need to watch this again soon

Baze has been back in Jedha a week before he sees him again.

Assassins don’t usually need that much time to locate a target they know, but he hasn’t been looking. 

There was too much competition to be rid of first.

The target’s in some sort of fight and that’s no surprise.

What comes as a shock to him is how quickly he gets to his feet, makes his way through the crowded street and enters the fray.

There always seems to be fray whenever Chirrut’s around, a neverending supply of it.

Chirrut moves, Baze blasts, and soon they’re the only ones standing, back to back, like there were never light-years and angry words creating a distance between them, like Baze had never left in a cloud of bitterness and raw disappointment. 

Slender calloused fingers wrap around his wrist and Chirrut has no right, but Baze melts into the touch anyway. 

“My head’s worth a hundred thousand credits!” Chirrut announces, in place of a greeting.

“Not worth the effort by half,” Baze grumbles.

“I don’t know,” Chirrut says, shrugging, “How much would you value my head? Feedback’s been positive so far.”

Baze curses to hide a laugh. He’s missed this more than believing in something.

Scared (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

Baby It’s Cold Outside, But I’ll Keep You Warm - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Dan’s first time and he’s scared but Phil comforts him.

Finding Love In Fear - phannosaurusdil

Summary: Dan and Phil set about to watch a horror film, despite Dan bigging it up all day and showing his enthusiasm, Phil has no idea that Dan is actually scared of Horror Films. Who would of guessed that confessions about their feeling would soon start flying.

I’m Here Now - phancuddleswithstyles

Summary: Everyone always talks about Dan being scared of the dark. But sometimes, Phil gets scared too. And in those moments, Phil’s mind starts racing, and he needs a little help from his (too) perfect boyfriend to feel better again.

I Wasn’t (that) Scared! (ao3) - insert_aesthetic_url

Summary: Phil’s snuggling with Dan watching a horror movie. Suddenly, they both hear a noise. They grab stupid items for defence to go check it out. Fluffy one shot.

Scared of Storms (ao3) - laughoutlester

Summary: Dan is scared of storms and is surprised when the old couple that usually comfort him during a storm aren’t at their home. Instead, a very attractive man named Phil is there.

Sinister (ao3) - DJToby

Summary: Dan and Phil play a horror game on DanAndPhilGAMES, but it is an unexpectedly horrifying game. Dan is spooked more than Phil, and he looks to him for reassurance.

The Power Outage - livefreeandshipfree

Summary: The power goes out, and poor Dan gets scared.

Thunderstorms - oakleysfthoying

Summary: nonyoutuber+mute!Dan is terrified of thunderstorms. Popular youtuber!Phil is doing a live show when it’s storming and Dan needs comfort.

You’re Cute When You’re Scared (ao3) - starsalign

Summary: After doing a Halloween themed liveshow, Dan finds himself maybe - just a little - really f*cking scared.


Omg guys! I’m super sorry I haven’t posted anything in a couple days…I was binge watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Seriously. And now that it’s over I’m kind of like???? What do I do now???? So I think I need to play through MM to get the fire going again! We’ll return to smutville VERY soon, promise! Also, tomorrow is N7 day and I’m SO FIRED UP ABOUT MASS EFFECT AGAIN. Anyway, I’m hoping to answer some asks tomorrow and get back on this smut train! Thanks for being patient!

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OH MY GOD. Assassin’s Creed was so good!! The way they did the animus was so fucking cool. And the whole story line made such good sense, even for people who have never played the game, like my sister.

and good lord in heaven above Michael Fassbender is the prettiest motherfucker on the planet and I am so glad they got him to have his shirt off for almost the entire back half of the movie.

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I need to see it again. Very soon.

there are probably a gazillion american high school students following me so here are the 3 things you will need to survive life:

  1. read old books, watch movies made before 1980, expose yourself to weird and new media outside of your comfort zone/immediate interests. reading a history book deprives you of the humanity of the time. to really understand history you need to look at the art that came out of it. as a starting point? you should watch 12 angry men as soon as humanly possible.
  2. anyone who makes fun of the cafeteria workers or janitors are bad people
  3. try to have fun, seriously. once you graduate no one will ever care ever again about your highschool gpa and it will be the sweetest relief
Back from mini-hiatus!

