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“Because what makes a MMORPG more special, is the people we play with.”

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I’ve been binge reading a lot of korean webtoons lately lol So I decided to challenge myself into making a webtoon-like (derp) comic strip. Gosh, it requires more effort than expected, maybe cus I draw too slow digitally XD not fully coloured cus I’m impatient (look at all those sloppy lines and colors LOL ). 

Shamelessly featuring me and Hael’s situation everytime he came back from work and come online _(:3J L)_ forgive my derp handwriting pls 

All might: what should I buy for izuku as a gift?? He has been trying so hard lately that I just want to reward him!! I will find the perfect gift for him!!!! PLUS ULTRA!!!!

* random civilians look at him weirdly*

Toshinori: OOOPS, SORRY *throws up blood*

A few minutes later Toshinori was restrained and taken to the hospital due to the concerned paramedics that had arrived at the scene

The next day

Toshinori: I will do this today!!!

*after he got some weird looks, he decided to call his squad*

Toshinari: Yamada please come help meeeeeeeeee, I need helpppppp


Toshinori: Thank you so much Mic

*the squad arrives*

Aizawa: Where is the villain???

Midnight: yeah Yagi, I don’t have all day

Fatgum: hugggggggggsssssss mannnnn ,how y'all been doing?!

Toshinori: good and you??

Aizawa: Where is the villain???

Toshinori: there is no villain

Aizawa: mIC

Yamada: I’m going to be sleeping on the couch tonight, aren’t I?

Aizawa: yep

*A few hours later*

Toshinori: this is perfect, thank all of you for you help!!

Midnight: No problem!! Just take care of yourself!!

Toshinori: Don’t worry I will!!

The next day at UA

Toshinori: Young Midoriya, please come over here!

Izuku: Of course!!

*in the teachers’ lounge*

Toshinori: Young Izuku, these last few months you have been working very hard, so to express how proud I am of how far you have come, I got you something.

Izuku, while crying: You really didn’t need to do that All Might, you being here for me is already the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me.

Toshinori: It’s OK my boy, I wanted to.

*hands gift*

Inside there is a frame with many colorful signatures, belonging to different pro heroes. The photo framed is one of both of them smiling at the beach, when they had finished clearing it up.

Izuku: all might,,,, *sobs* I don’t know how to thank you,, this is amazing,,, you are the best *hugs toshinori*

Yagi, not expecting the hug, was shocked, but returned the embrace anyways. He thought back to when he was Izuku’s age, to the people that supported him, and the person he viewed as his own mother. Nana had done so much for him.

As he looked at his crying student, he thought: Is this how you felt Nana? As if you were holding the whole world? I was a bit of a brat wasn’t I? I hope you can forgive me for that. I wanted to thank you for all you did for me. It is only thanks to you that I get to pass on such amazing things to the new generation. You thought me so much, and I am so grateful. Thank you so much. Yagi let a tear slip.

The flowers in the office moved, and Yagi swore he heard Nana’s voice, telling him that she was proud too.

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This will be your home starting today so don’t feel like a stranger standing in the door.

7th part of the Ereri uni au. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Eren moved already to Levi’s flat so his university life will start soon!


although i need to be working on other things i couldn’t help but do something from today’s episode but i need assistance on which looks better because i’m still not sure how i want my style to be like black of colored lineart?? also i’m still troubled with coloring pls help


Behold, it’s an… art progress tutorial kind of thing, featuring Dorian and Tamlen :D

By request now in the form of a photoset (and seriously Tumblr, why are photosets restricted to 10 images?).

Anyways, this is how I usually work:

Step 1 – 3: Sketching out your idea

First of all comes a very, very simply sketch of your idea. I had this particular scene in my head for quite a while and I knew what elements I wanted to be in the picture, where it takes place, how the lighting should look like etc. But for the first sketch you leave aside all details and only pick the most important element of the scene – in this case the embrace between Dorian and Tamlen (1). You can refine it a bit and for example add a few more details, for example some clothing (2) but it’s not necessary. I then noticed that I wasn’t really happy with the composition. All the important lines were vertical – and vertical lines are always kind of static or even boring (depending on the motive of course). I wanted something more dynamic, because that draws the viewer into the scene a lot more and adds more tension. I zoomed in a bit so that the characters would be even more in the focus and tilted the sketch a bit until I liked it (3). Then I started adding in a few more details, the bed for example, and the light shining in from the right side.

