Healing - Part 3

Summery: Working out with Bucky.

Warnings: cliffhanger, cheesiness, bra-less-ness(idk anymore)

Word Count: 1700+

A/N: I wrote this quite a while ago and just looked over it again, sorry if there are any grammar mistakes. I slept till 2pm today and had an hour long bath, living the life of luxury. @helllaellla (cutie, editor, need I say more?). @fairy-frills @bovaria @marvel-ash @marvelfanfichq @givebuckyhisplums2k16 *gif not mine

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When you got home your husband was already in bed. You went into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. There was still leftover lasagna from the day before so you heated some in the microwave and ate it. You thought about Bucky. You thought about how you are going to spend hours with him everyday. How he’s going to train you. How he would look so good with his hair tied back. NO! Stop. You’re married and you love your husband. Plus Bucky said that he respected the whole marriage thing. But you couldn’t stop thinking about him shirtless. ‘Just sleep it off’ you repeat over and over to yourself while getting ready for bed.

As normal, his alarm went off. You were a little more upset than usual because you had got to bed so late but it was definitely not the first time you had run off 6 hours of sleep.

‘Babe, why are you getting up?’ He saw you had left the bed with him and started to make the bed.

‘I didn’t tell you last night because you were asleep but I’m going to start doing more things in the morning and got to bed with you. This last year I’ve felt a bit lazy.’ You answered him while pulling the duvet over the pillows.

‘Well I’m glad you’re trying to get into better habits’ you could barely understand him because he was brushing his teeth. When he finished he turned on the shower and stepped in. You followed him into the bathroom and started getting ready.

‘Could you pass the my towel, please?’ You heard from inside the shower. ‘Or you could join me in here?’ Head peeking round the shower curtain, suggestive smile on his face.

‘I’d love too but you’ll be late for work’ he sighed and wrapped the towel around his waist. ‘What if I make you breakfast and tonight I’ll make up for it?’ You hugged him from behind and gave him a kiss on his neck.

Ben pouted and pretended to be upset and pouted. ‘Can I have scrambled eggs on toast?’

‘Of course, my love’

You made the same for yourself and put avocado on it too knowing it was the type of thing that Bucky would make you eat to have a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. When Ben left, you had half an hour alone. So you got dressed in your workout gear and waited for him. The phone rang. Bucky’s name was on the screen.

‘Hi, Bucky’

‘You got my name right. Ok, I’m outside!’ You hung up, grabbed your keys and left.

‘Morning, doll. How’d you sleep?’ Bucky was in sweatpants and a hoodie. The mornings in England were cold and you could see your breath.


‘You’ll sleep well tonight, I plan on tiring you out. So I think we should start with a run to warm up - only about 20 minutes then we’ll stretch and start on self defence’

‘Sounds like a plan’

You reluctantly stuck to the plan and by then end of it you hated him. Your muscles ached and your mind was unable to concentrate but you knew it would get easier.

‘I have work in 2 hours, I don’t know if I’ll be able to walk there’. Your were laying on the sofa, you leg lazily draped over the back and your face in a cushion. Bucky was standing in the doorway of your living room and laughed at your complaint.

‘You’re going to have too, I’m not carrying you’ you smiled sarcastically. You felt the sofa dip next to you and move your head up to looks him. You can’t help yourself. He looks so good. Just like you had imagined only better. ‘Stop staring, doll, you’re married’. Shit. He noticed.

‘Sorry, I’m planning your murder. I’ll probably make you do more squats that you make me do and then kill you.’

‘It’s not good to plan your murder out loud. Trust me. Also staring at your victim kinda makes you a prime suspect.’

‘Thanks for the advice but if I wanted to kill you discreetly I have ways of doing it.’

‘Now that’s unsettling. It’s my job to kill people and I save them. It’s your job to save people and you’re threatening to kill them.’ He chuckled. A few moments later he stood up and picked up his things. ‘I’ll leave you to get ready for work. Same time tomorrow?’

‘Can’t wait’ you gave him an over enthusiastic smile and put your thumbs up. You got up to walk him out.

‘Goodbye, doll’. You closed the door and fell to the floor. You’ve always been overly dramatic but this time you don’t think you were. Because of the mixture of exhaustion, fatigue and a high school crush on your personal trainer you groan.

This went on for 4 months. Every week the sessions got longer but easier. You felt amazing, you looked amazing, and you finally understood how Natasha got her ass. Some of the weekends were reserved for going to America to train with the rest of the team. You never really worked many hours at the hospital and this made it easy to start your double life, again. Ben never questioned your absence. You made excuses about work, friends, conferences but you were a good liar. You had to be to keep your secret a secret.

‘You look amazing, babe.’

