Eleanor...GIRL. WHAT.

Louis’ Team: Eleanor, girl, we need you bad. Come back for all the 10/10 A+ Two Thumbs Up PROMO.

Eleanor: [abandons all job prospects, sponsors, blogs and her best friend, Max] 

Revolve: “Sophia Smith…and guest.”

Bebe: Who is Eleanor?

Louis: I went to Amsterdam without you and all I could do was think about you.


Things I love about Heiji and Shinichi
  • Boy oh boy where do I begin?
  • Maybe the way Heiji’s face lights up whenever he realizes Shinichi is around
  • The casual way in which they act
  • Seriously like that screencap of Heiji lifting Conan by his shirt? Do you think he’d let anybody else do that?
  • Heiji will do literally anything if Shinichi asks
  • Shinichi acting aloof but absolutely caring about Heiji
  • Every time he shows any form of affection Heiji is basically drunk on it
  • Being protective of each other
  • Being supportive of each other
  • Getting into dumbass competitions but not letting it impact their relationship
  • I’m gonna add more I just need to go back and reread/watch literally every scene with Heiji and Shinichi
& I know every time
you think about
smiling, you miss her
a little bit more, darling
the expense of the sky
has viewed every angle
of your somber demise
& yes, we love in fractions
of a whole sunrise, but
even a musician needs
his muse, a gardener
needs regret, sadness
needs happiness to fall
back into & yes, tomorrow
needs you too

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I just realised C and L both were off of tumblr when tyren rumors were starting back on what Feb/march. And now that tyren is ending Lauren is back on tumblr and reblogging sun and moon. Now I need C to come back to tumblr but she has given us a lot of hints with her spotify playlist and ig pics

I know right? These coincidences man, they’ve got me.

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THE FIC MEME HAS ACCIDENTAL BABY ACQUISITION [wheezes] has anyone requested that

no 12: accidental-baby-acquisition 

“What the heck is that?” demands Yuri. “A baby? Where the fuck did you find it?”

“Of course it’s a baby, stupid,” Vika declares with a pout, cuddling the baby in her arms. “And we’re going to take care of it.”

“We can barely take care of ourselves in this dump,” Yuuri grouses from where he’s warming his hands by the tiny open fire in their tent. “It’s not feasible, dear. You’re going to need to take it back.”

“But it was unwanted,” Vika points out, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. “A poor defenceless baby left out in the cold behind a dumpster. No one wants it. Just like no one wants us.”

“Hmph,” Yuri rummages in the containers that Yuuri had brought back from the soup kitchen. “Keep it if you want, Vika, I’m not sharing any of my food with it.”

“Well, I wasn’t asking you,” declares Vika, just as the baby begins to cry. She immediately goes into a panic, almost dropping the baby in the process. “Oh my god. What do I do? Do you need milk? I can’t produce milk, oh my god –” She sends a helpless look towards Yuuri, who looks just about as panicked as she does. “Oh god, what if it dies because I don’t know how to take care of it?”

Yuri rolls his eyes. “Hand it over,” he says, and quickly grabs the bundle before Vika can protest. “Honestly. I know you weren’t raised to be a mother because… you know, but at least look at a book or watch actual mothers before you go picking up stray babies.” He sighs, sniffing gingerly at the baby before wrinkling his nose. “She needs a change.”

“A change? Of diapers? But we don’t –”

“We’ll get something,” says Yuuri. “I got some cash left over.”

“Oh, but…” Vika makes a pointed look towards Yuri. “What about…”

“No, the baby will need it more,” says Yuuri, heading for the entrance to the tent. “I’ll be back.”

(the tokyo godfathers au no one asked for 😂)

(drop me a fic trope and i’ll write about a fic i’d write with it)


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Pairing: Corey Bryant x Reader (Friends)

Requested: Nope

Summary: Corey thinks that after you see the library incident you hate him.

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You were in the library studying with your friend Corey and his boyfriend Mason. They were discussing math homework when you excused yourself to get a book you need for your history project. When you found the book you needed you went back to the table but you saw Nolan in your seat. In a blink of an eye Nolan stabbed Corey in the hand with a pen peaking the interest from everyone else in the library. You gasped in horror. “Nolan! What the hell!” You shouted at him.

“Look, Y/N. Look at his hand.” He replied calmly holding up Corey’s hand to everyone in the library and to you. You noticed that there was no injury. Corey snatched his hand away from Nolan’s grip and shielded it from everyone. Nolan just smirked and walked away while Mason tried to convince everyone it’s just a scratch. Corey didn’t care what people thought he just cared what you thought. His attention was fully on you and looked at you with desperation as you stood there trying to come up with a logical explanation but came up empty. Mason dragged him out of the library leaving you standing there with so many questions.

The next day Corey was with Mason by his locker as he got his books for next lesson. He saw you down the hallway at your own locker. “Y/N is afraid of me and they hates me.” Corey believed that after the incident in the library you were afraid of him and everyone else who is supernatural like the whole school.

