A loud rip filled the empty gym as he tore the fabric in half.

Looking down at his hands he wasn’t sure exactly what he was looking at. They were big meaty paws instead of the thin delicate fingers he used for typing. However his entire body had completely changed. The mirror in front of his shown a huge jacked dude instead of the scrawny nerd he knew he was. He’d never dreamed about having shoulders as broad and defined as the ones he saw. The smile wouldn’t go away as he realized the pumped veins in his arms were actually his. He actually looked like someone who did this professionally.

“Looks like you need a new shirt,” the gym owner smiled. He looked up and down Trent’s new body. “Maybe some new shoes too. Name’s Tony by the way. Ready to start tomorrow?”

Trent felt confused. He didn’t know anything about working out. But then he stared at each of the machines and knew exactly what he was supposed to do. It was like he’d spent his entire life in a gym before. Everything was so familiar to him. He nodded towards Tony.

“Good to hear boy!” the large man slapped Trent on the back. It didn’t hurt nearly as much as Trent thought it would. “You’ll do great. Welcome aboard.”

I spent my evening at our last Rainbow Alliance event for the year with friends eating breakfast for dinner and talking about all of the drama going on in our office (Diversity Services). Contemplating making the personal choice to leave and spend the fall at an internship, I need something new in my life. But I also happen to be going to a conference with my boss after the semester ends- oh, the dilemma.

New Life


It had been about two months since she had been taken and things appeared to be getting better. Phoe wasn’t havoing as much trouble sleeping. Her fire that he loved so much was also returning which was wonderful. Her belly had gotten bigger as their daughter grew and he could now feel the kicks when she was feeling active.

Havok was washing the dishes after lunch when he felt arms wrap around him. Glancing back he saw Phoe leaning against him. “ Need something, Precious?”

Letters From War

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @missyplatina !!!

I decided to write you a Nalu fic ^^ my writing is not up to par with yours yet but I really hope you like this! A part 2 will be out in a few days!!

And I really hope this cheers you up after all that happened this week!!

This is loosely based on a true story :)

You can read all parts here

“I don’t know..” Lucy winced when her friends all whined.

“But Lu! It was your idea!” her pixie sized friend Levy ran over to the couch and sat next to her.

“Yes, you were the one to tell me as well,” Erza calmly sipped her tea as the rest of the room flipped out.

“It’s a good idea! But I wouldn’t know what to say!”

“You’re a writer, Lucy. It shouldn’t be too hard,” Mira pointed out.

“Well.. what if the guy turns out to be a perv who only want me to send him dirty pictures!”

“Then do it! Probably the only action he’ll get over there!” Cana excitedly explained, spilling her beer.

Lucy sighed and slumped into the couch cushions. About a month ago, she found a flyer of the bulletin board at her local gym. It was called ‘Operation Gratitude’, it was a way to send support and appreciation to all the men and women fighting overseas. Via letters, gifts, food and what not.

At the time, Lucy was all for the idea of helping someone out. Until her friends were practically forcing her to do it.

“It’s such a good cause, Lu! Please consider it,” Levy pleaded.

“Why don’t we all do it!” Lucy would feel better if they did it with her.

“Juvia will not cheat on her beloved Gray!” the quiet bluenette jumped up and glared at Lucy, holding her hand made Gray doll to her chest.

“I don’t think Laxus would appreciate it either,” Mira held a hand to her blushing cheek.

Oh right, they were all married.

“But.. if it’s such a good cause then they wouldn’t care, right?”

“Sorry sweetie, Bacchus would chew my ass out,” Cana and Bacchus weren’t married, but they had been together for an awfully long time.

“Jellal wouldn’t say anything, but I doubt he’d be pleased.”

“Gajeel would be an annoying brat about it.”

Well there went that plan.

“It would be good for Lucy too!” Juvia sat on the coffee table in front of Lucy, holding her hands, “You need something new in your life.”

“What are you talking about? My life is great! I’m finally on good terms with my dad, I have an amazing job, my novel is almost done.. I have you guys!” Lucy smile was strained as she thought of more, “… Plue is finally potty trained..”

“I see a problem,” Cana pointed at Lucy accusingly, “don’t you?”

She narrowed her eyes, “”

“No love,” Juvia explained as Cana yelled, “Ya need a good lay!”

Erza glared at Cana, “They are both correct. You’ve been single for far too long.”

“I do not need a boyfriend,” Lucy said slowly, like she was talking to 5-year-olds, “And even if I did, how would writing to a man overseas help?”

“It wouldn’t,” Mira giggled, “but maybe it’ll push you in the right direction.”

Sighing again, Lucy couldn’t help but think how useless this conversation was.


They all turned to Levy, who had been sneakily playing on Lucy’s laptop.

