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Gracie i just love so much your blog.❤️ I need some advice, i will be so grateful if you help me since monday i started eating almost nothing, like a yogurt and a fruit (and water) in a day... i did that all week.. and i lost 6lb i was feeling happier than ever, but then the fucked part is that i'm having a headache everyday and i feel weird, i know that not eating correctly have their bad side but i don't like that headaches:(

first off thank you :)
it sounds like you already know how to make the headaches go away but don’t want to eat to stop, which i understand. you might have low blood sugar or you might just be hungry and need to eat something more substantial (even if you don’t feel hungry), it could also be that you are dehydrated but you said you’re drinking water so that’s probably not the case. i think you probably know that the only way to make the headaches to go away is to eat a little bit more.
i hope that you start feeling better soon

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Thank you.. I've already unfollowed them.I think slowly but surely I'll recover (i hope so).From tommorow on I'll stop counting my calories and I'll make an apointment with a ED doctor next week i guess.I really needed your advice since the adults I've talked to say to just eat and that doesn't help. chocopop~

No need, I’m grateful you came to at least someone for help. I’m sure you will! Sending you all my luck ~ That sounds like a good start love, it really isn’t just as simple as ‘eating’ again. They should know it takes a lot of than that. I didn’t really do much advising so I hope it helped somehow!

The perfumed paper was pinned to Ithanar’s tent, its script swirling and delicate if not a little sloppy; clearly, it was written in haste, and who could chide such - with the state of the Sunguard war camp and the grim news that hung over them like a funeral shroud.


This request might seem odd with all that has happened of late, but I have heard that you have an easy means to contact the Illidari who manipulates ink? I wished to hire him for a task - the nature of which I’m sure you can imagine, given his talents - and if you could pass along my message to him, I would be forever grateful.

As an aside, if you need a friendly face to speak to in the wake of all that has happened… I am here; not as a Dawnmender, but as a friend. 

Light bless,


@captainswingbeard | @theislesunfamily

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Can I say that in two gc and myself personally. After asking no one in my gcs or myself feel anything but loved from harry. We literally dont care if hes on sm especially after the last few years. I feel loved and appreciated by harry as a fan and both ny gc groups pretty much agreed.

Anonymous said: i really hate how some “harries” talk about how ungrateful he is and more bulshit, i’m a harrie and most of us are good with him being mia or being ghost in social media. we love him and we respect him, I buy his album and a ticket to his concert like most of his fans, he doesn’t owe me anything. The price of the concert tickets were expensive (considering he barely has an album) but I know a lot of things didn’t rely on him, but of the people behind him. So i think some people relly need to stop whining and be more grateful. Harry is a good person and a great artist, he didn’t wanna do fan service? that’s okay! he was in the spotlight 5 years without a rest. let him be and stop with that “he’s lossing his fans!!” and more nonesense//

Anonymous said: Idk but as someone who grew up without bands being on sm this doesnt phase me. I dont need an artist posting online to be content. The only thing I feel artist owe fans as good content. Harry always defends his fans and shows so much appreciation.

Anonymous said: Oh please he’s just trying to go about his image the way they did in the 70s. Columbia literally said that he’s trying to emulate the way Prince and Bowie went about their careers. They’re beloved icons and they didn’t use Twitter Prince especially was mysterious and rarely spoke up about anything. And that’s what Harry wants. In reality it translates to: buy a product to feel close to him and get thanks, otherwise it’s not valuable enough to get his attention. And that’s fucked up lol.//

Anonymous said: I agree on Harry’s privacy, but are some thing that cant be explained. How it would have hurt thanking the fans for the TCA? The GP and the new audience he aims for don’t tend to watch closely the artists social media, and if some of them do, would have just came across as a thankful artist/man. I’m sure if he gets nominated for a Grammy, he’ll thank just that And that is what pisses me off. One thing is aming to a new older audience, which I 100% support, the other is come across as ungrateful//


Thanks for the messages.

