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Watching the Act I alt takes from the bundle and Laura's flaw when Carmilla jumped on her was grabbing her shoulder blades, causing her to slip. She needed to grab that booty and support her from beneath the thighs. Good try tho. Hopefully HOPEFULLY they get it right in the movie because I'm all about Laura taking control

I’m in full support of Hollstein lifting/carrying each other.  Give me all the takes too.  

Laura taking control will make me lose control 😩  It’s my fantasy, really.

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Nickname(s): Sam

Star sign: Taurus

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Favorite Music Artists: Caravan Palace, Twenty One Pilots, Hollywood Undead 
(One fo these things it not like the other haha)

Song stuck in my head: Lone Digger (by Caravan Palace)

Last Movie I watched: Uhhhh…… Inside Out? I think? It’s been almost a year since I’ve watched a movie…

Last show I watched: Ninjago.

What I am wearing rn: Fluffy blue PJ pants and my RT shirt

When I made this blog: December 29, 2016

Kind of stuff I post: Ninjago on this blog, RT and art on another.

Do I get regular asks: About my AUs, yes.

Why did I choose my url: It worked for the show this blog’s about.

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Nickname- Ki by everyone and sometimes, Bug by @original-lighting-minion

Star Sign- Sagittarius

Height- 5'3

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Favorite music/artists- David bowie and Bon Jovi

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What I’m wearing right now: Do you really need to know? My ouran tshirt and shorts

When did you create this blog: 2014

What stuff do you post: batman, dragon age, and whatever else I’m obsessing over

Do you have any other blogs?: yep, my photography blog- @kayceelainphotography, my Voltron blog- @lanceredlionvoltron

Do you get asks regularly?: nah

Why did you choose your url?: I’m pagan/Wiccan, I’m a Ned, my names Kaycee

Gender: Genderfluid, they/them, but I lean to masculinity

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nickname: mostly Nadiuska and Nadita (i know, i know ugh)

star sign: libra

height: 5′6 more or less?????? idk how you americans work

time right now: 20:24

last thing i googled: perfect crime (look, it’s for a essay okay, l i s t e n)

fave music artist: no idea bruh. bit of everything i guess

song stuck in my head: rabiosa by shakira

last movie i watched: moana (hi there fatima!!!!!)

last tv show i watched: honestly idk i think b99

what i’m wearing right now: pijamas. that’s all you need to know

when i created this blog: back in 2014 when i was innocent and pure

the kind of stuff i post: good question. next!

do i have any other blogs: nope

do i get asks regularly: nah bro, or too much at the same time or not for a while

why did i choose my url: because i am apathetic and live for revenge

gender: lass

hogwarts house: slytherin

pokémon team: i feel like i am going to lose followers no matter what i say so…

fave color: all of them? depends of the day. today is sea green

average hours of sleep: oh man

lucky number: 7 or 13

favorite characters: jesus christ. a lot. robb stark, allison argent, harry potter, andromeda black, ron weasley…

number of blankets i sleep with: two at most. i am a stark after all

dream job: writer

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Nickname(s): Too many?! Barri, Katt, Mecha, Feli, Coco and Tratschi

Star sign: Libra

Height: 5′4 (or 1,65m)

Time right now: 6:14pm

Last thing I googled: Err..I think the Ninjago wiki? I needed a reference.

Favorite Music Artists: I don’t really have favourites..hrm..perhaps Sonata Artica, Krypteria..and a few others

Song stuck in my head: Luckily none at the moment..

Last movie I watched: Uh..hmm..I..don’t remember..

Last show I watched: Ninjago

What I am wearing: None of your business ;D

When I made this blog: Back in 2012

Kind of stuff I post: It varies of all the fandoms I am part of, to random and funny stuff and things I just want on my blog. Lately though I post a ton of Lego Ninja..thank you all my loyal followers who were around long before and still sticking to my blog. I love you guys!

Do I get regular asks: No..just from time to time. I love getting asks!

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Gender: Female

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Pokémon team: Valour

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Favorite Characters: *pulls out list* Where to start?

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It won’t hit you until the morning after, when you wake up without them next to you.
It won’t hit you until you’re out with your friends and their name won’t be mentioned even once.
It won’t hit you until it’s three a.m. and you’ve checked your phone’s messages multiple times but nothing is there.
It won’t hit you until you’re at the supermarket and you’ll have nobody to double check what you need with.
It won’t hit you until you’ve got the greatest news and you can’t tell the person you’d always tell first.
It won’t hit you until you’re watching a movie that you’d usually watch with them, and when that scene where the both of you died of laughter plays, you find yourself sitting in silence.
It won’t hit you until you see a couple across the street gazing into each other’s eyes when you’ll miss the familiarity.
It won’t hit you until you’re drunk and lonely, when you’ll miss being held.
It won’t hit you until you’re finally at your best, but they’re not there.

It will hit you then, that you’re doing okay.
That your heart is still beating,
that you can survive without the help of anybody.
That you can be happy on your own,
that when you thought you’d be sad over it forever, you were wrong.
When that happens,
I want you to know
that without you,
their life wouldn’t have been the same
and sometimes they feel lost without you too.

—  Lovers often after they become strangers
Masterpost of my favorite journal prompts...

I’ve been getting some asks about my journaling habits, so I wanted to make a list addressing one question regarding my favorite prompts. These always make me feel better! 