Juvia looked at the screen, “It matches you with someone right away?”

“What did you do?” Lucy asked.

“Yep! You can even put in certain stats too!”

“What’s going on?”

“Ooh. He’s from around here!” Cana cheered as she too peered at the screen.


“My, my. He seems impressive,” Erza added.


“Aww, no picture,” Mira pouted.

“Levy!” Lucy finally got a glimpse of her own laptop,“You signed me up for that thing?”

Levy sheepishly handed her the computer, “You never would have done it, so I did it for you!”

Levy had put in all of Lucy’s information and some ‘must haves’ for the guy she wanted to talk to. She already had a confirmation email thanking her and had all the information needed.

“Levyy!” she groaned.

“Please do it, Lucy!” Mira clasped her hands together, pleading.

“It really is a good cause. Especially with the holidays coming up,” Juvia’s puppy-dog eyes weren’t helping.

Cana and Erza stared her down.

“Fine! I’ll do it!” before her friends could celebrate, she added, “Just one time!”

“What if he replies?” Levy asked.

“I seriously doubt that.”

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Heavenly Nail Salon (Jimin)

Originally posted by sosjimin

Summary: In which you keep ruining your manicure just so you can see the innocent and angelic boy that works at the nail salon.

Word Count: 2 752

Type: Fluff

Member: Jimin from BTS

A/N: This imagine has been sitting in my drafts for a while now because I didn’t have time to finish writing it, but now I have and I think it came out really good. I hope you precious baby stars enjoy this! I love you with all my heart and I wish you all the happiness in the whole universe! x

Happy reading! x


“Your nails look ratchet as hell, damn.”

You looked up beyond your phone screen, away from the just plain weird texts on your screen of your phone and looked at your friend who was seated across you in the comfort of your own lounge which was a second home to her. She stared at your old manicure longer with an uncomfortable look on her face, dramatically cringing before you looked at your left hand manicure, slightly cringing yourself with a disgusted facial expression, mentally agreeing with your friend about how your nails looked horrible.

Normally you were one to take care of your appearance and also have pride in every aspect of your appearance because sadly appearance was everything in this world, so this forced you to take more consideration as to how you appeared to other people. Your nails were probably one of the biggest appearance aspects to you and you took great care them and normally wouldn’t allow them to get this bad, so bad that you would cringe when you saw them, but lately you’ve been pretty pre-occupied with your studies to become a lawyer that had you buried in mountains of work each and every day, as well as expected to hand-in your work the next day even though it was clearly impossible unless you quickly rushed home and locked yourself in a room for who knows how long (which still wouldn’t cut it), your part-time job at some popular fast food restaurant in your town that sucked to the core and you wanted to quit so badly but you really needed the money in order to pay for your apartment that you lived in away from your campus because you refused to live in the dorms at the school because they weren’t even spaces that people should live in. So, you sucked up the work harassment from your too friendly and bossy co-workers and overly demanding boss and life in general. 

Currently, your friends noticed how busy and lonely your life was, seeing as they never saw you leave your house instead of going to your part-time job, always doing some type of work for college and not really socializing anymore like you always did in back in high school. They were worried about you and decided that you needed something new in your life and tried to set you up with someone. You were very sorry to say, but all the guys they set you up with weren’t the greatest or just weren’t someone you could see yourself still being with after thirty long and glorious years together. From an Asian rapper who dressed like a rapper from the 90’s to a too worked out guy who purposely wore a crop top on your date at a fancy restaurant to show off his muscles and only cared about working out and his protein shakes, none of them never seemed to capture your interest, let alone your heart so you were left alone to focus on your studies and work and trying not to yearn for a loving and caring boyfriend.

“I’ll call the nail salon.” You notified your best friend, seeing her eagerly nod her head before you scrolled through your contacts and found the profile for the nail salon you always went to, clicking on their profile and bringing your phone to your ear as the phone rang.


You climbed out of your car, closing the door shut behind you and walking away from your car, hearing the car lock itself as you walked towards the nail salon. The nail salon was small, it didn’t offer much except for manicures, pedicures and sometimes facial-care sessions where you put on a mixture of whatever they mixed in the back room onto your face and used cucumbers on your eyes.

You stepped inside the nail salon, the smell of nail vanish immediately filling your nose as you took off your sunglasses, putting them into their designated box and placing them into your purse. You walked up to the counter, smiling warmly at Cindy, an middle aged women who sat behind the counter. She was so sweet that she could give you diabetes and had a mind-blowing smile that you never got tried of seeing as well as treated you like her own child, inviting you many times to family gatherings and making you feel like you belonged somewhere.

“Hey stranger, haven’t seen you in a while,” She commented with a half smile, going on to say, “What’s going on?”