‘Thank you’ you kissed your husband’s cheek. It was your anniversary and sunny so you decided to have a barbecue. The gathering gave you the chance to show off your new body in something other than workout gear, scrubs or pyjamas. The dress you wore was beautiful. It was a red sundress and showed off all your curves. You went bra-less which is a risky move for anyone with size C+ cups but you knew you looked great.

‘Are you wearing a bra?’

‘Nope’ you strutted out of the house into your garden that was already filled with people. Even though loads of people were there you were slightly disappointed that Bucky’s face was not one you could see. You put on some light music and started pouring drinks.

The barbecue was a success. You caught up with people you hadn’t seen in ages. School friends. Work friends. Friends from medical school. Your best friends turned up with people you didn’t keep in contact with but we’re happy to see again. Her mum followed her and gave you a massive kiss on the cheek. The doorbell rang and you asked Ash to get it.

‘He says he wants to talk to you and only you!’ She shouted from the front door. You stopped what you were doing and walked over to the front of the house. When the two of you crossed paths she nudged you and whispered ‘he’s also super hot! I wish I was single’

‘I completely understand.’ You whispered in reply. ‘Bucky hey!’

‘Hiya doll, I heard it was your anniversary’

‘How did you hear that?’

‘Supersoldier. Anyway I just wanted to give you this’ he handed you a small white box with a red ribbon. ‘And wish you a happy anniversary’

‘I didn’t know you could tie ribbons so beautifully’

‘There’s lots of things you don’t know about me. I better go, I am your secret’ he turned.

‘You wish. Thank you for the gift’ you called out. You weren’t sure if he had heard you but he turned to give you a big smile then turned the corner.

You walked back into the house to bump into Ashley.

‘Who was that?’ She voice was suggestive.

‘A friend, why?’ Pushing past her.

‘Coz he’s hot and you’re blushing’ she followed you into the room closest to the garden.

‘It’s hot!’

‘He’s hot’

‘Yeah, so. I’m perfectly happy with Ben. It’s just a silly teenage crush I’ll get over it.’ Your voice was louder than normal but not loud enough for anyone else to hear.

‘Fine, if you say so’ she lifted her hands in defence and walked out to socialise.

The rest of the barbecue went on without another issue. You tried to forget the whole Bucky incident but it was brought back to your mind when Ben found the box on the kitchen table at the end of the night.

‘Babe, who gave us this?’ He looked up at you and began to open it. You snached it from his hands.

‘An old friend was passing by and thought he’d drop something off’ you opened the box carefully, making sure not to dent it. It was white with some sort of design embroidered onto it. When you opened it there was a necklace with a small silver heart and a diamond in the corner. There was a note underneath it that read:

Dear Y/N,

Never be ashamed of who you are. Embrace your abilities.


His handwriting was similar to the note he gave you the first day you met but neater and leaned to the right slightly. You knew it was made of the same vibranium alloy used to make his arm. Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of you husbands voice.

‘What is it?’

‘Um - is a necklace.’ You tried to quickly form a story for the significance of the necklace and why you beamed at it. ‘It’s a necklace I’ve wanted since we became friends’ this wasn’t an entire lie (you would have preferred a ring if that finger was not already occupied). You put it on and tuck it under your clothes.

After the after-party had finished and even Ashley had gone home you heard the doorbell once again. You were reluctant to get up because people are exhausting but you did.

‘Vivian?’ Standing in front of you was your sister, your real sister. The sister that had brought you up, then kicked you out and told you to never see her again.

‘Y/N!’ Her voice was urgent. She looked inside so you closed the door slightly protecting the life you had created. ‘I need to tell you something. I was sitting in my car all day wondering if I should but- is he in?’

‘Of course he’s in, it’s his house!’ All the tiredness from the party had disappeared and was replaced by anger and longing and some other emotions you couldn’t identify at the time.

‘Y/N, please! I need to talk to you!’

‘You are’, your voice was filled with poison, your words thrown at her carelessly.

‘You aren’t going to like it’

‘Spit it out, Vivian, I have a life’

‘Ben’s cheating on you’

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Hey I need kitty name suggestions from SU! She's one eyed and all black. I'm thinking garnet since garnet has 3 eyes so it'd be funny but idk what're some other names u like (aside from amethyst we have a dog w that name lol)

I feel like Garnet would be an amazing name for that little cutie pie! Centipeedle or Sapphire work too, but Centi a lil bit more tbh!! 

i was tagged by the lovely @shayara thank u boo! 

Rules: post 10 characters I would kiss, then tag 10 blogs.

