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asksugarbearthings asked:

The Sakamaki´s and Mukami´s reacting to Kou´s Cucumber Confession B)

(gonna answer this as long as it’s still a recent topic in the fandom! also, to the person who wrote the confession: pls say hi to satan from me)

Shu: First annoyed, his expression slowly changes, his eyes widen in confusion. “What is wrong with people…” (he quickly goes back to sleep, trying to forget the sin he just read)

Reiji: “WHAT KIND OF INDECENT FANATSY IS THIS?”, he asks, his eyes widen in shock. (he immediately takes a bath to clean his body from the dirt that now lays upon him)

Laito: “Fufu, Bitch-chan, you like these kind of things?~”, he chuckles. You deny, but he just shakes his head, not believing you. “I know how perverted you really are. But I wouldn’t put a cucumber in there, nfu, too risky~” (right, just dONT DO IT)

Kanato: He’s speechless and looks at you full of anger. “WHY DID YOU MAKE ME READ THIS? PERVERTED GIRL, DO YOU LIKE THESE THINGS? DISGUSTING!” (hes heading to the bathroom to wash his eyeballs, he’ll never forget what he just read)

Ayato: “The fuck… Mukamis..too?…Why tho..???” (Yes, why wasn’t it Ayato recording it and getting the credit and fame on youtube afterwards, wHY)

Subaru: He stares at the screen of your Laptop, not knowing what to say. But instead of an outburst he is quiet, screaming innerly. “Turn it off”, he whispers. “Just..t-turn it off..”

Ruki: He tries really hard not to burst out swearing, instead, he just hides his face in his hands and sighs. “Where did you find that?” You answer as he suddenly looks up to you, dead serious. “Dirtydiabolikloversconfessions?” (he is actually more shocked about the blog itself than the confession)

Kou: He furrows his brows at first, but after a while giggles, stands up and leaves the room. “Those crazy fangirls..”, you hear him sigh as he walks through the hallway. (just the normal everyday life of an idol)

Yuma: “Wha-WHAT?” He is shocked, not knowing what is worse, Kou using the cucumber, or them recording it all. “I HOPE HE DIDN’T USE ONE OF THE CUCUMBERS FROM MY GARDEN, DAMMIT!!”

Azusa: “I…”, he starts, not sure what he could say. “I..for sure..wouldn’…”