“I’ve been swapped in my studies and work and life,” You explained with a tired and almost reluctant tone in your voice, seeing the questioning look on Cindy’s face when you said life. “My friends are trying to set me up with guys, but it’s not going to well.”

“Oh, sweetie,” Cindy commented sadly with a small frown that turned into a real but sympathetic smile, “Don’t worry, you’ll find someone.”

“Thanks, Cindy.” You smiled, feeling blood rush to your cheeks as to what Cindy said to you because you were always someone who was private, especially when it came to your love life and always blushed when it was brought up, which explains the blush decorating your pretty cheeks. 

“Umm, Brenda isn’t here today, she’s off sick but she got someone to fill in for her. Is that okay?” Cindy explained with an uneasy and nervous expression, sad to inform you that the person who always took care of your nails here wasn’t here at the moment and quickly assumed you would dismiss it and leave.

“Yeah, that’s okay,” You assured her with a head nod and a warm smile, “Tell Brenda I say get better soon!”

“Will do.” Cindy confirmed with a smile and a thumbs up, reaching for the phone automatically and dialing some number which you assumed was Brenda’s.

You turned around, walking towards the normal station you sat at to get your nails done, placing your purse besides the comfortable and long chair. You pulled out your phone, texting your friend about how Brenda was sick and you were going to have to get your nails done by someone else.

Before you could even see your friend’s reply, a voice caught your attention, “Oh! Another customer!”

You looked up from the screen of your phone, your eyes instantly landing on the man who definitely looked like he was in his early twenties, bright ginger colored hair that complimented his skintone, a smile that was currently melting your heart because of the amount of preciousness it possessed and eyes that were bright and easily ones that you’d always lose yourself in. The man smiled widely at you, showcasing the beautiful eyesmile he had that you mentally scolded yourself for not appreciating enough.

The man sat down where Brenda would normally sit, looking into your eyes once again and sending you a small smile that you instantly mirrored yourself, just more nervous than he did. “Hi, I’m Jimin. Brenda’s son. As you already know, she’s on sick leave and I volunteered to take her place until my mom’s better.”

You visibly smiled at that, admiring how the man who you now knew as Jimin was filling in for his mother who didn’t have a so-called unisex job, despite the fact that working as a manicurist supposedly wasn’t the most manly job. To make things even better was he didn’t have any shame in what he was doing which you admired most. 

“Should we get started?” He asked you in a sweet tone that made you feel all warm inside, only nodding since at this point, you didn’t trust your voice to come out the way you wanted it to because you were too captured by the beauty that is Jimin to form a proper response.

“Anything specific you want?” Jimin asked you, making sure that after he was done, his work would be successful and have no mistakes as he gathered the tools and materials for your nails.

You thought to yourself for a moment, not thinking of what design you could do on your nails but scenario that involved sweet Jimin.

Sweet Jimin, dressed in a cute pastel pink sweatshirt with white shorts and white converse, standing in a meadow of long and rich almost hazel grass with see-through nude flowers decorating the grass in between, sending a half smile towards you. He lifted his hand in the air, his index finger pointed outwards and instantly, the most rare and most beautiful butterfly landed on his index finger while he closed his eyes, breathing in the sweet air and relaxing to the sounds of the calm wind blowing.

You quickly brought yourself back to reality, your focus drawn towards Jimin’s eyes that were so gentle, so rich, so loving - they were too beautiful for words to ever explain. You sent him a nervous smile, saying as you felt a blush rush to your cheeks, “Surprise me.”


After that day in the nail salon, you purposely tried to ruin your new manicure in order to go back to the nail salon just to see Jimin again. Yes, it was costing money that should be for rent or groceries and yes, going to a nail salon every Friday didn’t give you much time to complete your works that were due but at this point in time, all you truly cared about, or your main focus at the time was seeing Jimin again.

The boy was one that was fascinating and could light up the night sky with just one smile. During the time where you were stuck sitting in your chair, having your nails done by what you thought was a true angel from above, you found yourself asking the angelic boy questions about his life, only falling more and more for the boy as you discovered his true colors. You discovered that the angelic boy was currently at one of the top arts universities in your town, studying modern dance and also had another part-time job that he described as if it was sucked just as much as yours, making you feel a little happy inside because you weren’t the only one with a bad job. As you made your way into the nail salon for the fourth time in four weeks, you knew that doing this was silly and sooner or later you were going to run out of money. But you wanted to see Jimin so badly, just for a second even, just to see with your own eyes an angel exist. After all this time, you still hadn’t worked up any confidence to ask for his number or anything to that effect because you felt as if he was just too perfect, too angelic and just too good of a human being to ever be interested in you. 

You sighed heavily, taking a seat in the chair you found yourself always sitting on on a Friday night after a long day filled with stressful classes and annoying co-workers nagging at you because you supposedly didn’t do anything right. Jimin seemed to notice how stressed and down you were, glancing at you ever chance he could get as he prepared all the materials and instruments used for your nails, finally beginning his work of art on your nails.

