I don’t get it.
I simply don’t get it.
What has Sarah Urie done so bad that she is getting harassed and bombarded with insults and hate on the Internet?
And don’t give me that shit that
“she’s too nice.”
“too perky.”
“She’s just in for the money.”
“She’s a gold digger.”
For one thing, you cannot hate someone for being too nice, WHAT IS WRONG WITH KINDNESS??? And she is a literal sweetheart, frankly WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE SARAH URIE in our fucked up world right now.
She cares about everyone around her, and she literally emits light with everything she does. What has she done so bad?
What she cares about everyone around her? She loves her friends and family so dearly?
She loves Brendon?
She cares about us fans? Even after everything some fans have put her through, she still cares.
She’s sweet and forgiving?
Are these crimes?
Sarah Urie is a grown, caring, kind woman, who deserves to be treated with respect. I don’t care if you love her or you hate her (which I don’t understand how you wouldn’t love her)
She is getting bullied and harassed for no reason, and by a bunch of fucking teenagers!! Teenagers.
Jealous teenagers who know that they will never be with Brendon.
Does it make you feel better that your bulling a 28/29 year old woman?
A woman who is a perfect role model for all people everywhere?
A woman who loves Brendon, your idol, so deeply?
A woman who Brendon loves so much, with all his heart.
It does not take a genius to know that Brendon and Sarah Urie are happily in love.
Plus when you say that Sarah is a gold digger, your also insulting Brendon too. Because by saying this, your kinda saying that Brendon isn’t smart enough to see? If she was, Brendon would be smart enough to see that. Brendon is not an idiot guys, so do not act like he is.
Brendon has had to tell us to fuck off with all the hate, and it’s embarrassing for the Panic! At the Disco Fandom that we have had to come to this.
Don’t you dare tell me or call yourself a fan of them if you hate Sarah. If you love Brendon, then you would at least respect Sarah since he adores her.
It honestly breaks my heart that she’s getting treated this way.
Sarah is not a gold digger.
Sarah is not too perky.
Sarah is not doing anything wrong.
Sarah is kind, caring, loving, and forgiving.
We need more kindness in our world.
We need more people like Sarah Urie.
Kindness is not a crime.

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This blog is a safe haven for Dean & Jensen fans.

A recent anon (which I answered here) gave me an idea. I loved that they said they felt comfortable posting opinions here w/o fear of stans attacking them. I think a part of the reason there’s a lot less Dean/Jensen posts out there is partly because some fans do feel the need to hide in fear of stan backlash. (My fav wank has to be an anon complaining to me awhile back on my main that saying Jensen was my fav was unfair to Jared. WTF do you think I do? Tweet him that? Go to cons & hold up a sign? JFC) 

So I’m here to offer a sanctuary to my fellow Dean/Jensen fans out there who may be a lil hesitant to speak freely. I understand the preference to stay anonymous, but let’s not let the stans win. Dean fans have the right to post as they please just like the rest of the fandom. I want to open up the floor to anyone with thoughts/headcanons/theories/predictions/metas/ect. If you’re having a Dean/Jensen thought & don’t wanna put it on your blog for whatever reason but would like it out there or to discuss it with someone, please send my way. I’ll post anything Dean & Jensen related as long as it’s positive (& not involving speculation about Jensen’s personal life)

Feel free to just message me & talk, I’m up for that too. And non anon asks definitely welcomed of course. I just think something like this kinda needs to be out there. This is far from the 1st person I’ve seen who “edited” their self in response to stans giving them crap. If you follow my blog, you’ve seen my rants about that. Well, this is something positive I think can maybe balance the scales some. Sadly there’s no stopping fandom wank & bullying, but stuff like this can at least knock ‘em down a peg or so.

Stupid idea? Good idea? Undecided?

Hewo humans! I made my first Amino community a few days ago called, UNDERTALE Tumblr Community, and just wanted to make this for the people who enjoy Undertale and who have a Tumblr so it could be easier to find people who are on Tumblr just like you!
Go ahead and check it out!
Right now its not much..but
Please repost so many others can get an opportunity to see this message because currently I only have 2 members and I need at least 15 members to list my amino to be publicly seen on Amino, I need help on this since its my first community ever. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP GUYS! (Ill also need to find leaders and Curators for my community so i need alot of members!)

I’m going on hiatus

Hi. I need a break from tumblr and social media in general. I don’t know if any of you have noticed that I’ve been a little inactive this past week. (longer tbh) I’m sorry about that. Tumblr has felt like work lately and I’m on a vacation now, so I want to enjoy it while I can. I’m also going to a new school after the summer and I’m feeling really stressed about it. Anyway, I think I’ll be gone for about 2-3 weeks max but feel free to message me and ask me stuff if you want to, I’ll be checking tumblr once in a while still. And the people who I talk to (semi) regularly (you know who you are), you can message me anytime. I’ll answer even if I’m taking this break! 

Love you guys. 

- rainy ^3^