“No they don’t. Y/N probably didn’t even see it.” Mason said trying to reassure him.

“Everyone saw it. Plus Nolan practically shoved my hand in Y/N’s face. He’s probably brainwashed her and now she wants to hunt me.” Corey fretted.

“Look, Y/N is logical. If anything they’re probably just confused. Just go talk to them.” Mason told him. Both him and Corey looked over at you and you met their eye contact. You started walking over but Corey quickly scurried away with a reluctant Mason behind him giving you a slight shrug of the shoulders.

The rest of the day Corey has been avoiding you which only increased your confusion and frustration. You knew he would be around Mason’s after school so you decided to confront him somewhere he can’t run from. You knocked on Mason’s door and he answered it. “Where is he?” You asked.

“Hey, Y/N… I- I don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s not here.” Mason stuttered trying to act casual. You just raised an eyebrow which resulted in Mason opening the door wide to let you in. You went straight to his bedroom and saw Corey playing video games on his bed. He paused the game and looked over to you, gulping at the pissed off look you had.

“I thought you were going to get rid of them.” Corey whispered to Mason before turning to you and smiling slightly.

“Really Corey? Why have you been avoiding me?” You asked.

“I haven’t been avoiding you.” He denied.

“Is it about what happened in the library? Because if it is Nolan is a total jerk for doing that… or did I do something?”

“No, no. Y/N it wasn’t you. Okay, I admit I’ve been avoiding you but I thought you hated me.” Corey admitted, sheepishly looking down to the floor.

“Corey, you’re my best friend. I could never hate you.” You assured him, smiling slightly as you did. You rested your hand on his in a comforting way and he looked up returning the smile. “Like I said. Nolan was a jerk to do that, whatever it was, and I don’t care what happened but I admit that I’m confused as to what happened.”

“I guess I should probably tell you the truth.” Corey told you before going on to tell you about what he is and the rest of the supernatural beings in Beacon Hills. The whole time you didn’t move a muscle away from him. You didn’t run away. You just sat there and listened as he told you everything. Surprisingly you weren’t mad that he didn’t tell you straight away or scared. It did explain all the strange things that have been happening in Beacon Hills though.

“Wow. That’s a lot of information. Finally everything strangely makes sense now.” You laughed in disbelief.

“Thank you, Y/N.” He thanked you.

“For what?”

“For not being afraid of me.”

Requests are open


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4 and 53 with Dean Winchester? Thank you!

#4: “It’s always been you. You and only you.” 

“Y/n, you should leave.” Dean hissed with his hand on his knife. 

“What?” You whispered back. “No way! You’ll need back up.” With Sam not here, you weren’t even thinking of leaving him to deal with whatever was inside alone. 

“I’m doing this because I care.” He whispered. He seemed to tell himself that. “Fine. Just check that door first.” He nodded his head towards a door, and at that point, you should’ve been suspicious, but you trusted him. 

You opened the door with your gun ready. The small room was empty. You looked over your shoulder to tell Dean it was clear when he pushed you inside and locked the door. 

“Dean?! What the hell?” 

“I don’t want you to get hurt now Sammy isn’t here.” He hissed. He should’ve known you wouldn’t just wait until he came back. You had destroyed a lot of doors in your hunter years. 

You waited a few minutes before doing this, though, hoping Dean wouldn’t be in the room anymore. It took you a few tries to kick the door open. You searched for Dean, but didn’t find him. 

You searched through the different doors, and when you finally found him, he was alone and bleeding. Your anger melted away and you rushed to his side. 

“Dean,” You whispered. “Are you okay?” 

“I’m fine.” He shrugged your hand off. “Let’s just go.” You didn’t argue with him, even though the question was burning on your tongue. 

Once you were back in the Impala, You sighed. “Dean, what was that all about” 

“What do you mean?” He didn’t look at you. 

“Why did you lock me in the closet?” Your eyes were burning holes in his skull, yet he didn’t take his eyes off the road. 

“I didn’t want you to get hurt.” He sounded tense.

“It’s not like I haven’t been hurt before, why change now?” Without a word, he parked next to the road and turned to look at you. You expected him to yell at you, or to laugh in your face. But he grabbed your face and kissed you. It was a short kiss, and you regretted not kissing him back. 

“Because I am in love with you.” He said as if it was a well-known fact. “There, I said it.” He gripped the steering wheel again and drove off. If he expected you to say anything, he didn’t let you know. He didn’t even glance at you. 

You opened your mouth, but didn’t know what to say and closed it again. This happened a few times before you decided to just try and survive this awkward car ride. 

He parked next to the motel, yet waited with opening the door. 

“What about that girl yesterday?” You asked. “Or the one before this job?” You didn’t dare and look at him, afraid he’d see the jealousy and pain in your eyes. This is what you have wanted. 

“I just like new things.” He explained. This hurt even more. “But with you, if I had a chance, things would be different.” 


