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jin. i need more of him.,,, blog rec? (of jin blogs ofc)

Ofc Alex, I’m gonna include mutuals and nonmutuals cuz there are so many great jin stans out there and I love all of them 💖

@jinsasleep @chokemeseokjin @injincible @cafe-jin @19ksj @selflessjin @je0n @jinsluvr @jinsgrl @jins-chin @kimseokjinofficial @jiin @jjeonguk @chlexcer @szeokjin @nintendojin @vitaminjin @jinmyg @awakcs @youngprincejin @taejinmin @decembertaejin @ksj1 @tseokjin @bfmoni @2seoke @warmjins @kimseokjinsthighs @donteatjin @jinsvoice @jin-kiss @jinsblankie @fuckmybiaslist @floralseokjin @jinblond @waejin @jinsfoot @brightjin @gemjin @acousticjin @mellonjin @iloveseokjin @1marmello @jinlesbian @jinmini @myloveseokjin @a6 @choazy @jjilljj @jinsprotectionsquad @keepseokjinsafe @pink—prince @jinpout @snugglejin @seokjin-slut @ksjknj

Hello my Korean-studying friends!

This blog hasn’t been very active for the past year because I’ve been so busy with my last year of uni I have barely studied Korean at all. But I just graduated, and now I’m so excited to get back to studying Korean! 

I was planning to take the next TOPIK exam but couldn’t get a place, I didn’t realise there was a deadline or limited places! I might still use some TOPIK materials to study now though and take it next time. 

Please check out my tags and new resources page to find things you need on my blog. Especially if you’re a beginner, it will show you how to find older posts. I’ve been self-studying for 4 years now and have collected so many great resources for learning Korean! 

I also moved to Korea this year, so if you’re interested in what I’m doing here check out my instagram: Actually living in Korea has been so, so good for my Korean skills even though I haven’t had time to study, but I’m ready to take them to the next level! 

I’m sorry guys but I cant. I thought that if I  changed my art style over time people will stop  getting the wrong idea but Its not that easy. The last thing I wanted was to disrespect an artist I loved but due to me being oblivious and a bad coincidence slipping past I need to stop this blog. I know that I said I wasn’t going anywhere before but…this is really eating at me…I don’t want people thinking this…It hurts that some believe that I did this on purpose…but in a sense…I deserved that hate. Thank you all for your asks, your sweet messages,  your likes and reblogs. I appreciated every single one, even those I hadn’t had the chance to respond to. I really liked this blog. Maybe I’ll come back and revamp it…once my artstyle changes enough IDK. You guys have been awesome.

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👏 - You need to STOP. 
👌 - Your blog is some good shit. 

ill never stop fucjk u also thanks for liking my blog!! bless u