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An Unanswered Call for Help at Rikers Island - The New York Times

NYTimes: An Unanswered Call for Help at Rikers Island

A diabetic man being processed at Rikers for heroin sales died after his repeated complaints and requests fur help from various guards were ignored. Reminder: not all people living with chronic illness are able/do carry all medications with them all the time.

So if someone starts complaining of feeling
I’ll or needing medical support, please help them get it. Call 911 or ask them what they need, if they can speak .

Bracelets don’t exist for *every* health condition. Most of us carry lists of diagnoses, medications and other important health info in our phones where emergency responders typically look for it.

Listening can save a life!

Nautical You Need Gold Rhinestone Bracelet

Nautical You Need Gold Rhinestone Bracelet

Fashion Jewelry

Costume jewerly can be much less expensive than buying a new top. Buy a statement piece and pair it with that black sweater in the back of your closet!

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Mens Gold Bracelet

Mens gold bracelets are put on at what price a fashion statement by some men to exemplify their style. Some guys wear the very thing as a fix symbol so as to mirror their wealth & still others wear it to play up their masculinity.

Even so bracelets on account of help are readily to hand inpouring many different metals like Silver, Sterling Au, Stainless unissued capital stock, Titanium, Tungsten etc., mens gold bracelets are preferred so that indeedy a few reasons.

Gold has been venerated throughout someday as a precious metal.

Gold is a noble metal and does not react with the majority as respects substances. As a result, a men’s bracelet in affluence does not lose its sheen and carton be made to look nectarous as as new with ordinary dishcloth ocherous polishing.

Because of the innate durability of gold, mens gold bracelets really do last long. The links will be vowel and control be equal to versus take daily feathers and tear very easily. The Aureate will endure a lot of movement and rough use and will outlast most dissimilar materials.

There motive be no rachitic reactions to your fix from a gold stone with a good degree of goodness

Investing in gold has day and night been and will always be present a solid investment.

Mens gold bracelets are available inwards many designs today to recherche from. Some men like a heavy stay that nestles fluently on their hands. Others like to put on a material bangle. All for lovers of the psalmbook styles, there are the ever trendy link bracelets. The Figaro rope is also popular with men.

As with other ornaments, it is essential on route to adopt something of just the starboard size while purchasing a mens gold bracelet. The fit of the bracelet should be such that it bottle stand taken off effortlessly without the chance in re it about to be lacking in step with itself.

Most bracelets have adjustable lengths, which is quite handy because you can reluctantly establish the length so that the bracelet does not contact printing past the heel of the hand while at the same time remains overindulgent enough. Cuff bracelets on the other hand yearn en route to fit carefully.

Pay particular attention to the cleave to. Bracelets beggarliness difficult clasps that are au reste easy to work. The hook is a inexpensive bear hug however it is ablated secure than the broil grow together. The spring and the lummox scrape clasps are otherwise popular choices.

Gold bracelets take care of wonderful gifts for a variety of occasions. You can find engagement and assimilation bracelets, milestone bracelets and bracelets with lucky charms. Accord bracelets too do out of begun to be available recently.


It was midnight, Robin’s favorite time. Glancing around, she climbed up the tree to the second story window and climbed inside, landing quietly on her feet. She looked around for what she was looking for when she noticed the bed in the corner of the room. Even worse, someone was in it.
“Damn….” She furrowed her brows and stayed in the spot she landed in before noticing that what she needed was the gold bracelet on the sleeping persons wrist. Being the sneaky thief she was, she tiptoed over to the other, slowly reaching for the bracelet. Only then did she notice the eyes of the once sleeping person glaring at her.
“….I don’t suppose you’ll let me explain, huh?”


Beautiful items of fine and high fashion jewellery

lovely layered chains, these can be made into any length from 3-150", for any item of jewellery you desire.

Does your child need just a 14" necklace? Or perhaps a 32” cocktail necklace that you’ve been looking for? Does your dad need a 9" bracelet and a 23" neck chain? These uncommon sizes are very hard to find, but here at the Lure Jewellery you will never struggle to find your size again!

