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My favorite BillDip fics

so anon ask me to make a list of my favorite Billdip fics, so here you go..

I’ve Made Mistakes In My Mind [this fanfic is so cute and sad idk i love this fanfic so much!]

Forgive Me [if you love gore and dark fanfic– you should read this one! Bill is such a dick in this fic. You will hate Bill and love him at the same time and this is smut btw]

Magnesium Flint [i haven’t really read this one, but my friend love this fanfic so much]

Payment in Blood [HA! another dark fanfic cuz im a trash]

The Nightscape Library [this is so cuteeeeeeee]

No Sweeter Innocence Than Our Gentle Sin [this is actually not healthy, but i cant stop loving this fic]

Dipper, Can You Hear Me? [im in love yes, Bill is so gentle in this fic]

Like Gasoline [two shots and damn. Just…..damn.]

What’s in a Name? [i love this one. Online dating thing is cute and Dipper is such a dork]

Can’t find my way home [i just got punched right in the feels, and the smutty thing..i just cant bear bottom!Bill(i prefer him as the top tho but why not)]

Consuming of The Mind [need fluff and angst at the same time?]

Til Death Do Us Part [i love kid!Bill hnghhh, still on going tho and im so curious for the next chapter]

Bow [friend o’ mine told me that i should read this one and damn she’s right]

KEEP CALM and USE THE WOK [short fic. they’re just so fluffly here and Mabel is the best sister ever]

The First Dance is Always Free [YES. just….YES]

For The Heatlh and Safety of Mabel Pines and For The Morality and Sanity of Dipper Pines [these two are absolutely the best fanfiction ever! i love the relationship among the characters, and the plot is just hnghhhhh]

The New Employee [just the dorks fallin’ in love]

Lost Souls [my heart ached a bit when i read this, im still waiting for the next chapter tho]

Not Home [family feels is my weakness]

Shots in the Dark [oh yesss, i like how Bill and Gideon join together to win Dipper’s heart! they’re sassy as hell, Dipper just being a dork and adorable]

Of Journalists, Celebrities, and Fashion Designers [i like this AU next chapter pleaseee]

Mmm Watcha Say [reverse AU, just a short fanfic with cute Bill and attractive Dipper in it]

Look at the Stars [uggghhh i cried a bit, just a short fic still my favorite tho]

Dorito [i just got diabetes. Mabel, i love you for being the best sister ever]

A Tumble In The Bed [SMUT. so hot like…DAMN]

Repeat it…Now [the best drabble fics ive ever read! there is angst, fluff, smut hnghhhh i love this so much!]

sooo yeah, this is the list you asked anon! enjoy your reading ~ by the way if you open billdip fics req let me know eheheh

Date A Girl Who Draws

Date a girl who draws.  Her bag is littered with pens and pencils instead of mascaras and eyeliners.  She spends her time glorifying her environment rather than herself.

Date a girl who draws. She finds her hands take on a mind of their own.  She might find them tangled in your hair and in your hands, running along your spine and the small of your back.

Date a girl who draws.  She knows how to complement colours.  She’ll cater to your purple days and your yellow days.  She’ll match your blue with her orange, and she’ll know the difference between red and pink.

Date a girl who draws.  She understands the importance of interpretation.  She’ll look at an argument from different perspectives and take them into account before she speaks.

Date a girl who draws.  She sees beyond the literal.  To her, the human body is more than just flesh and bones wrapped in layers of skin; it is a world of valleys, hills and plains, of crevices and hollows that need to be explored with her fingertips so that she may translate them onto paper.  

Date a girl who draws. She’ll find the littlest subject and transform it into a work of art.  You never know- she just might do the same with you.

Bobby is a great character and all and I love him a lot but imagine tho…

If Karen Singer had been the one to kill her husband and become a hunter.

Imagine Karen stress baking to escape what her life has become instead of turning to the bottle. Imagine Karen compulsively stocking every bit of information she can find to make sure her personal tragedy doesn’t happen again. Imagine Karen wearing her husband old cap to remember what can always happen if you aren’t constantly on your guard.

Imagine Karen forming a friendship with Ellen Harvelle, making her name famous in the hunter’s life, no matter her gender. Imagine Karen being a model for young huntress who grew up into a world governed by men. Imagine Karen being this weird aunt for every young hunter left in the wild and offering a roof and pies to every lost soul who comes to her. 

Imagine Karen and John grudging friendship and the bitter mornings they spent, each one holding to their wedding rings and the memories of their loved ones lost in the war against evil. Imagine them butting heads and hunting together and earning their names as the ‘badass duo’.

Imagine Karen burying a body with Rufus and bickering with him when he bullshits his way through ‘it’s Sabbath I can’t help you digging the grave’. Imagine Karen and Rufus hugging after a bad hunt and offering the other comfort. Imagine them being epic best friends and sending each other crappy sms because they miss each other but they don’t ever want to admit it.

Imagine Karen kissing Jody Mills in a fit of happiness. Imagine an Alternate Universe when she was more than a friend for Ellen. Imagine Karen having flings with other ladies hunters - sure, she loved Bobby and she still misses him badly but she can allow herself a bit of happiness once and them.

Imagine Karen baking Dean pies all the time and always making sure he eats and reassuring him when he puts a bit of weight ‘listen up, boy, if you feel good in your body, it’s perfect for me, I don’t care what others say’. Imagine Karen encouraging Sam’s research and letting him read all the books he wants. Imagine Karen letting Dean play with her cars and soothing Sam’s pains when his grown spurt hits. She doesn’t read them stories but she always make sure their blankets are warm enough.

Imagine Karen adopting two boys, two boys who grew up heroes and she wasn’t their mother, she was no Mary Winchester but she was still someone who counted for them and if sometimes Dean or Sam slips and calls her ‘mom’, they all pretend not to hear but she always makes sure to hug them tightly.

Imagine if Karen Singer lived.

(I have a lot of feelings about Karen Singer, ok.)

Tsubasa - World Chronicle - Niraikanai-Hen

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do you have any tododeku fanfic recommendation?


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