“Are you okay?” You heard an angelic voice ask out of concern and curiosity, opening your tired eyes and laying them on Jimin, staring at the boy just for a moment because your eyes felt the need to stare at a work of perfection just a bit longer today. You stared directly into his eyes, in a way losing yourself in them and finally ending up in a place of peace and sincerity. 

You forced yourself to disappear from your world of peace and sincerity, finding yourself in reality and realizing that you’d been staring into Jimin’s eyes for who knows how long. You felt a flustered blush creep to your cheeks, sheepishly smiling as the blush began to settle on your cheeks. You found yourself apologizing for staring, feeling humiliated as you did so.

Jimin could only smile, the same smile that could end wars and cure cancer, saying to you with that same smile, “It’s cool. I’d stare too if it was me looking into your eyes." 

You swore right at the moment that his honesty was going to kill you one day, feeling your cheeks heat at a tremendous speed while a pastel pink blush appeared much more obviously on your warm cheeks. You let out an shy chuckle, avoiding his eyes for the time being and looking down at the work he was in the middle of with your nails, admiring the work he did with your nails while he admired you, every aspect of you appearing most beautiful in his eyes and making him fall more and more for you.

You found your body freezing in shock when your eyes watched as Jimin’s hand came up to your pastel pink tinted cheeks, his hand resting there just for a second that you’d cherish forever and forevermore, feeling his thumb stroke your cheek that grew a darker shade of pink as the seconds ticked on. You found the confidence to finally look at him, swallowing a nervous lump in your throat as you found your faces only inches away from one another, being so close to him making you extremely nervous and have your stomach gather a bundle of nerves within it. You let out a shy chuckle, avoiding his eyes before you could truly feel yourself fall in love with him. Thankfully he removed his hand from your face, your cheeks finally cooling off and returning to their normal color while your heart was left to beat rapidly, the reality of what just happened seconds ago beginning to settle in and cause your heart to beat at speeds unknown. 

Jimin continued onwards with your nails while you closed your eyes, thinking over and over again about what happened between the two of you while Jimin stole glances at you, physically feeling his heart grow fond of you. You two sat in silence, no one there in the store to interrupt the comforting silence. You did wish to speak to Jimin, especially since this was going to be your last time visiting the nail salon in a while because you really needed to stop spending your money on nail treatment, but you didn’t and you started to hate yourself for that. 


Your eyes opened once again, after the needed time where they closed as you fell asleep in your chair, looking around the store just to make sure of your surroundings before your eyes found Jimin’s, him sending a cute eyesmile to you as he said with a heart-melting smile, "Hey, sleepy head.”

You could only lightly chuckle towards what he said, sitting upwards and stretching before his eyes, yawning in the process. You smiled, looking down at your nails and confused to see that they were a pastel pink with a series of numbers on them. Your hand was gently gripped by Jimin’s soft hands, instantly looking into his eyes when your hands were held by his, watching him closely as he said with a confident smile on his face, “All those numbers are my cellphone number, so don’t just think they are for decoration, okay? And plus, you shouldn’t be spending money just to come and see me, you could have just came to the shop and talked to me, I would have been perfectly fine with that,”

His hand went to touch your cheeks again, his touch warm on your cold cheeks as you heard him hum in satisfaction before you heard him say, “I really hope you use those numbers otherwise what I did would kind of be stupid.”

You chuckled, amused by his words and by the expression on his face as he said those amusing words, smiling fondly at the boy. You stared at him for a moment, not believing that this angelic boy actually was interested in you but feeling relieved that he did. You began to blush the same color your nails were painted as, fighting the fond smile on your face but eventually allowing your fond and happy smile to dominate your features when Jimin softly kissed your cheek, your cheek having been kissed by the lips of an angel.


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You Drive Me Crazy (Jack Gilinsky imagine)

| Requested by anon: Imagine where y/n and the boys are really good friends and Gilinsky is really flirty with her cause he likes her and the other boys tease him about it and make him admit that he likes her???❤️ (MASTERLIST)

“Gilinsky!” I yelled as I jumped on Jack’s back unexpected. We were meeting at the local Starbucks.

He catched me and turned his face to me. “Thank God it’s you.” I breathed out.

I laughed and looked at him. “What if it wasn’t me?”

“I’d probably drop you.” I laughed and got off his back. I hugged him tightly and I felt his hand creep on my ass.

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Hello and good evening, Pacific State! I’ve found this past week that it’s tough for me to shut my brain off after a shift at the hospital. I think I need something new in my life. That being said– does anybody have any Netflix or HBOGo recommendations for me? All genres may apply!