I still think that Harry can engage with fans how he wants, but we can also choose our level of engagement. You’re not a “bad fan” if you feel alienated, don’t buy/ stream/ go to concerts. That’s your choice as a consumer. It would have been smart for Harry (or an intern) to tweet a thanks for TCA, only because they are fan-generated awards. But personally it’s not that important for me.

Keep in mind that although Harry is a veteran performer, he is still very young, and we’ve only seen a smidge of what he’s capable of. He’s still deciding what sort of artist he wants to be. He doesn’t have to be Bowie or Prince. He can be Harry Styles, an original. He has the ambition and the intellectual curiosity, I think. I would place a much higher importance on the quality of his work against his fan engagement. It doesn’t matter what Columbia says or Sony says. It only matters, to me, what kind of work he’s putting out, because that’s how history will judge him as an artist.


I can’t stop thinking about what happened, how I was there and were unable to help you in any form.
I’m so sorry and hope you can forgive me.
To see you hurt, no matter in which form, is the most terrible thing in the world. There’s nothing else I can do than promising to keep you safe and be there for you when you need it.

You’re everything to me, darling and I’m grateful that you allow me to be a part of your life.
The nights where I can hold you in my arms are the most important ones and I wish I could stop the time so that the moment never ends.
You’re giving me the most wonderful time of my life, never forget that.

Forever yours,




To my Movara Family, I will miss you all very much. The last 2 ½ years has been a blast! Lots of love❤️, laughter😂, sweat💦, and tears😭 You have all left an imprint in my life and I’m a better person because of it. You know I’m a believer in “There are no accidents,” Our paths will cross again😊 Remember, the most important relationship you have in your life is YOU. My decision to leave was a difficult decision to make, but it needed to happen. I’m grateful to Movara for the opportunity I’ve had because I met all of you. Until we meet again…I love you all very much!❤️😘 #iamctfit4life #movara #fitness #fitnessjourney #healthyliving #fitnessresort #southernutah #family #ivins #hiking #noaccidents #love #selflove #utah (at Movara Fitness Resort)

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Wow! Just a few days after I talked about when Cybrid might release the next route for IkeSen they announce that a new one is coming soon 😝

A hero has appeared!?

Thank you for sharing your good luck with us, Falkor-chan! 

If you could also make yourself comfortable in front of a mirror and chant "Takasugi! Takasugi! Takasugi!” I would be so grateful.

Now go! DtL needs you!

With great magic luck power comes new otome routes!

Will these colors ever fade away

I lost a part of myself,
trying to understand the depths of my being.
I wanted to tell you how much I’ve grown 
since the day you let me understand
that I was so much more than I thought I was.
I wish I could firmly say that to myself,
but I’m still not sure whether I learned how to pluck
the thorns out of a cactus without getting hurt
or if I just became invulnerable to the pain
when I hold it with my bare hands.

I wanted to tell you how much you mean to me,
that your words pierce through my bones and into my soul.
I wish I could touch your soul like how you touched mine
but I guess I’m not the one who’s going to save you.
And I was the one who needed to be saved.
I wanted to tell you that I’m grateful to have you in my life.
And I’ll always be.

I wish I could paint you using thousands of different colors
because that’s how I see you in my eyes.
A person whose being is as bright as the sunlight,
as lovely as wildflowers, as delicate as a mother’s child.

But I’m not going to be the one.
who’s going to do that. I wish I was. I wish I was.
You have your own choice of who’s going to paint your life colorful just as I have my mine.

But right now, the colors that
you painted on my walls
are still so vivid and beautiful.
I guess I’ll just wait for them
to fade away in time.
And right now I have my pen and paper,
I’ll write about you as the colors fade away little by little.
I’ll write about how a piece of you
will always be in me.
I’ll write about how I thought
that maybe one day
I could say,
“you and I will never disappear.”

I lost a part of myself,
trying to accept that we’re two separate beings.
You saved me from
the bad habits of this world.
Now I’m going to have to rescue myself
trapped deep down
in the troubles of my own mind.
I guess I’m the one
who’s going to disappear.

DAY 13

Gifu to Hikone

After the excitement of yesterday, we allowed ourselves an additional 30min lie in. Breakfast was the best offering to date & fellow hotel inmates watched as we cleared everything before us.

