need to work on my coloring *sobs*


This will be your home starting today so don’t feel like a stranger standing in the door.

7th part of the Ereri uni au. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Eren moved already to Levi’s flat so his university life will start soon!


“Because what makes a MMORPG more special, is the people we play with.”

If the image loads too slow I guess I need to resize or split it into few images sobscrai 

*edit* splitted it cus tumblr resized the image to super small sobs *edit* (full view for high res)

I’ve been binge reading a lot of korean webtoons lately lol So I decided to challenge myself into making a webtoon-like (derp) comic strip. Gosh, it requires more effort than expected, maybe cus I draw too slow digitally XD not fully coloured cus I’m impatient (look at all those sloppy lines and colors LOL ). 

Shamelessly featuring me and Hael’s situation everytime he came back from work and come online _(:3J L)_ forgive my derp handwriting pls 

matryonihon-deactivated20141212  asked:

Whats a tip for a starter ask blog like me? I was planning to do a slytherin Kiku one and TEACH ME SENPAIII

///SLYTHERIN KIKU— WAIT U SRS?! tho— eh;; I don’t think I’m the right person to ask for these kinds of things;; I’m still pretty much n00bish still even after a year of ask blogging;; //sweats;;

But i’ll try i guess??;;


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My current mess of doodles I was working on all morning till I got called into work on my day off again >:/

But I did get let go early so I got to come home and work again, I’m going to full color the top 3 to work on my colors and get myself outta this funk I feel in.

Got Norma and her pal Ophanim, Mandlyns Magic Show (still need 3 more kids if anyones got anthros they want in there *wink wonk*) and my Dragonair at the Temple on Whirl Island. Also a old concept I had about magical girl hunter lol.

Milks also a human and a cutie. That was from yesterday before I slept all afternoon *sob*


Commission Concepts I’m working on right now! /)0(\ 

I always find it super cute when people are surprised I do more than 1 concept sketches and have them pick ´/////7////` *except for adopts* In the past I used to draw 3 concepts, even 4 if the character inspired me. But now I had to cut it down to just 2 because of my tendinitis ;; 

It’s always funny how the 1st concept of each commission is kinda crappy haha. That’s because I always have to get used to drawing the character first ;u; So by the 2nd concept I’ve already gotten a feeling of them and draw better…I think *shrugs* 

I have problem with drawing legs guys, I struggle so much with them *wonders if they look ok* But whatever, always fix the anatomy after my client picks the concept they like the best. No need to spend time on anatomy/details on concept sketches since one of them will get rejected in the end anyway! Gotta cut down non-obligatory work for my hands *puts them in ice*

On a side note: I CANT DRAW KAWAII SHOJO STUFF SOB SOB *I have developed a thing for muscles and more manly things omg there goes my kawaii-ness*

Characters belong to: Bahamutia, Vaniraa, madhatterkyoko, all@dA

Now off to color thoseeee ε=====(/°0°)/ *runsruns*

anonymous asked:

Hello kel! I'm really sorry to bother you with my problems, but lately I've been stuck with my art. I can't motivate myself to draw a lot or even finish a drawing the day I start it. I've also had a more anime-ish style that I've been wanting to get out of, would you have any suggestions for that? I'm so sorry to bother you! I love your art btw!

HEY ANON it’s no bother! I think that happens when you can’t find something that excites you? I get these long droughts of art block too where I can’t really bring myself to do anything other than doodle until I get some idea that I like and that pushes me to actually finish something 

So i guess the best thing to do is find something that excites you!! Like flowers or space or maybe designing characters! Don’t worry about producing a lot of ‘quality’ work, just draw things that MAKE YOU WANNA DRAW MORE even if they’re just scribbles. Trying new things can help too, so maybe u could try using new methods of coloring/ trying traditional media if u do a lot of digital? 

Style-wise I find that that is actually dependent a lot on what you consume? So try surrounding yourself in the kind of art style you want to develop, STUDY them and see how they translate whatever features into that style. I think doing more life drawings would help too? Just to remind yourself of how facial features would look in a non anime context. Sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful BUT I HOPE YOU GET OUT OF YOUR RUT SOON!!

a WHOLE BUNCH OF asks under the cut 

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