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Grateful: A Host One Shot

Host breathes. In and out. One at a time.

Dark is in the room, but he doesn’t know where. He can only feel the ringing in his ears and taste his aura in the back of his throat. There’s panic in his fingertips and the pit of his stomach, but he refuses to let the other man know it.

Dark approaches slowly, sliding a hand across the Host’s shoulders. Does the Host know what he did wrong? Good. How about they take a walk?

Host knows what that means, of course, but he is forced to comply. The buzzing of panic moves from Host’s hands to his head where it snakes across his scalp in a trail of static.

The Host owes Dark, the Ego reminds his captive. The Host should be grateful for Dark’s kindness, his generosity, his discipline. The Host is nothing without Dark. The Host can and will be broken.

The Host can’t breathe. There are bodies everywhere, pressing in and away and around. Voices bounce at him from every direction at every octave and decibel and in every color that he can imagine. This is the bustle of life outside of his precious sanctuary of books and dust. And the Host is terrified of it.

Dark’s hand is on the back of his neck, fingernails biting into the skin there until they aren’t. Until Dark’s hand is gone, and Host is lost among the waves. He’s drowning.

People brush past. People talk around him. People, people, people. There’s a wall. A dumpster, and Host crouches behind it, the stench stinging his nostrils. But at least here he’s safe from them.

Host’s entire chest constricts with the panic of it, and his mind rings with Dark’s words. The Host should be grateful. The Host should be ashamed. The Host should be better than what he is, so much better.

But the Host is not better. The Host is very much broken and very much under Dark’s powerful hold.

And then Dark comes back. Not immediately, no, hours later once the sun has set and the warmth has seeped from the air and from Host’s bones. He’s shivering, but Dark hauls him to his feet regardless, wrinkling his nose at the way Host smells.

The Host is disgusting. The Host is useless. The Host has learned nothing from his punishment. All words floating around in his mind, boats set adrift on a storm-tossed ocean. The Host should be grateful.

And the Host leans against Dark because he has no one else in the world.

Then Amy appears. She walks into his library, into his life, and into his darkness. She throws open the doors of his heart and cleans out all the cluttered words: useless, disgusting, nothing, broken, and all the biting “should be’s.” She dusts off his heart and his ability to feel something other than fear and instead of crushing him beneath her foot, she puts her shoulder under his arm and holds him up.

Amy is golden light. Amy is a burning fire. Amy has her own cracks in her own shell, but she doesn’t lash out in anger. She simply adds to her armor, and stands between the darkness and those she cares about.

And the Host is in awe of her.

She hands him new words: caring, thoughtful, creative, strong, valuable, and slowly, the Host begins to accept them. The Host doesn’t owe her a thing, Amy insists. The Host is his own person. The Host is always improving. The Host is growing and healing and learning.

The Host is loved and very, very grateful.


*Peach Aventurine*

The fusion between Carnelian and Crystal Quartz, but we call her “Peach A” for short.

Peach A is the main gem fusion of this blog, being the fusion of the two people who run it. The actual stone is the representation of our friendship in real life. We are each other’s hugest support system, being almost inseparable since the 8th grade. We help ease each other’s stress and anxiety from everyday life. We give each the confidence we need to get something done, when needed. I am very grateful to have her as my best friend!

Peach A is 60% calm, cool, collected and tolerant of others, 40% total fighting spirit. She is a huge morale boost when in battle, encouraging and reminding her allies that they can pull through and win.

Her weapon is a Great Axe.

It’s taken 3 years to perfect our fusion. From being Fluorite to Morganite and now Peach Aventurine, we’re finally happy to release her to the world. Be prepared to see WAY more of her! Hope you like her!

Virgo Horoscope Saturday June 24 2017

Something bigger and deeper and more life-changing can happen for you soon in an area of your life that is in real need of change. This may not be what you expected, Virgo, and you may not feel prepared for it, but when life sends good fortune your way, you need to embrace it, be grateful for it, and make the most of it. Yes, you are a planner, and you may think that if things happened differently you could make better use of a gift that is headed your way, but this will be excellent if you accept things as they are.

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Do you hate Lisa too?

Nope. I think she helped Dean when he needed it and I am grateful to her for that. I don’t think they could ever work though. Dean needs someone he doesn’t have to worry about. Someone who can handle themselves. Lisa can’t. At least not in Dean’s life. 

But before this turns onto hate against people in the fandom. I got no problem with people hating on characters cause they are characters. When it transfers to the actors that’s when I got an issue. 

