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Northern Greyhound Rescue (local to me, based in Lancashire UK) has just taken in over 30 greyhounds from a racing kennel due to significant welfare issues. They’re a small charity and this amount of dogs is a massive strain on them. The dogs need kenneling, food and veterinary care, some have injuries which need treating. They would be grateful for any help at the moment.

You can donate through their web page and apply to foster or rehome one of these beauties there too. Visit their webstore and buy yourself something nice - all profits go to the rescue. You can read more on their facebook page as well. If you can spare anything i know they would be grateful. I just applied to foster or adopt one of these beauties :) 

Wash didn’t manage to fully kick off the last leg of his pants before falling face-first onto the shitty cot he pretended was a bed.  He was half-smothering himself with his own pillow but didn’t have energy to care.

A knock at the door.

“Unless you here to give me food or a massage, go away.” Muffled by the pillow, the words came out as an indistinct groan, which he was grateful for when Carolina spoke.

“Wash, Kimball needs to see us.”  

With a real groan, Wash pushed himself up enough to look at his pillow and whispered “I swear I’m coming back for you,” then louder to Carolina, “I’m coming.”  He kicked his legs over the edge of the cot, got caught on the pant leg he’d been too tired to completely remove and hit the floor in a tangle of profanity.  

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Britt I know this is gonna sound really stupid but I'm really self conscious about how skinny I am. Like I can never find clothes that fit me properly and I can feel practically every bone in my body. Whenever I talk to people about it they tell me that I'm being ungrateful but it really bothers me. People love to point it out too and it makes me even more insecure and I don't know what to do I just hate it.

We all have insecurities bubs and you don’t have to be grateful at all people need to chill. As long as you are healthy and eating right then don’t worry about what anyone says, you’re beautiful and you just gotta tell yourself that 


Katsuki: Just don’t ask for weird adult stuff, y'hear?
Yamikumo: You almost sound like you’re concerned for my well-being.
Katsuki: And only one outfit per ask. Have some mercy on Yami.
Yamikumo: Thank you, Katsuki.


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Smarkle vs Riarkle IS NOT Shawngela vs Shaty

I’ve seen/heard so many people claim that shipping Riarkle is racist (and rude to autistic people, but that’s a different post), and tbh I’m done with listening to that bullshit.
This not Shawngela vs Shaty. By saying we prefer Riarkle, we are not saying Smackle’s role in the show should be erased. We are not saying her relationship with Farkle should be regarded the way Shawngela was. We are not saying Smackle’s friendships with any given member of the Clique Six should be erased. We are not saying Smackle should leave the show. And if any of those things did happen and Riarkle rose, it would be the writers you would have to blame, not us.
Besides, Smackle is still a poc and autistic when she isn’t with Farkle. You’re the one degrading her if you think her only purpose is the be Farkle’s girlfriend. She is valuable to the show with or without him, and is representation with or without him.
And anyways, Riarkle shippers love Smackle! And plenty of us low-key ship Smarkle! And absolutely zero of us are racist. So stop accusing us of false things in our own tag please!

[9/100 Days of Productivity] I can’t believe I’m posting this a day late again procrastination kills guys I did half of an English worksheet to prepare for the upcoming exam and then realised since I’m the only student that worked hard all year round I didn’t need it. I’m really grateful I got to rest that day, and that the exam went well. 

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Civil War II #5 was due out in August but is now 14th September - Why? Is this event going to be another delay hell, like 'Secret Wars' was?

well, if you peak over at @davidmarquez Facebook you’ll discover that he and his amazing wife tara just had a kick ass baby boy. a very cute baby too.  and not all babies are cute at the start :)

not a delay hell, or a conspiracy, just a new baby in the middle of the hardest issue to draw.  the ending of four shows that five is a monster.

david has been handing in about a page a day for the last couple of weeks so we’re getting back on track.

so much so that marvel greenlit an 8th issue for us.  i came up with a better ending but needed the pages.  very grateful that they let us do our thing.

so a little late and you get a little more.  here’s a sneak…


OMGG 1,000 FOLLOWERS?!?!?!?! THAT’S MENTAL!! Thank you so much for taking the time to follow me, like my posts, message me, etc! How could 1,000 people like all of my crappy stuff!! I appreciate every single one of you! I really appreciate it! How could lil’ ol’ me hit such a number?! I don’t deserve it! Thank you so much everyone for caring about me. I’ve only been on simblr for only a year and I’m so grateful to all of my friends I have met on here! You guys are the real mvp. I owe you guys big time! I just don’t know what to do for you guys! THANK YOU ALL!!! MUCH LOVE!!!  ♡ ♡ ♡

Like/Reblog This If You Have A Voltron Blog But Don’t Post Any Shiro/Paladins Romantically

I really just need to follow some blogs that don’t have that content or ship it as such.

If you’re also for Klance that’s hella but any other pairings besides Shiro/Paladins will do!

Just Like Summer
  • Clay:
  • After a few good weeks of working hard, Clay finally had a day off. It was much needed and he was also grateful for the fact Rachel had let him sleep in that morning. He was never one for hating early starts but every now and again he did like to sleep in and get as much sleep as possible.
  • Today however he was excited so when he woke, he woke with a smile. He knew he would be spending most of the day with his favourite brunette and a few of her friends, so that was a nice change to working. That day would also be the day he got to finally ride the jet ski that Rachel had gotten for him.
  • When he woke it was just after 10am and since Rachel wasn’t in bed, he knew she would be down getting everything ready, so as he left the bed he had a quick shower and changed into some clothes that he would hit the beach with before heading down to find Rachel. “Babe?” he called out as he was greeted by Mia at the bottom of the stairs.