  • List 3 positive habits you have and explain why they benefit you. 
  • If you had 2 other lives to live, what would you do with them? 
  • Discuss 3 people who encouraged you and has continually supported you. What qualities do they have that you admire? 
  • List 5 tasks that take up most (or a lot of) your week. 
  • What do you need to protect? 
  • Have you avoided anything this week? 
  • Create a list of books you plan to read. 
  • What do you want to learn to do? 
  • Create a list of movies you plan to watch. 
  • What are you currently looking forward to? 
  • What is your favorite holiday? 
  • When do you feel the most comfortable and at ease? 
  • What is discouraging you right now, and what can you do to move past it? 
  • List 5 short-term goals and explain steps you can take to achieve them. 
  • What is your biggest strength? 
  • What are you totally honest about? 
  • Who knows the most about you? 
  • Why are you proud of yourself? 
  • What would you do with a million dollars? 
  • What is and isn’t working in your life? 
  • What lessons are you currently learning? 
  • Create a gratitude list. List as many things as you can. 
  • What do you stand for? 
  • What moves you? 
  • What qualities do you enjoy about yourself, and how can you continue to develop them? 
  • Explain the best compliment you’ve ever received. 
  • Who are you right now? 
  • How have you changed in the past 5 years? 
  • List positive quotes that you enjoy or find motivating. 
  • Create a self-care playlist of positive songs. 
  • Discuss your favorite movies, books, hobbies, music, foods, drinks, etc. 
  • List things that make you happy. 
  • What are your wildest dreams? 
  • Write a bio for your future self - who you want to become - but write it in the present tense. 
  • Describe your ideal day. 
  • What is the best advice you’ve ever received? 
  • When do you feel vibrant, electric, and alive? 
  • How can you be a source of love and magic to the world? 
  • How can you incorporate more fun and play into your life? 
  • What experiences trigger fear for you? 
  • Discuss 3 times you were proud of yourself. 
  • How does stress emerge in your life, and how can you manage it? 
  • How do you compare yourself to others? 
  • What can you do to make yourself feel calmer and more peaceful? 
  • What are you here to do (what is your purpose)? 
  • What do you no longer need? 
  • What do you know for sure? 
  • If you could start your life over, what would you change? 
  • Write a letter to your teenage self. 
  • What have you learned today? 
  • What would you do if you had no fears? 
  • Write a letter to a fictional character. 
  • Write about something that didn’t happen. 
  • What do you wonder about? 
  • List your favorite sounds. 
  • What are you worried about, and what can you do about it? 
  • What do you have difficulty accepting? 
  • Write about an act of kindness you performed or witnessed today. 
  • Discuss your favorite memory. 
  • How can you practice self-care? 
  • Is there a difference between happiness and fulfillment? 
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
  • List some of your insecurities about your physical body, and then, for each body part, write down something positive about it. 
  • Create a word map with the word “Identity” in the center. 
  • Focus on a regret that haunts you. 
  • What does family mean to you? 
  • What did you believe about love as a teenager, and how have your beliefs changed? 
  • Describe a moment that changed the course of your life forever. 
  • Write a letter to your future self. 
  • Are you introverted or extroverted? 
  • What does beautiful thinking mean to you? 
  • What are your favorite words? 
  • What is your aesthetic, or personal style, and who or what has influenced it? 
  • What is your favorite way to spend the day? 

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bless you for your voltron headcanons they make my life so much happier, esp. the lance & keith ones

here’s some more buddy

  • in pidge’s words: “you two are a positive feedback loop of bad ideas”
    • both are (semi)reasonable people independently but something about the presence of the other just makes half their brain cells die off lol
    • all one of them has to do is say “i bet i can….” or “what are you scared” and suddenly common sense takes a fucking vacation
  • “lance we need to talk” “okay I don’t know what you heard but whatever it is keith started it”
  • they’re the cause of 68% of Shiro’s headaches
  • *the two of them have a Moment* keith: “so are you gonna remember this one or”
  • lance keeps a passive aggressive little bucket list of movies and shows keith has to watch when they get back to earth
    • pretends it’s to catch keith up with the times but really he’s just mad that keith doesn’t get his references
    • but also keith hasn’t seen lilo and stitch???? what the fucking fuck????? what the fu
  • keith likes to pretend he’s above lance’s shit but he’s actually equally as petty
  • keith: *makes joke* lance, throwing himself on hunk: “our little boy’s just. growing up so fast” "why are you like this”
  • lance can spot keith’s mullet literally anywhere. like, even in a huge crowd
  • *dinkleburg voice* “keith”
  • lance: *comes up with a plan and tries to explain it to keith* keith, literally two seconds later: “oh hey wait why don’t we do [insert lance’s plan but in slightly different terms here]”
    • lance: *looks into the camera like he’s on the office*

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What gundam series would you recommend watching

For Starting

In my opinion the best way would be to watch the Original. if you don’t want to watch the whole series I’d recommend that Movie Trilogy on it.

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But I know that some people can’t deal with “old animation” which I can sort of understand. So some other good starters would be-

Gundam Iron Blood Orphans

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Gundam 00

Originally posted by mecha-gifs

Gundam Thunderbolt

Originally posted by iron-blooded-orphans

Now the first 2 are in their own timeline so you don’t need to see anything prior. Thunderbolt is part of Universal Century but you don’t really need to know the background before watching it (btw it also captures the best things about the Gundam series)

If you’re just looking for some Gundam to watch however some of my favorites are-

Gundam Build Fighters

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War in the Pocket

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08th MS Team

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Clint's Daughter Part 2

Note: so you guys wanted Clint’s Daughter part 2! i was too excited to hold off on this. feedback is always welcome! part 3? let me know! .c

Part 1


You’ve been at the Tower for a few weeks now and you’ve absolutely loved it. You had joined Steve and Sam for their morning runs around 8am. You even spend time in Tony’s lab, watching him work on something you had no knowledge about.

