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Vintage Layered Charm Necklace

Vintage Layered Charm Necklace

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Own Charm Necklace Beading and jewelry making is a craft many people enjoy both as a hobby and as a business. Many craft stores carry all of the materials needed to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry pieces, which makes starting a jewelry hobby very simple. Have you considered making your own jewelry? If you have but do not know…

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Beaded Bracelet, August Birthday Gift for Her, Boho, Stretch Bracelet, Peridot, Handmade, Angel Bracelet, Inspirational Gift, OOAK, 7.5"

This beautiful bracelet made with light green, or peridot color Swarovski crystal with a heart in the center is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love! Know someone with an August birthday? This would make a perfect gift. There are pave disco ball beads that add so much sparkle! Three different shades of light green, or peridot colored Swarovski crystal, (the August birthstone color), make a gorgeous combination. The angel wing charm reminds whoever wears this that their angels are always near. If you need their help, this lovely bracelet reminds you all you need to do is ask! “Angels descending, bring from above, Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.”
-Fanny J. Crosby

I’ll be working on my adoption & custom form later this week.  I have class tomorrow which takes up the entire day with driving and all that.  Lola and Kad will be coming with me.  The amazing @ofseastormandspace is giving me a bunch of beads for vessels although I still need to get bracelets for them.

Just scored some pretty sweet USB Drive Buckles. Who needs a bracelet or lanyard made with one of these? | #military | #army | #usarmy | #navy | #usnavy | #usmc | #marines | #usaf | #airforce | #uscg | #coastguard | #coastie | #police | #fire | #firefighter | #ems | #firstresponder | #soldier | #sailor | #airman | #grunt | #disabledvet | #veteranowned | #vetowned | #paracord | #paracordlanyard | #paracordbracelet | #edc | #everydaycarry | 👉
Why Do Elderly Visitors Need Ankle Bracelets? I Think I Know

By Mary W Maxwell

When Jahar Tsarnaev’s grandaunts came to Boston in April 2015 to attend his trial, they were forced to wear GPS ankle bracelets. I can think of two reasons for this. One is so the media could – and did — describe them in a mocking way. (Was Sarah Blake in Beantown?)

The other reason was a practical one. It was necessary to sequester these Russian ladies so they could not share their knowledge of Jahar’s innocence. They also were not allowed to talk to the prisoner, despite making such a long trip to attend the trial. Ah, the ties that bind.

But Jahar did break down and weep when he saw his elderly aunt in the witness book, saying that he was a good boy.

Elena Teyer’s Post

Think back to the man in Florida, Ibraghim Todashev, who was a boxing buddy of the late Tamerlan. His mother-in-law is Elena Teyer, a Chechen who has recently become a US citizen. (Note: while still an alien she served in the US Army in Iraq.) She is suing for the death of Todashev, but is also keen to save Jahar from execution.

Elena Teyer runs a Facebook page that has more than 10,000 visitors. Recently she posted to that page an affidavit that I will print below, slightly abridged. It was made by a first cousin of Jahar’s paternal grandfather.

The cousin, Dzamaly, corroborates what Aunt Maret said in her famous affidavit. Namely, that the defense team visited Russia many times but would not work on the elements of defending Jahar.


I, Tsarnaev Dzhamaly Maazovich, born in 1954 year in the town of Tokmak, Kyrgyzstan,,,. Anzor’s father, Zaindi Tsarnaev, now deceased, was my (first) cousin….

For two years, starting from June 2013 to April 2015, me personally and members of my family, brother Said-Hussein, sisters Roza and Taus, as well as family members of Anzor Tsarnaev repeatedly talked at the meetings that took place during the visits of defense lawyers appointed by the USA government to protect the legal interests of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in criminal proceedings.

The lawyers and their invited experts to this case, as they introduced themselves to us, had visited Grozny (Chechnya) and Makhachkala (Dagestan), at the least, fourteen times….

For two years, our meetings and the contents of conversations were, it seemed to me, of a strange nature. Representatives of the defense team for Dzhokhar were collecting information about everything: our way of life, our lives, the origin of the Tsarnaev family tree, where we work, what contacts we have.

They were interested in everything, except the facts proving the innocence of the Tsarnaev brothers, to which we had unsuccessfully tried to draw the attention of defense, because we were openly ignored. Representatives of the defense team were confident in the innocence of the brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar; in particular, the lead defense lawyer Judy Clarke herself agreed, adding in the conversation, “we know it – they are innocent.”

From the words of my brother, Said-Khussein Tsarnaev, I learned that on August 7, 2014 the meeting with representatives of the defense team, which took place at the hotel “Grozny – City”

Charlene, who presented herself as an independent investigator involved in the case by Dzhokhar’s lawyers; Jane, presented as a social worker and psychologist; and Olga (a translator from New Jersey, who arrived with the team), translating the conversation, openly admitted to my brother that they knew that Dzhokhar and Tamerlan were not guilty of the bombings, and with this they were apologizing that the Tsarnaevs have had to endure the tragedy involving criminal allegations.