We departed slightly later as we needed to wait for a bike shop to open to replace our depleted stock of inner tubes. The shop was a ‘proper’ deal for a change, no knickers hanging on a line between the show room bikes. However, it didn’t look very open, then a young lad appeared & gave us he dreaded cross armed signal. Closed! Maintenance!

So we headed west out of the city & as luck would have it, happened across another shop. It was small but well stocked & we got everything needed. The chap was grateful for the business & gave us all a free energy gel. Typical of the Japanese people.

At the half way point Dave gathered us together & pointed at a road half way up the nearby mountain. He explained this was an 'optional’ climb (of just over 1000m), 30km straight up & down, then continue the route. The invite was met with less enthusiasm than a drinks ban on a stag do. So we headed off for lunch in the car park of a 7/11.

Our final destination was on the shores of Lake Biwa. This is the largest fresh water lake in Japan, measuring some 64 x 23km, and one of the oldest lakes in the world.

The waters were surprisingly warm, so we all took a dip. Steve wanted to don his speedo’s but we didn’t think the Japanese people were ready for that just yet.

We had a nice meal & spent an hour in a Japanese pub in honour of lads Friday night out in Guisborough.

Early start tomorrow to reach Kyoto in good time.

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how fucking rude are people?! it's not your job to do stuff on here. you create amazing things and they should be grateful you take the time.

Honestly people need to chill, yes I make great things but I don’t always have the time for it. 

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hi dear, i make some edits, icons and lockscreens of football, mostly from real madrid... but im new on tumblr, so i dont have visibility... if you need something or if you could help me, i would be so grateful... thanks for atention, xoxo

I just followed you :)

I don’t believe in right person, wrong time. You are exactly where you need to be. In a way, I’m grateful for every falling out I’ve ever had relationship or friendship wise. Without those falling outs, I wouldn’t have all of the friends I cherish now, and I wouldn’t be with the boy wiho I consider my soulmate. Everything happens for a reason. I’m grateful for everything, the good and the bad.

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Draco, I'd love to join you for a drink this weekend. You need to eat, whether you like it or not, I'm bringing you some homemade pumpkin pasties, as well as some whiskey. I hope I can help, no one should have to deal with something this big on their own. So whether you want to actually talk or just get drunk off our arses, I'll be there. How does Saturday night sound? Around 9? I'm free all weekend, otherwise. Talk soon, -Han.


Saturday at 9 it is. I’ve never turned down a Pastie.

It means a lot that you’re such an attentive mate, Han. I didn’t expect our friendship to be genuine but it is, and I’m grateful.

I need your opinion. I’m thinking of asking Daisy, the Ravenclaw, about accompanying me to the Yule Ball being that Stori can’t make it but I don’t want to stir up anymore whispers or drama. Do you think I should? I’m sure she’s already been spoken for but I don’t know…I just want to. She’s rather feisty and it’s easy to live in the moment when I’m around her. I think I may have developed a small crush.

Blimey, that’s nauseating to admit.


- Draco

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Camila has already been questioned about the girls several times; It was clear how uncomfortable she was to talk about it, but she was always polite and grateful and she never needed shade them to follow the narrative. LAND was asked about C a few times and they always shade her; why are not they polite too? Why not respond that they are focused on their career and happy and wish the best for Camila like she always did? That pisses me off 😐

I disagree. I think both sides (besides the initial statement releases) have actually handled the situation really well. If anything, it’s been family members and friends close to the girls that happen to have done the shading. The girls will be feeling just as uncomfortable as C would be answering these questions hence why they are avoided. In the podcast released today, the interviewer persisted a further 5+ times mentioning Camila’s name and trying to push the girls into an answer. That’s wrong, he should have respected that and moved on to another question. Personally I don’t think the girls shaded Camila in anyway today, if anything they protected her and themselves. 

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hi dear, i make some edits, icons and lockscreens of football, mostly from real madrid... but im new on tumblr, so i dont have visibility... if you need something or if you could help me, i would be so grateful... thanks for atention, xoxo | ps: all edits are in /tagged/edits.