Wanda and Natasha usually take you shopping, saying you needed a lot more than sundresses and band t-shirts to wear while you were here, however long that would be. Other than that, you three go get coffee and have movie nights together.

What you enjoyed most was your time with Bucky.

First, it started out by seeing him in the morning for breakfast after running with Sam and Steve. The men would head for the shower first thing, but you desperately needed food in your system aside from the green protein shakes Steve makes.

After seeing Bucky at breakfast, you’d hang around the tower for a bit, talking with Bucky about his past, good and bad. After three days of that, you and Bucky were basically joined at the hip. You were always together, only unless you were really busy with someone else on the team.

Your Dad took notice between you and Bucky, but never spoke about it. The team also took notice, but have said something about it. Steve was the first to say something to Bucky, which Bucky told you, and you discovered that Nat has walked in on you and Bucky heavily making out more times than you’d like to know.

You and Bucky have been sneaking around your dad lately, you knew he could be protective and you weren’t sure how he’d react if you told him you like Bucky. For the sake of him not having a heart attack, you’d keep the make out sessions to yourself. Bucky understood and he thought it was because of his past, but you assured him it was only because your dad was protective of you towards any guy.

You were just getting back from running and you sighed out, wiping your brow. Your clothes were slightly wet from sweating and you were more than ready for a shower. Nat had gotten you a running outfit, which you told her you didn’t need plenty of times, but she insisted.

It was just a pair of yoga shorts and a matching sports bra. You were nervous about wearing it, but it was actually pretty comfortable. You noticed Steve and Sam would fall behind during your run today and you found it hard to focus when you could hear them talking about your ass.

You walked into the kitchen, dancing to the music playing through your earphones. You shook your hips to the beat, slightly bobbing your head. You danced over to the refrigerator, opening it and grabbing a bottle of water. You gulped it down in record time and capped it when you were done.

You looked through the refrigerator for a little longer, seeing if there was anything you fancied to eat. As you were looking, you were bent down and shaking your ass to the beat. You hummed along to the lyrics and suddenly felt two hands rest on your hips. You let out a screech and turned around, only to be faced with Bucky.

He chuckled deeply and you slapped his chest, pulling out your earphones. “That’s not funny!” You scolded him, frowning. You shifted in your spot as your heart raced. Bucky laughed again and held onto your waist, leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead. You sighed, a smile tugging at your lips.

You looked up at Bucky, his blue eyes checking out your new outfit. “This is cute.” Bucky said lowly, his hands moving down to your ass, giving it a little squeeze. You giggled and moved his hands away. “I haven’t showered, don’t get so handsy.” You said, moving away from Bucky after shutting the refrigerator. Bucky whined and followed after you.

“So what? Come on, you won’t let me be affectionate around everyone. Just kiss me, Doll.” Bucky pleaded before you could leave the room. You sighed softly, feeling a little guilty for wanting to hide your growing relationship with him. You turned around and faced a rather cute and pouty Bucky.

“Fine.” You giggled, leaning up on your toes to kiss Bucky. He pulled you close, softly moaning into the kiss. You quickly pulled away, relaxing back down on your feet. Bucky gasped softly, whining. “What was that? Kiss me, Y/N, please?” Bucky said, grasping your hands.

You blushed and smiled, rolling your eyes. “Bucky, I need to shower.” You said, slowly backing away from Bucky. He only whined again, tightening his grip on your wrist. “Y/N, plea-” You quickly crashed into Bucky, pressing your lips to his. You wrapped your arms around his neck, letting him pick you up and set you on the island in the kitchen.

You sighed into the kiss, the cold marble causing goosebumps to rise on your skin. Bucky’s hands rest on the skin of your sides and you gently tugged your fingers through his hair. Your tongue met Bucky’s and you twirled them around each other, your lips gently sucking around Bucky’s tongue, something you knew he liked.

Bucky moaned deeply, quickly pulling his tongue away to capture your bottom lip between his teeth. Bucky carefully bit down on your lip, causing a small shiver to shoot through your body. You pulled away to gasp for air, only to feel Bucky’s lips moving across your cheek to your neck. You softly moaned, your legs pulling Bucky closer.

Bucky smirked against you and he playfully nipped at your skin. “Bucky, I need to go now.” You breathlessly said, your eyes closing at the feel of his tongue tracing along your collarbones. Bucky groaned, pulling your hips closer, your legs dangling by his thighs. “You’re gonna kiss me like that and leave?” Bucky questioned, his tone holding a hint of sadness.

You smiled and pushed Bucky away from you. “Bucky, seriously.” You said, laughing when he pulled away from you with another manly whine. Bucky looked down at you, raising his hand up to hold your cheek. “I don’t like being away from you.” Bucky said lowly, his eyes looking into yours. You felt your heart jump. “It’s so crazy. I didn’t plan on falling for you so quickly.” You said, laughing softly.

Your feelings for Bucky were strong and came as a surprise to you. You didn’t have the intention on finding love when you came back here. But every time you saw Bucky, you knew this was the best decision you’ve ever made.