I’m seeing that some people have issue with this part of the script that Adam posted yesterday. I want to talk about it.

Hook takes in Robin Hood’s grave in the far distance. A somber moment. But he puts his arm around her. And she leans in. For the moment, safe. Off our reunited couple, proving that life goes on.

I’m having trouble seeing how this is disrespectful to the fandom. It’s not about the fandom. Not even a little bit. It’s about a note from the writers that is meant to be interpreted by the director, by the actors, by the composer, by the production staff, by the editors, etc … 

Jen and Colin are meant to read this and let this be a guide as to how the scene is supposed to go down … that they go from being ecstatic to somber but to hold on to each other in a way that shows they are grateful.

The director and production team need to set up and frame the scene so they can get all the details and emotion out of it that the creators are looking for.

The composer needs this note to provide the proper scoring to punctuate the emotion of the scene.

It is in no way, shape, or form a note to the fandom to feel a certain way or not. It is a note for the characters in that moment. Should the note have been:

“Off on Emma who falls to her knees, sobbing with the realization that she shouldn’t be allowed happiness when others are suffering” ?

I don’t think that’s the message that the show wants to convey. In fact, they have been pushing quite the opposite … that we have to look for the moments.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night with awful heartburn. Crying in every dressing room in town. And of course, I remember feeling completely and utterly lost.

I needed multiple sclerosis to show me the path to healthy living. I am grateful for the pain, tremors, muscle spasms/stiffness, blurred vision, mobility loss (and more), because it gave me the motivation to fight for myself, for my life… Something I never did before.

If you’re lost, struggling, and in need of a coach who understands what it’s like to be morbidly obese, sick, and totally confused… Reach out! I currently have a few openings for new clients who are ready to transform their lives and I’d love to help get you towards your happiest, healthiest self!


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Keeper #1 - [NCT] Ten Scenarios

[A/N] I have been obsessing over richguy-poorgirl dramas lately, and is anxious to get my story out there, I’m sorry if this sucked or not to your liking. I was very skeptical on posting this, but now I just…ah fuck it. i’m sharing this with you nonetheless.

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Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

The door was shut behind me, as gently as I can and I tiptoed through the kitchen to the hallroom then to a door that leads down to the basement. I do not want to wake anyone up at dawn.

This the room I shared with my mom. Whenever we work in the weekdays.

It’s small but why would you need a spacious area when this is already enough. I am grateful for this tiny space that is ours. The day is young and the sun hasn’t grazed the land but for some reason, I am wide awake. What did Chittaphon wanted for breakfast today?

I had to leave the basement to find out what it was. The family members put on request board on the fridge.

They had columns and rows for their choices of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The master and his wife avoids having breakfast together, so they won’t have it at home. Their only son, Chittaphon, however, won’t leave until he does.

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It has certainly been a pleasure to watch you on the track, through all your stages to greatness. You’ve shown Jamaica and the rest of the world that through hard work and determination you can rise above every tide. You’ve served as a source of motivation and role model to our youths when they need one the most & for that i’m grateful. Most importantly, you are teaching our youths to believe in themselves, believe in their potential and to believe even in the face of numerous detractors. I’m happy to have been born in this lifetime to witness you in action; now i have a story to tell my grandkids! 

Bless up on your Earthstrong Dr. Usain St. Leo Bolt!!!

i heard the earth fits nine hundred and sixty thousand times into the sun and i don’t know about you but that kind of makes me feel like i am shrinking. in middle school my favorite word was infinitesimal. i think i read it in a lois lowry book. i wrote a lot of poems back then about how the mountains made me feel small but did you know there’s this star canis majoris that’s seventy quadrillion times the size of earth? i don’t know quite how we got here but i know better than to call it a coincidence.

i really only think about god on sundays. i really only pray when i need something. i spend more time angry than i do grateful. someone tells me blue-haired poets are supposed to know better than to believe this kind of thing. i say i still don’t know if i do.

what i’m trying to say is, i know there’s something out there. i think it takes more faith to believe in a perfect explosion so maybe this is just me taking the easy way out. i am still picking gravel from my knees from all the places i’ve knelt and felt nothing. i keep asking questions and getting no answers. i keep praying anyway. i don’t know where this leaves me. my bible is always contradicting itself but can i really complain when all i’ve done here is change my mind?

there’s this star canis majoris that’s seventy quadrillion times the size of earth. there are seven billion people on this planet made of seven billion billion billion atoms each. do you feel it now? that shrinking feeling, the one i was talking about? do you feel like god might be real? how could you call this an accident? i don’t think i believe in miracles but i don’t know how else to explain this. i don’t know how else to believe in anything.

god, if you’re out there, i’m sorry. if you aren’t, i’m sorry too.

—  s(hr)inking feeling, sarah kate osborn
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((Mun here! My Aster needs more love so could you help in spreading the word about him, please? He hardly gets any asks at all and most of the asks he gets are ones I wish to save for the perfect moment. Interact with him. He gets lonely easily and loves talking to people. He may not be evil anymore but that doesn’t change his dark personality~. So please, don’t be shy. His mun is just as shy as you. Trust me. =w=‘ 

Anyway, check out some meme reblogs I have on here and send an ask from one of those posts if ya want! Aster will answer them, do not worry~. 

And if you could re blog this post to spread the word about my Aster, I would really appreciate that! Thank you and have fun talking with Aster~!))