need this dress in my life :(

Well, it’s finally time to post my pieces for @lesmisartcollab! First up I have this Eposette drawing by @soliloquies-and-sweets… I’ve been itching to try some stuff with my digital watercolor technique, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity for it. I think it looks pretty convincing now? Anyway, I hope you like what I did with it!

Does anyone else ever get the feeling of being left behind?

I have been feeling like this for the past 5 months, seeing most of my friends getting jobs, going to college, starting careers, meeting new people, experiencing things and then there I am.

This makes me feel asthough because I have not started my life that I will be left in the dust and forgotten. I understand it is just a natural part of life to grow apart and learn to live on your own but, I am afraid of that.

I am afraid of both the heavy change and the deep loss, yet I have no motivation for changes. It may be my depression that brings me down and causes me to be a hermit, or my anxiety causing me to fear the unknown, or possibly that I am just a lazy person who does not want anything but to lay down and do nothing?

I have considered maybe my life has needed a schedule, or that maybe I should be more reckless to make me feel some changes. Both have not made me happy and still I feel left behind. I know that this feeling will only grow worse by each day and that should be more than enough motivation to change but, it only feels asthough it pushes me away, that I am pushing myself away from what I want to be.

Pardon my vent, life has not gone my way and I am growing afraid more and more that one day I will just decide to cut myself out of everyones life.

i don’t think this essay will fully reach the page limit but i do think it’s better put together than my other essays, and that matters more right?????? RIGHT?????