Bucky kissed your nose, making you smile. “I’ve never felt this way before. You were just a little girl, you’ve grown so much. You’re honestly so amazing.” Bucky said, smiling down at you, his thumb softly caressing your cheek. You blushed and looked down at your lap. Bucky’s hand moved to lift your chin up and he placed his lips on yours again.

You kissed him back and felt him pull away just as quickly. “Okay, go shower. I’ll miss you.” Bucky said as he helped you down. You giggled and pecked his cheek before walking away. You heard a soft “damn” come from Bucky’s mouth as your hips moved. You turned to see him checking out your ass and you smirked.

You turned back around and bent over to untie your shoe, just to tie it again. Your ass was on full display to Bucky in your tight yoga shorts and you knew what it would do to him. Bucky growled and came up behind you, giving your ass a slap with his metal hand.

You moaned loudly and stood up straight, rubbing your cheek. “That was rough. I like it. Use it on me tonight?” You asked, looking at Bucky’s shocked expression. “Tonight?” He asked, his eyes wide.

You made a small “mhm” sound before skipping out of the room. You had the very intention on having sex with Bucky tonight and now he has all day to think about it. This would be torture for you, but it would be even worse for Bucky. Or so you thought.

After you showered and dried your hair, you pulled out another outfit Nat bought you. It was a simple low cut top with jeans. You thought your clothes were nice and you liked them, but Nat thought the sundresses were getting old.

With a shrug at your appearance in the mirror, you left to go find Bucky so you could work on your plan to drive the man absolutely nuts for you. This little game you were going to play could end badly or end in your favor.

You swung your door open and gasped when you saw Bucky standing there. You instantly blushed and he took in your outfit with a slight frown. “Hey,” you breathed, “what’s up?” You asked, moving aside so he could step inside your room.

You shut your door behind you and Bucky turned to face you. “Where’s your dress?” Bucky softly asked, his fingers pulling at your top. Your face heated up as his fingers outlined the low cut, slightly moving across your cleavage.

A nervous breath fell from your lips and Bucky smirked. “I’d just torture you even more.” You said, your voice wobbly. Though that was the point you were going to make anyways. Bucky nodded gently, his teeth pulling his bottom lip. “That’s true, but you look so innocent in dresses.” Bucky said, looking into yours eyes. You inhaled shakily, your thoughts running wild.

Bucky bent down to your ear and let his hands hold your waist. “Makes me think of the naughty things you’d let me do to you. Isn’t that right, Y/N?” He said with a low voice, causing your mouth to fall open and your panties to quickly become wet. You swallowed nervously and Bucky placed a kiss on your neck, a low chuckle sounding from his throat.

He pulled away and walked over to your closet, a devious smile on his lips. Your face felt hot and you knew he was using his words to turn you on and he was definitely succeeding. You smirked and stepped away from your door. Taking the hem of your top in your hands, you slid it off your body. You took your bra off next, tossing it over to Bucky.

The small action made him turn and his eyes widened as he looked at your exposed skin. Bucky licked his lips. “N-no, I’m trying to pick out a dress.” Bucky whispered, shaking his head as he turned back to your closet. You giggled as he cleared his throat and you knew you had gotten your small amount of payback.

You came up behind Bucky and let your arms wrap around his waist from behind. Bucky was slowly going through your dresses, humming as he would see a nice one he liked. You smiled and peeked around his body, seeing his hands grasp the material of a light blue sundress you had. You felt an intake of breath from Bucky’s abdomen. “I like this.” Bucky said in a low voice, only furthering your arousal.

His voice was definitely sexy and you loved to hear it; something he found out not too long ago. You hummed in response and let your hands travel down his waist, to his thighs and back up. Bucky breathed out heavily and you let your cheek rest against his muscular back. You moved your hands over to his crotch, feeling his hard cock in his pants. You gave it a light squeeze and Bucky groaned, his hands tightening around the material of the dress.

You giggled lowly, rubbing your palm over his cock once more. “Bucky, are you already turned on? Wow, you won’t be able to last until tonight, will you?” You asked in a teasing tone. Bucky took your dress off the hanger and turned towards you. His breathing was heavy and his face was a light red. “Y/N, I will take you right here, right now, if you keep doing that.” Bucky said, using his metal arm to lightly push you backwards.

You smirked up at him, licking your lips slowly as your feet carried you. “And what if I let you?” You shot back, watching Bucky’s eyes check you out. Bucky smirked and bit his lip. “No, no. I won’t give in that easily.” Bucky said, handing you your dress. You sighed softly and took it from him. You slipped off your jeans and Bucky watched you intently, his eyes staring at your panties.

You blushed a little and put on the sundress, hearing a gasp fall from Bucky’s lips as you straightened it out. “Fuck, you look so-” “Innocent?” You asked in the most innocent voice you could muster as you slowly bat your eyelashes. Bucky gasped again, his eyes meeting yours. “God.” Bucky growled, rubbing his lip with his thumb. You smiled and crossed your arms, pushing your breasts up so they’d be more perky.

With a heavy sigh, Bucky walked over to your door and you thought he was about to leave, but instead he locked the doorknob. He faced the door for a moment, completely still and silent. All you could hear was both of your breathing. “Bucky?” You asked a soft voice, unfolding your arms. Bucky turned to you and started to unbuckle his belt.

