need to tryyy

A little while ago, a friend – a very, very straight friend – told me that it was stupid and pointless to label characters with sexualities. I just sort of laughed him off because, honestly, it was just him being a ball of anger (as he usually is lol). But, to some extent, it did bother me, because I KNOW there are people who want to hear these things, people who would benefit from real representation, even if it’s just from a character in a novel. God knows I would have benefited from knowing Jughead was asexual when I was a kid, it would’ve prevented a lot of unnecessary heartache later down the road.

So, to spite my friend, and to help stop this ridiculous trope that Ace / Aro characters are heartless, emotionless, sociopathic statues, I present to you the above picture.

This is my one of my absolute favorite brain-babies, Some Guy, and his little dragon buddy, Toot. Guy is a straight-up aromantic asexual, and also happens to be one of the nicest, happiest, most considerate people you’d ever meet. In my story full of gods, he’s got some pretty enabling abilities that could wreak some serious havoc, yet he’s the least likely culprit for any sort of trouble. He’s literally just like a dog: He always looks like he’s smiling, and he just really wants to be friends with everyone who doesn’t attack him.

Guy is just one of the many Ace spectrum characters that I have. Among all of them, I have only two that are actual psychopaths, though they’re far from stoic and emotionless. As an Aro-Ace writer, the template for my characters is usually aromantic asexual (because that’s my brain assuming everyone is Aro-Ace), and I build them up from there in whichever way I want to. A lot of them morph into something completely different – one of them turned into a hypersexual drag queen. It’s a real adventure every time I make a character, I never know where they’ll take me.

I created Guy a looong time ago, when I hadn’t even heard of asexuality, let alone aromanticism. I would have loved rep on TV or in a novel so I could have known sooner. But that makes me wonder… If someone who doesn’t even know what Aro or Ace is can make a character that doesn’t shit on the reputations of Aros and Aces, why can’t more TV shows do it now, with the rampant knowledge that exists? Why can’t more writers do it? Believe me, it’s very easy to do, even if you’re trying to put the character into some sort of romance / drama.

Take my minor compensation for our lack of rep. Take my mediocre drawing of my Aro-Ace baby and his lil’ party-popper-sounding pal. He’s the sweetest thing to ever don a turtleneck sweater, he’s lanky as all hell, and he’s Aro-Ace as fuck.

Keep the Aro / Ace representation flowing : )

(P.s., I didn’t even realize how many of the Aro flag colors Guy wore, these are just the colors I always envisioned him in, holy balls)