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I totally dig your entire blog theme!! It's so aesthetic? ♡ (also your writing is SO stunning kdjhdh)

OH MY GOD THANK YOUUUU!!! 💕❤️💗 You’re a bae and we need to talk more tbh because you’re so sweet 😘

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What are mornings like with the rfa members hc (: please


  • This boy is not a morning person
  • Save him
  • You wake up to his alarm before he does
  • When he turns it off he just rolls over and clings on to you
  • “Yoosung you have to get ready for class”
  • Muffled groaning from yoosung
  • “Can’t I just stay in and cuddle”
  • You would love to stay and cuddle but you can’t let him miss his classes
  • After you successfully get him out of bed you two make breakfast together
  • He’s no longer late to classes after you two started living together


  • Mornings are really great
  • He’s always up before you and has breakfast ready
  • nice
  • But after you’re done eating it’s the worst
  • You race for the bathroom so you can shower first
  • But then you end up both outside the bathroom debating who deserves to shower first
  • You need more than one bathroom tbh
  • You resolve this by showering together
  • Morningsexisthebest


  • You wake up around the same time
  • It’s really nice to get ready together
  • Sometimes when you have time you will apply makeup on each other
  • you take turns with making breakfast ready
  • but mostly you do it together
  • Since you work at the coffee shop together you two always wake up at the same time
  • and always get ready together
  • and you always have enough time so no stress
  • its great


  • you woke up once before him to make breakfast for him
  • “Why would you make breakfast? we have a chef?”
  • He did enjoy it but he was just confused
  • When he had to get out of bed you were the one to hold on to him
  • you just wanna cuddle :’(
  • he usually does stay longer in bed because he loves laying there with you
  • but okay he has to get ready
  • you two eat together
  • and you are still getting used to these super expensive fancy looking breakfast
  • lots and lots of goodbye kisses before going to work
  • sometimes morning bj’s to relieve stress before going to work


  • okay but since you two started living together your sleeping schedule is 500% worse
  • you go to sleep between 5-7 am
  • you usually have breakfast before going to sleep
  • you also have to drag each other to bed
  • you cuddle so much  
  • usually wake up around noon
  • second breakfast
  • Seven fell once and broke his leg while showering with you
  • so no shared morning showers now :’(
  • you two also take a few naps throughout the day

the teenage queen keek needs to be appreciated more tbh you got dark michael in leather dancing like harry styles and luke making weird faces at the camera and ashton doing his dorky giggle behind the camera and calum pullin moves that beyonce would prolly have trouble doin it’s truly a cinematic masterpiece

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hannah pls hear me out abt steve and the 'language' thing in aou bc after i watched that part i practically squealed bc i have this hc that steve totally trolled the avengers (mostly tony lbr that man is asking for it) that he's steven 'will not swear, will faint at the sight of a woman's ankle, will have a heart failure at lgbtqa+' rogers. nat and sam are probably the only people who know about it. fury also might have an idea tbh his 'you kiss your mother with that mouth' reply sounded (1/?)

so sarcastic to me that my brain automatically interpreted it as ‘steve must have cursed at him so bad fury almost (ALMOST) blushed’. i mean steve is in the fucking army during the WWII he’s most likely fluent in french, german, japanese, and russian. steve can probably say 'suck my fucking dick, joss whedon’ in at least seven more languages aside from those.


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can i have a fluffy minghao scenario where you just woke up and neither of you have anything to dooo~ thank you!!

No no thank you for giving me something nice to write! And yay Minghao he’s so adorable I feel like he needs more attention tbh ^^ Hope you like!

As soon as you woke up you smelt his scent faintly, feeling his warm embrace around you. You were cuddled up to Minghao’s chest and he had wrapped his arms protectively around you as you slept with your legs tangled under the blankets. You lifted your head a little and managed to look outside through a crack in the curtains, seeing the cold grey sky. You knew if it weren’t for Minghao you’d be shivering right now. You let your head fall back onto the soft pillow, watching Minghao as he slept. His chest rose and fell against your arm as he breathed softly, his curled hair falling a little over his eyes. You smiled at how angelic he looked, craning your neck to look at the clock. It was airway 10 am. You and Minghao both had the day off and so had decided to sleep in, but you had woken up anyway. And so for a while you just relaxed in Minghao’s arms, watching as he smiled slightly in his well earned sleep.