Your eyes fell to his hands and he slid the belt out of his belt loops, dropping it to your floor. You gasped and looked up at Bucky. “I can’t wait.” Bucky said, walking over to you as he unbuttoned his jeans, pulling down the zipper. Your face burned red and your heart started racing in your chest. “I want you.” Bucky said, closing the distance between you two.

Bucky picked you up and wrapped your arms and legs around him, making you whimper. His hands held onto your thighs under your dress, the mixture between hot and cold making you all the more turned on. You looked at Bucky’s lips and bit yours. “So, Sergeant wants to fuck me now?” You asked innocently, looking into Bucky’s eyes.

He heavily sighed, leaning his forehead against yours. “Doll, you’re fucking killing me.” Bucky rasped, sitting down on your feet and you waited for his next move. “Bend over. You’ve been a naughty girl, Doll.” Bucky said, grabbing your arm and leaning you over his thighs. You gasped and moaned, feeling Bucky’s metal hand rub up the back of your thighs.

You wiggled in your spot and Bucky lifted your dress over your ass, the cool air giving you goosebumps. “Bucky.” You whined, wanting him to get on with it. “Ah ah, what do you call me?” Bucky questioned, his metal hand caressing your ass. You whimpered, digging your hands into his legs. “Sergeant.” You said quietly.

Bucky groaned deeply, his metal hand lifting up only to come down on your ass with a sharp slap. You squealed out, crossing your ankles. “Fu-uuck.” You moaned as your ass cheeks started to sting from the harsh contact. Bucky chuckled and rubbed the area he slapped. “Good Doll.” Bucky praised you, raising his hand again.

You took deep breaths after every slap Bucky gave you to your ass. Bucky was enjoying this just as much as you and you could feel your panties soaking. Bucky’s metal finger rubbed up and down your slit through your panties. “Mm, I want to taste you.” Bucky whispered, using his finger to move your panties to the side. “So pretty.” Bucky said, leaning down to swipe his tongue across your wet pussy.

Your eyes fluttered shut and you moaned, arching your back, your ribs poking against Bucky’s thighs. “I need you.” You whined, feeling  Bucky’s metal hand squeezing your ass. He moaned before helping you to your feet. The pain in your ass caused you to wobble and Bucky held you by your waist, keeping you steady.

Bucky looked into your eyes and you blushed, letting him sit you in his spot on the bed. Bucky got down on his knees in front of you and gripped your ankles. “What do you want, Doll?” Bucky asked, kissing your knee, his eyes on yours. Bucky’s hair framed his face and you let your hand rake through it. “I want your tongue, Sergeant.” You said quietly, seeing Bucky smirk.

Bucky spread your legs and brought your feet up to rest on the edge of the bed. You leaned back, supporting yourself on your hands. Bucky kissed along your inner thigh, his hand moving aside your panties. He looked at your pussy and you tried to close your legs, but Bucky stopped you. “I could die at how pretty it is, don’t hide it from me.” Bucky said lowly, leaning in to press a kiss to your pussy.

You gasped softly, watching Bucky’s tongue dart out to lick along your slit again. He used his flesh fingers to spread your lips open and he sucked on your clit. You moaned, gripping onto his hair. “O-oh my god.” You whimpered as Bucky started to feverishly make out with your pussy. Bucky’s tongue was wet and thick, flicking back and forth against your clit.

Your head was spinning and you moaned out rather loudly when you felt Bucky insert a metal finger into your pussy. Your orgasm was fast approaching and Bucky instantly pulled away with a wet pop and a smirk. “I want you to cum around me.” Bucky rasped, slipping off his jeans and his boxers.

Bucky ripped his shirt off and you smirked at how extra he was being. His muscles were to die for and you bit your lip as your eyes fell to his thick cock. He was leaking a little and you could tell he needed to release quick. You sat up to take off your dress but Bucky grabbed your hands. “Hell no. That’s staying on.” Bucky said, his eyebrows raised. You smiled as Bucky hovered above you.

You felt Bucky’s cock press against your opening and you rolled your hips, whining softly. “Sergeant, please.” You begged, your eyes meeting Bucky’s. He smirked and lifted your dress more, resting his metal hand on your lower abdomen. Bucky started to slide his tip inside of your pussy and you gasped, looking down to watch. Bucky growled and pushed his hips further, his thick cock slowly entering you.

A loud and rather long moan fell from your lips as Bucky finally filled you up. “Oh fuck, you’re so tight.” Bucky choked, his chest heaving up and down. You moaned again, wrapping your legs around his waist. Bucky started to move in and out of you, your breasts slightly bouncing in your sundress.

Bucky gasped as he rolled his hips into you, going all the way in and sitting there for a moment. “I’m so deep.” He groaned, feeling himself under his palm on your lower abdomen. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head for a split second as he pressed down. “Fuck!” You squealed as Bucky started to speed up.

Bucky slammed into you hard and fast, hitting your g-spot with every thrust. His metal hand came up to your dress collar, pulling it down so your breasts came out. “Holy fuck, you’re so gorgeous.” Bucky moaned, leaning down to capture one of your breasts in his mouth. You moaned, tugging on his hair, feeling his teeth gently graze against your hard nipple.

You leaned in to kiss Bucky’s neck, sinking your teeth into his skin. He groaned and you licked a stripe up to his ear. “You’re so thick, Sergeant. My pussy loves it so much.” You whimpered into his ear, causing Bucky’s hips to jerk. You smirked and Bucky growled, his metal hand squeezing your waist. “You’re gonna make me cum.” Bucky groaned out, his thighs slapping against yours.