My last personal conversation with the representative of Dzhokhar’s lawyers team, Alicia, introduced to me as assistant to the state-appointed defense attorney, during which I had to speak through an interpreter named Elena, a Russian by

I had met with Alicia and Elena on April 14, 2015 at noon in the hall of the “Ararat – Hyatt” hotel. Later we moved to a cafe on the second floor. Our conversation lasted around 40 minutes. And suddenly Alicia said to me, “Dzhokhar’s guilt has been proven by the prosecution in court, please convince Dzhokhar to take the blame for the bombings in the marathon so that he is not given the death penalty.”

I was shocked by her revelation and request and said, “what are you talking about, we and you both know that the boys are innocent and there is a lot of conclusive evidence of it, and representatives of the defense, who visited earlier in Dagestan and Chechnya, admitted to us that they had known themselves that Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were not involved in the Boston bombings.”

To this Alicia had stated, “If Dzhokhar does not accept the guilt and does not express remorse, then the court will issue him a death sentence, however Dzhokhar is insisting upon his own, that he is ready to die rather than allow for Tamerlan to be blamed for the bombings and to plead guilty for himself and his brother.”…

I asked Alicia to explain why the defense was not using in the court proceedings the commonly known facts of the non-involvement and innocence of the Tsarnaev brothers. …I called on her of the necessity to involve all potential witnesses, whom under various pretexts the FBI had isolated, so that they are not allowed to testify in favor of the defendant Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

At that same moment I had admitted to Alicia that we have collected many documents proving the complete innocence of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar and that we intended to present them to the court. Alicia asked if I could show her these documents. I categorically refused to show them, and said that I shall present them in the right place and at the right time.

After this she asked, “How do you intend to bring them into the USA?” At that time, US visas were supposedly being arranged for the Tsarnaevs, including myself, in any case, Alicia on the previous visit in February 2015 had collected from us the information, passport details and photos of me and my sister, Roza Tsarnaeva.

Later, Alicia repeatedly consulted with us, saying “you will be able to travel, your documents will soon be ready, do not refuse the trip.” We did not intend to abandon the trip, as we were determined to take part in the trial by presenting the evidence of the brothers’ innocence through Dzhokhar’s lawyers.

After my conversation with Alicia held on April 14, 2015 in Moscow, the Tsarnaevs were refused entry visas to the United States for participation in the court trial. It is exactly for this reason that not a single representative of the Tsarnaev family had been present at the court trial in Boston.


Dzhamaly Tsarnaev

Two brothers, Dzhohkar on the left, and Tamerlan

I Am Sick of This Business

So now we hear that the immediate family was given the no-visa treatment.  Add that to what Cheryl Dean wrote, here at GumshoeNews, about the abominable “SAMs” imposed on Prisoner Jahar, age 22. As for the grand-aunts who did arrive, they were reportedly teased by “protestors” at their hotel.

Hmm. I may be pretty disgusted with my fellow Bostonians, but I doubt any of them would go to the trouble of harassing elderly people. Especially some ladies from Kyrgyzstan whose only sin is being related to a good boy who was made Patsy of the Year by whoever it is that runs the US government.

Say, who is that anyway?
Wonder Woman Is the Hero the World Deserves Right Now
Wonder Woman got the first big panel on the biggest day of Comic-Con. All eyes are on her—and they should be.

“It’s telling that Warner Bros. started their massive Saturday-opening Comic-Con International Hall H panel by showing off Wonder Woman. Starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince and directed by Monster mastermind Patty Jenkins, it’ll be the first major comic book adaptation to hit theaters with a female superhero in the modern (i.e. post-Iron Man) era. And everyone knows it.

“I feel so fortunate to be the person here in this window [for movies with female superheroes],” Jenkins said after being introduced by moderator Conan O’Brien and asked about the responsibility of taking on such an iconic character. “It feels like the best time to make this movie. So I’m psyched.”

There’s a lot riding on Wonder Woman’s shoulders—and there will likely be just as much misogynist criticism she’ll need to deflect with her bracelets. Luckily, as seen in the massive first trailer Jenkins showed, Diana Prince’s big cinematic debut won’t be a letdown. Dark, but not trying to be “gritty,” funny but not trying to be “cute,” Jenkins’ movie feels very aware of the fact that it needs to tell a smart story. In the trailer’s kicker, Diana asks what a secretary is. When she’s told that a secretary goes to where she’s told and does what she’s told, Wonder Woman responds: “the word where I come from, that’s called slavery.”

Yes, Wonder Woman has a message as much as Wonder Woman does. And Jenkins knows this. During her movie’s panel she noted that the world now has tragedies almost daily and “needs love and forgiveness.” Touchy-feely? Yes, but also, at a base level, true. In its simplest form, a Wonder Woman movie will be escapism. On a more highfalutin level, the fact that we’re finally getting a superhero movie led by a female character shows that, as crappy as things are, change is possible. (Am I high on Hall H fumes for saying that? Probably. But it feels true.)