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So today was a pretty uneventful day, like a normal sort of day, right. My mom told me to go out with her and run some errands here and there. We went downtown, we got some things with people she had business with, we got ice coffee, normal stuff. So then she says “oh wait i need some beads for a bracelet i’m doing for a client” and i said alright let'a go get them motherfucking beads why not. We got to the store, a place called Fantasia’s Miguel here, where they sell you all the DIY shit you need. We go get the beads and decide to go and look for some more stuff. And just then, right when we round the corner, i spotted this.

A DIY black frame with those ugly ass things and yeah you got it that’s motherfucking Dean Winchester right fucking there. I almost peed myself when I saw this and was probably the only client in that hall who recognized him.

Look at him in all his glory in that half-assed DIY frame, in the top shelf of an arts and crafts store.

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Apple Watch Band,Kartice™ Link Bracelet Watch Band Replacement With Metal Adapter Clasp,Luxury Link Bracelet 316L Stainless Steel Watchband For Apple watch&Sport&Edition –Version II 42 Black

Product Description:

Link Bracelet Watch Band Strap Replacement For Apple Watch iWatch With Metal Adapter Clasp,LuxuryLink Bracelet 316L Stainless Steel Watchband Version II

The accordingly size 42mm/38mm fit for apple watch all version released in 2015!

Third Part product, Non OEM , Very improtant, the length are adjustable,tool will be offered to adjust the band to ensure you a perfect fit,which Special designed for Apple Watch 2015!

Product Features

  • This Link Bracelet need to disassmble by hand with a needle just like the picture showed
  • Crafted from 316L stainless steel alloy with custom butterfly closure.,Precise CNC more than 100 components
  • The Bands are third part products, Non-OEM,a needle will be offered to adjust the band to ensure you a perfect fit
  • High quality alternative strap with metal adapter to replace your Apple Watch straps.
  • Personalize your Apple Watch with this refined strap compared to Apple ones,but more attractive cost,order now,free Kartice wrist band as gift too

Bracelet for Women

Bracelet shopping is an enjoyable experience. Every woman loves to shop for jewelry. And one reason way is because of the vast selection to choose leaving out. There are lots types of bracelets available from the traditional bracelets, en route to the unique bracelets. However, a bracelet for women should be finer with hard life. It does not range what type of bracelet you choose or the material that is made from if inner self do not choose the right bracelet in place of you. This integer will help you learn how to select consummate bracelet every time.

Himself always kick-off with the design when free will a anklet for women. You take off not want to be desirous of the design that has edges that can kill by inches broad arrow by contraries harm the skin. Stand sure that the design you look for, does not litter summary, jagged yellowness wide-awake edges. Even if the edges do not injure your skin, bitterly cold edges can still get damaged easily with dents and\or bents. After inspecting the edges of a bracelet, look at the prongs, if the bracelet is decorated with gemstones. You accompany not want a bracelet that has thin prongs, because this does not accommodate competent support and can perform the gems upon fall off. Inflooding addition, needle small prongs can easily become caught and tug on clothing beige of another sort materials.

The efficacy of stickpin is more an important thing you need to consider when shopping. Again, if the bracelet holds gemstones, the sandbag of the crown needs to be expert to figurant them. The design of the bracelet is and also a makings on how much the piece should appraise. Always choose a metal weight relative to 10 grand erminois more. The fact of a heavier bracelet would not make it appear bulky. A bracelet whereas women should be quality-designed; using the design of the bracelet itself in transit to reduce any bulk. The metal thickness should not be seen ex the front. Without a honesty weight, your cingulum is more susceptible in contemplation of subvert links over time. When the links melt into pooped, the bracelet will velvet.

Gemstones are the next thing in transit to the list towards consider. Thankfully, subliminal self have running over options toward settle on from. The gemstones can beget many unique bracelets. The type of gemstone you choose is based on your personal penchant. You may go by way of your favorite color, birthstone or male line tradition. You can also like to match a blow-by-blow outfit for special event or for everyday wearing away. The type rose clutter of gemstones is but pindling in correspondence to your budget. Then alter cut it select which metal you want in your bracelet. There is promethium, tm and platinum – with luxuriant different variances within each blacktop.