You felt Bucky’s thrusts become even faster and you couldn’t hold back anymore. Bucky yelled out a string of curse words as he felt you clench around him. “Doll, you’re close.” He growled, moving his metal hand to your throat. You gasped and held onto his wrist, looking up at his face. It was contorted with pleasure and your eyebrows creased together. “Bucky, I’m-” He nodded quickly. “M-me too.” He choked on a moan, his cock twitching inside of you.

You gasped as you felt him hit your g-spot again and you practically screamed his name, your back arching off the bed as you started to cum around Bucky’s cock. He yelled out, his voice clouding your mind as his hand tightened around your throat. “Y/N! Fuck, yes! Such a good Doll.” Bucky moaned, his hips slamming into yours desperately as he shot his load into you.

A weak moan escaped your lips and Bucky’s thrusts slowed, his sweaty forehead leaning against yours. Bucky’s hands moved to your waist and he slipped out, breathing heavily. You sighed out, a smile forming on your lips. “That was so great.” You said, catching your breath. Bucky hummed in response and pulled you into his body.

Bucky kissed your lips and you smiled, resting your hand on his cheek. “Think we were loud enough?” You asked with a giggle. Bucky laughed along with you and kissed you again. “If nobody knew about us, they definitely do now.” Bucky said, causing you to gasp. You quickly sat up, your eyes wide. Bucky sat up with you, looking at you with worry. “What?” He asked quietly.

“My dad.”

Note: I HOPE THIS DOESN’T SUCK??? feedback is welcome! .c

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Foreshadowing from Steven’s Dream

The foreshadowed moment of Greg’s abduction leads me to wonder whether other details about the movie they watched are also relevant. 

“They only kidnapped cows because they needed milk for their cereal planet.”

And we already know that the gems are running low on resources and their planet is starving. Perhaps, as I’ve been suggesting for a very long time now, the key is to work together. In the same way cereal and milk are complements, the end goal might really be for organic and gem life to co-exist to make a delicious breakfast.

Okay so I’m watching this horrible cheesy Lifetime Christmas movie with my mom and it started out about as predictable as you’d expect, apparently setting up like 3 potential love interest for our Overworked Businesswoman who needs to Find Love. But then it turned out TWO OF THE GUYS ARE ACTUALLY DATING EACH OTHER?? And now she’s still friends with them and they get to be cute and coupley instead of just making two men dating each other a punchline oh my god.


so some people might get offended by this but i think it needs to be said… we are all so proud of harry we are excited and nervous and i know most of us are going to go see the movie in cinemas… i know this is his first acting role, but remember there are many other actors in this film that other people, who dont know or arent a fan of harry, are wanting to see or they are just wanting to watch another masterpiece that is a christopher nolan film… i want to ask that when harry first appears on that screen PLEASE DO NOT SCREAM OR CLAP OR DISRUPT THE MOVIE FOR OTHERS!!!!!! i know it will be hard as we are so used to being able to express our emotions when we have seen the boys at concerts, but this is different. this is a movie, a movie that many people are going to go watch and i dont want their opinion of harry acting to be tainted by people screaming every time he is on screen i honestly think it could damage his reputation of wanting to be seen as a serious actor and not been cast to draw the one direction fans. by all means be excited and happy to see him in a film, i know i am freaking out right now, but when you are watching the movie just remember we want people to appreciate harrys talent and not dislike him because there were fans who screamed and clapped when he appeared on screen… 

ok, i hope this doesnt make anyone feel attacked, i just think this is a message we should spread around before dunkirk hits cinemas. feel free to disagree and disregard this, but i do think it is important!

“Growing up as a black little girl, watching disney movies without a black princess or an important black character didn’t bother me. I never thought the appearence was a big deal, it’s the personality that matters. Though I do understand some people might need it. I look like Tiana but I didn’t share her personnality. It would have bothered me as a child that others kids would have told me “you play Tiana because you look like her”.”


Bucky Barnes Series
-Your attraction to the brooding Winter Soldier is instant, but when you overhear him talking badly about your appearance those feelings of desire quickly turn to hate. 

Part OnePart Two, Part Four

Part Three

DVD movie in hand, cell in the other you traipsed into the shared living room in your “Oh, I look good in these pyjamas? Wow I didn’t even make any effort. Steve, stop staring!” Clothes and smirked when you saw the room to be empty. This meant first choice of the movie, you jumped over the sofa and rammed the disk into the player, smiling to yourself. Success.

You checked your watch; 8:42pm. You were rather early, and you did kinda need to pee. So you paused the movie a second into it and retired to the bathroom to ensure minimal pee-related disturbances during the flick.

You could practically sense Barnes’ annoying presence on the other side of the door. Grabbing a towel and twisting it you slammed the door open and whipped him with it where he stood, behind the corner waiting to scare you.

“Amateur.” You scowled, going to whip him once more. He somehow managed to grab the towel with his metal arm and yank it from your grip, which annoyed you more than it should’ve. “Oh! And a thief!” You laughed nastily, backing up as you watched him twist the towel up, preparing to whip you back.

“Ironic coming from you!” Bucky laughed, circling you as you moved backwards into the living room, away from the sting of the towel.

You stared at him with cold eyes, “Is that so, towel thief?” He laughed once more. “Yes it is, shirt thief!” You blanched at this. “What are you talking about? I would never wear one of your disgusting, stinking shirts.”