1. Matt Murdock (what a pretty face but what a beautiful ass he has)

2. Alex Summers (ngl i would do more than kiss him)

3. Hank McCoy (no not kelesy grammer but my boi hoult)

4. Barry Allen (what a cutie have you seen Ezra Miller in the trailer for JL, im going to be dead)

5. Scott Summers (but he isnt at daddy status for me like he is with @shayara and @tortxrra)

6. Diana Prince (Gal Gadot is gorgeous and i would die for her and Wonder Woman)

7. Clark Kent (what a fucking hunk)

8. Elliot Alderson (listen,,,,… this kid needs some love,,,,.. poor thing)

9. Bruce Wayne (i dont need to explain myself here just look at the man)

10. idk maybe Erik Lehnsherr

im tagging @smolkurt @okiemaybeinakinkyway @rax-writes @mrspetermaximoff @dpqssmdd and anyone else that wants to do this!


For some reason, no matter how laughably low my prices are, nobody’s commissioning me. xD Welp, let’s have another try.

I also do detailed one-character drawings, cuties (chibis), linearts, cloth designing, pixel drawings, traditional paintings, vectors,  Touch™ Marker drawings and such.

All other information about the categories, terms and conditions, and requesting can be found in THIS JOURNAL.

If you would like a reference sheet or a banner which -as told- is not on the original list of categories, worry not, just message me with some pictures of the character I could work with, or give a detailed description. If I need more info, I’ll tell you. So don’t worry, I don’t bite. ^^

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Please Alex could you refer me to some nice klance fics??

yes of course!!!!

ive got most of em in my marked to read later lmao

i need to read more honestly but im in the middle of reading a 51 chapter fic…….. fuck me im just gonna hand em to you

Silly Hair by Gleefreak97 this one is a one shot kinda biased but i love this… it was a gift to me for my bday its so sweet just lance and keith as children being cuties and fighting so pure so here’s that

you’re so sweet; will you be mine? by jojotxt this one sounds so nice!! a cute lil anon recommended me this one its bakery au also another one shot im definitely gonna read this one myself when im done dying over the long ass fic im reading 

Diving In by agirl919 haven’t read this either but it sounds really sweet??? i mean look at those tags haha 

Can’t help that I do by Shirolovesyoubaby also really lovely!!! it’s a short one shot like all of these so far lmao but it’s gay convos and lance pining so i love it a lot 

thunderstruck by xShieru i really wanna read this one as well it’s a p decent length for a one shot not that long by my standards but yeah it sounds really nice!!!

People you should follow

Ok this might or might not be a long post but I’ve been wanting to make this for a while

Here’s some people you should follow!

@monster–dad : Really good artist. Really good characters. Super sweet and really funny.

@arcyious : Good art, good characters, total sweetie pie

@pixelaxe : A+ Sister. Really rad art. Really cute characters. Really sweet. Nerd.

@pastel-alien-xoxo : Really good person. Cool stories. Aliens.

@n1njaart1st : MMMMMMMMM ART GOALS THOOOOOOOOOOOO. Needs more art appreciation tho??? Sin

@mingesu : A+ sister. Really rad art. Art style gets better every drawing tho??? Sweetie pie. Needs hugs

@nymphveon : Total cutie tho??? Really sweet???? Deserves love. Awesome art. Cute artstyle

@gypsy-bone : A+ mom. Really really good art tho??? Everyones sister. Too pure for this world. Really pretty

@rykitsu : Really good art. A+ mom. Wholesome. Trying to have a good time.

@animeshowfan : Sin. Awesome art. Funny video animation things. Cinnamon roll.

@sigmatique : Best doge. Loves villain characters too much. Suffers while making others suffer. Sigma no. Sigma yes.

@scafe-dragon : Gay. Really likes dragons. Gore Art goals tho??? Sweet and pure

@borbamena : Pokemon. Really good art. Cutie pie. Very sweet.

@varsyl : Really good art. Too pure. Awesome sona.

@planesexualpilot : Just follow her. Sweetie pie. Best wizard. Flying robot doge

@punnifullife : Too sweet. Awesome A+ art. Needs more love. Cutie.

@ghostyknight : Gay. Awesome art like hoooooly crap. Needs hugs and face paps. Cute gay nerd

@fetusmeme : Really likes old cartoons. Edds World. Awesome art. Really good with copic markers.

@cladyimoo : A+ sister. Really really really good art like how??? Funny streams. Bring Me To Life (Doodle Bob edition). Waluigi. Can create cool AUs.

Welp that’s all I can think of.

If I didn’t add you on this list your url wouldn’t show up in the tags.


Go follow these nerds! \ouo/

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Four words promt #31 “Let me help you.” or #8 “I believe in you.” (your choice) for Mashirao Ojiro. Little monkey needs some love (‘∀’●)♡ Your writing is a gem!

This cutie definitely needs some love and thank you! I ended up doing both since they’re so easy to put together in one scenario. Also, so so sorry I’ve gotten extremely slow at updating, I’m thinking of adding an admin or two to help with the blog (and so I can accept more asks!) so keep on the look out for a kind of admin application for this blog! 

“Let me help you.”