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(oh my god I did a gif search for confetti and this is what came up - PERFECTION)

ANYWAY hi y’all I’m home again! 
I know I have a bunch of stuff to respond to, so I’ll be getting to that as soon as I have time - sorry to everyone else, there’s gonna be a bit of reply spam later on. :-) 

also, altho I haven’t had a chance just yet, tonight I’ll be watching the first ep of the new Sherlock back-to-back with the newest ep, so my blog won’t be spoiler free anymore! please blacklist #sherlock spoilers as needed.

hope you guys had a great start to the new year!

Fuller House

So I literally dead ass spent 5 hours watching 13 episodes of Fuller House. It’s really cheesy but it’s so fucking good….and…here is a lil review hehe

- First of all, Stephanie needs to get a serious boyfriend soon. But yet again, I ship Kimmy and Stephanie (jk)

- I’m #TeamSteve all the way. Seriously, screw Matt. DJ and Steve are the original OTP since Full House S3. She doesn’t need a new man. Kinda sad that they married different people though.

- Becky and Jesse hate their twins lmao it’s so funny

- Max is so cute. I want to see him glo-up on the show, same with Jackson.

- Kimmy and Fernando need to stop seeing each other what the fuck I’m sorry but Fernando annoys the shit out of me.

- I need to see Michelle Tanner the original on the show please @netflix.

- Joey, Jesse and Danny moments to come please.

- 13 episodes is NOT enough.

….and the last..

- YO WHAT THE FUCK SERIOUSLY JACKSON AND RAMONA. They’re so cute together. I get that they’re suppose to have a brother-sister relationship but seriously they have chemistry going on….and might I add they’re two hormonal teenagers living in the same roof. I need to see an episode where Ramona tries to help Jackson get Lola but ends up liking him. The writers did say though, that they will ONLY have a brother/sister relationship but that’s bullshit and y’all lost. I need to see ‘Fullest House’ with Jackson and Ramona Fuller LOL but seriously I get that he likes Lola which is dead ass annoying but everyone ships him with Ramona so like yes. Make it happen. They’re totally married in 10 years.

I'll be your legs

(A/N): I think I cried when I got this request, it’s just so perfect

Request:  Hey :) would you do an imagine with Bucky Barnes where you’re dating but then you get pretty hurt during a mission and need to lay in the hospital for a few weeks. Then back at home you need to learn walking again and Bucky is there all the time helping you and encouraging you when something doesn’t work. Also he then always gives you a kiss when you have a success during your practising :) I hope you’re okay with that

Warnings: swearing, injury, Bucky is such a supportive sweetheart

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   Bucky knew what was going to happen as soon as he saw the bullet flying through the air. He knew that it was going to hit (Y/N) somewhere and that this mission would end in either a hospital visit or to the mortuary. 

   Bucky watched helplessly as the bullet embedded itself into (Y/N)’s lower back and (Y/N) screamed out in pain. His feet couldn’t carry him to their side fast enough, each step felt like a hundred miles and they were only getting longer and longer. 

   Finally the journey ended and Bucky dropped to (Y/N)’s side, his hands already assessing their body for more damage. A string of profanities fell from his lips as he gently cradled (Y/N)’s head in one hand, the other gently running along their chest and legs. When he found no extra damage his nerves were only slightly sated, after all (Y/N) did have a good sized wound in their back and if he didn’t get them off the field they’d be dead in only a few minutes. 

    “B-Bucky,” (Y/N) whispers in a meek, weak tone. “My legs, I-I can’t feel my legs,” Bucky’s eyes widen and his hand slowly slips down to their thighs. He gives them a good squeeze but when (Y/N) showed no sign of feeling it his heart dropped. Bucky didn’t need a doctor to tell him what the consequences of the shot were, he already knew; (Y/N) was officially paralyzed. 

    Bucky knew he had been true from the moment those words fell from (Y/N)’s lips but his theory was proved true by the doctor’s own words.

   "They’re paralyzed from the waist down,“ The doctor stated emotionlessly, as though this didn’t hurt anyone in the world whatsoever. "There’s two options we can consider: we have physical therapy which most of our patients go through although it may cause great amounts of pain on (Y/N)’s part or we can have Mr. Stark try to figure out a treatment," 

   All eyes were on Tony now, full of hope. Tony looks between all the Avengers before sighing, shaking his head lightly. 

