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WIP (needs several touch ups bec it just doesn’t look right! but Lol I’m gonna post this anyway!)

It’s scarf season so here’s (sad) long-haired Mikasa for ya’ll. 💕

k but like…wymack…is super duper proud of kevin though. and i bet u he tells kevin that regularly. not only that he’s proud of his exy skills (tho ofc he is) but like…when kevin manages to cut down his drinking, or learns to handle the team more diplomatically, or asks for help, or gets a really good mark on his history essay, or is just…doing whatever but wymack is like…overcome with that’s my boy! and ofc when he graduates and makes Court again…
and kevin’s grown up with ppl recognising his talents and acheivements, but that’s not the same as having someone be genuinely *proud* of him?? and now he has that??? also wymack telling kevin his mum would be proud of him
kevin & wymack developing their relationship is so important tbh


ted tonks x andromeda black

you want to know what it was like? / it was like my whole life had a fever - words