“The red Terminator shirt? Yeah that’s mine.”

You shook your head slowly, picturing it clearly in your head. You had been wearing that for the past week but thought it to be Steve’s or Tony’s, purposefully wearing it to taunt Bucky and your nickname for him. “No it’s not. It’s Steve’s.” You snapped, jumping up onto the couch as Bucky smirked.

“Steve’s never watched the Terminator.”

“I meant Tony’s!” You yelped, dodging one of his attempted whips. “Don’t you dare.” You warned as he retwisted the material.

“Oh no don’t worry, I thought you looked cute in it. You obviously really liked it as well, wearing my clothes.” Bucky taunted, meeting you on the sofa, his feet padding towards you.

That really set you off, you launched yourself at him, your thighs straddling his neck as you tackled him down to the couch. You sat yourself down on his chest, having trapped his hands beneath the underside of your legs and smirked. “You wish.” You hissed, snatching the bunched up towel from his grasp as he grunted in annoyance, watching you prepare to assault him with it.

“What is going on here?” Steve deadpanned, both your heads snapping simultaneously to where he was stood, popcorn in hand, jaw on the floor. Then you moved back to look at each other and realised how it must’ve seemed to him.

You were sat with your thighs around his head, your ass on his chest and your legs either side of him. You opened your mouth to explain, but then Bucky thrust his hips up and flipped you over, catching the towel mid air as you let go in your confusion.

“Whipping fight.” Bucky grinned, pulling back to smack you with the towel- but not before Steve ripped it from his grip whilst striding over to the couch. “You two are honestly insufferable.”

With a huff you pushed Bucky off you and snatched up the remote before he could even think about taking it. “Pizza should be here soon.” Steve said to no one in particular. “I ordered a bit more than usual, I thought maybe more people would be joining us tonight.”

“Hey!” Bucky grunted indignantly.

“Oh- I meant other than you, Buck. My bad.” Steve laughed, handing him some popcorn as you plopped yourself down in the corner of the sofa. You watched Steve playfully ruffle Bucky’s hair and his attempts to swat away his best friends big, invasive hands. The sight was endearing to anybody and you couldn’t help but laugh, thus further deepening Bucky’s scowl. The doorbell sounded, the universal symbol for pizza. A quick glance at the pair of boys told you that they hadn’t even noticed the sound during their play fighting which was verging on an all-out brawl, so you hopped up from your spot and made a beeline to the comms. After two minutes FRIDAY had arranged for one of Tony’s interns to bring it straight to your hands and you thanked them with a note and a smile, shuffling your way back into the living room.

“Pizza!” Bucky yelped from two doors away, apparently smelling the scent of fresh dough and barrelling towards you.

“Get away!” You screeched, the boxes balanced precariously in your two hands. Bucky licked his lips and darted a hand out to snatch the top three. As you jumped back you felt them wobble dangerously so you kicked out at him with your legs, though on the third kick to the abdominal he caught it, forcing you to hop the rest of the way to the living room, pizzas still in hand. Steve obviously found this hilarious, but his laughter was nothing compared to the raucous cackles of your nemesis.

“Bucky let go!” You demanded, slowly attempting to lower the boxes to the floor so you could free yourself. Steve appeared to be offering no help, entirely content with enjoying the show. “If you drop those pizzas I’ll-”

“You’ll what?” You snapped, egging him on. You jutted your jaw out and bugged your eyes, making a point of showcasing the pizzas dangling solely on the tips of your fingers. “I’ll throw them at the goddamn wall if you don’t let go of my leg!” Bucky winced at the threat but narrowed his eyes, breathing in through his teeth. “You wouldn’t dare.” He spat, becoming overly intense over the pizzas. But it was in those moments that his eyes drifted over to the pizzas that he loosened his grip, just for the slightest second. But it allowed you to jerk back and kick upwards at him, knocking his chin and face backwards as you and Steve laughed your asses off.

It took about seven minutes for you to demolish the six full pizzas between the three of you, then you were settling down to finally watch the movie you’d picked out, Bucky nursing a sore chin as you fought to keep a grin from splaying across your features. Settling back into the crux of the sofa you felt your side sink to the left as the weight of another body threw of your centre of gravity. A small side glance was all it took for you to acknowledge Steve settling in next to you, with Bucky five spaces away bitterly muttering about his betrayal. You smothered a smile with your hand and directed your attention to the movie ahead.

“What we watching?” He asked, placing an arm over your shoulder. Your head swirled at the move of intimacy and Bucky made a gagging sound at the sight which made you smile.

“The Terminator.” You said innocently. Steve seemed pleased crying out, “I’ve never seen that one! It’s on my-”

His little proclamation of delight, however, was interrupted by Bucky’s raucous laughter which you soon joined in on, recalling your previous conversation with the metal armed man and only just realising the irony. Steve’s brow was raised in questioning and you waved him off, “Something I said earlier.” You offered as explanation for your odd outburst. Steve looked between the pair of you two, pulling a face. “You two have.. inside jokes?” He probed, growing hesitant, as if just realising something for the first time. His eyes didn’t leave Bucky’s face for a solid minute, and for some reason his closest friend refused to return the look, suddenly finding great interest in the wall opposite him. Even you were confused by his actions.