    "We can give them the same treatment we have Rhodey, I can make them some braces, have Buck teach them how to walk,” Bucky’s throat runs dry but despite this he finds himself nodding, his heart swelling with hope. 

    “Okay, that settles it,” The doctor gives all of them a polite smile before scratching something down onto the clipboard he’d been holding. “They will need to stay here for a few days, just so we can monitor their vitals, make sure they’re doing okay. Basic stuff,” Bucky nodded softly, not even really paying attention to what the doctor had to say. Instead his focus was upon (Y/N) whose eyes were attempting to flutter open. Bucky gulped dryly as he reached his hand out to clasp (Y/N)’s, giving their colder smaller one a light squeeze. 

    “Well Mr. Barnes,” The doctor is speaking directly to him now, his gaze steadfast upon Bucky’s face. “I think that’s about it. Feel free to stay as long as you’d like, unfortunately,” he turned to look at all the other Avengers, giving them a sympathetic smile. “You’ll all need to leave, hospital policy.” The Avengers all murmured their goodbyes to Bucky and (Y/N) before shuffling out the door, the doctor following closely behind.

    “If you need anything,” The doctor pokes his head back through the door, “just push that red call button on the side of the bed,” Bucky gives the doctor a smile and nod before turning back to (Y/N), giving his entire focus to them. 

    “(Y/N),” Bucky whispers quietly as he squeezes their hand once more. “(Y/N), doll, you awake?“ There’s a soft groan spilling from their lips and their fingers are squeezing back against Bucky’s. 

   Bucky exhales shakily as small tears begin to form In his eyes as he comes to a sudden realization, His (Y/N) was alive and safe. Had the sniper gone up just a bit Bucky wouldn’t be sitting beside a hospital bed instead he’d be staring at (Y/N)’s body on the way to their mortuary. 

    "B-Bucky?” There’s a shaky, quiet voice and it sounds so broken and helpless that it makes Bucky want to cry even more. 

    “Yeah baby?” Bucky leans forward as he presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s bloodied knuckle, not caring about the metallic taste in his mouth. (Y/N) opens their mouth to say something before shutting it again in thought and then opening it once more.

    “I-I’m paralyzed, aren’t I?” Bucky sighs softly as he runs his thumb along (Y/N)’s knuckle, contemplating his words. “Don’t try to lie to me James Buchanan,” (Y/N)’s voice is quivering with emotion and it takes all of Bucky’s willpower to not break down and cry. 

    “Y-yeah doll, you are,” (Y/N) sighs softly and their brow furrows in thought. 

   "Tony said he was gonna take care of you though, build some cool leg braces-“

    "There’s no way in hell I’m letting Stark design anything for my body. The man would add repulsor rays to the side or paint them his stupid colors.” Bucky chuckles softly, shaking his head in amusement. The sound was a bit watery due to his tears but he didn’t care, not right now, not after almost losing (Y/N) to just have them making jokes about their recent injury. “So does this mean I’m going to have to learn how to walk again…?” There’s an underlying tone of hopelessness in their voice and Bucky completely understands it. After his new metal arm (given Tony blew his old one off) he couldn’t even get the hang of it, it was so unlike what he’d been used to and he just felt like such a burden and so hopeless and he never, ever wanted (Y/N) to feel that way. 

    “Yeah, but I’m gonna teach you, it’ll be fun. It’ll be like…It’ll be like I’m your legs." 

    "Is it going to be anything like that time you attempted show Tony his way around a knife?” Bucky smiles fondly at the comment, recalling the memory in which he did try to teach Tony his way around a knife but it resulted in many bandages and an almost trip to the hospital. 

    “No,” Bucky promises quietly, “I’ll make sure Tony is nowhere in the near vicinity of us while we do this, damn man could find a way to get us all killed by by tripping over something,” (Y/N) smiles sleepily, their lips curving upward Into that lopsided smirk Bucky loved so much. 

