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i wonder if this time it’s too easy. i wonder if cas did see something, and he’s acting like this because the thing he saw put sam and dean greatly at risk, and he couldn’t have that, so he has to make it seem like he’s with this child and with this whole game in order to dismantle it. 

that final “trust me” before conking them out just seemed different, and not because he’s being controlled by a a demon fetus but maybe because they, and we, really do have to trust him on this

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Have you ever watched the dubbed version?

Of the anyme? Yes, I have! ^ ^ I actually did a written and recorded review of it (which you can find here) if you’d like to read or listen to me talk about what I thought :D

I love how study blogs have this pretty note taking photos and pages are really well-designed, colourful with many stickers etc etc then sometimes you decide to read them and their to-do list/schedule has things like “watch netflix” “eat pizza” like what are you trying to schedule exactly?

im gonna take a break from tumblr for a while idk i have too much on my plate to be spending time on this website and i need to give my mind some rest. ive had a rough year and i feel like being on here too much is not helping me out. if you wanna keep up with me for some reason shoot me a message and ill give you my twitter and instagram accounts if you want em. ill probably be back lol but for the foreseeable future im out. peace


There is stuff happening out there, and no one is doing anything about it. People are just getting away with awful things. I’m trying to make some of that right.”

“..That’s the plot of batman.”