You looked up to see Ojiro holding his hand out to you, a genuine look of worry etched on his face. He had noticed you had fallen into one of the many traps set by the teachers for the training simulation and came over to help. The only problem was that you didn’t want to accept it and Ojiro sounded a little exasperated as he had been trying to help you out for a while now. You didn’t want to admit that you were more than a little embarrassed to accept his help yet again. 

“Thanks, Ojiro, but I can take care of myself.” Needless to say, you were stuck and your quirk wasn’t suited to the trap you were in. 

“It’s all right to accept help now and then, heroes can’t do everything by themselves. We’re allowed to help each other you know.” 

You looked away from him with a huff, “I’m fine, if I can’t help myself then who will ever be able to believe in me.” 

“Well…I believe in you.”

When you looked back up to him you noticed a light blush dusting his cheeks and he was looking more than a little bashful. You could feel heat rising up from your neck to your cheeks, his words only serving to make you feel flustered. 

“T-thanks, Ojiro.”

“So, will you let me help you?” Although he still looked a little bashful, he looked determined to help you. You nodded quickly, not trusting your voice. Ojiro quickly helped you out of the trap, his tail turned out to be quite useful in helping you out. 

“Good to know I can always count on you, Ojiro.”

“And I hope to always be able to count on you as well.”

You looked at him to notice a shy smile on his face before a smile lit up your face as well.


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Recommend me some blogs please (phan) and preferably not ones I am already following

hey cutie!

i can’t really know who you’re already following lmao soz babe :’) BUT i do have plenty of blog recs so hopefully some of these will be new xoxo

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Hey this seems random but I've been seeing a lot of kpop negativity/drama on my dash lately. Do you have any recs for kind, positive, calming kpop blogs? They can be aesthetic or not aesthetic, or whatever. I just really need some blogs on my dash that are more calming and pretty and positive like yours 😖

aww hon im sorry for all the negativity ;;

here are some of my fave kpop blogs !!: @jongkuks @yugyeommah @namjoone @kimtqtae @youngsk 

also some blogs that arent necessarily kpop related but are so so nice: @daeum @rapmoanstar @13lhg @milkeu @1vrse

you can also check out my blogroll!

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What do I do if my partner of a year says no to being my caregiver?... I finally got the courage to ask but they rejected my request... do I just give up on my feelings?

Ahh cutie :( I’m sorry that happened. It must have really hurt to know someone so long, and finally get the courage to tell them about this very special part of you… only for them to (seemingly) not want anything to do with it. Your pain is very valid, kiddo. :C

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bless you honey with your joeck post! a lot of jaspar shippers always have beed multi shippers let's be honest, and now only joeck gets reaction like 'wtf??' also i'm laughing how when joe licked caspar's face or caspar licked joe's ear - that's are The Proofs Of Jaspar, but when joe licks jack's ear - that's just nah, nothing serious :))) i don't want to offend anyone, people just need to me more chilled, we all still love jaspar, but joeck is also great okay :)

I !! LOVE !! YOU !!


every fandom has multi-ship blogs and I think now that some of us are like “ok joeck exists” we just need to let people know it’s allll goooddd and cute

thank you so much you cutie pie

A callout post toooo

@patrickhockstetter (Angie) 

-Is literally a huge cinnamon roll 

-Deserves so much more love and respect than what they receive on other sites

-Hilarious as all hell!

-One of the best rp partners I’ve ever had

-A huge sweet heart that is really kind and caring

-An adorable cutie pie

-Has a cute art style

-Above all just a wonderful friend and really supportive ;;v;;

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Is Super Lovers problematic? Or am I over thinking things about it? (To me it feels like incest and pedophilia are being romanticized...?) I know this isn't a JR or SIH related question, you guys are the only people I could think of to ask this.

it is, and its bad.

i dont even wanna go there its just bad.

-mod minako

while i agree it does deal with some… problematic topics… i myself enjoy the series (for more than what it is at face value. oh my god the big brother’s best friend is sUCH A CUTIE PIE i wanna feed him bagel pizzas). i do believe that any/all viewers need to have a solid understanding that things like this are NOT OKAY in ANY WAY irl before being able to handle it though. there’s a certain level of maturity necessary. however, the show is made purely for entertainment, and while i fully acknowledge, understand, and respect that many people are very against the series even existing for obvious reasons, i don’t see it negatively affecting people with the right mindset. the issue is with it getting to other people who can’t always tell the difference between cartoons and reality. but there’s no way to prevent them from getting their hands on the series, which is, well, bad. so maybe it really shouldn’t exist to the public. of course we don’t want to go around making pedophilia and incest seem like an okay concept, but as long as a viewer can understand that this is happening in a fictional universe - which does NOT make it even remotely okay in real life - then it’s not bad for them in particular to watch/read it.

this is, of course, just my opinion, and you can think whatever you want about the series. i totally understand why ya’ll think it’s gross.

- mod onodera