    “In that case, I think you’ll be an excellent teacher," 

    By the time Bucky and (Y/N) returned to Stark Tower Tony had already designed the braces (Y/N) would need to walk. Thankfully there was no repulsor rays or bright, annoying colors.

    "Top of the line,” Tony grinned proudly as (Y/N) stared down at the metal braces now attached to their legs. “Rhodey even approved,” Bucky smiled fondly at (Y/N), like a mother would to it’s child. He had one hand one the small of (Y/N)’s back keeping them supported should they lose their balance and fall, the other rested at his side. “So now it’s in Bucky’s hand to-” Tony pauses, biting his lip in thought. “Teach you how to walk again,” (Y/N) nods, their smile never faltering and Bucky swears his heart melts immediately. Despite everything they’d just gone through (Y/N) was smiling brightly, looking incredibly happy despite those situation. Tony gives the two a smile before walking off, leaving Bucky and (Y/N) alone. 

    “You think you ready to…” Bucky trails off as (Y/N) gently trails their fingers down to the metal braces on their legs, their fingers stopping around their thigh. Even if it didn’t show Bucky knew (Y/N) was scared, scared and self conscious. They were scared because for one in their life they had to be dependent upon someone else and it was a foreign, nearly alien like subject. “We don’t have to today, we can wait a little longer maybe-”

   “No,” (Y/N) sighs softly, albeit shakily. “I want to do this, better now than later right? Plus, you said this was going to be fun,” Bucky smiles softly as he presses a soft kiss to (Y/N)’s forehead, only slightly settling their nerves. 

   “Yeah, It’ll be just like summer camp,” 

  “I hated summer camp,” 

  “Well then…it’ll be like gym class,”

  “I hated gym class too,”

  “Then it’s just going to be a fun time, okay?” 

   The first few days were harder than expected. The exertion was usually too much for (Y/N) and they’d end up slumping to the floor in a crying, sweaty mess. 

   Bucky felt terrible, absolutely awful because he no matter how much he tried to reassure (Y/N) it didn’t seem to be enough. Their positivity seemed to diminish as the days ticked by and Bucky had to watch helplessly as that bright light drained from their eyes and it only seemed to get worse with each training session. Bucky had watched (Y/N) losing hope for weeks on end and he had had enough. He was bound and determined to make damn sure that (Y/N) didn’t feel that hopelessness he had felt before, he was going to fix them. 

   It’d been the same as yesterday, (Y/N) had given up and slumped to the ground sobbing as they shouted, ‘I can’t fucking do it! It’s too much!’. Bucky’s heart ached as he watched (Y/N)’s smaller frame sob and he decided then and there that enough was enough. 

  Bucky sat down beside (Y/N), pulling them onto his lap and wrapping his arms around them securely. 

   “Listen here,” His voice is no louder than a dangerous whisper and the shock at such a tone is plastered across (Y/N)’s face. “You can do this, I believe in you,” (Y/N) sniffles softly, wiping away at their runny nose. 

   “I-I can’t thou-” 

   “I’ll make a deal with you,” Bucky interrupts, his tone a considerable amount lighter than before, “You finish this round and we’re done for the day, yeah?” (Y/N) looks up at him with their damned doe eyes, albeit wet with tears, and Bucky swears he melts on the spot. 

   “Promise?” Bucky gives them a warm smile, pressing a soft kiss to their cheek. 

  “I promise,” (Y/N) sighs shakily, their gaze flitting down to their legs hesitantly. There’s a momentary pause as both parties look down at (Y/N)’s impressive leg braces and then (Y/N) is sighing once again, nodding reluctantly. 


    The following week was a bit better than the last. (Y/N) had been slowly improving and Bucky couldn’t have been any prouder. (Y/N) had just gone from damn near hopeless to…well, they were trying and that’s all that mattered. 

   (Y/N) breathes in heavily as the stop to rest, having just nearly walked around the Avengers facility a full time. 

   “I think I just died,” They pant softly, their chest heaving shakily as they do so. Bucky smiles softly as he pulls (Y/N) against him, keeping them secure in his embrace. 

  “You’re doing so good,” He whispers all the while pressing a tender kiss to (Y/N)’s sweaty hairline. 

   “I’m all sweaty, you probably don’t wanna hold me,” Bucky scoffs only tightening his grip on (Y/N). 