“Because you’re the one.” 

Since when? Dean, you can’t expect me to just roll with this!” 

“It’s always been you.” He placed a hand on yours. “You and only you.” 

This was all you needed, really. You jumped forwards, which may not have been a good idea, but your lips on his felt so good. So good that you couldn’t stop. There was no end. 

#53: “I love you and I’m terrified.” 

From the moment those damned brothers stepped into your life, trouble kept happening. But to be fair, they came to stop the first terrible thing from happening. 

You knew something was going on in your house, but when two FBI agents showed up, you knew something was terribly wrong. You had to leave your house in a few minutes. The shorter one brought you to a hotel so you could check in, and he checked in on you a few times. 

But curiosity killed the cat, and that’s what almost happened to you when you decided to check on your house. At night. Yeah, you weren’t that bright. 

You saw the agents shooting with old guns at… nothing. When you saw a man appear, however, you screamed. What else could you do? It wasn’t normal that people just appeared and disappeared. Only then the agents noticed you. But the man appeared behind you, a knife in its hand. He almost stabbed you. 

That night, you learned a lot of things. All your nightmares were true, the agents were brothers who fought them and your scream could apparently make a person half deaf, or so Dean claimed. You were in shock, but not wounded. 

The brothers told you a few things after you begged them to tell you everything. You were satisfied with their answers and at least felt a little bit safer when they were gone and left you with that information. That people started calling you ‘The Weird Salt Lady’ didn’t bother you. 

If Sam and Dean never showed back up, things might have been normal for you, but of course, of course, they came back. You had the luck to run into them. Dean surprisingly remembered you and Sam insisted on catching up, since he heard about your obsession with salt. 

You found out that Dean wasn’t only good-looking, but he was also funny and nice and, or so you’ve heard, extremely good in bed. And apparently, he thought you were good-looking, funny and nice too, since he agreed to go to your place. The things you heard were true, because it was the best night you’ve ever had. 

But he left. He left you with an empty place in your heart. Even though you only talked to him for about a week in total, you had fallen in love with him. But he was dangerous, and most importantly, gone. 

You felt as if the empty void inside of you could never be filled, unless with Dean. But he was gone. 

Thinking about a person a lot makes you fall in love with them even more, that’s something you’ve read, once. It was true, because every moment you thought about Dean, you seemed to melt more. But he was gone. 

But he came back again, and this time you wanted him more than you needed air. You searched for him, and found him. He recognized you, but he looked so different. War changes people. 

And after another sleepless night, you said the words burning in your mouth. 

“I love you.” He was shocked to hear them, and you couldn’t even blame him. When he asked why, or how, you didn’t even answer the question. “I love you and I’m terrified.” 

“Terrified of what?” He asked. You thought he would be running by now. 

“That you don’t love me back and I’ll always have this hole inside me, wanting you.” You explained. “Or that you love me back and say you’ll stay. Which I don’t want. So I’ll go with you. I’m scared of that life, too.” 

“So either way I scare the crap out of you.”

“I kinda enjoy it, though.” You kissed him again, realizing you didn’t need an answer. For now, you just needed Dean to help you get over at least one of those fears. 

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Oooo crushes? I had this crush on this guy since 5th grade but we recently reconnected at church during a senior class last year. And on Valentine's Day I confessed to him and he kinda turned me down saying he hadn't really thought about liking anyone. It kinda broke my heart and I still have dreams about him sometimes and ugh still trying to get over him.

If you’re still talking as friends, it’s nice. But sometimes you need to take a step back and give both of you space. If it’s meant to be, you’ll come back together. And if not, you’ll be better off. Hope it works out:)

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do you think Hollywood and neflix need to back off from live action anime ?

Originally posted by kaworubunga-surfs-up-shinji-kun

I think the reason why anime is popular amongst western audiences is BECAUSE it isn’t Hollywood (or now netflix). 

Personally I got so invested in anime when I was a young weeb because of the range of characters and stories (especially girls) that appear in anime. 

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I love love love your blog. My OTP is Jily but I want to ship jegulus so much now. Regulus is a sweetheart. Also, lily seems to have no feelings whatsoever for James :/ If James is happy with regulus, then jegulus is my new OTP. :D P.s : what's the link for your other blog with all the angsty stuff? P.p.s : you're the BEST

((OOC: Aww, thank you.  Regulus really is a sweetheart isn’t he?  I adore him.  My other blog with a lot of angst is @marauderbloggers but to be fair most of the angsty stuff has already happened so you’d need to go back and read it, and I’m not hugely active on there at the moment))

Keith is an attention hound.

Story: A While before this I was waving down at the other actors of our team and over in the corner this guy just goes ‘hey’ pretty loudly, getting our attention. Then I gasped and waved at him too and he started giggling. And I knew that’s exactly what he wanted.

Behind the photo:

“Just real quick I need to get back.”


“You’re shaking?” (what can i say i was excited)

“Yes I am”

*laughs and hugs me*