And the shoulders carrying this are the very capable ones of Gal Gadot. For those who don’t remember, last year at Comic-Con she stood up for a young boy who wanted to wear a Wonder Woman T-shirt—something that a fan brought up during her Q&A sessino today. For those who don’t remember Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (why would you?), she was that film’s savior. When her solo film drops next summer, she might save that, too. Judging by her performance in both the movie’s first trailer and its panel, it’s a responsibility she’ll wear well.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be given the opportunity to play this character,” she said this morning. “Knowing how many people care for this character, I do feel that responsibility. … to portray this character in a way that everyone can relate to.”

***You can also see the movie trailer when you go to this link…looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.  It’s about time for Wonder Woman to have her chance to shine and take the lead.  And great timing on the trailer release!  :o)

I also got the rest of my fabric for Hanayo today! I just need to find some bracelets, earrings, and order new gloves and white stockings. And figure out how to do the triangle edges on the under skirt..

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anonymous asked:

I'm really wondering why Marco has a tattoo that says 'Hakuna (Matata)' and both wear the braceletts saying it too, if the relationship isn't real? I don't believe it is a real one, though, but a tattoo is permanent, bracelets aren't. And if the slogan has a meaning for both of them, I really think it is pretty early for him to have a tattoo of it, because he just can't erase it if it is over one day. I know it doesn't make any sense what I'm saying, but I just find all of it so weird...

I don’t necessarily see any contradiction there.

I suppose ‘Hakuna Matata’ has a special meaning for Marco Reus.

So, you need something to let people know that Scarlett and Marco are together.

Then you have a deal with ‘Münchner Arroganz’ who fabric these bracelets. This brand obviously needs promo, they send their bracelets out to bloggers etc.

They chose ‘Hakuna’ for Scarlett and ‘Matata’ for Marco.

Both wear it publicly, hence the brand gets publicity AND both can demonstrate their love to the public.

Win-win situation for everybody.

Furthermore, the fan demographic of Marco and Scarlett might consist of many young girls (pre-teens/teens). This demographic is always willing to buy stuff their idols like, therefore very important to cater them with childish stuff. They probably think it’s cute and want to buy a bracelet as well. That’s what you do at that age.

DIY Macrame Thread Braided Bracelet with Colorful Acrylic Beads

Hello, guys. How are you? Do you want to make a colorful beads bracelet for yourself? If yes, you can look here, this Pandahall post about how to make a macramé threaded braided bracelet with colorful acrylic beads is a great choice for you.

Supplies needed for thread braided bracelet making:

1mm Chinese Knot Macrame Thread
6mm Colorful Acrylic Beads
1.5mm Aluminum Wire
Silver Bangle
Gold Color Bangle
0.5mm Copper Wire
Round Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier

Instruction on how to make thread braided bracelet:

Step 1: make the basic macramé thread braided pattern

1st, cut off two pieces of aluminum wire about 20cm, and cut off a piece of Chinese macramé thread about 70cm.

2nd, place the thread under the aluminum wire and start to braid. Put the left thread under the right wire and put the right thread under the left wire, do it at the 1/5 of the wire.

3rd, continue to braid the thread until you reach the 4/5 of the wire.

4th, make a little loop at the two ends of the wire. Then fix the two ends by wrapping the cooper wire.

Step 2: add colorful beads and finish this braided bracelet making

1st, cut off a long piece of cooper wire and slide a blue acrylic bead and wrap the wire around the bangle.

2nd, continue to add colorful acrylic beads and you can choose the beads you like until the bangle is full of colorful acrylic beads then tighten them.

3rd, trim off the extra cooper wire and finish this bracelet making.

Here is the final look of this bracelet.

Wow, this colorful beaded bracelet has been finished within two steps. Have you got the skills of this bangle making? If yes, then you can create your own craft. Trust me, it will not let you down.

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✨New Treasure✨ Y'all Need Jesus bracelet
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30 Day Dragon Age OC Challenge: Day 6 - Pocketses, Precious

What’s in your OC’s pockets/purse/backpack? What do they carry around day to day?

Karris is actually pretty practical when it comes to her pack. She sticks to the essentials, like food, water, medical supplies, potions, etc. Her pack has the added bonus of opening up into a large tarp, big enough to create a single person tent if need be.

When it comes to sentimental items, Karris is known for always have two items on her: an ironbark dagger and a great bear hide woven bracelet.

The dagger was a gift from her older sister after completion of her first successful hunt. Rather than use it has one of her primary daggers, she keeps it belted at the small of her back. While she’s never used it, she takes great comfort in feeling the blade securely attached to her belt, knowing one day she’ll need it.

The bracelet, as you can imagine, is much less practical. Yet another gift from a clan mate that she grew up with very closely, like a brother, this one was just because. He had traveled to a neighboring human village to do some bartering and while he was scolded by the Keeper upon returning “empty-handed,” he had hid the bracelet and given it to Karris later that day. When she asked why he had gone to such lengths to give her something so silly, he replied, “Just because,” and smiled wide at her. He passed away shortly before Karris left for the Conclave. She’s never taken the bracelet off since.