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Mr. Corbin

anonymous asked: Can i ask for some baron corbin sin cause i need so much more sin of baron being mr dominant and all these photos of him in his suit make me want him as a dom in a suit smut like belt whipping lol

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You’d been making a point to tease Baron all night during the night out with Dean and Rene you’d somehow convince him to come to. The four of you went to some really fancy restaurant that Rene had reserved. You’d worn a tight red dress with a plunging neckline that went almost to your belly button, and on top of that it clung to every curve of your body. To top the outfit off you wore matching patent leather heels. Baron had worn a black suit jacket and pants, that made his ass look fantastic, with a white undershirt and a black tie with matching dress shoes.

As son as you’d stepped out of the bathroom of your shared hotel room his eyes had practically devoured the sight of you. It was only natural that after that you’d made it your mission to tease the hell out of him, bending over a little bit too much to pick something up or even going as far to palm him through his slacks under the table during the meal. About halfway through the double date Baron had made a point to glance at the watch on his wrist and stand up casually making sure that the table covered the growing tent in his slacks.

“Well we need to be going. We’re leaving really early tomorrow and need to get to bed.” He spoke up, the excuse not raising any suspicions from Rene and Dean, the other couple saying goodbye as you got up to your feet, following Baron out of the restaurant. He opened the passenger side door of the rental car that the two of you had gotten for this location. Not a word was exchanged between the two of you and it was honestly making you a little bit nervous all the way back to the hotel. You thought that he was giving you the silent treatment until the two of you stepped into the elevator and he had you automatically pressed up against the wall of the elevator, dark eyes boring into yours.

“Do you have any fucking clue how hard it was for me to keep from just tearing that dress off of you and fucking you in front of all of those people?” he practically growled into your ear.

“I saw how every man in that restaurant looked at you when you walked in. All of them wanted you, and the way that damned waiter looked at you…” His voice as a low growl as he pressed his clothed erection against your pussy, you could already feel the building wetness there. A soft whimper fell from your lips when he abruptly pulled away when the elevator doors opened. He wrapped his arm around your waist, his hand casually resting on your ass. Once the two of you reached your room you fished the key card out of the clutch you carried.

Your hands were shaking so badly that it took you a couple times to open the door since Baron as behind you grinding against your ass and kissing at the side of your neck, biting a few times and undoubtedly leaving a few marks. When you finally did get the door open you were slammed against the wall roughly before you could shut the door. Baron’s hands were all over you, feeling you through the fabric of your dress. You were about to kick your heels off but her stopped you by biting down on your neck roughly

“Leave them on.” he said lowly as he reached behind you and pulled down the zipper of your dress, pulling it down to your ankles and picking you up, leaving the dress behind as he set you don in front of the small round table that was in the room, bending you over to where your chest into contact of the cold wood. One of his large hands were in-between your shoulder blades while the other one was working on his belt buckle.

Every fiber of your being was practically buzzing with anticipation, you were pretty much dripping, soaking through the mint green lacy panties you’d chosen to wear. You weren’t expecting the sting of the leather from his belt harshly coming across your ass, causing you to squeal out in surprise and pain, the sting being that delicious mix of pain and pleasure. Before you could say anything he brought the belt down again, this time across your other cheek.

“You like that don’t you?” he spoke sharply, a low chuckle rumbling from his chest as you shook your head yes.

“Oh god Baron yes.” you whimpered, feeling yourself being brought up into a standing position and turned around to find yourself face to face with Baron, his eyes holding unadultered lust towards you as he locked eyes with you. 

“Get on the bed. Now.” he commanded, his tone making you shiver in anticipation as you followed his orders, crawling onto the bed and awaiting his instruction. You couldn’t tear your eyes away from him as he slid his suit jacket off of his shoulders and practically tore his shirt open, sending buttons flying around the room. He toed off his shoes and his pants followed soon after, leaving him in only his tented boxers. 

He crawled over top of you, nipping at the shell of your ear before trailing his tongue along the outside of the sensitive lobe. He bit at the tender spot beneath your ear before trailing kisses and bites down your neck, marking you as his. He continued this down your body, paying extra attention to your nipples, circling his tongue around the peaked buds before he continued his decent down your body. Once he reached the waistband of your panties he bunched either side of the garment in his fists and tugged violently, tearing the lacy material. He shrugged at your pouting face and said a quick ‘I’ll buy you a new pair’. 

Before you could say anything else he buried his face in your pussy, drawing a loud gasp from you. He ran the flat of his tongue up your slit a couple of times, lapping up the juices there before focusing his mouth on your clit, his tongue lashing against the sensitive bud. He had you writhing and just on the edge of orgasm before he pulled away, a smirk on his lips. 

“Dammit Baron.” you mumbled as he crawled back up your body, pushing his boxers down enough so that he could kick them off. He pinned your wrists above your head with one hand, while the other one rested on your hip as he positioned himself at your entrance. His lips met yours roughly as he slowly pushed himself all the way in, both of you groaning in tandem at the feeling. 

He only waited a few moments for you to adjust before pulling out to the point that only the head of his cock was inside of you and moving back in roughly. You were a moaning mess underneath him, both of your hands in fists as you struggled to find something to grab onto. This went on a few more minutes before you resulted to begging.

“Baron, please, fuck, please let me, let me touch you.” you pleaded, not dwelling too long on the smug smirk that flashed across his lips before he released your wrists. Your hands automatically went to his shoulders, nails raking down his back and drawing a deep groan out of him. 

You felt yourself drawing closer to your orgasm and you could tell that he was close as well with how his movements became more desperate. You bit down on his shoulder to stifle the scream that escaped your throat when your climax finally came over you. You were clawing at his back and your legs tightened around his waist and the feeling of your dripping cunt fluttering around Baron’s thick cock drug him over the edge as well and he quickly pulled out of you, cumming all over your lower stomach before rolling over beside you as you both tried to catch your breaths.

“Holy shit.” you said breathlessly, finally kicking your heels off, coaxing a chuckle out of him.

  “Maybe I should tease you more often” You mused, grinning over at him and he smirked deviously

“Well next time I won’t be as easy on you, so you might want to take a more straight forwards approach.” he said, pulling you over to his side.

(Hope you liked it nonny!  I had a dram that gave me inspiration to write this request and wanted to get this done!)