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What do you think about Ariana grande and the charity concert

I think it’s fucking incredible that not even 2 weeks after that happened, she managed to organise the whole thing. I think it’s incredible that every bit of money that is made is going to help the families of those who died and the victims that survived but not without significant pain and suffering. I think it’s pretty incredible that she was apparently in hysterics and inconsolable for nearly 24 hours after it happened, but she came back to the city it happened in to give something good to those people. I think it’s incredible to see the support of so many other artists for the people of Manchester. I think it’s the best thing that could have happened honestly. They wanted us scared, they wanted us to be scared to do what we love, that’s why they targeted the place they targeted. And instead we’ve put on an even bigger show, brought even more people together, spread love and support and acceptance. It’s the most beautiful show of support and the best fuck you to everything the people that plan these attacks stand for.

Before this all happened, I didn’t really pay Ariana any attention, and I wasn’t a fan of her music. But after all of this, and the grace and poise and class that she’s responded to this situation with, I have nothing but respect for her.


….People are either charming or tedious.

Wishing Josie (@josay) a very happy birthday!! (21.05)

“Where are you, you little pest?”

Sting, Chapter 15

Happy very belated birthday @kryallaorchid! The moment i read this scene i wanted to make an animatic for it. It’s so well done i love the contrast between it and what happened previous with Adrien.

I now it’s a little bit rushed in the end. I kind of overdue myself since i wanted to draw actions scenes. I kind of played with the camera a lot. I also wanted to paint it more but my photoshop stopped cooperating

Again im sorry for being so late! Hope you like it!

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Different KamSero anon, but like headcanon that Bakugou and Kirishima argue about kissing in public, while Sero and Kaminari don't see the big deal. Bakugou tries to tell them that it's embaressing but Sero and Kami peck eachother on the lips to demonstrate it "not being a big deal". P.S. They may of broke Bakugou and shut down his brain in the process.

That’s!!!! an adorable headcanon!!!! even though I gotta say I’m leaning more towards something like

If parents teach a child with any method available that the child must be

  • submissive
  • extremely obedient
  • silent about their needs
  • always content with what they get, even if it’s much less than they need
  • pleasing to everyone around them
  • giving others what they want even when it’s harmful and painful to do so
  • expecting punishment at merely displeasuring someone
  • expecting pain as soon as they don’t meet someone’s expectations
  • not good enough unless they make everyone else happy
  • putting their needs last, or not having needs at all
  • extremely grateful for every little bit of human decency they get
  • best in the world in everything, or else they’re worthless
  • recognizing that people who hurt them most likely do it unintentionally or even worse, out of love
  • accepting hurtful behaviour without calling it out, complaining about it, or even letting the perpetrator know how much they got hurt
  • extremely forgiving, to the point where they forgive without even getting an apology, or with the hurtful offense still going on
  • tolerating insults, humiliation, slurs, and hatred being directed at them
  • never showing outright anger, rage, resentment, or hold a grudge
  • never fighting for their rights
  • never refusing to do what’s asked of them
  • accepting that they might be unlovable and that nobody will ever want them

then the child is being abused. It doesn’t matter if they use violence, guilt, terror, emotional abuse, brainwashing, threats, psychological abuse, punishment, discipline, harsh language, or if they teach it all to the child politely and with explanations to why they have to be like this if they don’t wish to be a burden on society. To shape a person this way out of convenience and send them off into a world that will abuse, exploit, take advantage and destroy a person like this, is abuse. Nobody needs to be any of these things. And people who aren’t any of these things still aren’t a burden on society. Abusive parents are a burden on society, and on their own children. Children aren’t there to be controlled or used by adults. Children are humans in development. Their boundaries should not be crushed before they even have a chance to develop any.

your daily reminder from an autistic that hearing the word r*tard feels like a slap in the face.

It’s a slur. Don’t drop it as an insult in a casual conversation unless you want to take me and any other autistic/neurodivergent people listening straight to frown town

Are you fucking kidding me?

I just saw a post telling people that they should be pissed about Koogi’s break

“We have every right to be pissed”

“She took on this job - do it right”

“Stop treating koogi like she’s special and needs special treatment”

Are you for real?


This young, young woman creates content for you to drool and gush over weekly and you have the nerve to complain when she needs a rest?

We should be so fucking grateful that we even have Killing Stalking to begin with. 