“It’s funny because he’s half robot too.” You snickered, launching a pillow at Barnes which he swatted away instantly. With a shake of the head Steve smiled at you and pressed play on the movie. You couldn’t help but wonder what was on his mind and found the constant flitting glances of Barnes at your figure disorientating and confusing. You shot him a perplexed look after a while of purposefully ignoring him, which for some reason caused him to jerk his head back and not acknowledge you for the rest of the movie.

Had you just stepped into some odd non-eye contact holding dimension or something? But not all was bad, the pizza was tasty, the movie fulfilling and the kiss Steve pressed to your forehead when you retired to your room tender. Living in the compound wasn’t so bad.


Part Four



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I really, really want Class 1-A to do a blanket fort.

Perhaps it starts just because someone dragged too many cozy blankets into the living room. Perhaps it starts because two or more of the children couldn’t sleep and huddled together for comfort. Or perhaps none of them could sleep because of nightmares, a thunderstorm, or after watching a horror movie.

One way or the other, they end up in the living room, tons of blankets, pillows and stuffed animals strewn out between them, and it doesn’t take too long for someone to come up with the idea of a blanket fort.

The more enthusiastic kids like Mina, Kirishima; Kaminari and Tooru are the ones to start building and hiding. Bakugou joins in because, heck, those idiots don’t even know how to build a fort, he can do that so much better. Uraraka is all for it and drags Izuku and Iida with her. Shouto joins, liking the thought of a warm, cozy nest to sleep in. Tokoyami wouldn’t confess it, but it’s exactly the same train of thought that bring him under the blankets, too.

Kouda is completely content with sitting in the middle of the fort, his rabbit securely on his lap and a stuffed animal next to him while the others build a rather impressive fort around him.

When Toshinori walks into the living room, on his way to the kitchen, he almost stumbles into the fort that takes up most of the living room space. He freezes mid-motion as everyone calls out Watch out!

“Now, what’s all of this?” He asks, baffled as he takes in the walls of blankets and pillows, covered with a big blanket for a ceiling.

“It’s our fort!” Mina’s head pops up between a few pillows, expression shining with excitement.

“Ah, yes. Of course. It’s rather impressive,” the fort shields everyone rather well from his gaze, and Toshinori has to bite back a laugh as he asks, “Is… everyone in there?”

“Uh, yes,” that’s Izuku’s voice that comes from somewhere in the middle of the room.

“I think we lost Mineta somewhere between a few pillows,” Sero comments good naturedly.

“Actually, we buried him,” Jirou mutters.

Iida’s gesturing almost topples a wall over as he exclaims, “Everyone! Go look for him! Really now…”

“Sensei, come join us!” Kirishima pops up next to Mina’ waving so much that Bakugou emerges, too, swatting him over the head to stop him. “Ow!”

“Is there enough space for me in there?”


“Pleeeease, Sensei!”

Toshinori relents, crawling under and into the fort carefully. He’s too tall and lanky for this, has to basically lie on his stomach in order to fit, but since the ground is also covered in pillows, that’s not even that uncomfortable.

And honestly, uncomfortable or not, it’s so worth it just because his students greet him loudly and happily, basically snuggling up to him once he has settled down.

Once Aizawa walks into the dorms, back from his job as an underground hero, there is nothing to be seen from his students or his colleague. Only the blanket meets his eye once he turns the corner.

Aizawa stops, blinks, let’s that sink in for a moment, before, “How many hours did you all spend on this?”

There is some shuffling, before one edge of the “ceiling” gets lifted and a pair of eyes blinks at him.

“Welcome back, Sensei,” Tsuyu greets him kindly. “We did our homework first, promise.”

“Hm,” Aizawa frowns, not sure if that is enough of a reassurance.  

“It’s just that we couldn’t sleep afterwards.”

If he wanted or not, Aizawa’s reservation towards this child’s work vanishes at that, and he sighs. “Toshinori?”

“Ah, yes?” Tsuyu scoots over as the retired hero appears next to her.

“You better tell me that my sleeping bag is somewhere in there with you.”

“I actually saw it somewhere around here…,” more shuffling, and the blond grunts triumphantly, “Ha! Thank you, Tooru. You’re sleeping bag is here, Aizawa-kun.”

“Well, nothing for it then,” Aizawa crouches, carefully examining the thick walls of blankets. “Is there a door to this thing?”

“Oooh, is Aizawa-sensei joining us, too?!” Kirishima exclaims. “Sweet!”

“It’s getting fucking cramped in here, guys,” Bakugou grumbles.

“Just make yourself a bit smaller, man.”

“Yeah, you could deflate your ego a bit,” Kaminari suggests. “Lots of space would come from that.”

“You fucking little…!”

“Yikes! Help! Get him off me!”

“Guys! You will topple the whole fort, stop that!”

By the time Aizawa has been granted entrance to the fort, he is already regretting his decision to join in on this – there won’t be any escape if people start exploding stuff or electrocuting each other, and he is tired to use his quirk.

“Don’t worry,” Toshinori seems to read his mind. The blond looks utterly too childlike for a grown man, lying on his stomach and making himself comfortable amidst stuffed animals. “They will calm down soon enough.”

“If you say so,” Aizawa huffs, but relaxes enough to climb into his sleeping bag and try to get some sleep.

And really, it doesn’t take too long for the bickering to calm down, yawns to be heard and really, and shortly after Aizawa feels someone flop down next to him, half snuggling up to him.

Cracking one eye open, he regards his students – especially Mina, who is basically falling asleep on his arm – with a calculating look before he huffs and goes back to sleep.

He has to confess – this fort is really good work from these kids.