   “That’s ridiculous, I always wanna hold you,” Bucky can feel (Y/N) smiling against his skin and he couldn’t even be any damn happier. He, Bucky Barnes, was able to make (Y/N), sweet and pure (Y/N), smile. Despite what they’d recently been through and how depressed they’d been, he was able to make them smile. 

   “I really love you,” (Y/N) whispers as they nuzzle their face into the crook of Bucky’s neck. “You’re the best,” It’s now Bucky’s turn to smile and he’s pretty sure he’d blushing but he doesn’t care, not when the love of his life is wrapped up in his arms telling him how much they loved him. 

   “I love you too,” Bucky whispers back, pressing yet another kiss to their hairline. “I love you so much,” 

   The two of them remain like that for quite some time, just holding each other whilst whispering sweet nothings (even though those words meant the world to both of them) and leaving fluttering kisses along each other’s necks. 

   “Think you can finish? Just a few more corners and then we’re done,” 

   “Yeah, I think I can,” (Y/N) sighs against him, their chest pushing against Bucky’s. Bucky smiles widely as he slowly pulls away, making sure (Y/N) was stable before pulling away completely. (Y/N) wobbles a bit before balancing perfectly, turning to look at Bucky with an elated smile. 

   “You’re doing great baby,” Bucky whispers as he presses a kiss to (Y/N)’s lips, being careful not to throw off their balance. “I’m proud of you,” (Y/N)’s smile grows  even wider and Bucky nearly squeals at such a sweet sight. Sure, (Y/N) may have had a long way to go but they were steadily improving with Bucky’s help and assurance and to Bucky that was the most amazing thing in this world. 


The fact that he went back in time and went through all that crap again just for her…"This is for you Charlotte.“ ASGAHJKDSHAJK


I need them to get it together soon cause how can they not?!

Teach Me

I decided to actually sit down and write a snowbaz fic after about two months of promising to try it. It’s sooooooo bad ngl. FLUFF

Simon wants to learn to play violin.

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I started watching Sherlock last week and I’m already obsessed.
I saw every episode except 3x04 and 4x01 but I’m gonna watch them today so I can watch 4x02 tomorrow when it’s airing.
Anyways, I haven’t been doing anything else than dedicating my time to Sherlock the last few days (not good, since I actually need to work for school), anyways… I feel like this show finally gave me something to hold onto again.
I’ve been through a lot and this show gave me happiness.
And god, all that gay subtext!
Can’t they just make Johnlock canon? Please and thank you.
I know that I probably missed a lot while watching the episodes, but I found my observation skills getting better. I’m planning to rewatch all episodes as soon as I find some more free time, but well - there are already so many scenes I’ve seen like 10 times.
In other words: I’m in love with this show and I’m in love with Johnlock.

my boyfriend drove me to school again (yesterday but I accidentally saved this instead of posting) it was nice! we stopped and picked up some school supplies I needed and then I helped him finish his homework before class. he waited for me (over an hour omg I felt so bad) and then took me to dinner and then home. it was a fun day tbh no real fighting or anything like our last date… I hope we get to spend the day together soon just cuddling and watching movies and talking like we used to I miss that


The Re-upload Project #2

“More Harm Than Good”

Characters: Lydia Martin + Malia Tate

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Song: Seven Nation Army (Cover)

Artist: Zella Day

Date Created: 5/1/2016

Requested by @wilderrors.

Fuck, I love these two. This was created before we got to see their beautiful friendship solidify even more in Season 6. I need to vid them again soon.

What is “The Re-upload project”?

Recently my channel has been heavily targeted by Viacom for copyright infringement (which is dumb, because no one watched my videos instead of the show, in fact I had people start watching the show because of my videos). I don’t know why they’ve started blocking the videos now because I’ve never once tried to monetize my account (Viacom was actually making money off of them because they monetized my videos for themselves, which I was happy to let them do). I’ve tried to fight it, but there is no winning. 

So, I’m moving my account over to Vimeo. I have approximately 50 videos that I have to move over, which is going to take a bit of time. I am prioritizing them by moving my favorites first. If you have a request for a video you can no longer watch that you would like for me to move sooner rather than later, send me a request via my inbox. Thank you.