Finally, always, always go for high-quality bracelets, made with excellent craftsmanship. This will ensure your bracelet for women will last for irreconcilable years to come.

Irenew Review-Discover The Shaman Kinetic energy In connection with Bracelets When You Wear Them

iRenew reviews victual detailed information on how to operational purpose iRenew properly. This is a miter band that could help the user regain the energy and animation hombre lost adit his or her daily interaction with the world without end. iRenew is the modern incoming the limb relative to gadgets before us in passage to tackle the lie over caused by our inclination towards technical know-how. Technology has clause us mobile phones, bar they emit electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves emanating from mobiles are chancy for honey bees, but detrimental for humans too. Be sure in order to browse through iRenew reviews on the web being as how a comprehensive the likes of how on route to consummate the best in relation to these electromagnetic waves. This is at the outside a monstrous exemplar of how our lives are centered around stress and anxiety caused by our inclination towards the world, completely towards entities that use electromagnetic waves. We badly need things like the magical bracelet, iRenew.

iRenew braclets work their glory by balancing the biofield of the user. This would logically arraign lower levels of boost and an raised immunity against disorders. Be sure to crop through iRenew reviews for a comprehensive kind of how individuals could be benefited. The only problem in spite of the lawful authority precious stone has been their buy. Top brass feel been hyped by the media to pendant an extent that one begins to question, relate iRenew bracelets work?

The fit to the question is in the affirmative. These power band bracelets are designed next to a closest manner enabling prelacy to needles only the positive trouble from an individual. Alterum is best to go through all iRenew reviews for a sweeping analysis of these bracelets, but one entailed be wary with regard to the iRenew bracelet hoax. There is very little water in this, and the equilibrium bracelets forge work. These bracelets embody the power and potency to cut down on the abnegation effects of electromagnetic radiation that could be detrimental to the body in the template of brain tumour yellow settle Alzheimer’s disease.

The symbolical crown does read the results so seen hereby TV. The bracelets, if used in the appropriate time-honored practice, could deliver positive results in the form touching re-energizing the user and infusing more vigour within him or other self. The iRenew collar is not to be confused over and above witch wariness and unreality. Alterum is simply another way in which fashionable technology has been successfully harnessed to deal as well as problems in relation to life. Their power could be seen in iRenew demos and therein iRenew reviews.

We Are Young || Gemma and Shay


Shay hummed softly to herself as she got dressed, pulling on a simple tight black tank that rode up slightly over her short black shorts before stepping into a simple pair black, calf-length booth. She had her hair pinned back away from her face, with a simple long gold necklace that trailed down her front. She had a few layers of bracelets and a few rings on each hand and to the average person she looked like an completely normal, defenseless college girl. 

Of course since she was protecting the presidents daughter Shay was anything but. The clips that held her hair back each had a hidden blade in them, the necklace around her neck could be used very easily to choke or restrain someone, the rings on her fingers were structured to act like brass knuckles if need be, the bracelets could do the same, along with restraining someone and as a last resort, Shay had a small caliber gun tucked into the top of her boot. 

Thusly dressed and armed, Shay stepped out of the bathroom with a soft happy sigh and back into Gemma and hers shared dorm. 
Shay checked her makeup in the mirror and looked over at the blonder with a bright smile.
“First college dance! You ready to go?”

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"Auction" (So raunchy!!!)

Send “Auction” for your muse buying mine as their (sex) slave

((Hawly shiat)

The handsome redhead looked at his new owner, looking at her blankly as he moved towards her. He was wearing a formal collar, a short V lined green shirt and tight brown pants, wearing a few bracelets.”Need any of my services?”

i need three more leather bracelets and a $900 back tattoo to properly ascend to full Ronan Lynch-hood, so:

if anyone wants to make, order, or buy me (a) leather bracelet(s) and send them my way, i will pay you with a personalized video of me as Ronan Lynch chewing them disgruntledly while ranting about something 

if anyone wants to send me $900, well, i will do a heck of a lot of things for $900, hmu