i can’t help but think of how different this entire thing would be if hollstein never broke up?

laura opening the trap door and immediately being greeted by a kiss from carmilla

squeezing in as many cuddles as possible while the vamps can still be above ground

having their own popcorn bowl to share while everyone watches oitnb together

(not actually watching the show half the time, just making out)

cherishing every moment where they can have physical contact

carmilla falling asleep on laura’s shoulder on the couch and laura reluctantly waking her up because a patrol is coming

always a tight hug before carmilla has to go back again

My friend-who has never seen GMW in her entire life-'s reaction to Lucaya in Girl Meets Creativity
  • Me:*inhuman noises*
  • Friend:okay you've been making these weird noises for the hour now wtf is going on
  • Me:*hands her my phone*
  • Friend:*gets mesmerized by Lucaya in Girl Meets Creativity* Okay they're really cute how long have they been together?