i can’t help but think of how different this entire thing would be if hollstein never broke up?

laura opening the trap door and immediately being greeted by a kiss from carmilla

squeezing in as many cuddles as possible while the vamps can still be above ground

having their own popcorn bowl to share while everyone watches oitnb together

(not actually watching the show half the time, just making out)

cherishing every moment where they can have physical contact

carmilla falling asleep on laura’s shoulder on the couch and laura reluctantly waking her up because a patrol is coming

always a tight hug before carmilla has to go back again

reasons why the decalcomanie mv is problematic:

  • wheein tries to reject the kiss by putting her finger against the guys mouth, he pushes it aside and kisses her anyways
  • hwasa tries to walk away from the guy, he grabs her wrist and kisses her anyways
  • solar PHYSICALLY resists against the guy and is clearly not consenting and he RESTRAINS her and forces the kiss on her
  • (moonbyul’s kiss, however, is NOT problematic because she initiates the act, and brings the guy down to her, and does not exhibit any signs of objection/discomfort throughout the kiss, and consents)
  • rbw glorifies and romanticizes the nonconsent/sexual violence portions of wheein/hwasa/solar’s scenes by adding in aesthetics and glory shots of the kiss scenes
  • this in turn trivializes the act of sexual assault, which is already rampant
  • (we should portray sexual assault as what it is: assault)
  • romanticizing sexual violence in media also encourages women to both overlook and accept sexual violence in their everyday lives
  • this prevents cases of sexual violence from being reported and most of all, normalizes the act
  • if you really want to effect change, it’s important to speak out against the sexual violence you see in media, and not to tell others to “chill out”
  • again, this is not about your biases kissing dudes, this is about speaking against sexual violence in media that perpetuates the very real sexual violence against women in society