need to be grateful

Drunken Nights

Seb’s drunk, you’re not as drunk.


You giggled to yourself as you watched Sebastian saunter in front of you, guiding you to your trailer at three in the morning. You and Seb had joined the cast at the local karaoke bar after the excruciatingly long fight scene the two of you had shoot. It felt nice to drink away the stress and you hadn’t exactly anticipated on drinking as much as you had but you were no where near as drunk as Seb, because the man was plastered beyond belief. The two of you had stayed much later than the rest of the crew which was probably why Sebastian kept drinking. 

You were grateful that you weren’t needed till six for a night shoot because you were pretty sure that you would have died and put a letter in for resignation if you had to be up within the next few hours. You shook your head as he stumbled into Scarlet’s trailer which caused a loud bang that everyone could probably hear. “Seb, honey, shush!” You picked up your pace a little and grabbed him by the shoulders.

“It’s not my fault that everyone wants to go to bed! I’m not even tired, let’s keep drinking!” He exclaimed, causing you to burst out in laughter. “What? Don’t laugh-laugh at me. I’m wide awakee, love.” 

You nodded, “I’m sure you are. Come on, let’s get in my trailer so you’re not so loud and wake them up.” You guided him up the four steps and into the moderate sized living space you would be in for the next few months. 

“Are you trying to seduce me, [y/n]?”

You laughed, “What? No, honey, I’m not.” You set him down on your little loveseat and giggled at his pout.

“Why not? Am I not good looking enough?”

Setting a water bottle in his hand, you smirked, “You’re beautiful, gorgeous, Seb.” 

Sebastian shook his head, “No, you’re beautiful and gorgeous.” He gave you a silly smile, “Prettiest thing in this movie.” 

You were very amused, Sebastian was fairly professional during the day and you two weren’t exactly close like he was with your costars. Tonight was definitely the night that the two of you would break the ice and get friendly but this was taking it a different level. “You sure about that? Scarlet’s pretty hot and Elizabeth isn’t too bad looking either.” 

He shook his head, grabbing for your hands to sit next to him. “No, no. You’re very nice to look at. I’d rather look at you than them, but don’t think I’m attracted to you just for your looks now. I’m not shallow like that.” Sebastian hiccuped, giving you such a dorky smile. “You sure are pretty, [y/n].”

You whispered a Romanian phrase and watched his face light up, “Yes, darling, I can speak your native tongue.” You had spent a few years studying abroad in Romania before you managed to go into the acting scene. Smirking, you tapped him on the nose, “There’s a few things you don’t know about me, Seb.” 

“I think I’m in love.” 

“No, you’re just drunk.”

“I don’t think so.” He cooed, “I’m going to call my mother right now and tell her that I’ve found my soulmate.”

Spilling the Soup
I'd like to think it's possible to learn from other people's mistakes. If it is, here's an opportunity for you to gain a little something from my loss.

I just spilled about ¼ of a huge pot of soup all over my hands, the kitchen counter, and the floor. No, not the soup in the picture. It was a baked potato soup that I had lovingly prepared for the second time in less than 24 hours because it was just that good.

And as I was trying to transfer the soup to a Tupperware container, and I lost control of the heavy pot, and the Tupperware tilted, and soup poured everywhere…I was struck with the memory that this wasn’t the first time I’d spilled the soup.

The first time I will never forget. Everyone in the house was feeling down, and so I’d made my (really amazing) chicken noodle soup. I’d poured lots of love into that thing, and then, at the crucial moment, I spilled almost half of it all over the stovetop trying to transfer it to a Tupperware. I remember being so stricken at the time that I wanted to cry, but could only laugh.

When you make a catastrophic mess you can either get angry and sad or swing so far the other way that you’re actually in a better mood after the disaster. That’s what happened the last time.

And it’s what happened this time. See, I’d gone to the kitchen in the first place to make myself a mug of tea so that I could retreat to my studio, grab some cards, and indulge in a little tarot-therapy. I’d been having a rough day, feeling very overwhelmed, and was desperate to feel better.

That was the plan.

Then I saw the cooling pot of soup and figured I’d get it in the Tupperware and then into the fridge first.

Only, as I’ve already told you, that’s not what happened.

Baked potato soup everywhere. The first thing I did was smile. Sure, it was a bit sardonic. Here was a soup that I had worked so hard on, which was so crazy delicious, and at least two or three bowls of it were now completely wasted. I licked the soup off my hands - I’d be damned if I was going to let that go down the drain - and stared at the mess for a few moments.

I’m not really that clumsy. So why, once again, was I spilling the soup? And once again, why was it when I felt so bad to begin with that such an event should normally plunge me into even deeper despair?

I puzzled over that as I cleaned up the mess. See, I’m no stranger to disaster striking when something isn’t meant for you in the first place.

Your car breaks down because a bigger issue needs to be addressed, for everyone’s good and everyone’s safety.

Your old toaster oven breaks because it was a fire hazard to begin with and you deserve a better toaster oven.

But perfectly good, delicious, hard-earned soup? Pure waste. It’d be easy to slip into that thinking: This is why we can’t have nice things. Shit happens. You don’t get to keep the good stuff for long. Etc. Blah blah blah.

But that line of thinking is utter crap. That’s not the reality I experience. If something goes wrong, there’s always a reason.

So what was this one? Well, I had been moping away a perfectly good Sunday. Lots of great things have happened in the past week, and lots of great things are coming up, but still I was making my present moment miserable.

I was, metaphorically and symbolically speaking, spilling the soup before I’d actually spilled the literal soup.

I get that now. And I’m sharing the story to remind you to look out for that. Especially when you lose something that didn’t need to be, and “shouldn’t” have been lost or ruined. If you’re energetically spilling the soup it may only be a matter of time before you repeat that in the physical world.

Mind your energy. Think of the soup. :)

Your mother really loved you.

I know. But I did it


Happy Birthday to @i-vongola!!<333 after reading your soumako war au I had the need to see them dance =u= (bg src)


jiyong declaring his love for vips accompanied with his cute little moves


gmw social media + clique six college feat. lucaya & riarkle (requested by anon)

🌛Moon Cakes🌜

Things you will need:
-1 cup of finely grated almonds(optional)
-1 ¼ cups flour
-¼ cups of confectioner’s sugar
-¼ cups butter
-1 egg yolk

1.Combine almonds flour and sugar
2. Work in butter and egg yolk until well blended.
3. Set it in the fridge to until chilled
4.Pinch off pieces of walnut sized dough
5. Shape into crescents.
6. Place on greased sheets and bake at 325 Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

Enjoy these on full moon or sabbats!
I like drizzling honey and powdered sugar on top.

i see a lot of people who get angry whenever anyone calls derek hale a hero because “scott is the hero” and???? there can be more than one hero? and people can be heroes in different ways?

i think derek is a hero because, despite everything, he kept going. if the shit that had happened to him had happened to me, i can guarantee i wouldn’t be okay. derek hale is a survivor, and that is so fucking important to me. 

My darling, if and only if, you can see yourself through my eyes. That is when you will see, how remarkably beautiful you are, inside and out.

You are truly a magic.

—  L.W. // Oh little did you know that you are a blessing