Not to mention, In japan at least, making manga is an extremely taxing job. They don’t get a break. They literally work all damn day. Aren’t we just fucking lucky that Koogi, in Korea(not speaking for every manhwa artist), has the chance to even have breaks? Not only that, but I’m sure she doesn’t make that much money. So…pumping out this wonderful story, with amazing art, weekly, with little pay, doesn’t deserve a break?

Stop being so damn entitled.

And “treating her like she’s special” - you mean treating her like a human being?

Yeah, the fandom often babies her and worships her feet, but why is that a bad thing? This woman, whom we’re so grateful and appreciative of…who makes this story that we all love and adore…is there something wrong with admiring that?

For fuck sakes, I admire her for being able to even get the manhwa out weekly..

You do have every right to be upset about the hiatus, but pissed? Fuck right off.

Everyone deserves a break. Not to mention, if we never give Koogi a break, how mentally and physically taxing would that be? Working all the time with no break, but you’d have no problem with that, right? Because she’s supposed to be a “professional”, that’s what she signed up for, right?

“I stuck up for her hiatus the first time..but this” Well aren’t you just special. Because she needed a break once, it was all g, no problemo, but a second break???TWO???? No WAY! !!! ! 


You can’t expect everything to be handed to you on a silver plate without the server needing to rest every now and again.

I’ll say it one more time, stop acting so fucking entitled.

help save cats!!!!!


@ignite-the-whiskey :
“We’re a tiny UK home rescue with 6 kittens - I’ve recently been always needing and very grateful for donations or cat food & litter to keep these babies happy and healthy!

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One day you’re going to meet someone who will love you unconditionally, accept all of your shortcomings and make you feel that you’re worth having. One day, someone out there will save you from loneliness you’re feeling right now and show you that in this life, we can be happy and be over the clouds if we want to. One day, someone will travel for hours just to hold you close, feel your presence and make you feel that you are worth travelling for. One day, someone will never get tired of loving you, pacifying you when you’re angry until you become okay, feed you with your favorite food and be your best friend at the same time. One day, this someone will walk down the aisle for you and prove that you don’t need perfect relationships, you just need to be contented and be grateful for what you have. This someone will be excited to spend the rest of his days being your lifetime companion.
He will come, just be patient.
—  E.J. Cenita

The instant cure for summer heat. Chilly Elixir, Link and other Breath of the Wild elements property of Nintendo. Check it out in action here.

What You Need:

  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 2 tsp ginger, grated
  • 2 tsp lime zest
  • 1 tsp blue drink mix powder
  1. Place pineapple juice and ½ cup sugar in a small saucepan. Add lime zest and ginger and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat and cover, allowing the syrup to steep for 30 minutes.
  2. Add a little drink mix and stir it in. Strain. Pour into a fairy pot or mason jar and keep in the fridge.
  3. To make a Chili Elixr beverage, pour a few tablespoons into a the bottom of a glass. Add a little club soda and stir. Add ice and top with more soda, stirring all the while. Garnish with mint if desired.
deal | pt 1 (m)

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summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 6,366 

part two | part three 

Eyes like ice, cold and calculating narrow over the rim of a wine glass. Soft lips press to the polished glass, the crimson complimenting tan skin. If it weren’t for the soft dent between his brows you would have assumed he had not heard you. He takes his time allowing the wine to caress his palate, eyes closed as he savors the taste.  As always, he makes you wait until the wine glass is drained of it’s dark contents. You ponder on the taste, if it is bitter upon his tongue much like his words.

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Dear Neil, this is not so much a question as a thank you. I just watched "Terry Pratchett - Back in Black" on BBC 2. Towards the end, there was a part of an interview with you in which you cried. This broke, or rather unlocked, something in me and made me break down and cry for a long time. Some of my tears were related to the subject, some to everything else going on in my life. I hadn't cried in a long time. It was very helpful and a relief. It might sound weird, but thanks for your tears <3

It was strange, and unexpected, breaking down in an interview in an empty Chinese restaurant early one morning: I think it was because the night before it had been Terry’s public memorial, and now it was private, and I was talking about my friend, not about the public persona. At the end of the interview, Charlie, the director/interviewer said “I’ve never said this before to someone I’m interviewing, but would you like a hug?” and I said I would.

“Well, at least that bit won’t be on TV,” I thought. “It would be too embarrassing if it was.”

But it seems to have let other people cry too, for Terry and for what they needed to cry about, and for that I’m grateful. So you are very welcome.

print for an upcoming con.
i still have five to finish with only the rest of the month to do it :’)