Step 4 – 6: Refining the sketch

Based on the sketch I then create the lineart (4-5). It doesn’t need to be too clean, because in the end it’s not going to be visible anyway. But I always draw it rather detailed, because it helps me with drawing shadows in the right places (very important for faces, muscles and clothing folds).
Step (6) is optional and I only do that when I want to add a very special lighting to the scene and to see if my idea will work out at all. With very few colors, not more than 3 usually, I create an overall mood and add in the most important light and shadows. If it works out – great, onwards to the next step. If it looks shitty well… back to sketching out a 2nd draft or casting the idea aside for now.

Step 7 – 9: Colors!

I put all my sketch layers into a new folder and continue on a new layer below, adding in the base colors. That doesn’t need to be too clean either, but the colors should harmonize (7). Then comes the fun part: coloring! That means shading, adjusting the colors, slowly adding more and more details, sometimes sobbing because nothing works out, sometimes being frustrated and starting all over again because you just can’t get their faces right and so on (8). This step usually takes me the longest and I use a couple of different layers and layer modes. Also I don’t always 100% stick to the lineart I created beforehand (9), because I figure out that some details look better when I slightly change them or I didn’t get them 100% right in the sketch or for whatever reason.
Stuff I for example put on extra layers onto the basic color and shading are details like Tamlen’s freckles and vallaslin or the patterns on Dorian’s clothes. Also I tend to use separate layers for hair and jewelry, sometimes also for clothing. Also, I put the base colors from Step 7 below the lineart folder while I put the rest of the coloring on top of it – I color above the lines and slowly cover them up.

Step 10 – 12: The background

When I’m done with the foreground (mostly one ore more characters) I put all of these layers into a new folder and create a new layer below the foreground folder. The steps are the same: find harmonizing base colors, then add more and more details by coloring over the lineart.

Step 13 – 15: The lighting

This is why I love digital drawing: adding the lighting is often a lot of playing around with different colors and layer settings until the mood is right. It’s fun!
Now, back to my original idea for the drawing. This scene for example takes place in a tent in the desert. The sun is shining through the tent, so I used warm colors for the shadows on the left side, mainly a dark, warm red (13). The lights source for those shadows comes from the right, the warm colors comes from the soft, indirect light shining through the tent. For the light that’s shining in from outside I picked a very bright yellowish color again, because of the midday desert setting – warm and bright, like the sun. Since the fabric of the tent is slightly translucent as well there comes a little light from that side, too (14). It’s shining for example on the sheets of the bed, on the back of Tamlen’s head and his butt (hehehe). The inside of the tent though is cool and dark though, therefore I used a cool blue for the shadows that are cast by Tamlen and Dorian on the bed for example – the light source for those shadows comes from the left. By using both warm and cold colors for the lighting I also tried to add some more color contrast. Color contrast can be just as important as a contrast between light and dark areas and adds more depth to the drawing.

That’s it :D I hope it was helpful and gave you a good insight on how I work :D

[Finished drawing in better resolution]


My current mess of doodles I was working on all morning till I got called into work on my day off again >:/

But I did get let go early so I got to come home and work again, I’m going to full color the top 3 to work on my colors and get myself outta this funk I feel in.

Got Norma and her pal Ophanim, Mandlyns Magic Show (still need 3 more kids if anyones got anthros they want in there *wink wonk*) and my Dragonair at the Temple on Whirl Island. Also a old concept I had about magical girl hunter lol.

Milks also a human and a cutie. That was from yesterday before I slept all afternoon *sob*

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Hello kel! I'm really sorry to bother you with my problems, but lately I've been stuck with my art. I can't motivate myself to draw a lot or even finish a drawing the day I start it. I've also had a more anime-ish style that I've been wanting to get out of, would you have any suggestions for that? I'm so sorry to bother you! I love your art btw!

HEY ANON it’s no bother! I think that happens when you can’t find something that excites you? I get these long droughts of art block too where I can’t really bring myself to do anything other than doodle until I get some idea that I like and that pushes me to actually finish something 

So i guess the best thing to do is find something that excites you!! Like flowers or space or maybe designing characters! Don’t worry about producing a lot of ‘quality’ work, just draw things that MAKE YOU WANNA DRAW MORE even if they’re just scribbles. Trying new things can help too, so maybe u could try using new methods of coloring/ trying traditional media if u do a lot of digital? 

Style-wise I find that that is actually dependent a lot on what you consume? So try surrounding yourself in the kind of art style you want to develop, STUDY them and see how they translate whatever features into that style. I think doing more life drawings would help too? Just to remind yourself of how facial features would look in a non anime context. Sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful BUT I HOPE YOU GET OUT OF YOUR RUT SOON!!

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