You checked your clock again to find that you’d dozed off for another hour. Minghao was still holding you, but very loosely now. You sat up, letting hos arms fall and deciding to go make food and watch TV until Minghao awoke. However as your legs swung over the side of the bed and you stood, you felt a pair of arms snake around your waist. A head fell onto your lower back, making you laugh a little.
“Im sorry, baby, did I wake you?” You asked gently, unable to turn and look at him but instead deciding to stroke his hair a little. He nuzzled into your touch as if he were a cat, making a gentle groan in appreciation and a sigh as he spoke.
“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked almost incoherently into your back, his eyes still shut as he disregarded your question.
“I was going to go make some food. Is that okay with you?” You said playfully, yawning and running your fingers softly up his arm.
“No… stay here with me…” he whined sleepily. You felt the cold finally hit you, shivering a little. “See, you’re cold!” He said as he felt your shivers, pulling you down to his chest and throwing the duvet over you. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder as you lay with your head leaning on his upper chest and his other hand played with the ends of your hair.
“Minghao I’m really hungry…” you moaned as your stomach growled. Minghao let out an annoyed sigh but smiled down at you.
“Will you come back here after making our breakfast?” He asked with wide eyes and a pout. You couldn’t help but laugh at his cuteness
“Okay baby.” You said in the cutest voice you could manage, placing a peck on his lips before sitting up. He grabbed your hand and pulled you back to him, placing a soft and lingering kiss on your lips in response.
“I love you.” He said with a soft smile, one of his hands cupping your face as he pulled away. You blinked at him with wide eyes, wondering how he was so lovey dovey even when he’d just woken up. Then you remembered that it was just Minghao being his cute romantic self.
“I love you too.” You whispered, standing up. “I’ll be back soon. Maybe we can watch a film?” You suggested, earning a thumbs up from him. You nodded and headed for the kitchen, prepared to spend the whole day in bed with Minghao. You weren’t doing anything today anyway.

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Hopefully this is what you wanted! I can’t wait for Monday ^^ I think you’ll all love the scenario ♥ AND BTS COMEBACK!! Get excited with me I’ll fangirl with you! It’s at 3pm Sunday for is actually but that’s not the point omg Ma City is so good! ^^ Hope you enjoyed ♥
-Admin Belle

Blurb - Period Pains (4/4)

Like honest to god ashton would be so sweet and giggly and cuddly when he finally saw you when he got home after he was done recording and you’d just snap at him because cramps and he would be super confused like wut did I do. Then you’d just be like in the fetal position on the couch nearly sobbing and he’d put two and two together and realize it was your time of the month and he’d run into the kitchen and bring out your fav candy and plop down on the couch beside you and he’d rub your stomach to help ease your pain while you munched on the candy he gave you and sweet jesUS I NEED TO STOP

mmkay like michael tbh would be super oblivious at first. so he’d be so wrapped up in his video games that he wouldn’t notice how your 30 minute power nap somehow turned into 4 hours. Then he’d walk into your bed room and see you crying and he’d try to make you giggle with some lame joke yes, I’m thinking the titanic pick-up line one and it would get a chuckle out of you and you’d roll over to face him and he would run out to get the heating pad for you and then he’d hold you as you tried to relax yep. i’m done.

SOOOO luke my little cutie would be that clichéd guy and he’d see you in sweats and a messy bun on the couch and ask you a bajillion questions about how you were doing and seeing if it was your time of the month or if you were just having a rough day because he was super worried and you’d end up falling asleep bcuz period cramps + exhaustion = worst thing on earth and whenever you woke up, luke would be right there with a cheesy rom com that you loved with a pint of ice cream and two spoons and like a super large container of midol so you’d laugh and chug down a couple midol as luke cuddled you while watching the rom com ohmygod I need this to happen

finALLY calum SWEET LORD he would honestly catch you at like 2 am raiding the cabinets for midol while clutching you stomach for dear life but out of no where BAM calum shows up and is like wtf why are you up come back to bed and you just start sobbing bcuz pain and he is like oh crap what did I do and you start laughing bcuz Calum’s so confused and then you’re like I need midol more than you rn tbh and his eyes would go wide and be like babe shoot I’m so sorry are you ok and you’d be like mhm cool where’s the midol and he’d find it for you and then he would usher you back to bed and he would wrap his arms around you and rub your back while you tried to fall asleep again. CALUM WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MEEE